Global Health


Deep Dive Project

Purpose: This individual project is designed to give you the opportunity to do a “deep dive” into a country, disease, and workforce issue or other topic of interest.

Part I: 30%

Have a clear topical focus, such as a population, a community, a specific cause of morbidity or mortality.
Describe why this issue matters, that is, what is it significance (i.e. why should we care?) Use of key data sources and indicators to do this.
Connect your issue to an SDG, target, and indicator.
Describe policies or influential agendas that address this issue. Consider using WHO, ICN, Ministries of Health to find policy from influential stakeholders.
Describe any cultural, political, historical or other considerations that continue to impact the issue and how it is or is not addressed.

Part 2: 40%

Describe past and/or present efforts (programs, research, policies, advocacy, etc) aimed at addressing this issue. Is progress being made? You may find information in Millennium Development Goals progress reports by country. Agencies that do related work may be good sources of information. For example, PEPFAR-funded groups, ICAP, Marie Stopes International, Pathfinder International, SAVE the Children, Engender Health, CARE, Population Council, etc.
You have one million dollars to spend. Make a proposal to address the problem you have identified. You should have a clear rationale for your choice that reflects the elements described above.
Include a model for your proposed approach.
Include a table that addresses budgetary items that may be needed.
Whatever your topic of interest, articulate at least one relevant implication for nursing (education, practice, or policy).

The paper should incorporate and appropriately cite resources. The paper should be in APA format and no more than 6 double spaced pages (not including references and title page; no abstract is necessary). Models and budget tables can be included as appendices. For all pages: 12 font, 1 inch margins as per APA 6th edition 10%.

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Global Health

Global Health. Global Health.

Your presentation must be 10 to 15 slides in length, include speaker notes, and cite any references.-Please see the uploaded instructions including the rubric.-Somalian Culture Resource also uploaded[supanova_question]

Excel file worksheet

Excel file worksheet.

I’m working on a Excel question and need guidance to help me study.

Barbara asks you to organize the data for sportswear retailers into an Excel table. The data is currently stored in a text file and is organized by state. You will begin by creating an Excel workbook and then pasting the data from the text file into a worksheet.

Complete the following:

1. Use Notepad (or another text editor) to open the text file named Sportswr.txt in the Chapter 7 folder and examine the data. Close the file, and then close Notepad.

2. Create a new workbook named Sportswear Retailers.xlsx and save the file in the Chapter 7 folder. Import the data from the text file into a worksheet named

Imported Data, starting in cell A1.

3. Create a list of comma-separated values from the data you pasted by concatenating the company name, street address, city, state, ZIP code, and phone number. Separate the name, street address, city, state, ZIP code, and phone number information with commas. Trim each text string in the concatenated value to remove all spaces except for spaces between words.

4. Use the appropriate functions to identify the rows of data that hold the concatenated values in the correct order.

5. Copy and paste the concatenated information as a list of comma-separated value into a new worksheet named CSV in the Sportswear Retailers.xlsx workbook. Delete all invalid rows and columns that do not contain the comma-separated values.

6. Convert the comma-separated values into a structured list with the data for the company, street address, city, state, ZIP code, and phone number appearing in different cells of the worksheet. (Hint: Run the Convert Text to Columns Wizard twice to convert all of the data, being careful not to overwrite any existing data in the process. You can use this process to separate the state from the ZIP code. Be certain to remove any extra spaces remaining at the beginning or end of the data.)

7. Correct any errors in the data that were introduced during the conversion.

8. Add a header row with labels to describe the data in each column.

9. Change the data in the worksheet to an Excel table.

10. Sort the data by state, then by city, and then by company in ascending order.

11. Filter the results to display only those companies in Oregon and show the total number of companies in the state.

12. Save and close the Sportswear Retailers.xlsx workbook.

    Dec 01, 201