graphics and design Other Assignment Help

graphics and design Other Assignment Help. graphics and design Other Assignment Help.

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A. Creating a new folder in your home directory 1. Make sure you are at your home directory by typing cd 2. At your home directory create a new directory named tsmc018 by typing mkdir tsmc018 B. Copying files to the new folder 1. Change directory to the tsmc018 by typing cd tsmc018 2. Copy the following three files: (a) .cdsinit, (b) display.drf, and (c) cds.lib by typing a. cp $CDK_DIR/cdssetup/cdsinit . b. cp ../../../usr/cadence/tsmc/CR018G1P6M/1P6M_4X1U/display.drf . c. cp ../../../usr/cadence/tsmc/CR018G1P6M/1P6M_4X1U/cds.lib . C. Opening Cadence and Modifying the Library 1. Open Cadence by typing virtuoso & 2. Add the path of the TSMC018 Library in your Library Manager and then save

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Kinetics question about citric acid inhibiting an oxidation reaction Science Assignment Help

*Picture of question attached below.

Some reactions are inhibited by the presence of another chemical. Oxidation reactions for
instance are often inhibited by the presence of citric acid, hence why it is an ingredient in many
packaged foods. It increases the shelf live significantly. If you carried out a one trial of an oxidation reaction in
which citric acid was present and one without it present.
i) Could you determine the effect (if any) that citric
acid has on the activation energy of the oxidation
ii) What additional information (if any) would you
require to make the determination in the above
iii) Would you expect the activation energy of the
oxidation reaction to be higher, lower, or the same
with the citric acid present? Please explain.


Watch or listen to Presidential-Candidate Obama’s speech from March 18, 2008 called, ‘A More Perfect Union.’ Here is a link to the transcript and audio recording. There are also multiple videos of the speech on the Internet. Humanities Assignment Help

Watch or listen to Presidential-Candidate Obama’s speech from March 18, 2008 called, ‘A More Perfect Union.’ Here is a link to the transcript and audio recording. There are also multiple videos of the speech on the Internet.…

A. (20 points) How does Candidate Obama ameliorate the fears of White America while not ignoring the realities associated with being a minority? What parts our texts reading support Obama’s speech? What parts of your reading thus far could be used against Obama’s point of view?

B. (20 points) Given the events since 2008, in what manner and to what extent would Obama’s ‘More Perfect Union’ speech be written differently today? Fully explain and defend your answer.


Reading Response 2 Pages. Writing Assignment Help

Respond in a 2-page paper to the two readings for Week 10–note that both readings deal a lot with the same union, UE. Think about how your knowledge of the 1946 UE strike affects what you learn in the Schrecker article.


Background for Reading Responses in general:

These 2-page papers (double-spaced, 12-point font) should be brief but focused analytical discussions of particular themes, issues, or questions arising from the assigned readings listed under Readings: above (not the lecture text). Personal reactions and opinions are fine as long as they’re accompanied by critical analysis and engagement with the readings. Reading Responses should NOT be summaries, synopses, or book reviews – and they should not include extensive quotation of the assigned reading.

Rather, they offer an opportunity for you to:

Consider and expand on issues of particular interest to you in some depth.
Relate the current weeks’ readings to other issues and arguments you encounter in and outside this class.
Question or challenge elements of the readings you find problematic.
To reiterate, because these papers are very short, there is no room for summarizing or repeating the content of the reading–instead, think about it critically, evaluate its argument and/or evidence, and discuss how it fits into our understanding of this period or New Jersey labor history in general.


Research Paper Economics Assignment Help

The microeconomic analysis paper should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of Final Project Part I, including Sections I and IV , which were not covered in the milestones.

In addition to covering all of the critical elements of Part I Milestones One and Two, the Part I final submission should include the following elements:

  1. Determine whether the market structure of the industry in which your chosen company operates is perfectly competitive, monopolistically competitive, oligopolistic, or monopolistic. Justify your response.
  2. Assess how the type of market structure impacts your chosen company’s financial performance as measured by performance variables over the past three years. Support your response with data and graphs illustrating two performance variables of your choosing (e.g., sales, net income, stock price) over time.
  3. Answer the following question: How would possible changes in the industry’s market structure impact your chosen company’s business strategy in the future? Keep your company’s current business strategy in mind in your response.

This information should be incorporated with the overview (Section I) along with the content from Milestones One and Two, reflecting the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course.



Reading response (informal) 2-3 pages Humanities Assignment Help

Reading attached (pages from 29 to 41) on the pdf file it s pages 14 to 26 (starting from Historical Connections until the part on London). Indicate main points of the reading, no need to talk about every single artist, although use some examples (definitely talk a little about Voulkos – he is all over the reading). Besides the main points, talk about the contributions of all the connections in the field of Ceramics and the main themes and style (for example, San Francisco part talks about funk and expressionism). You can talk about the main Universities/museums/exhibitions that were the center of these connections.

The most important thing – it is not a formal writing, just a discussion, you can add your own ideas and feelings about the reading. But please 3 pages maximum (you can add pictures from the reading, or talk about them – the most important ones. Finally, the whole discussion is around ceramics – how these people contributed, why these collaborations between them and connections in general are so important etc.

Only main points,
start with Los Angeles (Otis Art Institute – Ferus Gallery – Colleges and Universities) – in LA part talk about Voulkos, him being influenced by John Cage and Zen Buddhism (zen related aesthetics) and by Jackson Pollock and Esteban Vicente (Abstract Expressionism). Talk about influence of the students (Black Mountain College – p.30), talk about the fact that all the connections come beyond LA (New York – p.33).

and than talk about San Francisco – how it differed from LA (talk about funk – emerged out of Beat culture – what is beat culture – just a few sentences maximum – p.34). Aspects of Abstract Expressionism and who integrated abstract expressionism to the field of ceramics – why it was rejected in 1950s (also p.34)
What Funk represented, how was it described, p.35, why it was more important that Abstract Expressionism solely in San Francisco.

It is only a discussion, so no need in using formal or academic language, you can add pictures from the reading I sent you as a reference, don’t add bibliography. Just main points/ideas from the reading.

If you have any questions, please let me know

Thank you.

Reading response (informal) 2-3 pages Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Religion in America Writing Assignment Help

The objective of this paper is to synthesize course material with the book A Thousand Lives: The Untold Story of Hope, Deception, and Survival at Jonestown by Julia Scheeres. Note: This is not a summary or critical analysis of the book, but rather a synthesis of Scheeres arguments in discourse with the lectures and courses discussion and How does the author convey his/her message? What is the overall thesis? How is this reading relevant to Religion in America?


3-5 page paper submitted in either .doc or .pdf format.

Double-spaced, 1″ Margins, Times New Roman Font. Use Citations! Do not plagiarize.

You wil be graded on your ability to follow directions (15 points), grammar (15 points), citations (15 points) and content (55 points).

I have the E-book on my amazon account and you can open it on kindle app


Discussion board post respond Economics Assignment Help

“Recently, average tariff rates have decreased significantly as a result of increased WTO membership. We have, however, seen significant increases in the number of anti-dumping and countervailing duty cases filed by nations as they dispute the trade practices of others. The effects of these punitive tariffs are similar to those effects upon the economy when tariffs are used as a form of protectionism, but these punitive tariff rates are much higher and cause price levels of final goods to increase dramatically. Please watch this video and respond with your thoughts on the effects of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on productivity and economic growth. Consider the difference between sporadic and persistent dumping as well as how thoughtful pricing strategies may be used to avoid some of the negative economic effects upon firms when they take advantage of available government assistance.”

Please responded your two classmate and a less a Paragraph for responded


Political Judgment: War, Peace, and Human Rights(POL7) Humanities Assignment Help

Yes, there are political prisoners in the world. Unfortunate men and women, certain classes, and political dissidents are still suffering in some areas of the world. Read the articles, “A Call for Aggressive Media Campaign Regarding DPRK Prison Camps by Lee (2014), and “China’s Perception and Policy about North Korea by Shulong (2015), which are required reading for this week.

Human rights advocates are aware of this situation. (See this Human Rights Watch World Report 2017 – North Korea.) The U.S. government is aware of this situation. The Chinese government continues to support the North Korean regime. Some cracks have opened in North Korea, including some market activity (i.e., smuggling, black markets) since the famines of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Knowledge of the abuse of political prisoners in North Korea and other dictatorial regimes is widespread.

For this discussion, respond to the following:

  • What could or should major world powers such as the United States and China do to address the mistreatment and abuse of political prisoners in other countries?
  • Specifically, how can the United States help to reform the political culture in those countries that arrest and abuse political prisoners?

Note: At the time of the latest revision of this course (December 2017), relations between the United States and North Korea have become incredibly tense due to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and threats against its neighbors. President Donald Trump has not taken a military response to the situation off the table. The situation is too fluid to continually update in the course materials, so it will be important for you to check credible news sources prior to posting to this discussion to make sure that your response takes into consideration the latest developments.

Minimum 250 words

Minimum of 2 sources in APA format


propose a novel way to incorporate 3d printing into an organ on a chip device. Engineering Assignment Help

propose a novel way to incorporate 3d printing into an organ on a chip device.Try to think through your idea and see if you can justify it. In the real world, this would require lots of depth and detail. One idea on how to proceed is to think how these two technology areas intersect and then to try and develop a specific idea around that intersection.



graphics and design Other Assignment Help

graphics and design Other Assignment Help

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