health and safety Report Science Assignment Help

health and safety Report Science Assignment Help. health and safety Report Science Assignment Help.

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It is very important to understand the techniques adopted by various industries with respect to the safety methods and safety standards. Make a report by studying the various safety practices/ or the safety practical application in the process industry by identifying different hazards and consequences with the suitable control measures followed in industry

Structure of Report:

  • Introduction and executive summary [8]
  • Develop a simple observation table by listing ten hazards and consequences with the suitable control measures [10]
  • Conclusion and Recommendations which present realistic actions to improve health and safety in the chosen area [5]
  • References (Harvard referencing CCE style) [2

Report Specification:

Font : Arial

Font size : 10

Line Spacing : 1.5

Report shall have a maximum of 2000 words.

health and safety Report Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

probabilty and mean Mathematics Assignment Help

4. Jim has a 20% chance of making a free throw in basketball. Jim takes 5 shots.

(i) What is the probability that Jim makes his first shot on his first throw?

(ii) What is the probability that Jim does not make his first shot on the first, second,

or third throw?

2. 20,000 raffle tickets are sold. Each ticket costs $5. The raffle has 5 prizes. First prize is worth $5,000. Second prize is worth $2,000. Third prize is worh $1,000. Fourth prize is worth $500. Calculate the expected net gain for buying one raffle ticket.

5. A certain intersection has an average of 4 car accidents per month.

(i) What is the probability that no accidents occur in one month?

(ii) What is the probability that at most two accidents occur in one month?


Fix my wriiten essay by making the steps below Humanities Assignment Help

1- make the introduction and a thesis statement related to each other. Make sure that all of your supporting paragraphs support the main idea presented in the introduction.

2- Write your supporting paragraphs. Don’t forget to have main ideas and topic sentences for each paragraph and support that idea with research data. All research should be
properly cited in APA format. That includes paraphrased research material as well as direct quotations.

3- Finish the paper with a conclusion. The conclusion should wrap up the main points covered in the paper and suggestions for future research.

4- Organized and logical flow of content.

5- Has organized introduction with a thesis statement clearly stating the points and main ideas to be featured in the paper.


​Provide a thorough response to all parts of pt. 1 and pt. 2. Writing Assignment Help

Provide a thorough response to all parts of pt. 1 and pt. 2.

  1. Describe one of the three types of Taoism which most interests you.
    • Identify the aim of this Taoism.
    • Explain some of the major practices and ideas that characterize this type of Taoism. To do this properly, you will need to explain some key concepts within Taoist thought.
    • Finally, identify, describe, and explain specific examples from the film in this Unit that demonstrate how this type of Taoism is practiced.
  2. Compare and contrast Taoism with one of the other religious traditions we have studied so far (Indigenous religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Confucianism). How are they similar and how are they different?
    • The focus of your response should be on significant aspects of each religious tradition. For example, the fact that they have different founders or sacred texts are not significant aspects.
    • A successful assignment will explain at least one significant way the values or ideas of the two traditions are similar and at least one significant way the values or ideas are distinct.
    • Draw on the text, videos, and other Unit 1-5 materials to help support your comparison. I will be looking for textual support!

    Rubric Cube
    All prompts are responded to and the responses are supported by thorough explanation and interesting, creative, or original examples.
    Concepts, practices, terminology, and major figures relating to the assignment are accurately identified, described, and explained in a clear and thorough way.
    The assignment demonstrates clear and thorough analysis of the concepts and problems involved and a clear, thorough, and creative explication of original thought regarding the ideas and issues discussed
    Assignment requirements have been met and there are no issues with formatting, sources cited, or page length.
    The assignment is excellently structured, coherent, and fluid. There are no grammatical or spelling errors.
    Format your paper using MLA. At the very least, double-space, use a 12pt font, and 1-inch margins.


Recommendation & summary Writing Assignment Help

Please Pascal …

I will provide you with some recommendations and I need you to support with details..

– Recommendations and Conclusions (two to four pages). Upon reflection, why did you get the data results you did? What did you learn from this? How would this be different in the future.NOTE:this is what you would do differently … not what you think the class should do differently.For example- a wrong answer would include—the class should be set up in a way that we can give the pre-post test ourselves.Better response, in the future, I would like to….Or… In hindsight, I would/we could have—may include citations.

– Summary (1/2 to one page).



please respond to two (2) of the following four (4) bulleted items. Writing Assignment Help

Human Resource Management” Please respond to the following. Note: Online students, please respond to two (2) of the following four (4) bulleted items.

  • Take a position on whether or not the practice of the spoils system is evident within today’s public administration agencies. Provide two to three (2-3) examples of such evidence in order to support your response.
  • Review the information on Pendleton Act of 1883 located in Chapter 6 of the textbook. Hypothesize three to four (3-4) revisions that a law maker could consider in order to improve performance and eliminate political influence in today’s government agencies. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • From the weekly readings, review the fundamental manner in which the National Performance Review has contributed to civil service reinvention since 2000. Debate whether or not the contributions from George W. Bush and Barrack Obama have made a significant difference towards administrative reform overall. Provide a rationale to support your response.
  • From the e-Activity, analyze the overall manner in which Telework Management could impact the federal budget. Provide three to four (3-4) examples of such an impact in order to support your response.

please respond to two (2) of the following four (4) bulleted items. Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

In need of 3 page paper Writing Assignment Help

Remix project

I have written the project which is in the powerpoint;

And this is what I did in my project;

For my remix project, I decided to take the character Django from the movie Django Unchained, and switch the character from a male to a female.

– By doing this, I would change the element of gender roles in movies. Making this change would alter audiences views on the type of role women can play in movies and society

– The actor I chose to play the female Django is Taraji P. Henson. I did this because I felt in most of the movies she stars in, she represents a strong woman who isn’t afraid of danger.

Now this is what you are required to answer in a 3 page paper;

How does your remix project convey implicit meaning beyond the original primary texts? In other words, how does your remix project use visual, written, and/or audial elements to create new meaning? 2. Explain why your interpretation matters. (So what?)


1. Develop your argument via claims and support from the remix project (visual, written, and/or audial elements) and three scholarly secondary sources (two secondary sources must be from our reading schedule. I have attached the two for you).

4. Include in-text citations and a works cited page for all texts cited (articles, books, films, clips, images, music, etc.). You may use the MLA, Chicago, or APA citation style, as long as you use that citation style consistently.

When writing the paper makes sure to use the informational information I provided to write the paper. When I present the project I don’t want my presentation to not match up with the written part.


Seven Stages of Deviant Writing Assignment Help

The class project challenges you to Identify and select a famous person (television, Hollywood, news media) who you believe is an example of deviance. In Part 2 you applied theories of deviance to your person, in part 3 of the class project, think of yourself as sociologist attempting to explain your person’s behavior and use apply the seven stages of deviance to your deviant person.

Estimated Time

You should spend approximately 10 hours on this task.


1. Review Part V of the textbook, pages 247-252 where the textbook authors describe the formation of the deviant identity and where the seven stages of deviance are listed and exampled.

2. Consider yourself to be a sociologist and categorize, explain and appraise how your selected deviant person fits into one or more of these stages that are listed by the textbook authors.

3. Your deviant person should fit into at least one to two or more of these stages of deviance, but few people will fit into all seven stages of deviance. Do not be alarmed if all categories do not fit your person.

4. Specify specific behaviors, personality traits and life examples of your deviant person and how these character traits relate to the stages of deviance listed in the readings.

5. Using the knowledge about deviance obtained in this module, combined with information learned in the first and second modules, to describe why you believe this person is to be considered deviant, providing specific examples to define why you categorize your person’s behavior into a stage.

6. You may also justify these deviant stages as to why your person is deviant using specific references from this particular module. Your justification can come from the activities, your readings, or any materials you explored during this module.

7. Be prepared in future parts of this project assignment to again expand on this deviance character definition of your person

8. Post your persons deviance stages to the Drop Box titled Project Part 3: Applying the Seven Stages of Deviant Identity to your Deviant Person.


Answer the questions tp prepare a 4minutes presentation drafy based on the report. Business Finance Assignment Help

The accountant was impressed by your report and has asked you to prepare a video presentation to be played to the Audit Committee at the next meeting on 15 May 2019.

Your video presentation should:
a) Explain the role of professional judgment in the application and interpretation of accounting standards. b) Discuss whether the professional judgments applied in the impairment write-down of the assets to estimate the cash flows, the discount rates, the CGUs, the allocation of corporate assets & costs to CGUs and the appropriate use of fair values have been reasonable/appropriate. c) Based on the findings from the 2018 report, identify and explain the areas that you believe the Audit Committee must consider when reviewing the 30 June 2018 impairment testing information. d) Recommend actions (if any) for improvement in the application of professional judgments relating to these estimations.

Please note that this is a presentation, you need to write down what the presenter is going to say as specific as you can. 400 approaximately.

And your presentation must be based on this report.


Response to a question Other Assignment Help

no plagiarize, spell check, and check your grammar. Please only use the reference below. Use any one reference of your choice

Question: What do you think is the biggest personal challenge for professionals that work with homeless youth?


Isn’t it something that Martin (2014) really drives home the fact that most homeless teens chose to be homeless. This really informs us of just how bad what they were running from was!

Every time I am invited to speak about “troubled youth” & I cover this topic I do my best to convey that this isn’t just a rash decision. A teenager just doesn’t wake up on some random Thursday morning & decide to run away that day. It is a process and the issues/problems have likely been going on for a while.

I live & work in what is commonly regarded to be the most affluent County in the Country. We have the same runaway/homeless issues that exist anywhere else. So that goes to show this is an equal opportunity problem. I have worked with homeless youth from literally destitute families & youth whose parents are millionaires. Orange County, CA is geographically, not a very large County & yet there are 3 youth runaway shelters here! Despite that, I have often found it strange that there are more shelters for dogs & animals than humans in Southern California. I am certainly not anti-animal, but that stat really questions our priorities.

Fitzgerald MD. (1995). Homeless youths and the child welfare system: implications for policy and service. Child Welfare, 74(3), 717–730. Retrieved from….





health and safety Report Science Assignment Help

health and safety Report Science Assignment Help

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