head to toe assessment Writing Assignment Help

head to toe assessment Writing Assignment Help. head to toe assessment Writing Assignment Help.

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For this assignment, perform a complete head-to-toe assessment on someone of your choice or a hypothetical person who has at least two (2) systems issues. Use the head-to-toe template here to document your assessment (add more lines as needed). In a Microsoft Word document of 4-5 pages (in addition to the template) formatted in APA style, discuss the remaining criteria for the assignment. Please note that the title and reference pages should not be included in the total page count of your paper.

In your paper, address each of the following criteria:

  • Use the template and include:
    • System being assessed.
    • Detailed review of each system with normal and abnormal findings.
    • For any system for which you do not have equipment, explain how you would do the assessment.
    • Normal laboratory findings for client age.
  • An analysis of age-specific risk reduction health screening and immunizations.
  • Two differential diagnoses (diseases) associated with possible abnormal findings.
  • A plan of care (including two priority-nursing diagnoses, interventions, evaluation).
  • Pharmacological treatments that can be used to address health issues for this client.
  • Client and age appropriate evidenced-based practice strategies for health promotion.

On a separate references page, cite all sources using APA format.

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Final paper, resources attached Humanities Assignment Help

Instructions: Choose three different groups that you are a part of. This may include a religious group, family, school, community, neighborhood, media, etc. These are the “agents of socialization.” These groups should be specific, meaning, do not just choose “school.” Rather, pick one school you have attended, such as a university, your high school, or middle school. The more specific the group, the better your write-up will be.

  1. Introduction: Briefly provide an explanation of the three agents of socialization you chose and why you picked them. For top points, consider answering the following:
  • Which groups did you choose?
  • Are they recent or from long ago? Are they short-term or long term?
  • Why have these groups been so influential in your socialization?

2. Content: The main body of your essay should tell the story of your involvement in these three groups. Use your sociological imagination to analyze the socialization process. However, you must include the content listed below. Papers that do not clearly identify the sociological content will not receive a grade above a C. Reference course material, and include the following:

    • Describe the group and how you came to be a part of it: Who is in the group? How are they related to you? Why did you join the group? Was this a choice?
  • Describe your status within the group: What is your status? How did you come to have that status?
  • Describe three of your roles within the group: What is each of these roles? How did you come to have those roles?
    • Describe one example of class, sex/gender/sexuality, or race that you’ve experienced as a member of this group. Remember that we experience class/sex/race both in privileged and marginalized groups. Why was this experience notable in this group?
    • How did being a member of this group contribute to the development of your self/identity?
    • Keep in mind that you need to be as thorough as possible. I expect you to use, define, and apply an example from your life for ten (10) course concepts. At least half (5 concepts) of the course concepts must come from Module 5. Only course concepts that are bold and underlined will be graded.

3. Conclusion: Explain the ways your life choices constrained and enabled by these agents of socialization. For top points, consider answering the following:

  • What does it mean to look at your life through a sociological lens?
  • Does it change the way you look at how you were raised, or how you came to be involved with these groups?
  • In what ways to do you see the different agents of socialization interacting? For example, how do the institutions (such as family and school) interact to reinforce similar values/norms/beliefs? In what ways do institutions conflict and thereby promote opposing values/norms/beliefs?
  • What new questions or perspectives do you find yourself asking or exploring, based on your use of your sociological imagination?

Formatting Guidelines:

Papers should be 3-6 pages, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font. You do not need a reference page if you are only using material from the course (Powerpoints and readings). Be sure to refer to the title and author of the course reading when you are using an example or quote in text. Please proofread for spelling, grammar, and paper organization. For clarity, please bold and underline the required course concepts. Only concepts that are in bold and underlined will be graded.


3-5 page paper on one of the Business Wars Economics Assignment Help

Micro Economics Choice

Option #1 – Pick ONE of the Stories below from:

Business Wars – Podcasts (avg 5 or 6 episodes, 20 to 30 minutes each)


  • Netflix vs. Blockbuster
  • Nike vs. Adidas
  • Marvel vs. DC Comics
  • The First Computer War (IBM vs Microsoft, IBM Clones)
  • Nintendo vs. Sony (gaming systems)
  • Ford vs. Chevy
  • Ebay vs. Paypal
  • Coke vs. Pepsi
  • Monster vs. Beats by Dre
  • Southwest vs. American – Airline wars
  • Xbox vs Playstation
  • Napster vs The Record Labels
  • Red Bull vs Monster
  • McDonalds vs Burger King
  • Browser Wars
  • USFL vs NFLA
  • 3-5 pages paper is expected, which includes·
  • 3-5 economic concepts explained from content
  • Name 3 mistakes by loser in battle
  • Name 3 ideas that won the battle·
  • Opinion on Future of Market/Industry discussed (fine to research)
  • [supanova_question]

    BADM 634 UC Wk 8 Project Charter Literature Management Success Review Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

    Develop a research paper on the project charter process.

    Follow this outline:

    1) Open the essay with an introduction section describing a project charter.
    2) Summarize why a project charter is critical to project management success.


    1.) Define Project Charter (per PMBOK 6th Edition and course text book).

    2.) List the various elements of a project charter and why each is used (i.e. title, scope
    overview, business case, background, etc.).

    3.) Explain in-depth the following key components of the project charter: project vision,
    objectives, scope, project risk planning, assumptions, constraints and organization and
    implementation plan.


    1.) What critical take-aways in the development process of a project charter would you
    incorporate into the role of a Project Manager?

    2.) Highlight specific components of the project charter that may be most critical to the
    overall success of the entire project plan.

    3.) Discuss preferred methods for stakeholder engagement throughout the project charter
    process and into project planning.

    Please attend to the following guidelines:

    1) Prepare your report in APA format.

    2) Literature Review should utilize outside sources substantially. A literature review is a
    comprehensive narrative on the most recent scholarly work on a certain subject.
    Therefore, seven (7) to ten (10) scholarly or professional journal articles should be
    utilized for this section. Other sources (websites, blogs, dictionaries, etc.) may be used
    in support but do not count toward this total. Also, the sources need to be current
    research which means contemporary sources (no more than ten years old).

    3) Paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 10-12 pages. (Page count does not
    include title page or reference pages)

    4) Properly cite all sources referenced and include a reference section.

    5) Proofread the document carefully before submission!


    Goal: Apply what you have learned about trauma and recovery to an example of a rape victim, and consider why we commonly blame victims for the bad things that happen to them. For each item, write a response about a paragraph long. Humanities Assignment Help

    1-(discussion board) Consider how rape is (mis)used and (mis)represented in movies and tv. This essay may serve as an entry point into the issue (and you can google similar essays): https://www.wired.com/2015/06/rape-scenes/

    You may be familiar with rape scenes from the Game of Thrones or other tv shows or movies. You can google lists of examples (no list is exhaustive). Select an example of a rape scene. Note the source (name and date of movie or title of tv series with season, episode, year). Briefly describe the scene and its context. How does it compare to the criticisms describes in the above essay? Note you may discuss a written example from the Bible or novels and poetry (again, google lists, but here is a biblical one: Genesis 34; 2 Samuel 13; Genesis 19 // Judges 19 and arguably 2 Samuel 11).

    (At least 200 words)

    2. Read “Beth’s Psalm.” What evidence of trauma do you see in “Beth’s Psalm”? (Recall Herman’s three categories of symptoms.)

    (At least 150 words)

    3. Read Herman, Trauma and Recovery, chaps. 8–10. What evidence of recovery do you see in “Beth’s Psalm”?

    (At least 100 words)

    4. Read this article on victim-blaming:


    Why do people tend to blame victims for what happens to them?

    (At least 100 words)

    5. How does this blame manifest with rape victims in particular? Consider how defense attorneys defend clients accused of rape by impugning their accusers.

    (At least 100 words)

    6. Read 2 Samuel 13. How does the text either allow or prevent the reader from blaming Tamar for being raped?

    (At least 100 words)

    7. Consider the laws about rape in Deuteronomy. In what way can the biblical law be understood as a “solution” to the “problem” of rape? In other words, what sense can you make of this law? (at least 250 words)

    8. Write a summary of Scholz’s chapter on acquaintance rape. Make it accurate and detailed (at least 400 words)

    9. Consider the scenario provided on pp. 57-58 of the Reitan reading. How would you characterize this sexual encounter? Does it require a “middle ground” between consensual sex and rape (like “acquiescence”)? Explain how this scenario fits or does not fit into binary categories of sex (consensual v rape). (at least 300 words)

    10. Download the app “U ASK DC” on your phone. It was created for college students in the DC area as a resource in the event of sexual assault. Explore the app and its content and functions. Write up a summary and review of the app for a review in the app store including how many stars you would give it out of five. (At least 300 words)

    11. Consider Emily Yoffe’s article on the bad science behind the response to campus rape. Does the information in this article cohere with what you read previously (Feb 26) in van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score (chaps. 11-12) and “Thanks for the repressed memories”? If so, how do you make sense of all this information? If not, what view do you find most persuasive and why? (at least 300 words)

    12. Thompson describes how Hosea was understood in past centuries in ways significantly different from modern commentators. He concludes with four principles for interpreting stories of sexual violence in the Bible. Identify one of the principles that you like or dislike and elaborate on it (lack of) value. Alternatively, propose your own principle different from his four. (At least 300 words)

    13. This blog is relatively open. Consider the reporting of Emily Yaffe on campus rape and research recent developments. The Federal government recently released new Title IX regulations for colleges and universities. Do the new rules address previous concerns? Do they raise new problems? (At least 300 words)



    A presentation about (How COVID-19 effects on hospitality industry) in PowerPoint + Outline + answering some questions related to the presentation. Business Finance Assignment Help

    Informative Speech

    The purpose of this informative speech is to increase your audience’s knowledge of a topic or to teach your audience something new about the topic. In this speech, you are not trying to change your audience’s attitudes, actions, or beliefs. For this speech, you should choose a topic that is related to your academic major or intended career and that teaches your audience something that can potentially benefit them.When brainstorming ideas and selecting a topic for your informative speech, you should begin by asking yourself a series of questions about each topic that you should consider.

    1. Is this topic about something related to your major or career?

    2. Is this an appropriate topic for an informative speech in a scholarly setting?

    3. Is this a topic in which I am interested? Is this topic important to me?

    4. Do I have expertise in this area or want to learn more about this subject?

    5. Will my audience be interested in this topic?

    6. How much does my audience already know about this topic? Will this teach them something new?

    7. Will learning more about this topic help or improve my audience in some way?

    Research: You should orally cite at least 2 different types of sources and use at least 2 different types of support materials.Presentation Aids: You must use power point or some other form of visual aid.Notes: You may use up to 3 note cards.Length: 4-6 minutes


    Informative Speech Outline

    Please upload your completed informative speech outline. Remember to follow the example template EXACTLY. The outline is the entire speech written out (including verbal citations & transitions between points) but written in outline form.

    An essay is not an outline and will receive and automatic 50% grade deduction.


    Answer those question

    Instructions: After reading the textbook chapter, answer the prompts below. To receive full credit, each response should be written as a complete paragraph (4-7 sentences in length) and incorporate key concepts and vocabulary from the textbook. Save the file to your computer, and then upload a copy to Canvas to submit your responses. Be prepared to share some of your thoughts during our class discussion.

    1. Soon you will be asked to give an informative speech to your classmates. Your speech will need to be about something related to your major or intended career, and the topic should be something about which you have greater expertise than your classmates. List three possible topics that you might choose for this speech and briefly explain why each would be appropriate for you, your audience, and the occasion.
    2. For your speech, you will need to do an interview with an expert on the topic that you choose. For each topic that you listed above, identify one person that you could talk to who would be an expert and explain why you might choose to interview them as part of your research for this speech.
    3. Choose the topic that you are mostly likely to use for your informative speech assignment. For this topic, explain how you might use each of the four types of supporting evidence in your speech.
    4. At this point, you should have begun to narrow down the topic that you plan to use for your informative speech for this class. In the space below, write the topic, specific purpose statement, and thesis statement that you plan to use for your speech.

      Specific Purpose Statement:


    5. Write two different attention getters that you could use in the introduction to your speech. Highlight the attention getter that you think is strongest.
    6. Think about what you want to teach your audience. How will you organize your main points and subpoints to help your audience understand and remember your speech as much as possible?
    7. Find a video example of a speech online. Paste the link here. Describe which aspects of verbal and physical delivery were done well and which needed improvement.
    8. Which of the four forms of delivery was used in the speech that you selected? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this particular type of delivery?
    9. Think about what your upcoming informative speech. Explain how you could use three different types of presentation aids in your speech to enhance the audience’s understanding of your topic.
    10. What are the five patterns of organization for informative speeches? Give an example of a topic that would be ideal for each pattern (not the one used in the book) and list the three main points you would use with that pattern of organization.
    11. Which pattern of organization will be most effective for your speech? Why? Explain how you will use it to organize your main points and subpoints.
    12. What is one concept in your speech that will be difficult for your audience to understand? Which of the three strategies for explaining difficult concepts will you use in your informative speech? Write out how you will use this strategy to explain the concept in your speech.
    13. Give examples(not the same as the ones in your book) of a speech that would be arguing a question of fact, one that would be arguing a question value, one that would be arguing a question of policy, and one that would be a refutation.
    14. For one of the speech examples that you identified in question 1, which pattern of organization would be most effective if you were giving a speech in which you were trying to make that argument? Why would this be the most effective pattern? What would your main points and sub points be?
    15. Find an example of a commercial that relies on a fallacy to persuade viewers. Paste a link to that video here. Explain which fallacy you believe is being illustrated and provide a rationale for that choice.
    16. _________________________________________________

      Please use the completed example outline and template to help prepare your outline. Outlines should be structured exactly like the examples and contain the exact same elements (including at least 2 credible sources and support).

      Research: You should orally cite at least 2 different types of sources and use at least 2 different types of support materials.Presentation Aids: You must use power point or some other form of visual aid.Notes: You may use up to 3 note cards.Length: 4-6 minutes

    A presentation about (How COVID-19 effects on hospitality industry) in PowerPoint + Outline + answering some questions related to the presentation. Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Elevator speech and online Interview (3 minutes total) Humanities Assignment Help

    Each student will prepare and record a one minute “elevator pitch” to introduce yourself to me as the recruiter for the job that you wrote your resume and cover letter for, and a two minute response to the following interview question. Where do you see yourself in five years and how does this job move you towards that future?

    Ultimately, each student is to assume they have found himself/herself at a networking event with a recruiter for whom he/she would like to work (assume you are giving a pitch for the job you used for your resume and cover letter). What would you say to impress them? Get them to look at you further? Remember to put your very best effort forward, as this assignment will be graded accordingly.

    6 points– Professional Dress

    6 points– Within ten seconds of the three minute time limit.

    6 points– Non-verbals: Eye contact, posture, etc.

    3 point– Lead-in/Attention grabbing opener

    9 points– Overall enthusiasm, information presented, how you will follow-up, judge’s/audience desire to provide a follow-up experience

    I am attaching a doc of which job I want to take!

    I attached my resume. I am an international student from Lithuania.

    I need you to write me a script for my Elevator speech and online Interview (3 minutes total)


    Can anyone have this completed within 24 hours? Health Medical Assignment Help

    Week Four: Facility Planning—Floor Plan, Part 2

    This week you will continue to build your final facility. The legal team has asked you to provide them with considerations regarding legal and regulatory requirements that may affect the facility planning process.

    Add the following to your facility:

    • Assets and equipment:
      • All assets and equipment that should be considered for use by the patient, staff, and families
    • Regulatory considerations:
      • Color and noise elements
      • Regulatory elements, such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper. Your paper should:

    • Analyze the impact of federal, state, and local legal and regulatory requirements on your selected facility.
    • Analyze accountability and liability implications for individuals and organizations for your selected facility.
    • Analyze legal versus ethical considerations for your selected facility.
    • Include a print screen of your facility below. Use the instructions provided if you need help adding a print screen.

    Include a print screen of your facility in the last page of the paper.

    Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

    Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

    Submit your assignment.

    Remember:It should be about a Health Care Clinic


    How to create a graph and calculate the standard deviation for GDP, consumption, and investment for each of the time periods present in the excel file sheet attached. Business Finance Assignment Help

    The purpose is to calculate the co-movement and volatility of consumption and investment relative to GDP, all measured in real terms. You will use table attached starting in 1960:Q1 to the latest available year at a quarterly frequency. The smoothing parameter λ (lambda) for quarterly data is 1,600.

    Filter and report the correlation and volatility of the cyclical components of GDP, consumption, and investment over time.

    To create the graph follow these steps:

    1. Use the quarterly data that is attached for GDP, consumption, and investment for the period 1960:Q1 to latest available.
    2. Use the HP-filter to calculate the trend of the three variables for the whole period, and then for the periods 1960-83; 1984-2007; and 2008 to latest available. Use a value of 1,600 for lambda.
    3. De-trend the original series and plot the three variables in the SAME graph for the entire sample period; then calculate the standard deviation of the cyclical component of GDP, consumption, and investment for each of the periods and present in a table.

    Instructions for number 2 above:

    1. Download the excel add-in for the HP-filter.

    http://ideas.repec.org/c/dge/qmrbcd/165.html (Links to an external site.)

    1. Make sure that the HPFilter.xla file is in the same directory as where you are going to save your excel file. Double click on HPFilter.xla to launch it in Excel and make sure to enable macros. This should enable the HP-Filter function. You will always have to first start the macro every time you use the workfile (in that order).
    2. Transpose the variables into columns and then take the natural log of each of the variables [the Excel function is =ln( )].
    3. HP-filter the natural log of each variable, the function in Excel is: HP(timeseries to be filtered, value for lambda). This is an array formula (columns).


    a 23 Power point slide on carl friedrich gauss Mathematics Assignment Help

    Carl Friedrich Gauss. what type of Mathematician he was. where was his birth place? when was he born and when he died. who was carl friedrich? outside of math what were his contributions? what were his math contributions? mathematic examples.

    I will add an example of the power point so you have a guide to follow and the rubric! 🙂

    if you can fit all the information in less than 23 slide shows thats okay. as long as you put all the info. Due Thursday at 11:30 am eastern time.


    head to toe assessment Writing Assignment Help

    head to toe assessment Writing Assignment Help

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