Hi i need someone to do me my homework Humanities Assignment Help

Hi i need someone to do me my homework Humanities Assignment Help. Hi i need someone to do me my homework Humanities Assignment Help.

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History Connections – Current Events

Use an MLA header and format. Bring your typed paper to class and submit online through plagiarism software. To print off the rubric click “Control P” on this page or cut and paste it into a WORD document and print. Staple your papers together before you get to class (see below for order).

The purpose of this assignment is for you to make connections between current events and the past. Look for “history-worthy” articles that will relate to the studies in this class. Everything is eventually history, but of special note for you would be looking for currents events that relate to the law; Supreme Court cases; gender, class or race issues; or Constitutional issues (particularly the Bill of Rights).


  • Article length: 1 column inch by at least 9 inches or one printed page from the internet (without images/ads)
  • Source: Trusted news sources as listed below
  • Article type: news or feature (no sports, entertainment, fashion, celebrity stories, opinion pieces, editorials, etc.)
  • Article must be within 30 days

You will find news articles and relate them to the history we are studying. You must cut the article out of the newspaper or print it from a website and attach it to your synopsis of the article. How does it remind you of a previous event, a class reading, a law, or a Supreme Court case we’ve studied? This is what makes it significant so be sure to link the past to the present.

  1. D. – Title of Article, news source, byline (who wrote it?)
  2. E(xplain) In a sentence or two, summarize the article


  • S(ignificance) – how can you connect this article to something specific we’re studying in history? Connect the article to a specific event, person, primary source, law or court case and describe how it is relevant to our study of history.

Be concise – Your paper should be no more than one page in length.

Be specific – Do not generalize the significance (i.e. relating it to the Colonial Era).

Be precise – Follow the instructions and Writing Tips for guidelines and proofread.

Cut out the article and staple it to your typed summary of the article (if flimsy, please tape it to another piece of paper). Cut out or write the name and date of the news source if it is not attached to the article. Please staple paper, article, and rubric (in this order). Use your Writing Tips handout to be certain you can earn full credit for writing mechanics.

Follow a MLA format (header, one-inch margins, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, double-spaced etc.) and include citations (as appropriate). Bring your typed, printed, stapled paper to class and submit online through CANVAS. For MLA formatting assistance use: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Approved News Sources:

  1. Campus Library resources
  2. The Sacramento Bee
  3. The New York Times
  4. The Los Angeles Times
  5. Wall Street Journal
  6. The Washington Post
  7. The Associated Press/United Press Int’l
  8. Politico
  9. The San Francisco Chronicle (sfgate.com)
  10. Women News Network



Current Event (25) IDEA

Current Event (25) IDEA

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome(I.D) Identifies the source and includes copy of article (or image) with name and date of approved source and is of specified length.

4.0 pts

Excellent Work

3.0 pts

Meets Objective

1.0 pts

Needs Work

4.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome(E)xplain: Clearly summarizes the article in own words. Includes details or context as necessary.

8.0 pts

Excellent Summary

7.0 pts

Good Summary

6.0 pts

Summary evident

4.0 pts

A retelling instead of a summary

8.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome(A)nalyze: Thoroughly and clearly discusses the significance of the topic of the article. Significance = why does it matter? Clearly responds to the article making connections to history.

8.0 pts

Clearly articulates significance with a strong connection to history.

7.0 pts

Good understanding of significance and historical connection

6.0 pts

Significance Evident

4.0 pts

Missing Elements

8.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUses proper formatting, spelling, punctuation, grammar, citation, formal writing style, etc.

5.0 pts

Virtually Free of Errors

3.0 pts


1.0 pts

Pervasive Errors

5.0 pts

Total Points: 25.0

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Thematic Essay “AFRICAN AMERICAN LITERATURE” Humanities Assignment Help

A final essay, minimum of 6-10 double-spaced pages in length for undergraduates and Eng 501 students. Students will quote all the assigned and optionally selected texts you have read in your comparative analysis of a theme you choose during the semester. Include at least one quote (with supporting evidence to your theme) from each of the required texts you’ve studied during the semester. As well as, three quotes for the exta credit text of your choice. A list “Works Cited” should be included at the end of the essay.

For the theme of my essay I have choosen:

“The dehumanization seen throughout all of the required text/extra credit text and how it lead African Americans to unsubconciously reinterate negative views of themselves amongst each other.”




Required Texts (I have included hyperlinks to access the texts):

Extra Credit Text (I have included hyperlinks to access the text):

Johnson, James Weldon. The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/11012 (e-text)


  • MLA Format
  • ***THEMATIC TITLE (Use a phrase that is appropriate to the theme of the essay that you’ve written in the text.)
  • 1 Inch Margins
  • Times New Roman
  • 12 Pt Font
  • Double Spaced
  • Min of 1 Quote from EACH REQUIRED TEXT w/supporting evidence to your theme
  • Min of 3 Quotes from the EXTRA CREDIT TEXT w/supporting evidence to your theme
  • Works Cited


make the paper i attached 4 pages its already around three it must be a full 4 Writing Assignment Help

Hope through distraction

The story by of the Shawshank Redemption is an inspiring one played out by Andy Dufreine. The story is mainly geared to showing ways in which we can be able to keep on hoping for some final result even though the situation may be grave. There are various plots and scenes whereby the directors have incorporated the best effective methods possible to ensure that the rhetoric effect of the story is felt. The prison situation is nasty and seems to have no end but instilling hope for better days was the driving factor for Andy. He does not only have hopes for himself but also tends to try and pass the same to his friends. The distractions he uses while in the prison make his days more hopeful as they distract him from concentrating much on his current situation. The main argument of the story is that hope can be found whenever and is almost fully assured if one is able to focus fully on the future without concentrating much on the current situation.

Andy is portrayed as one who is not pushed to the wall by the fact that he is in prison even though he was accused falsely. He accepts what befalls him without resistance and tries to muster the courage and hopes for some change in the future. He hid a rock hammer in the Bible when going to prison. This is one of the distractions that he uses to keep himself physically busy. Through this, he is able to lose concentrations on being despaired; rather, he is more hopeful of the future. He always looked at the hammer and begins having nostalgic moments as he always remembered how the outside life was interesting and full of life. By doing so, his mind is able to


850 word research paper MLA formating Business Finance Assignment Help

Resources, Technical requirements, and budgeting : This section the following elements:

of personnel involved: You must specify which organizational department
or manager is responsible for each action in the plan. Will current
staff handle the strategies? Are you planning for staffing increases or
layoffs? 6

Identification of materials and costs: You must
specify at what cost, if at all, can the raw materials be procured? Can
the materials be found in time to support the effort?

requirements: You must specify technical requirements to ensure proper
performance of the new product or service. Examples from IS projects
include speed and capacity of database systems and connectivity with
alternative systems.

Budgeting: Allocating scarce resources
involves funding capital projects, shifting resources, downsizing some
areas, upsizing others, killing activities no longer justified, and
funding new activities with a critical strategy role. Specifically you
should suggest a project budget to explain resource allocation, the cost
control metrics you think are valid, and milestone reports. You must
specify the Key Performance Indicators for each phase of the plan.
Explain why you chose each of them. You should also discuss cash flow
considerations and resource constraints.



Research Paper CMS format : Justice Antonin Scalia ( require using R) Writing Assignment Help

Research Paper

For your research paper, you will develop and test a theory of judicial decision making, using a single Supreme Court justice as a case study. Specifically, you will critically evaluate the justice that you selected for your biography paper and their voting behavior. You are free to develop and test any hypothesis in relation to judicial decision making. For example, you might ask: Is Justice X influenced by his or her ideology in Y cases? Is Justice X influenced by their background Z in Y cases? These questions are meant to be suggestive and are by no means exhaustive. You will be expected to integrate and connect the course readings throughout.

Your paper will be structured similarly to the journal articles we will read this semester and must be 10-12 pages in length (not including title page, references, tables or figures), include a title page, 12 point Times New Roman font, standard margins (1” top-bottom, 1” left-right), double spaced, all figures and tables moved to the end of the paper after the references, include page numbers and must cite all references in CMS format. Failure to properly cite material will be deemed to be plagiarism and you will receive a zero for the assignment. Please see the following

resource for any questions about CMS format:


Also see the following resource for differences between MLA, APA, and CMS:


Papers that do not meet all of the formatting requirements will not be accepted. Papers are due at the beginning of class (within 5 minutes of class starting). Late papers will not be accepted unless accompanied with a documented medical excuse, which the instructor reserves the right to accept or not. Papers that do not meet all of the formatting requirements will not be accepted.

It will consist of the following parts:

  1. a) Introduction: This should be 1 page or three paragraphs long. It should be no longer than six paragraphs, and always less than 3 pages. You should have no or few citations. Your first paragraph states the puzzle/dilemma to be solved or question to be answered. You may use a famous quote to begin with. Second paragraph summarizes the two sides in the literature about this puzzle/dilemma/question. Third paragraph summarizes your answer and gives a one sentence “map” of what you are doing in this paper.
  2. b) Literature Review and Road Map: In two pages or less you cite evidence for the puzzle or question you address. This usually involves citations from the literature, but it may involve actually building the case (in which case, give yourself 3 pages for this section). Then outline the major analogies used to address the puzzle/question, with group citations, led by the major works. This is where you make the case for your paper being an important part of the debate in the literature. There are two sides in every debate. Discuss the literature this way, divide it in two sides. You are adding to one side. Lastly, give a brief road map of what is to follow in your paper (1 paragraph as a transition).
  3. c) Theory:
    1. Your argument/explanation: State your argument/explanation, beginning with your conclusion, going through your premises and ending with a QED (although perhaps not literally). Make it as simple as possible and use as little jargon as possible. You want people to read it and get it. Use figures, models, analogies here. Indeed, the core point here is for people to understand, appreciate and believe your core analogy about how the world works. That is what we are really arguing about in science.
    2. Your hypotheses/predictions. Next derive your hypotheses from your theory above. These derivations must be deductively valid or there can be no testing of your theory.
  4. d) Data:

i. Your constructs and construct validity: Next you define how you are going to

measure some of the relationships in your theory/analogy/model. You must prove, or make very plausible, that you have very good constructs for the variables and parameters in your theory/model/analogy. This always requires the use of more analogies, to relate abstract theoretical constructs to real world observable constructs. Be explicit, be precise, and provide proof that your observable constructs can be derived from the abstract constructs in your theory.

  1. Your test/correlation/exploration: Explain what you are doing here. Tell the reader what is to follow. If you are conducting a correlation, show how your data analysis will demonstrate that if your theory is true, then this relationship must also be true, thus you have a partial test, using comparative statics, what we call a refutational challenge: that is, if you find the relationship doesn’t hold, we can reject the theory, but if we do find that it holds we can not accept the theory’s hypotheses, as it wasn’t a test. Often case studies are refutational challenges, they are almost never tests.
  2. Describe your data. Define your variables and describe where they are from. Be explicit, so that anyone could go back and redo your work. If you dropped cases, explain why. If you were limited in your data collection, or the data is truncated, or whatever, explain it.
  3. Discuss any potential methodological concerns and how you resolved them or what to make of them if you did not resolve them.

e) Results
i. Give your results, interpreting them in light of your theory/hypotheses.

Remember, you are testing your analogy, in fact you are testing a string of analogies, and you need not worry, at this point, about external validity.

f) Conclusion. Here is where you worry about external validity, here is where you step back and LIMIT your findings. You may anticipate criticisms here and provide counter-arguments/evidence. Always conclude with a summary paragraph extolling what you did find, however. Remember, external validity relates to your theory not your findings.

Required Texts: Carp, Robert A., Ronald Stidham, Kenneth L. Manning, and Lisa M. Holmes. 2017. Judicial Process in America, 10th Edition. Washington D.C.: Congressional Quarterly Press. In addition to the text, there will be cases and other supplementary material posted on Blackboard that is required reading.

Attached is syllabus, supreme court databases codebook, examples for the typothesis I will also post some of the assign reading.

Please connect the reading to the research as much as you can

I couldn’t upload the file for R so Try one of those links and if it didn’t work please tell me ASAP



Research Paper CMS format : Justice Antonin Scalia ( require using R) Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Individual Final Performance Assessment Report ( must know how to do capsim Software to write) Business Finance Assignment Help

Individual Final Performance Assessment Report. Phase IV. This phase comprises the Stockholders’ Final Debrief written paper, where participant defends decisions as the executive manager to the Board of Directors and Stockholders (in this case, the professor). The paper should be a minimum of 10 pages (2 pages for company performance assessment report, 4-6 pages for your product line assessment report, and 4-6 pages for your functional area performance assessment report), plus a competitor assessment. This is just the text; tables and exhibits are additional. (There is no maximum length, however there may be a penalty for being wordy, and not concise.) Your score out of 50 points will reflect your ability to describe why you chose the strategies you did, what the outcomes were, why, and what you learned, as well as the quality of your writing. Discuss any strategy changes made during the competition rounds.


Accounting for Managers Writing Assignment Help

Full and complete analysis and discussion of all case questions is required. Cases are graded on level of thoughtful analysis, quality of the response (no math errors or grammar/typos!). Professional appearance of your final submission is expected and an important aspect of the grade. The submission should represent the three-document case analysis utilizing Word, and Excel, with a PowerPoint presentation. Please check my answer.

Also, answer each case study question in paragraph and connect all paragraph to the next one. Dont make each paragraph separate. Also, remove the questions from answer. Make the answer based on my class book.


Questions Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment Guide

Each entry has to be 300 words!

Each entry MUST be about one of the works covered in this class!

Topics of the entries:

Mary Rowlandson- “A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration “.

Nathaniel Hawthorne: “The Minister’s Black Veil.”

Herman Melville- “Bartleby, the Scrivener”

Emily Dickinson-

Walt Whitman- “One’s Self I Sing.”

Entries should be in response to any of the assigned readings in our literature book for this class.

Your entries must be at least 300 words in length and must include:

  1. A debatable thesis statement
    Like any argument paper you have ever written for a first-year composition course, you must have a specific, detailed thesis statement that reveals your perspective, and, like any good argument, your perspective must be one which is debatable.
  2. An argument
    When you write a literary essay, you are essentially making an argument. You are arguing that your perspective-an interpretation, an evaluative judgment, or a critical evaluation-is a valid one.
  3. Evidence from the text
    Your argument must include evidence from the text to help support your perspective. With that said, make sure that your voice and perspective are prominent in the writing. The source material should just be there to support your argument, not make it for you.

Example Arguments:
*Please note: These examples include authors/texts not included in this course (such as Shakespeare). This is intentional as it allows me to demonstrate solid arguments without giving away free thesis statements (since you can’t write about the texts used in the examples).

You would not want to make an argument of this sort:
Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a play about a young man who seeks revenge.

That doesn’t say anything-it’s basically just a summary and is hardly debatable.

A better thesis would be this:
Hamlet experiences internal conflict because he is in love with his mother.

That is debatable, controversial even. The rest of a paper with this argument as its thesis will be an attempt to show, using specific examples from the text and evidence from scholars, (1) how Hamlet is in love with his mother, (2) why he’s in love with her, and (3) what implications there are for reading the play in this manner.

You also want to avoid a thesis statement like this:
Spirituality means different things to different people. King Lear, The
Book of Romans, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance each view the spirit differently.

Again, that says nothing that’s not already self-evident. Why bother writing a paper about that? You’re not writing an essay to list works that have nothing in common other than a general topic like “spirituality.” You want to find certain works or authors that, while they may have several differences, do have some specific, unifying point. That point is your thesis.
A better thesis would be this:
Lear, Romans, and Zen each view the soul as the center of human personality.

Then you prove it, using examples from the texts that show that the soul is the center of personality.

What kinds of topics are good ones?
The best topics are ones that originate out of your own reading of a work of literature, but here are some common approaches to consider:

A discussion of a work’s characters: are they realistic, symbolic, or historically-based?

A comparison/contrast of the choices different authors or characters make in a work

A reading of a work based on an outside philosophical perspective (Ex. how would a Freudian read Hamlet?)

A study of the sources or historical events that occasioned a particular work (Ex. comparing G.B. Shaw’s Pygmalion with the original Greek myth of Pygmalion)

An analysis of a specific image occurring in several works (Ex. the use of moon imagery in certain plays, poems, novels)

A “deconstruction” of a particular work (Ex. unfolding an underlying racist worldview in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness)

A reading from a political perspective (Ex. how would a Marxist read William Blake’s “London”?)

A study of the social, political, or economic context in which a work was written — how does the context influence the work?


Statement of Work (SOW) and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Business Finance Assignment Help

Statement of Work (SOW) Document:

In 2-3 pages, develop the project Statement of Work document to include the following information:

  • Business need
  • Product scope description
  • Strategic plan

I provided a template for the SOW to cover the three areas above.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Document:

Develop the project Work Breakdown Structure using the template linked below.

WBS Template

BELOW IS A DESCRIPTION OF WHAT THE PROJECT IS ABOUT: I also will be submitted three different documents to help.


Your company was recently awarded a delivery contract on a new product (see below). You were newly hired by the company; you will assume the role as the assigned program manager overseeing the design, development, production and delivery of the new product. The details below provide a summary to the course project:

  • Company type (name your company): A small defense contractor located in the United States of America
  • Company size (employees): 100
  • Product: Backpack with built in refrigerated pouch and radio module
  • Awarded quantity: 200 units (100 assigned to Ground Forces / 100 assigned to Special Operations)
  • Program Budget: Proposed award: $1,500,000
  • Customer: U.S. Army, Ground Forces and Special Operations
  • Award date: September 1, 2015
  • Completion date: March 1, 2017
  • Delivery schedule: 100 units 12mths ARO (after receipt of order). 50 units every 3 months after first delivery
  • Milestone Schedule:
    • First delivery: September 1, 2016
    • Second delivery: December 1, 2016
    • Last delivery: March 1, 2017
    • First milestone payment (from customer): October 30, 2015
    • Second Milestone payment: January 30, 2017
    • Final Milestone payment: May 30, 2017
    • Initial Program review (at the customer’s site): November 16, 2015
    • Subsequent Program reviews: 6 months after the initial review

Expected Result from Senior Management:

  • On-time delivery for the three stated product deliverables
  • Desire to complete the total program under the stated budget of $1,500,000
  • All milestones accomplished by due dates listed
  • Supplemental (follow-on) contract for future additional units (backpacks)


We have one written assignment this week which includes the Statement of Work (SOW) and Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS). Based upon the deliverables identified in your week two scope document, you will expand your report by itemizing the “tasks” in a statement of work and then breaking these tasks into work packages (work breakdown schedule).

There are two templates that must be followed this week. I have posted a SOW template (Word) and the assignment has a WBS template (Excel). Attached here as well. I am asking again for you to merge the contents of the WBS into the Word document and submit one file. Please note that this SOW template already includes fictitious data on a sample project. You will replace this with detailed data on the backpack project. I am interested that you follow the outline in this template.


Hi i need someone to do me my homework Humanities Assignment Help

Hi i need someone to do me my homework Humanities Assignment Help

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