Help with communication question Business Finance Assignment Help

Help with communication question Business Finance Assignment Help. Help with communication question Business Finance Assignment Help.

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he six characteristics from which you should choose are:

  • Involves interdependent individuals
  • Is inherently rational
  • Exists on a continuum
  • Features verbal and nonverbal messages
  • Exists in varied forms
  • Varies in effectiveness

Write a 1-page essay that explains 2 of the 6 characteristics of interpersonal communication and illustrate how each one is demonstrated in your communication style. 

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Research Paper Computer Science Assignment Help


 Attached are the following things:

1.) P3 Research Paper – This is how the paper should be structured and done etc..

2) Rubric – This is big because he sees if the paper met rubric requirements and grades based on this

3.) NIST – This is the reading we had to do for this week so I am guessing it might help in the research paper.

4.) He also said utilize UMUC online library which is:

This paper is due Friday by 11:30 PM  (EST) time.  I would like to turn it in by 11:00pm at least to be on the safe side. Please have it done before the deadline and I greatly appreciate your help and support. I have more assignments from this course so I will send all of them over to you. Please Please help me get an A on these papers.



software_week4_S Computer Science Assignment Help

For the following exercises, use the patient information system introduced as a case study within Chapter 1. Use this case study across all exercises.

  1. Create one or more UML activity diagram(s) illustrating how this system might handle the management of individual care needs, patient monitoring and administrative reporting. Include at least 10 elements or process boxes within your diagram.
    • Use the drawing features within applications like Word, PowerPoint or Visio to generate the diagram. If Visio is used, print the file to a .pdf format prior to submitting it for grading.
  2. Write 15 or more SCRUM user stories for the patient information system.  Use the following story format:  “As a (role), I want/need (functionality), so that I can (justification/benefit).”
    • Normally, user stories are transferred into story cards written on index cards or post-it notes. Then, the story cards are posted on a story board.
    • For this assignment, user stories can be submitted using Microsoft Word.
  3. Using the user stories you just identified, create a prioritized Product Backlog for the patient information system. The highest priority items should be near the top of your Product Backlog, with the lowest priority appearing toward the bottom.
  4. Using the Product Backlog you just identified, create a Sprint Backlog that might be suitable for a 2-week sprint.


Death Penalty for Juveniles Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Please view the short clip from the link below and then respond to the questions with a minimum of 500 words (Total words for the entire paper, not per question). 

Any outside information or sources must be cited and reference as per APA format.

This short paper must also be submitted in APA format.  – you will have to copy and paste the link in your browser


Should juveniles who commit murders be sentenced to death?  If so, what would you consider to be an appropriate minimum age?  Should other factors, such as criminal history and family background be taken into consideration?

Original work ONLY please.  No plagiarized work!!!


World Regional Geography Other Assignment Help

Your posting for the week should: 1.) Be at least five full paragraphs in length; 2.) Clearly address the assigned question or topic; and 3.) Demonstrate your engagement with, and understanding of, required readings and/or films. In most weeks, you are expected to clearly demonstrate (by making specific references in your comments) that you have viewed a few of the assigned PBS Frontline World films assigned for that week. 

Please read the section of Ch. 8 in your textbook on

South Asia and then watch the appropriate short videos from Frontline World. 

Here is the link:

For this week’s DB assignment you should discuss one or both of the following sets of questions:

Are there any conflicts in South Asia (in places such as India, Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, and Sri Lanka) created by the ethnic, national and/or religious geography of the realm? If so, why, and what kind of challenges has this geography created for the realms peoples and governments? What could be done to resolve these issues? Has anything been tried to deal with this geography in the past?


Pakistan: State of Emergency
Battling a New Generation of Taliban
Sri Lanka: Living in Terror
Sri Lanka: A Terrorist in the Family
Kashmir: A Troubled Paradise
South Asia is a realm of incredible economic (as well as social and political) contrasts. What are some areas where the regional economy is either thriving or in need of further development and why? What features have attracted international businesses to certain areas of India and why are certain economic sectors and groups well positioned to do well in a globalizing economy? Are any groups left vulnerable to continued exploitation? 


India: Hole in the Wall 
India: A Pound of Flesh
Selling Kidneys to Survive
India: A New Life 
Getting Children Off the Streets
India: The Sex Workers
A Tale of Two Cities



Literature Review questions Writing Assignment Help

Please answer the following questions:

1. In the introduction, what is the thesis statement for this paper?

2. In the section entitled “Influence of Mood on Eating Behavior,” does the writer ever give her own opinion?  If you think so, point out where she does.

In this section, the author mentions limits to the study by Oliver and Wardle.  What are the limits of this study, according to the writer?

3. Throughout the paper, does the author ever advocate for programs or other steps to be taken for the problem she describes in the paper?

4. In the section “Influence of Eating Behavior on Later Moods,” the writer cites only one source. If you were to give her advice on this section, what advice might you give her to help her develop it more effectively?  Feel free to search in the library databases for articles on this topic or to suggest key words for her to search on.

5. As a result of having read this article, please write a few sentences about what you might have learned about synthesizing sources.

Literature Review questions Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Kim Response Science Assignment Help

“Qualitative research is one of the fields
of research that has attracted different types of researchers. It involved
investigative methodologies and techniques applied in various areas of
research. Mainly the qualitative research is a naturalistic or observer
analysis method that can be implemented in every natural setting with the
required ease. It has been argued that the qualitative research is based on the
value of looking at variables that are considered to be commonly found in a
rather natural setting. It mainly relies on natural and comprehensive data that
is primarily got through the use of open-ended questions (Babbie, 2016).
Primarily an interviewer will always use open ended question and quotations
while sourcing the data from the sources.

Being a strong kind of research method
qualitative research has gained a lot of support and is being applied to the
bond. It is necessary to note that this sort of analysis/research has several
limitations and strengths that go hand in hand and which the researcher, an
interview or any other person involved in such research need to understand. The
strengths make it a dear to many while the limitations are mainly the
disadvantages related to the research method.

Among the strengths, the quantitative field
research is that the approaches used in this research are specifically
responsive to the situations being experienced locally as well as the
surrounding conditions and environment. It also involves a clear relation to
the stakeholders needs in a direct manner. This means that  research can
be able to get the real information from the right source without much
struggle. The second important strength is that it is a strong kind of research
especially when it comes to establishing and describing some form of complex
occurrences. Mainly the researchers will use the qualitative research to research
the cause and the effect of a particular phenomenon while at the same time
getting the insight of such issues.

On the other hand, there is also some
limitations or weaknesses related to this form of research. In most cases, it
can rely on some knowledge which might not be general to a section of people or
rather a certain setup. This is because; in most cases the findings in a
particular research might only be unique to a group of people but rather not to
the whole population (Dixon, Singleton, and Straits, 2016). The second
limitation is that it might take long to get to understand the results of the
data given that data analysis can take a lot of time to analyses due to being
bulky, from different sources and being unique to every person involved in the

criminal justice topic, there are different research questions that could be
tested using the qualitative research. Research Question one: does the death
sentence prevent people to be involved in crimes. Research question two: does
allowing media in criminal proceedings affect the outcome of cases in a court
of law.”

Respond to the above in APA format with At least one reference…..


Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment #5: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

TPP is a trade agreement among twelve nations. 
It has been negotiated but has yet to be ratified by the United
States.  For assignment #5, you are to
read about the agreement and write a 2-3 page paper about whether the TPP will
be a good thing.  To answer the “good
thing” question, you can use the perspective of the United States, or the other
parties to the agreement (for instance, Vietnam and Malaysia are also
parties).  To assist you in background
reading, I’ve assembled three different op eds on the agreement which I will
make available to you separately.  You
are also free to do your own, additional research on the agreement.

thing that appears different about the TPP compared with other trade agreements
are the intellectual property (IP) provisions included.  I have included one op-ed focusing on these
specifically.  In assessing whether you
think the TPP is a good thing, you might want to consider if it is appropriate
to have such IP provisions in an agreement which is supposed to be reducing
barriers to international trade.


saggy pants Economics Assignment Help

Below is a newspaper and news video article of fining saggy pants.  The video takes a long time to load so be patient. 

Your assignment is to discuss the pros and cons of saggy pants as well as the idea of placing a fine on people who do “sag” their pants.  Do you agree or disagree and why? Look up any additional information about the history of this style and why or why it is here to stay or is it just a fade that will end soon on its own.  You must have at least one typewritten page on this subject.  Please discuss the economic impact for any potential fines as well as the impact on the clothing industry for the style (i.e. does it require buying certain style pants/shirt/underwear just to have the style, other economic impacts).  

Remember the instructions about grammer and sentence structure will be graded and late papers will suffer stiff penalties.

KC – Group wants fines for wearing saggy pants

Posted on: 11:02 am, June 25, 2013, by John Pepitone, updated on: 01:24pm, June 25, 2013

Video – –

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A group that calls itself the “Pull Up Your Pants, Respect Yourself” task force rallied Tuesday in front of City Hall to gain support for a ban on sagging pants in Kansas City, Mo.

Led by Bishop John D. Birmingham, the group is petitioning for an ordinance to ban the sagging pant fashion that has persisted in recent years.

Birmingham wants to gather 3,572 signatures to put his proposed ordinance on the ballot. If approved, anyone caught with saggy pants that reveal an undergarment would be fined between $50 and $100, if they had been previously warned to pull up their pants.

Birmingham says the fashion is disrespectful to the public and should be considered ‘indecent exposure’ and a violation of the public decency law.

Others agree that a line should be drawn.

“I think it’s disrespectful if you to see the underwear,” said Frank White, 62, who supports the proposal. “There’s a lot of young guys who like to take their shirts off because it’s getting hot now and you see the underwear and they got them dropped on their hips. That’s the way they wear them. I understand that’s supposed to be the style but I don’t like the style,” he said.

But opponents say the fashion really isn’t hurting anyone.

“It ain’t no threat to nobody or nothing. All in all I feel like people should be able to dress like they want to dress but respect their community. If they say pull up your pants then pull up your pants,” said Little Bee Reality, who likes to ‘sag’ and opposes the proposal.

Little Bee Reality calls the fashion ‘swag’.

“As long as you are not disrespecting the community, being violent with guns or nothing. I feel like you should be able to sag your pants but at the same time there should be a certain way that we handle it,” he said.

Those who like to sag say if the proposal does become law, it won’t stop saggy pants from continuing to be popular fashion. Little Bee says he’ll pull up his pants when warned, or in front of a police officer, but then sag them back down when there’s no one nearby to fine him.

Birmingham says that’s a start. He wants to at least get young men to know they need to pull up their pants when others are around them. Some supporters concede they may be fighting a losing battle. But ban supporters are frustrated by a sight they believe is becoming too common, and they want to do something to stop it.


Would you be able to do a Book review Humanities Assignment Help

Choose two of the following books to review. The length of the paper should be 400 to 500 words (or about a page and a half to two pages).

Books for Book Review:

1) Adios to Tears: The Memories of a Japanese-Peruvian Internee in U.S.
Concentration Camps.
Higashide. Seattle: University of Washington Press. 1993. (a copy of the book is on reserve in
Milner Library)

2) Sandakan Brothel No. 8: An Episode in the
History of Lower-class Japanese Women
. Tomoko
Yamazaki. New York: M.E. Sharpe. 1998.

3) 1,000 Days in Siberia. Iwao Peter Sano. Lincoln: University of
Nebraska. 1999. (a copy
of the book is on reserve in Milner Library)

4) Obasan. Joy Kogawa. Anchor. 1994.

*** Attached is an example***


Help with communication question Business Finance Assignment Help

Help with communication question Business Finance Assignment Help

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