History is based on evidence from the past. Historians use primary sources to craft a historical argument. A primary source can come in a variety of forms, including letters, diaries, newspapers, paintings, and artifacts. A primary source is a source from the time under study. For example, an encyclopedia article published in 1957 about the American Revolution is not a primary source, but a letter written by a solider in the Revolution in 1779 is. For this exercise, you will read and review the following source: http://www.americanyawp.com/reader/17-conquering-the-west/frederick-jackson-turner-significance-of-the-frontier-in-american-history-1893/ “Frederick Jackson Turner, ‘Significance of the Frontier in American History,’ 1893”

Then, you will answer the following three questions related to this source. Each answer should be in the form of a paragraph, written in standard English, and should be approximately 50 words. • How does Turner view the frontier? • How has the existence of the frontier caused US history to be fundamentally different from other nations? • What role has the frontier played in American history? Guidelines: 1. Your Source Interpretation must be typed in 12-point font. It must be double-spaced text with margins of one inch on all sides. 2. Each paragraph should be preceded by the relevant question it is answering; that means you should restate each question verbatim. Poor grammar will result in a poor grade. 3. I do not expect to see quotations in this assignment. 4. You may only submit Word files or PDF files. Other formats are not acceptable. 5. If you do not understand any of the above points, please contact me. I am happy to help you, but I cannot help you if I do not know you are having problems. Assignment detail and instructions are attached.

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