FUNDAMENTALS OF CRIMINAL LAW CRIJ1310 Write 3 pages on the case scenario. Example is in the pdf Law Assignment Help

FUNDAMENTALS OF CRIMINAL LAW CRIJ1310 Write 3 pages on the case scenario. Example is in the pdf Law Assignment Help. FUNDAMENTALS OF CRIMINAL LAW CRIJ1310 Write 3 pages on the case scenario. Example is in the pdf Law Assignment Help.

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3 pages

Compete the scenario portfolio as shown in the examples in the pdf.

The purpose of the course project is to recognize the concept of criminal law and application as a social control.
The student will recognize which criminal law element(s) are applicable to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, in
a given scenario.

The Case Scenario is attached



Typed Submission

 A Title Page With Your Name

 A Filled Elements of Offense Form With Your Name

 Work Cited Page
 Canvas/Homepage/Navigation Tool/Assignments

 Course book
 Scenarios

 Element of Offense Outline – Sample

 Canvas/Homepage /Penal Code Table of Contents

Look at the sample and formatting in the pdf

Case Scenario is in the image.

FUNDAMENTALS OF CRIMINAL LAW CRIJ1310 Write 3 pages on the case scenario. Example is in the pdf Law Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Short Thesis Paper on Murder Writing Assignment Help

3 complete full pages, no less.

Thesis Statement should be placed at the very LAST sentence, and stated very clearly.

The thesis must contain; 2 Subtopics & 1 Main Idea

Must follow the format- (Author name) uses the ____, _____ and ____ to create/illustrate/express ____.

Examples of correct format;

Richard uses the taste of cheese, seasonal change, and the rainbows to create a sense of nostalgia.

In No one Makes it out Alive claims that political change can be brought about through a combination of recognizing capitalism, common knowledge, and pity.

Make strong connections between the two subtopics

Topic and closing sentences must be similar in content.

No outside sources, evidence within the story itself, and common knowledge.

Works Cited page with MLA format

Mention the articles main point and authors message.

Do NOT summarize the story, do not use first person. When quotes are used, they must be less than 10 words long.

Discuss and elaborate one issue of culture within the article below


Discussion: Form and Content Writing Assignment Help


In this Discussion, you will write a 500-750 word (tiny paper) analysis in which you examine how the artist’s unique approach to their medium impacts the meaning of the work of art. This format requires you to condense your ideas and focus only on those that are directly relevant to the topic.


The way an artist manipulates form (medium, visual elements, design principles) in a work of art directly impacts the content, or how the work is understood by the viewer. Moreover, great masters such as Donatello, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh often pushed the boundaries of materials to explore creative approaches that were very different from prevailing trends.

Many artists after World War II also became disenchanted with conventional approaches to making art. They couldn’t see themselves painting something as banal as a vase of flowers or a reclining nude after witnessing the atomic bomb, global destruction, and the death of millions during the Holocaust. As a result, artists began to look for new materials and approaches to help them celebrate their personal identity and better express how they felt about the world. New content called for a new expressive approach.

Background on Assemblage

Assemblage was the most important new approach, but it was not a medium in the traditional sense. Assemblage artists work extensively with found, recycled, and discarded materials. Pablo Picasso, Joseph Cornell, Robert Rauschenberg, Bruce Conner, Betye Saar, and Edward Kienholz, among others, are all notable artists who worked in Assemblage.

Video on Assemblage

Step One

Each of the artists listed at the bottom of this page, use materials in a unique way that makes a powerful visual statement.

Before you make your selection or write your post, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and review all the artists. Then select a work of art that you find engaging or piques your curiosity. Write about the image because you care.

Step Two

After you select one of the of artists, organize your 500-750 word analysis into four categories and follow the instructions listed below. It may be helpful to use headings in your Discussion post.


Clearly state and describe the subject. What type of subject is it? In general, what is the story, or narrative (if applicable)?

Form and Content – Medium

Clearly describe the artist’s unique approach to using the materials and why they chose those materials. Explain how this approach contributes to making a powerful visual statement and reinforces the meaning. In other words, what was the artist trying to say or express by doing it this way?

Form and Content – Visual Element or Principal of Design

Clearly identify and describe the most dominant visual element or design principle used in the artwork. Explain how it contributes to making a powerful visual statement and reinforces the meaning. In other words, how did the artist’s use of this element strengthen what the artist was trying to say or express?


1. Deborah Butterfield

This is a cast bronze with patina sculpture, titled "Silver Star", by Deborah Butterfield

2. Joseph Cornell

This is a box art assemblage titled, "Untitled (Hotel Eden)", 1945, by Joseph Cornell

3. Vincent Van Gogh

This is a painting titled, "The Night Cafe" (1888) by Vincent Van Gogh


Five forces company and industry analysis paper (Cummins Inc.) – 5-7 pages Business Finance Assignment Help

In this business analysis paper you are to thoroughly analyze the assigned company and prepare a five forces analysis specific to the assigned company and industry.

Criteria for the paper:

  • Minimum of (5) pages, to maximum (7) pages (not including Porter Model illustration, title page, or reference page and any additional appendices).
  • APA style and formatting required.However, no abstract is required for this paper
  • Include a 1-page Porter model illustrating your analysis
  • Reference page and title page
  • Use at least 5 credited references.
  • Grading Criteria: paper Maximum Points
    1- Analysis is concise, detailed,
    thorough; accounts for all five forces

    -Clear and concise introduction
    -Conclusion that summarizes key
    points of paper

    – Applies article concepts
    appropriately to selected business and industry

    -Includes a minimum of two force
    characteristics applied and explained for each of the five forces

    -Analysis includes a comparative
    financial analysis across competitors in your company’s industry. This
    provides insight into how companies within the same industry compete, what stage
    of refreshing plant, equipment, and tech. Past performance must include profit ratios. Estimate of future performance must include stock price trend.
    2- Demonstrated understanding of
    article concepts
    3- Research sources are thorough and appropriate
    for business analysis
    4- Ethical issues
    and characteristics relevant to firm’s industry and key stakeholders
    identified and developed

    -key stakeholders
    include customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders
    5- Prepares five forces model that
    clearly ties in with analysis

    -model is specific to and presents
    key aspects of student’s analysis
    6- Writing style: concise, clear,
    master’s-level, APA format
    7- Flawless spelling, punctuation,
    grammar; Business-style writing
    8- Oral presentation:
    see criteria below and separate oral presentation rubric
    9- Total 100


​Week 5 Case Study: Unemployment Business Finance Assignment Help


Week 5 Case Study: Unemployment 6 pages


People need income in order to consume, and consumption leads to production, and

production leads to higher demand for labor (employment), so unemployment is a

crucial macroeconomic issue that confronts all modern economies. A lower

unemployment rate, however, is not the end of the problem. The type of employment

and the price of labor (wages) have to be sufficient for consumption (which is the major

component of GDP) for the economy to be healthy. If wages are low or if the prices in

the economy are high, consumption would be low and thus, production and demand for

labor would be low as well. So high unemployment rate, high part-time employment rate

for economic reasons, and low wages could have negative effects on economic growth.

Assignment Description

In this assignment, you need to analyze unemployment-related issues. You need to

analyze only one issue (topic).

You are going to study the past trends, provide an overview of the current status, and

provide solutions to overcome any problems related to the issue you are studying. You

will use data, articles, and government reports to draw a clear picture of the current

unemployment issues.

Some unemployment-related topics that you could choose from (choose only one

topic) include the following.

 Part-time employment rates for economic reasons

 Unemployment rates among young college graduates

 Unemployment rates by gender

 Unemployment rates among Black and Hispanic communities

 Low supply of labor (professionals) in certain industries

 High supply of labor in education

 Low wages by profession and their causes

 Low demand for labor in some industry (you could choose whatever industry you wish)

 Low wages in some parts of the country

 High unemployment rate among workers with high school diploma or less

Your research needs to be structured with consistent and clear thoughts. It also needs

to be supported by facts and data. Your results need to be based on solid facts. Your

conclusion and recommended solution need to be thorough and based on your findings

and understanding of unemployment and GDP.

Writing Style and Page Number Requirements

Font Type: Times New Roman or Arial

Font Size: 12

Spacing: Double

*Number of Pages: Six to seven pages, along with a separate Title page and a

separate References page

Outside Sources and

Send Draft after 8 hours



500 word reflection on criminal justice course Law Assignment Help

Prior to beginning work on this journal, take time to review your journey here at Ashford University. Evaluate how the program has affected your views of criminal justice, fairness, and society as a whole. A good place to look for topic ideas is in your previous coursework, including coursework uploaded into your Folio.

  • Reflect on your preparations for your Capstone Paper. Detail at least one area of your research that either made you change a pre-existing position you held on a major criminal or social justice issue, or share something that surprised you in the course of your research.
  • Critique how the study of social and criminal justice, drawing among the fields of criminology, law, philosophy, psychology, science, and sociology. Explain how the breadth of knowledge examined in your studies informed or changed the pre-existing position you held on a major criminal or social justice issue or something that surprised you in the course of your research.
  • Explain why your viewpoints have changed and how you expect to use this new perspective in your career going forward.

To help guide your reflection, consider how your perspective has changed on the following topics: the effectiveness of the criminal justice system, your understanding of criminal theory, landmark federal court decisions, criminal justice issues, anti-terrorism laws, creation of a socially just society, and potential career opportunities.

Your reflection should be at least 500 words in length. Support your claims with examples from the required material(s) and/or other scholarly and/or credible sources, and properly cite any references.

500 word reflection on criminal justice course Law Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Hello there, I really need urgent help with this English 101 essay correction about the book Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, by Tom Franklin so I need someone with full knowledge on this book. The topic of the essay is: Forgiveness is not an option for La Humanities Assignment Help


Basically, I submitted a 4 pages essay draft (which topic is Forgiveness is not an option for Larry) to my English 101 teacher and she already checked it and the problem is that I have a lot of corrections to do and stuff to fix, so I really need someone to help me out with this and apply all of these long corrections to my essay because it is so important and I depend on it to pass the course so I MUST present a great final product. Below I attach the essay document in which you will find comments and corrections from my English 101 teacher. Also, here I provide highlighted extra comments and suggestions of my English 101 teacher so that you can be able to apply all of them to the essay:

Thank you very much for your patience as I’ve been working through everyone’s essay 2 drafts and juggling the needs of all my classes. Some students have needed
more help than others, which takes more time. I’m sorry it has taken so long to respond.

It’s good that you’ve taken out the illogical idea of Silas seeking vengeance and other unsupportable ideas in the outline. I’m
afraid some troubles remain with accuracy as to what happens in the novel, especially what happens when. The following is long, I know, but to be honest, the draft you submitted has
many problems with focus and use of support. I must tell you that in order to pass ENGL 101, you must produce a successful essay 2, and that is going to take a lot of work and effort on your part. I’ve spent a lot of time
on this feedback; now you need to follow through. Later in this message are some steps, in bullet points, to take first.

It’s not supportable to say that Silas betrayed Larry’s friendship on the night Cindy disappeared. They weren’t friends then.Their forced fight takes place a few months after
they meet, when they are 12 or 13.They stop being friends because of the word Larry calls Silas. When they’re in high school and Silas is involved with Cindy, the two boys haven’t been friends for quite some time. After
adult Silas tells Larry the truth about having been with Cindy after Larry dropped her off that night, and he tells Larry that Cindy had not been pregnant, he says, “I didn’t know that’s what she was doing then” (222).The manipulation
was done by Cindy; I don’t see any evidence that Silas deliberately used Larry or used their friendship “for manipulative purposes,” as your draft says—they were not friends at that time.That idea has to go.

The tragic situation for Larry is that (1) Silas has never told anyone that he had been Cindy’s boyfriend and had seen Cindy after Larry that
night, and as a result (2) everyone has blamed Larry for her disappearance for 25 years and ostracized him. Everything stems from that. As I said in my email on your outline, it’s
completely reasonable to point out that Silas offers the truth only under the pressure of seeing Larry almost tricked into confessing to crimes he didn’t commit. I meant that as one of several reasons for Larry not to forgive, not that that would
be the entire essay.

It’s not difficult to come up with a clear set of reasons why forgiveness is not an option. Let’s not neglect to use what’s right
in front of us. Consider the following (each of these could get its own body paragraph):

  • Larry’s rejection by everyone for 25 years and what he has suffered

  • Larry’s loss of business and income, which forced him to sell land

  • Larry’s near-fatal shooting by Wallace, who had grown up thinking Larry was a murderer and wanted to imitate him

  • Whether the nice things Silas and Angie do for Larry can ever atone for what he has lost (it’s perfectly reasonable to say you don’t think so)

I know we’ve had a big gap in the semester, but please recall how a college essay works: you state a point at the beginning of the paragraph,
then present the specific examples and evidence that support that point and do not wander into some other topic. If it helps, look again at the sample focused paragraphs on Blackboard.

Another puzzling thing about this draft is the writing style, which seems to be trying for some kind of fancy effect with a lot of big words. I remember your telling me that you look up English synonyms for ideas you want to write, which is fine if you choose appropriate words. A writer’s most important job is to be clear, and quite a few word choices and phrases in the draft
are unclear or inappropriate in the sentence. Synonyms for a word in a thesaurus often have different shades of meaning or are used differently in different contexts.Best to choose an ordinary English word.

There’s also a lot “wheel spinning” or “filler.” I’ve noted a number of these passages in my comments.Again, don’t
try to be fancy or sound impressive; just state things plainly.Just call the characters Larry and Silas; you don’t need “protagonist.” Stop saying “it is evident” and present the evidence.

To work toward producing an acceptable essay, please do the following:

  • Compose at least two body paragraphs, each using one of the above-listed reasons, supported with specific examples
  • Take out the draft material about Silas fixing Larry and Cindy on a date and about his “using their friendship for manipulative purposes” (no evidence for either)
  • Get better evidence about his reluctance to speak; take out references to deceit in earlier days, and take out repetition of the similar general ideas (see my comments)

If you could do this by the end of Tuesday (very late at night is OK; I’ll see it in the morning), then we can work more on the writing


the subject is astro physice Science Assignment Help


– Astronomy

Type of service:



Double spacing

Paper format:


Number of pages:

1 page

Number of sources:

0 source

Paper detalis:

only need to finish question1 and question3 in the coursework, i WILL upload the helpful fie, please must follow it.

you can refer to the pdf named ‘tutorial 4 sol’ to do this question. The
second question in this pdf is similar to this one. ( for question one )


14 double spaced pages Humanities Assignment Help

attached below

This is a research essay; tightly structured and argumentative essay to proceed via the support, discussion and interrogation of your research. 14 double spaced pages,12 pt. font


Film theorists have attributed different political and social functions to cinema. How and why cinema inevitably confirm the ideology? Discuss in relation to at least two theorists and use filmic examples.

you must narrow them down in order to provide your essay with a specific and argumentative thesis that can be convincingly pursued in the space available to you.

Please write in a clear structure with thesis statement and avoid plagiarism & generalizations


PPT for Wk 2 – Organizational Structure Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

Wk 2 – Organizational Structure

Assignment Content

  1. Create a 12-slide presentation, including detailed speaker notes that expand on the content on the slides, in which you do the following:
    Project Organizational Structures:

    • Compare the three different project organizational structures.
    • Explain how organizational behavior in each project organizational structure might affect project performance. What is the relationship?


    • Define teams and explain why organizations use teams.
    • Describe essential conditions for optimal team performance
    • Analyze the importance of creativity to teamwork.

    PM Adaptation:

    • Explain how a project manager should adapt his or her approach to complement organizational behavior.
    • Assess best practices for project management conflict resolution strategies.

    Format the assignment according to APA guidelines.


FUNDAMENTALS OF CRIMINAL LAW CRIJ1310 Write 3 pages on the case scenario. Example is in the pdf Law Assignment Help

FUNDAMENTALS OF CRIMINAL LAW CRIJ1310 Write 3 pages on the case scenario. Example is in the pdf Law Assignment Help

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