HIST 308 American Military University History of European Colonialism Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

HIST 308 American Military University History of European Colonialism Discussion Humanities Assignment Help. HIST 308 American Military University History of European Colonialism Discussion Humanities Assignment Help.

Please answer the four questions in an essay form (intro/body with evidence/conclusion), with proper grammar and citations where necessary.

1. Discuss why the 19th century can be called “Europe’s Colonial Century?”

2. Given the assignments and readings, what conclusions do you draw from European colonialism? What led you to these conclusions? Explain and be specific.

3. Choose one of the major European countries and discuss their role in colonization.

4. Explain how over the course of five centuries, European expansion developed into an extensive undertaking, leading to the growth of the European economy into a world economy, to the dissemination of ideas, religions, beliefs and ideologies, and to European states exercising political and military control over large parts of the world.

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Navarro College Human Resource Management Essay Writing Assignment Help

Homework Assignment #1
MGMT 3043-01 Fall 2020 Human Resource Management

Search the Internet for two articles related to any of the following topics from Chapter 3 in your textbook:

Strategic Human Resource Management Strategic HR Management Tools including:
• HR Strategy Maps
• HR Scorecards
• HR Digital Dashboards
High-Performance Work Systems Employee Engagement
For each article, give a summary of the article including the key points and what you learned from your reading.

In your summary, limit your use of direct quotes from the articles and instead use your own words to describe them.
In addition, your source for each article should be properly cited.
Your report should be approximately two pages in length (no more than 3) and should follow APA writing style including 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, 1- inch margins on all sides, page numbers, your name, and the name of the assignment.
Submit your document on the course Blackboard site using MS Word format (.doc or .docx).

ASSIGNMENT DUE: Before class on Thursday, September 3 (9:30am)

This assignment is worth a total of 20 points. See the grading rubric posted on the course Blackboard site for details on how the assignment will be graded.


BUS 312 Excelsior College HR Effectiveness Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

M2D1: A Reflection on HR Effectiveness

No unread replies.No replies.

Growth and the Need for Job Analysis

When large companies get larger, it sometimes raises unexpected issues. When that growth takes place by acquisition and merger, the consequences can be historic, or historically funny. Let’s say you work for Company X, a Fortune 500 company with sales of $450 million a year and 20,000 employees. In the space of less than a year, through a series of interesting events, your company acquires Company Y ($110 million in sales, 8,000 employees), Company Z ($150 million in sales, 4,000 employees) and Company B ($450 million in sales, 17,000 employees). So now you have a company with $1.16 billion in sales and 49,000 employees. It operates world-wide, in all kinds of product and service markets. All HR functions are run separately, but that is going to change. A new Corporate Vice President of Human Resources has been hired (formerly a consultant to Company B). He has convinced the Board of Directors that the Company should start to create standard corporate approaches to the various HR functions. Like most Boards, the Board here is concerned with spending money, so they decide to move the whole company to one salary structure. Currently, there are 17 distinct compensation systems among the four divisions, supported by what seems to be a million different job analysis programs. Think about how you are going to get that down to one job analysis process to set up one salary structure encompassing all 49,000 employees located everywhere from Miami to Timbuktu.

 A pyramid with the following sections from bottom to top - Enterprise Resource Planning, Operational Process and Procedures, Business Functions and Customer.

Most organizations need a professional HR department that seeks the best for both the employees and management. This is a particularly thorny issue for organizations — in part, because most organizations follow a hierarchical structure. Acting as an “intermediary” requires that the HR department have the ability to act outside the scope of where it may fit in the hierarchy. Based on what we have covered so far in this course and information you have from experience and other coursework, I would like to explore this topic in more depth. What does an organization need to do to ensure an effective HR department? What can the HR department do to ensure its effectiveness? And what role do employees play in helping to achieve this goal? Be sure to support your responses with appropriate material from the text as well as outside readings and through web site research.

Part 2:

One of the more interesting aspects of the legal environment as regards to hiring employees is the circumstance where Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action do not apply – the Bona Fide Occupational Qualification. Here is the definition: “ Employment practices that would constitute discrimination as to certain individuals of a particular religion, gender, national origin, or age range (but not race or color) when the otherwise illegal discrimination is a bona fide qualification that is reasonably necessary for the normal performance of the duties of that particular occupation.” For example, a designer of women’s clothes by necessity is permitted to hire only female models to show off new designs. Such practices are not illegal under federal law. In addition, religious organizations and schools are allowed to hire only members of that religion even if religion is not a bona fide occupational qualification for that position (such as the requirement that all teachers in a parochial school be Catholic, even though they teach subjects that do not require Catholic background).

For this activity, I would like you to share your viewpoint on the fairness of the Bona Fide Occupational Qualification. Take a stance and discuss either why you think it is fair or why you do not think it is fair. Give examples in your response and draw on your readings, textbook, and websites to justify your stance. You will then read through the posts of your peers and choose two to respond. Discuss whether you agree with their position or whether you disagree. Continue your dialogue until you either agree with one another or agree to disagree with one another.


Clemson University US Counterterrorism Strategies in Afghanistan Essay Humanities Assignment Help


Please provide a 12-13 page critical analysis on the following. Please make sure you have a clear thesis as the last sentence of the introduction, with discussions and analysis of your ideas in the body paragraphs. Discuss this counterterrorism operation.

U.S. on terrorism of Afghanistan

Make sure you present examples of how the strategy was or was not effective. This discussion should reflect the specific wave, groups, locations, and who was conducting the CT strategies. Were there aspects of a strategy that failed that was positive (and conversely negative aspects of successful strategies)? Were all the variables of iSTART present in the operation, and were they effective? Discuss.

For your conclusion, evaluate these strategies and discuss if they have universal value or just specific to that time/group.


Houston Community College At the Cadian Ball by Kate Chopin Essay Humanities Assignment Help

POV: Third person ONLY

Minimum Word Count: 1,750 words
Format: MLA format
(Please consult AND study this source to see how your paper should be set-up. Do not assume you know how to set up your paper. Confirm the expectations by looking at this source).
(Links to an external site.)

Assignment Type: Essay Two
Topic: Kate Chopin (“at the ‘Cadian ball”). HOWEVER the essay must summarize and analyze a primary source we have been assigned From module 3.

Additional Instructions: You are required to borrow material from the primary source. Avoiding including borrowed material in the introduction and the conclusion.

You are required to borrow material from at least 3 secondary sources.

Ensure that there is at least two elements of borrowed material, cited, in each body paragraph of your essay. One element should be from the primary source, the other from a secondary source.
This is very important. Essays failing to include borrowed material, formatted correctly, and not cited, will receive no less than a 15 point penalty.

From Reading to Topic to Thesis to Focused Essay

In class I did a short exercise showing you how to go from reading to identifying a topic, to developing a thesis on that topic, to staying focused throughout the essay.

Attached is the sample of that work:

Drafting the essay, Word Format: English – Essay Drafting.docx



Essay One – 15% of our overall grade. (1)

Essay One – 15% of our overall grade. (1)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFormatProper format is required. That means that MLA format must be followed to the letter. Use your Purdue Owl resource to ensure you are meeting the expectations of: A properly formatted heading; sentence and paragraph spacing; a properly formatted running head; properly formatted margins.

30.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEssay Mode/PurposeEnsure that you have read all materials given and that you are writing, incorporating the characteristics and you are meeting the purpose of the essay mode assigned.

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammar and mechanicsEnsure that you are checking your grammar, sentence structure, the mechanics of your essay, and punctuation. Paragraphs should be indented. There should be no more than 1 error every three sentences and there should be no fragments, comma splices, and or run-on sentences.

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContentYour essay should have a theme (easily interpreted throughout the essay) and or thesis (one sentence statement addressing the overall main idea of the essay and located in the introductory paragraph), depending on the mode of the essay.

Your essay should be engaging, academic in tone and language, avoiding jargon and colloquialisms. Your sentences should be written clearly and logically and the essay must have a logical and sequential structure in terms of the ideals and information presented.

Each body paragraph should have one and only one main idea and each body paragraph should have appropriate transitional sentences.

35.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSupplemental pageThe Supplemental page is included with your essay and is the last page of the essay submitted.

5.0 pts

Total Points: 100.0



MUS 110 Cuyamaca College Dido and Aeneas Essay Writing Assignment Help


Your responses will demonstrate the fact that you have read the reading assignment for the module.

I will give you a ZERO if you do not cite the textbook as a source.

  1. Choose one of the pieces from this unit’s listening.
  2. Pick one that stands out to you and briefly (1-2 sentences) explain why this particular piece “caught your ear.”
  3. What are the piece’s unique characteristics? BE SPECIFIC and use your textbook as your reference! This should be the main part of your mini-essay. This is not opinion – these are facts that you have researched.
  4. Cite your sources (Links to an external site.) – including your textbook. Points deducted for not citing references. You may use MLA format. (Links to an external site.)
  5. Response should be one-two paragraphs. Use full sentences, no abbreviations, and check your spelling for full credit.

After posting your response, comment on TWO students’ responses. You may ask a question or demonstrate further understanding of the topic.

MUS 110 Cuyamaca College Dido and Aeneas Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

MTSAC Origins of World War II The 1918 and After The Postwar Era Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Choose only 1 question:

1. Explain combat compliance. Use lecture notes as sources.

2. Explain domestic commitment. Use lecture notes as sources.

3. Explain the origins of World War 2. Use lecture notes as sources.



Use standard formatting (points will be deducted otherwise):

• Essays should be 6-7 pages

• Double spacing

• 12pt Times New Roman or Arial,

• 1 inch margins,

• No more than 1 inch of space dedicated to title and header,

• No extraneous space between paragraphs or headers.

Cite lecture and class readings where appropriate (points will be deducted otherwise):

• Include a bibliography page at the end of your paper,

• Include in-text citations throughout the paper,

• Please do not use footnotes unless absolutely necessary,

• Please do not use outside sources,

• Please do not copy/paste lecture notes into the text of your response,

• Please do not simply paraphrase the lecture notes or the book,

• Plagiarism (including self-plagiarism) will not be tolerated. We will report any violations to the Academic Integrity office, and the University will assemble a team to assess the incident.


Amridge University Leadership Self Assessment Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Precious46 (hidden)

Please use the links below with this assignment:

Western Medical Application Questionnaire [PDF].

Application Questionnaire Response Template [DOCX].


After exploring online job postings, you submitted an application and resume to Western Medical Enterprises. A few days later you received the following e-mail:

Western Medical HR E-mail

Dear Applicant,
Thank you for your interest in employment at Western Medical Enterprises. We have received your application packet. The next step for all candidates is to provide a narrative response to the questions in the attached document. Please return your completed document to me.
Once we receive your responses, we will review them and notify you of the next steps.
Good luck!
Thomas Hardy
Human Resources Recruiter
Western Medical Enterprises


Respond to the scenario by answering the questions in the Western Medical Application Questionnaire [PDF] in the Application Questionnaire Response Template [DOCX].

Additional Requirements

Your assessment should also meet the following requirements:

  • Format: Submit your responses using the Application Questionnaire Response Template.
  • APA format: Use current APA style and formatting.
  • Length: 2,250–3,000 words.
  • Font and font size: Use Times New Roman, 12-point font and double-spaced lines.
  • Written communication:
    • Express your main points, arguments, and conclusions coherently.
    • Use correct grammar and mechanics.
    • Proofread your writing.


ENT 435 GCU Intrapreneurship and Innovation Importance Discussion Writing Assignment Help

ENT-435 Intrapreneurship and Innovation

Please provide a response to the two discussion questions listed below in BOLD. The response should be at least 150 words and have one reference/citation.

Hypothesize a set of
at least three arguments as to why innovation is important to the
competitiveness of nations, companies, leaders, and individual employees
. (Please itemize your Arguments 1, 2, 3 and Remember to include at least one reference/citation to support your work)

Provide a definition of innovation based on researching the topic. (Remember to include at least one reference/citation to support your work)

Below is the textbook were using for this course and other study materials that may help for citations



Other Study Materials









Ethics in The Care of Children with Autism Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

What questions do you have about the ideas in the post? What can you add to their ideas, building upon the connections you have made to the material so far? Your responses to other learners are expected to be substantive, referencing the assigned readings as well as other scholarly or professional literature to support your statements. End with a positive. 250 minimum words.

1. he case study I choose was situation 1:Jamie is a BCBA. For the past year, she has been working with children with autism, ages 5–8 years, in their homes. She enjoys her work, but it is tiring to travel from home to home. She was recently offered a job as a BCBA for a local nursing home, providing behavioral support to senior citizens with dementia. What are the ethical concerns with Jamie accepting this position (Capella, 2017)?

The issue I see regarding this situation is Jamie wants to leave her patients she been working with. These children become attached and comfortable with their therapist. This allows the children more opportunity to grow. As stated 2.15 (d) Discontinuation only occurs after efforts to transition have been made. Behavior analysts discontinue a professional relationship in a timely manner when the client: (1) no longer needs the service, (2) is not benefiting from the service, (3) is being harmed by continued service, or (4) when the client requests discontinuation (BCBA, 2020). The following guideline has to be obeyed if the therapist needs to exterminate the contract with the patient and supervisor. Guideline 2.15e) Behavior analysts do not abandon clients and supervisees. Prior to discontinuation, for whatever reason, behavior analysts: discuss service needs, provide appropriate pre-termination services, suggest alternative service providers as appropriate, and, upon consent, take other reasonable steps to facilitate timely transfer of responsibility to another provider (BCBA, 2020).

One option I can think of is scheduling the sessions. For example, one day visit the patients that live in or around the same area. Another option is maybe the patients can meet at certain location (office). If there isn’t a solution then as a professional you have an obligation to your patients. This means you have to stick to your schedule and assist our patients in reaching their goals. As a future BCBA I need to understand the ethical and principles to achieve the proper guidelines in assisting my patients, parents and peers.

2. Ethics is a very interesting topic because there are a lot of rules that can be overlooked. It is important to follow all the ethical codes because the consequences can be heavy. I reviewed case study 3 under the Applied Behavioral Analysis. In this situation, an older brother, Adam, is interested in being his younger brothers BCBA supervisor (Capella, 2020). As it is stated in the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavioral Analysts, multiple relationship should be avoidable (Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavioral Analysts, 2019). Working with someone who are have a close relationship with can affect your job and how you think ethically. To resolve this issue Adam should advise his younger brother to find a different supervisor for his fieldwork. Although it might be hard to tell his younger brother no, it will be a great learning experience for both. This will help Adam and his brother stay in compliance to the ethical code for Behavioral Analysts. This will also provide the younger brother with a great example how to be an ethical BCBA. Adam can also refer his brother to a different BCBA he knows or works with. This would be a much better option because it does not go against have multiple relationships within the field of Behavioral Analysts. This relates to me because my plan is to become a BCBA. Although I do not have any siblings, I could have a different relative look for supervision hours and I would have to kindly decline. This topic interested me because it does not seem like it would be a big deal but it is. We always want to make sure we remain lawful to the code of ethics. Being ethically in our line of work will help us provide the best treatment to our clients.

3. A quote by Baltes states that, “Evolution and biology are not good friends of old age.” This is a great representation of the theory he suggests. Balte’s theory states that middle adulthood is characterized by a systematic set of gains and losses. Gains show them selves most markedly early in life, whereas losses are more present later in life (Broderick & Blewitt, 2020).

Children and adults both experience gains and losses, however. As a child you have a set of teeth that you lose before you can gain your adult teeth. Language acquisition is another example. Children are capable of learning and expressing many sounds that allow them to be more able to develop more language skills than an adult can. Over time, this skill becomes more rigid and makes it more difficult to learn new languages. Adults gain emotional and cognitive maturity as life goes on as they gather knowledge and experience. Loss is more evident later in life. Humans reach their developmental peak somewhere between the ages 18 and 30. Once we’ve peak, our health and biological functions slowly begin to decline (Broderick & Blewitt, 2020).

Many losses can be stunted through maintenance of skills. Many adults can help prolong their health and mental processes through various forms of exercise that promote their health. By talking regular walks or going to the gym an adult can continue to build muscle and positive affect their biological systems and discourage any kind of decline. Many adults will also actively take part in mind building activities such as reading regularly, taking classes, keeping up with the news, and active socialization that will increase their brain’s function and discouraging any mental decline.