Grand Canyon University Learning to Conduct Research Reflection Questions Writing Assignment Help

Grand Canyon University Learning to Conduct Research Reflection Questions Writing Assignment Help. Grand Canyon University Learning to Conduct Research Reflection Questions Writing Assignment Help.

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A sample is attach of how the paper should look.

Touchstone 1.2: Write a Research Question, Thesis, and Outline

ASSIGNMENT: Following the Topic Selection Guidelines below, choose an argumentative topic to research. This will be your topic throughout the entire course, so the activities required for this assignment will provide the foundation for your future Touchstones. The topic for an argumentative research paper must be a debatable topic, meaning that it involves conflicting viewpoints. Additionally, it cannot be a topic that is already decided or agreed upon by most of society. You will need to take a firm position on the topic and use evidence and logic to support the position. Touchstone 1.2 includes a research question, a working thesis, a detailed outline, and a reflection on this pre-writing process.

A. Topic Selection Guidelines

DIRECTIONS: You may choose any topic you wish as long as the topic has two clear sides and is not agreed upon by most of society. Your topic should be current, appropriate for an academic context and should have a focus suitable for a 6-8 page essay.

In order to foster learning and growth, all essays you submit must be newly written specifically for this course. Any recycled work will be sent back with a 0, and you will be given one attempt to redo the Touchstone.

B. Research Guidelines

DIRECTIONS: Refer to the list below throughout the writing process. Do not submit your Touchstone until it meets these guidelines.

1. Research Question and Working Thesis

Keep in mind: The research question and working thesis are the driving force behind your research and eventual argument.

❒ Your research question should be a single sentence, framed as a question.
❒ Your working thesis should be a single focused sentence, framed as a statement that takes a clear position on the research question.
❒ Include your research question followed by your working thesis.

2. Detailed Outline

Keep in mind: Your detailed outline provides a map of the argumentative research essay that you will write, including your key claims and the sources that support them. You may not have all your sources yet, and that is fine. The outline is a way to organize your essay and determine which areas (e.g. your sub-points) will require researched evidence as support.

❒ Headings: one for each paragraph with a brief label of the paragraph’s controlling idea(s).
❒ An introduction, at least five body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
❒ Introduction includes your working thesis.
❒ Body paragraphs should each have their own unique title and key points.
❒ Conclusion includes notes on your final thoughts.
❒ Subheadings: two to five for each paragraph, below each heading, indicating key points that support the controlling idea
❒ Sources: one to three for each paragraph, as relevant, indicating the support for the key points
❒ For each source, include the author’s name and the idea or information relevant to your argument (e.g. “Lappé on mono-cropping corn/soy and production”).

3. Reflection

❒ Have you displayed a clear understanding of the research activities?
❒ Have you answered all reflection questions thoughtfully and included insights, observations, and/or examples in all responses?
❒ Are your answers included on a separate page below the main assignment?

C. Reflection Questions These are answered on its own sheet.

DIRECTIONS: Below your assignment, include answers to all of the following reflection questions.

  1. Learning to conduct research is important because it is a skill you will use both in academia and in your professional life. It improves critical thinking and empowers you to find information for yourself. Consider the process of researching as a whole. What was the most challenging aspect of the process for you? (2-3 sentences)
  2. The working thesis statement is a proposed answer to your research question. It should clearly identify a debatable topic and take a position on one side of that topic. Analyze the effectiveness of your working thesis statement. (3-4 sentences)
  3. A detailed outline is an effective tool for laying out the progression of an argument. It allows you to consider the arrangement and organization of your ideas, as well as choose places to incorporate outside source materials. Review your detailed outline and summarize the argument you’ve presented. (3-4 sentences)
  4. You will use the same topic on three of the remaining Touchstones in this course. What kind of feedback would be helpful for you? What are specific questions you might have as you go deeper into the research process? (2-3 sentences)

Grand Canyon University Learning to Conduct Research Reflection Questions Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Hello there, I need help with this short English 102 (Rethoric and Composition) assignment, I would really appreciate it. The one and only requirement is to have the book named: David & Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell Humanities Assignment Help

These questions are based on Chapter 4 of the book:

In the second part of David and Goliath, Gladwell looks at what he calls desirable difficulties. Chapter 4’s examples are all centered around dyslexia, a language processing disorder that affects millions of people. Gladwell suggests that dyslexia can be a desirable difficulty, and he offers examples of wildly successful people who have done exceptionally well in life because of how they’ve learned to work around their dyslexia. In fact, he tells us that a disproportionate number of successful entrepreneurs are dyslexic!

Is dyslexia the desirable difficult that Gladwell describes, or do you think he is overlooking some important struggles? According to Gladwell’s account, what are some of the benefits that go along with having dyslexia, and why? Has this chapter changed how you view cognitive impairments like dyslexia? Be sure to use examples from the chapter to support your answers.

And finally, to repeat Gladwell’s question, would you wish dyslexia on your child? Why or why not?


Create a pamphlet using any type of publisher software you choose to educate clients on a current patient safety issue Writing Assignment Help

Create a pamphlet using any type of publisher software you choose to educate clients on a current patient safety issue; for example, a currently aging adult and how to care for his/herself at home, medication-polypharmacy and how a patient can not make a self medication error, or other appropriate safety issues. If you have a question about a specific topic, check with your instructor.

Your pamphlet must include the following items:

  1. Include at least 5 tips for preventive care for the patient.
  2. Include information that should be shared with family or caregivers.
  3. Include local resources in the community that might be available for this type of safety concern.
  4. Include at least 3 current (published less than 5 years ago) references, in APA format.

I have attached palpate sample

Must follow the rubric. Other university’s information is not acceptable to use to support/validate your central ideas. They are not peer research based articles. Please include research articles less than 5 yrs from today’s date. Please review the citation’s guidelines.


Reading a Journal Article. Humanities Assignment Help

Reading a Journal Article

Whether this is the first time you’ve read a primary level, peer-reviewed journal article or the 20th time you’ve done so, this assignment is designed to get you thinking about the structure and formatting of an article (not so much what the research is actually about). The more you read an article with an eye toward it’s structure and formatting, the easier it will be to write your own APA style papers.

You will need to use your APA manual to refresh your memory about what some of these things are. That’s totally okay!

OBJECTIVES:I want to see that you can:

  • Identify narrative citations
  • Identify parenthetical citations
  • Identify a reference for a journal article with one or more authors
  • Identify a reference for book
  • Write reference entries for journal articles.
  • Quickly find the information you are looking for in a journal article.

INSTRUCTIONS:Do exactly as I ask for each question. Most of this assignment will actually ask you to copy and paste sentences or sections of sentences taken from the article you chose (or re-type in identical format if your computer won’t let you copy and paste from a pdf document). Don’t get creative! Use this document as the basis for your assignment. Insert the items I ask for after each task item. This assignment will probably take you about 3 hours to complete.

Read one of the 4 articles I saved in the folder called Articles from the Journal of College Counseling. Use the guidelines in the “How to Read a Journal” Article document. Then use the article you read to do the following tasks:

  • Copy and paste a parenthetical citation for a research article that has only 1 author. (Re-read pp. 261-263 to refresh your memory about parenthetical citations, narrative citations, and reference list entries.)
  • Copy and paste the reference for the citation you used for task 1. Take it from the reference list at the end of the article.
  • Copy and paste a narrative citation for a research article that had only 1 author. Don’t use the same article as you did for task 1.
  • Copy and paste the reference for the citation you used for task 3.
  • Copy and paste a parenthetical citation for a research article that had 2 authors.
  • Copy and paste a narrative citation for a research article that had 2 authors.
  • Can you change the order of the last names of your authors in your citations or references? Why or why not? (See pp. 24-25, Sections 1.21, 1.22)
  • Copy and paste the reference for the citation you used for task 6.
  • What is the rule for how to cite an article with 3 or more authors? (Look at p. 266 in the APA manual.)
  • Now look at the article you read and find a parenthetical citation for a research article that had 3 or more authors. Copy and paste it here.

NOTE:Prior to 2020 and the release of the 7th edition of the APA Manual, the rule for a citation for an article with 3 or more authors was to list all authors (up to 6) the first time you cite it.For every time after the first time, you would list the first author and then use et al. to indicate there are more. That is why the citation you copy and pasted for task 10 looks different from the rule given in your APA Manual. In papers you write for this class, you should use the rule listed in the 7th edition of the APA Manual.

  • Copy and paste a reference entry for a book.
  • In which section of a journal article would you find an explanation of who the participants in the research were? (Just name the section.)
  • In which section of a journal article would you find a summary of the findings, without the statistical analyses? (Just name the section.)
  • All journal articles should include a section (usually in the introduction) that serves as a review of the literature. This literature review is important because it helps the reader understand why the authors thought their research came to be necessary. In the article you read, find 3 sentences that are part of the literature review. Copy and paste them here. Be sure your sentences each have either a narrative citation or a parenthetical citation in them.
  • Finally, starting on a new page (you can insert a page break or just hit enter enough times to get to a new page), create a reference page that includes the references for the 4 journal articles you chose from to do this assignment. That is, you will have a page that looks like an official reference page (don’t worry about having a page number at the top, but do worry about the rest of the formatting issues shown on p. 66 of the sample student paper – including having a title for the page, using reverse indentation, and alphabetizing your 4 entries by the first author’s last names).

I will send all the articles for this assignment.


Answer the following questions and follow the instructions mentioned Computer Science Assignment Help

1.Explain the Internet of Things. Use at least three unique references. Length: 4-5 paragraphs.

2.Identify three security risks of open source software. How can they be overcome? Use at least three unique references. Length: 4-5 paragraphs.

3.What are the advantages of using a data warehouse? What are the disadvantages? Use at least three unique references. Length: 4-5 paragraphs.

4.Explain VoIP. Use at least three unique references. Length: 4-5 paragraphs.


APA format is required. References should be listed immediately after the question that is being answered. Each question lists a minimum number of unique scholarly references; the textbook is considered one unique reference (per question) regardless of how many times it is used. All references should be from the years 2010 to present day.

See the attached rubric



Managerial Finance Business Finance Assignment Help

1) Describe the purpose of the balance sheet and how this information is useful to the stakeholders of the corporation.

2) Please describe the information presented on the statement of cash flows. Why is this information important for the stakeholders of a corporation?

Cite your sources. Do not copy. Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format.

Reply to two classmates’ posting in a paragraph of at least five sentences by asking questions, reflecting on your own experience, challenging assumptions, pointing out something new you learned, offering suggestions.

It is important that you use your own words, that you cite your sources, that you comply with the instructions regarding length of your post and that you reply to two classmates in a substantive way (not ‘nice post’ or the like). Your goal is to help your colleagues write better. Do not use spinbot or other word replacement software.

Managerial Finance Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

CJ370 Criminal Investigations 2 Law Assignment Help

Mock Crime Scene

Set up a mock crime scene of your choice and find latent fingerprints on the items in your crime scene. Dust them with crushed charcoal, makeup, or some powder of your choice and take pictures of them. Note: For this Learning Activity, you do not have to lift them.

Submit four or five photos in a PowerPoint presentation with an explanation of the crime scene. Post your presentation in the Unit 5 Assignment 1 Dropbox.

Note: If you do not have access to a digital camera, you may use a camera phone.


Please refer to instructions Health Medical Assignment Help

“Professional Roles and Responsibilities”

Family nurse practitioners (FNPs) are graduate-educated, nationally-certified and state licensed advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who care for medically stable patients across the lifespan, from infants to geriatric patients.

Share your thoughts

  1. What are the educational requirements to practice as a FNP?
  2. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), what is the recommended terminal degree to prepare nurse practitioners.
  3. Who determines the scope of practice for FNPs?
  4. Who defines it? Who Credentials and what is the role of a Professional and Political Organization in defining the role?
  5. Review the following website:

Discuss at least 3 regulations impose in APRN in the state of Florida and would you like to change and what process will you use to do it?.

— double spaced (2) pages, APA format. with at least 2 scholarly references.

— Please go though all those pointed questions, giving 3-4 sentences of each questions.

— If you have any questions do not hersitate to contact me and ask. I will reply immediately.


What does the expression “opposites attract” refer to? In light of the discussion in this unit of the importance of similarity in attraction, why do you think it is that opposites may be attracted to each other in some cases? Writing Assignment Help

Need 500-600 words

Must have intro/body/conclusion and cite references in the text (APA Style)

Grading Criteria –

1. Student used standard essay format: Introduction/Body/Conclusion.

2. Student demonstrated proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation style, etc.

3. Student demonstrated an understanding of course content and key concepts, as discussed in the text.

4. Student was able to examine, assess, evaluate, and/or analyze course content and key concepts.

5. Student provided a clear and well-developed response to the question.

Please only use citations from Textbook

Psychology Applied to Modern Life: Adjustment in the 21st Century

Wayne Weiten, Dana S. Dunn, and Elizabeth Yost Hammer, 2018

Cengage Learning

ISBN.13: 978-1-305-96847-9


Week 4 – Research Paper – Blockchain Writing Assignment Help

Industry experts believe blockchain is a technology that has the potential to affect the business of most IT professionals in the next five years. Pick an industry you feel will be most affected by blockchain and how blockchain may be used in that industry. As an IT manager, how would you embrace blockchain? For instance, how would training occur for your team, what strategies might you use, what security methods may you recommend be used?

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be approximately 3 pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.
  • Follow APA7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.
  • Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook.
  • Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.


Grand Canyon University Learning to Conduct Research Reflection Questions Writing Assignment Help

Grand Canyon University Learning to Conduct Research Reflection Questions Writing Assignment Help

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