Green City class video Writing Assignment Help

Green City class video Writing Assignment Help. Green City class video Writing Assignment Help.

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Check the attached file, find one topic and simply record a3-4 minutes research speech, this is a green city design class.

  • Produce a three to four-minute (3-4′) video for your research topic and/or your recommendations for Smart Mobility.
    You may use any video editing software you wish, and there are many free versions available online or through the UO library. Be sure and have brief explanatory text or provide a voice-over (off-camera commentary). If you do not use voice-over, please have background music or sound.
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Upload YouTube URL to CANVAS Assignment
  • Include the YouTube URL in your research paper

Example videos:

Green City class video Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Module 07 Lab – Utilizing Healthcare Data to Make Business Decisions Writing Assignment Help

In this lab you will be presented with a scenario that requires you to visit the American Cancer Society website to collect data and then interpret it. Through this activity, you will get a first-hand demonstration of how large databases can contribute to knowledge about diseases and conditions, as well as to experience how the knowledge is used to drive business and policy decisions.

For this assignment:

  1. Open and follow the steps in the Data Collection and Analysis Instructions provided below:
  2. Download and complete the worksheet below:


Servant leadership in diverse context Humanities Assignment Help

This assignment presents you with an opportunity to explore other cultures, philosophies, and religions and asks you to think critically about how servant leadership practices are apparent in other religions and cultures.

Select one cultural context. Also select one religious viewpoint. You may not select Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, or Christianity, including any of its denominations or traditions such as Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

Examine how the principles of servant leadership are evident in that chosen culture and in that chosen religion. In an essay (1,250-1,500 words), identify similarities and differences between servant leadership’s philosophies and the values evident in the selected cultural context and religious viewpoint. Be sure to provide specific examples of practices and/or values in your discussion.

You are required to locate a total of four articles that address servant leadership in your chosen cultural context and religious viewpoint. Two of the articles should examine servant leadership from a different cultural perspective and two articles should examine servant leadership from a different religious perspective. Be sure to select academic articles from reputable sources that are 10-20 pages in length. Include information from the articles in your discussion.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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BHA-FPX4003 – Evolution of the Hospital Industry Health Medical Assignment Help

Demonstration of Proficiency

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:

  • Competency 1: Analyze trends in the U.S. health care system from a historical perspective.
    • Compare and contrast the hospital environments of the 1800s, 1960s, and today.
    • Compare and contrast the staff education level and the level of care provided in hospitals of the 1800s, 1960s, and today.
    • Compare and contrast the systems of pay in the hospitals of the 1800s, 1960s, and today.
    • Draw conclusions about how the hospital industry has evolved from the 1800s, to the 1960s, to today.
  • Competency 4: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and respectful of the diversity, dignity, and integrity of others.
    • Produce a presentation that conveys understanding of the topic, its context, and its relevance.
    • Use academic writing conventions such as APA formatting and citation style, or others as required.
    • Produce writing that includes minimal grammar, usage, and mechanical errors, including spelling.


For this assessment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation in which you trace the evolution of the U.S. hospital industry by comparing and contrasting hospital care in the 1800s, the 1960s, and today.

Imagine you are a patient with a serious illness in a hospital in the 1800s, in the 1960s, and today. Describe the process and type of care you would receive during these time periods.

Examine the following:

  • The hospital environment.
  • Who the care providers are, their level of education, and the level of care provided.
  • How you might pay for your care.
  • Some thoughts on how things were better or worse in these categories in each of the different time frames.

You might want to (but do not have to) organize your presentation using the following outline:

  • Slide 1: Title of the Presentation.
  • Slide 2: Brief explanation of the purpose of the presentation.
  • Slides 3–6: The Hospital Environment.
  • Slides 6–9: The Care Providers and Level of Care.
  • Slides 10–12: Paying for Your Care.
  • Slide 13–14: Conclusions.

Presentation Requirements

Your presentation should consist of:

  • A minimum of 12 bulleted slides.
  • Speaker notes that fully explain each slide.
  • A minimum of three references.
  • Appropriate APA citations and peer-reviewed references on each slide, as necessary.

General Guidelines for PowerPoint

  • Keep the design simple.
  • Font: Arial or Verdana, size 24-point, minimum.
  • Keep the slides concise: 5–7 bullet points per slide and 5–7 words per bullet. Use speaker notes to explicate the bullets.
  • For best color contrast, use light text on dark background (for example, yellow on black, white on dark blue).
  • Use the proper slide layout. For example, if a slide has a title and text, it is created using the correct Title and Text layout.

Note: To fully understand how this assessment will be graded, be sure to carefully read the Evolution of the Hospital Industry Scoring Guide.


Green city research paper -01 Writing Assignment Help

Students should select a research topic with the following attributes:

  • Related to “green cities” and Smart Mobility
  • An area of study that the student feels passionate about
  • Relevant to the student’s professional interest
  • Feasible within the constraints of the assignment format

Sample topics:

  • autonomous vehicles
  • driverless cars
  • intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
  • micromobility management (shared bikes and electric scooters)
  • mobility ecosystem
  • mobility on demand (MOD)
  • mobility as a service (MaaS)
  • parking space conversion
  • public transport innovation
  • sustainable travel behavior
  • unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)
  • urban air mobility (UAM)
  • water transit
  • others…

These are just a small selection of applicable topics. Your topic must be approved by the instructor.


Format: Students are free to format their papers however they chose. If there is concern about an unusual format, please contact the instructor. The paper must have a short description of the topic to introduce this to the reader. Following the introduction, the paper must provide information on how to implement this concept and a conclusion.

Size: The paper must be between 1,300–2,000 words total (includes 10 recommendations and 10 references). This is approximately 3 to 5 pages. Shorter or longer papers will not receive full credit. State the total number of words at the end of your report.

File Name: The Microsoft Word digital file name must be as follows: lastname.doc or lastname.docx


At the end of the research paper, please list 10 specific recommendations for smart mobility.



Research papers must have a minimum of 10 references which may include interviews and digital media. Use the APA format for references. There are many online tools to help you correctly cite your paper such as



Quantitative Research Methods  Business Finance Assignment Help

Evaluate the scope of quantitative research methodology comparing each method and critique each technique, model, metaphor, and paradigm. Select the best quantitative method and assess the strengths and weaknesses of that selected method defending why the selected quantitative method is the best. Compare various quantitative methods and how each method enables researchers to design the correct series of questions and eventually hypotheses to prove the theories. Recommend best methods to solve different types of analysis and provide a table that outlines each method, what type variables are used, best applications, and what findings to expect. Critique different regression analysis methods and determine what methods fit each analysis type. Assess the best procedure to develop a new construct starting from using a text analysis method, provide each stage of the process proposing what objective must be met for each stage developing a final best quantitative construct. Estimate the importance of data types in the selection and performance of measurements, the creation of survey instruments, and the application of specific findings coupled with best methodology. Assess the progress of structural equation modeling (SEM) and the new applications that SEM now offers researchers in the creation of improved constructs and theories. Judge the value of latent variable measures and how SEM is able to evaluate path analysis using conventional measures such as factor analysis, regression, correlation, and comparative means techniques.

Quantitative Research Methods  Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

An investigation of the potential for niche Western fashion brands to establish in the Chinese accessible luxury womenswear market. Business Finance Assignment Help

I need to complete my dissertation, I have completed the first half, 8000 words,you need to complete the next three parts, before write u need to read the following requirements carefully

must carefully read the 8000 words I wrote before. The style of writing needs to be very similar to mine, so that the teacher will not feel that it was written by two people when grading. The content can be very logical, but the grammar should not be too delicate, and the grammar needs some mistakes. In addition, in the methodology, my previous 8000 words used qualitative methods, but my tutor suggested that I use mixed research methods. Therefore, I need to change the survey methods, strategies and data analysis methods, which will also affect the following coding analysis.


Marketing project Business Finance Assignment Help

This project will be done on the company Treasured Accents

I have included EXAMPLES of papers so you have an idea of what it should look like and the length.

  • Charles W. Lamb; Joe F. Hair; Carl McDaniel. MKTG 12 (with Printed Access Card) / Edition 12, Cengage Learning , South-Western Mason, Ohio
    • ISBN-13: 978-133740763-2

    The project is to develop a Marketing Plan for a small business (existing small to mid-sized business in your area ). This project will start you thinking about Marketing in a practical sense. You will gain experience formulating a plan, learning how each part is dependent on one another. You will gain some introspection and perhaps direction for the future. In fact you may want to build on this exercise throughout your life in preparation for earning a job after graduation.

    Marketing Plan Components

    Title Page

    Introduction (brief intro to the company – no more than one page)

    Mission Statement (1-3 sentences long)

    TOWS Analysis (This is an internal and external situation analysis presented with corresponding strategy options in a table as shown in the example.)

    Marketing Objectives (These need to be ‘S.M.A.R.T. objectives’ with each objective meeting the five element of the SMART acronym. Google this term if you don’t know what it means.)

    Target Market (Write a one paragraph descriptive profile of each target segment)Write one full paragraph (100-200 words max) providing a descriptive profile of the company’s target market using geographic, demographic, psychographic, and/or behavioral variables.If the company has more than one target segment write a separate profile paragraph for each segment.For example, Home Depot has two distinct target segments – DIY homeowners and professional contractors.Marketing Objectives (These need to be ‘S.M.A.R.T. objectives’ with each objective meeting the five element of the SMART acronym. Google this term if you don’t know what it means.)

    Positioning Strategy (How does the company want to position itself in the minds of the target market as distinct from, and better than, what competitors have to offer?)

    (How does/will the company attempt to position itself in the minds of the target market as distinct from, and better than, what competitors have to offer? Be VERY specific here. Most businesses fail to clearly position themselves apart from the competition.)

    • Marketing Mix:
        • Product/Service Mix (see topics in Chapters 10-12)
        • Place Mix (see chapters 13-14)
        • Promotion Mix (see chapters 15-18)
        • Price Mix (see Chapter 19)

    Conclusion (one paragraph wrap-up and call to action)

    References (APA format. Remember to cite any interviews you conduct with company owners or staff.) Remember that in-text (parenthetical) citations are required in the body of your paper if you use sourced information or quotes!


    social issue powerpoint Business Finance Assignment Help


    In this assignment, you are to reflect upon a hot button social issue that citizens are struggling with in the United States at present.

    Your task is to create a voice-over PowerPoint Presentation where you describe a current issue in our society (e.g., mass shootings, high-profile sexual harassment in the media, child detainment at our border, the migrant caravan, etc.) and reflect upon it in light of one sociological theory from this course (e.g., symbolic interactionism, conflict theory, functionalism, etc.).

    During this reflection, describe the social issue that you have selected and discuss why you find this problem worthy of discussion. Next, discuss how the sociological theory that you have selected helps inform your view of the social issue.

    The points of note on the PowerPoint can be brief, but the presentation should be between 3-5 minutes long. You can also insert your video into the presentation, but is optional.


    HMC301 The below question has to be put into an excel spread sheet Business Finance Assignment Help


    Chapter 13 — Financial Condition Analysis

    PROBLEM 10

    You are considering adding a new product to your firm’s existing product line. It should cause a

    15 percent increase in your total margin (i.e., new TM = old TM x 1.15), but it will also require

    a 50 percent increase in total assets (i.e., new TA = old TA x 1.5). You expect to finance this asset

    growth entirely by debt. If the following ratios were computed before the change, what will be

    the new return on equity if the new product is added and sales remain constant?

    Ratios before new product

    Total margin10%

    Total assets turnover2

    Equity multiplier2



    Green City class video Writing Assignment Help

    Green City class video Writing Assignment Help

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