History Primary Source Analysis Questions Humanities Assignment Help

History Primary Source Analysis Questions Humanities Assignment Help. History Primary Source Analysis Questions Humanities Assignment Help.

Directions: PLEASE MESSAGE ME FOR THE PHOTOS OF THE DOCUMENT (it’s a short document on the Salem Witch Trials)

For this assignment, you will be asked to answer the questions below. Make sure to number and label each section.

(Questions 5-8 will need to be substantive responses will require 1-2 paragraphs each)

which requires the direct reference to (the attached) primary source from The Norton Mix American History (and outside resources if needed)

Properly use in-text citations to reference evidence and create a Works Cited page, otherwise the assignment will earn a zero

1. Name/Title of Document:

2. Date of production:

3. Author (or Creator):

4. Type of Source:

5. Intended Audience: To whom did the author or creator address this source? What gives you that

impression? Note that the audience may be inferred or indirect. Provide examples, quote and cite source.

6. Summary of Document (Attached) (Identify the topic or issue of discussion. What does the author or creator tell us about the topic or issue? What are the main points or argument of the source? (Provide examples, quote and cite sources.)

7. Analysis: (Why was this document written/created? How does this source help us understand the topic or issue? Is the source reliable, what gives that impression?

8. Historical Context: (Big Picture: What is going on in the world, the country, the region, or the locality whenit was created?

What influenced its creation? Under what specific historical circumstances was this source created? What influenced its creation?

Be specific, provide key dates, people, and/or concepts. Cite readings, lecture, and/or outside sources.

9. Create a Works Cited page (uses proper citation format, sources need to be in alphabetical order, use a hanging indentation, placed on a separate page and titled Works Cited (centered))

10. Format your paper in MLA or Turabian Style (12 pt font, double spaced, Tines New Roman, Header on the top right (name, instructor, class, date), title of Assignment (centered), page number (upper left corner), one inch margin, questions labeled and numbered)

History Primary Source Analysis Questions Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

SAS Programming Computer Science Assignment Help

The Sashelp.Thick data set simulates measurements of coal seam thickness (in feet) taken over an
approximately square area. The variable Thick contains the thickness values. The coordinates are
offsets from a point in the southwest corner of the measurement area, where the unit for the north and
east distances is 1,000 feet.

(a) The data set MoreCoal.txt is a space delimited data set containing 25 more simulated coal seam
thickness measurements. Load this data set into SAS. Create a new SAS data set called ‘Coal’
by stacking the Sashelp.Thick data set onto the data set you create using MoreCoal.txt.

(b) In the Coal data set, create a new variable called ‘OriginDistance’ that is the distance (in 1,000
feet) of the coal seam thickness’s measurement location from the southwest corner of the measurement
area (i.e., where East = 0 and North = 0). To do this, use the formula for calculating
distance in a plane. Let the east variable represent the x-axis and the north variable represent
the y-axis.

(c) Sort the Coal data set by the OriginDistance variable in ascending order. Print the sorted Coal
data set and report the output.

(d) Use subsetting to create a data set consisting only of observations with coal seam thickness greater
than 42. Print the resulting data set and report the output.

I have attached the .txt file. let me know if you have any question.


Assessment of 78 year-old male Health Medical Assignment Help

You are evaluating a 78 year old white male who comes to your office today with unintentional weight loss of 10lb in the last year, self-reported exhaustion weakness based on grip strength, and slow walking speed, and low physical activity. Notes that he has been feeling worse over the past 6 months and just does not have the strength to do anything anymore. The patient states they are not currently on any medications except a multivitamin. He notes that he lives alone and does not want to leave his house. Answer the following questions with supportive rationale:

  1. What questions should you as the patient/family to further assess?
  2. What screening tools would be appropriate in this case?
  3. Do you have concerns with fraility in this patient? If so why?
  4. What referrals should be made if any on this patient?


How to apply and compute Loan Amortization data in the Excel? Business Finance Assignment Help

  • Use the spreadsheet file Project #2 – Loan Amortization – Shellas the basis for your model.
  • Use the spreadsheet file: Project #2 – Capital Budgeting – Shellas the basis for your model. This project should include all of the Visual Basic buttons labeled on the excel sheet. Everything for this project must be created following the worksheet key on the excel sheet. (i.e. crossover rate must be solved using solver etc.)
  • Build a worksheet which evaluates and compares two capital budgeting projects using the following capital budgeting decision-making techniques:
    • Net Present Value (NPV) – Use Excel function NPV
    • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) – Use Excel function IRR
    • Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) – Use Excel function MIRR
    • Payback Period – User Defined function (See below for code)
    • Discounted Payback Period – User Defined Function
  • The cash flows for the two projects are as follows:
  • The Capital Budgeting worksheet should be able to handle projects with up to ten years of estimated cash flows. The cash flows are user input variables. (Note: you do not need to use if statements in this case but all 10 years should be included in your equations.)
  • Initially, let cell C6 on the Capital Budgeting worksheet file be a user input variable. The base case value is 11%. In cell E6, use the formula = C6. You will be changing the contents of cell C6 in the VBA portion of the project.
  • Construct a Data Table that shows the NPV of each project for discount rates ranging from 1.0% to 30.0% in increments of 0.5%. Place this Data Table in the Range O7:Q65on the Capital Budgeting worksheet.
  • Construct a Chart containing the NPV Profiles for each project. As always, make sure the chart is properly labeled and professional in appearance (also identify all of the important points on the chart). Place this Chart on the worksheet entitled NPV profiles.
  • Which project should you invest in based on NPV, IRR, MIRR, Payback Period, and Discounted Payback Period? If you get conflicting answers which of the five calculations should you always use to identify the best project.

Rename your Excel file Last_Name, First_Name Project 2

Payback Period function code (function called PBP).

Function PBP(Investment, Cash_Flows) As Double

‘ This function computes the Pay Back Period (PBP)

‘ The initial investment should be a negative number (outflow).

‘ The function can handle up to 50 periods of cash flows.

Dim CF_Array(1 To 50) As Double

Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, L As Integer, Item As Variant

i = 0

PBP = 0

Investment = Investment * -1

For L = 1 To 10

CF_Array(L) = 0

Next L

For Each Item In Cash_Flows

i = i + 1

CF_Array(i) = Item

Next Item

j = 0

For Each Item In Cash_Flows

j = j + 1

PBP = PBP + Item

If PBP > Investment Then Exit For

Next Item

j = j – 1

PBP = j + ((Investment – (PBP – CF_Array(j + 1))) / CF_Array(j + 1))

End Function

End of Cash Flows

Period Project L Project S

0 ($175,000) ($152,000)

1 $50,000 $65,000

2 $50,000 $50,000

3 $50,000 $40,000

4 $50,000 $30,000

5 $50,000 $20,000

Check Figures (Base Case):

Project L

Net present value (NPV) = $9,794.85

Internal rate of return (IRR) = 13.20%

Modified IRR (MIRR) = 12.22%

Payback period = 3.50

Discounted payback period = 4.67

Crossover rate = 12.36%

Make sure you plug in different numbers to make sure your model is working correctly. Such as including cash flows for all 10 years.

When you are finished close all excel files and open only this project. Verify that all the macros have been saved correctly and are working.

When submitting your project, please make sure that the version of the model you are submitting represents the “BASE CASE” values for all variables. Do not move any of the cells around or show work outside of the designated cells.


Case study About Weapon of Mass distraction Health Medical Assignment Help

You are responsible for creating a profile of a fictionalized terrorist group and an attack plan involving a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). PART I: The terrorist group profile must include: 1) a manifesto outlining the group’s motivations and goals 2) a brief description of the group’s origins and structure 3) a financial plan that identifies the organization’s needs and plausible sources of funding. PART II: The attack plan must identify target(s), weapon(s) and a specific date and time. 1. Choose a specific WMD (e.g., sarin gas, dirty bomb, anthrax, etc.), and describe its properties, how it works, the effects it produces, expected impact when used in an attack, and so forth. 2. Describe how you will acquire or develop this weapon 3. Describe why you would want to use this weapon, as opposed to other weapons (like high grade explosives) that may be more easily available 4. Describe the most preferred type of target that this weapon will be used to attack, and why. 5. Finally, describe how a person will successfully deploy this weapon – that is, how you can will ensure the weapon reaches its target and produces the expected effects and impact described in Part 1 of the paper. The attack plan must also provide a solid strategic rationale for this attack, addressing such questions as: Why is the group choosing WMD over other non-WMD kinds of attacks? What do you hope to achieve by using a WMD? Why this target (or set of targets?) What do you think will be the overall response of your target(s)? How will you succeed in carrying out this kind of attack? What is most critical to your group’s success? The overall goal of this assignment is for you to demonstrate a comprehensive appreciation for terrorists as strategic actors, particularly when it comes to decision making about weapons of mass destruction and the strategic, operational and tactical challenges faced by all terrorist groups.

Length: 5-7 pages (not including title page, abstract and references). Use New Times Roman 12 font with 1” margins and APA style.



finance case analysis (2pages) Business Finance Assignment Help

Read the case about Neuquen, Inc. carefully then answer question 1,2,3 which is Introduction, analysis and conclusion.

hint: The introduction sets the stage for the work to follow and should consist of

a short paragraph of the key problem(s) or issue(s) that your analysis addresses. The
analysis will constitute the bulk of the written presentation and will be a direct response
to the questions below. Use clear, concise, and complete sentences. Do not use bullet
points or numbered paragraphs. The conclusion should be a short paragraph that
summarizes the key points of the analysis.

finance case analysis (2pages) Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Legal and Ethical Considerations in Nursing Health Medical Assignment Help

Among various stakeholders, the registered nurse must incorporate legal and ethical theories and principles into practice. There is a need to evaluate the legal and ethical considerations that exist in healthcare today, to assess nursing’s role in health initiatives, and to find ways that we can help improve health and health outcomes. This presentation will help nurses recognize and respond to dilemmas within diverse health care settings and nursing roles. This presentation will provide an overview of regulatory action and the legislative and judicial processes, enabling nurses to become familiar with changes affecting the health care system such as patient rights, technological advances, and managed care.

This presentation will examine the role of the nurse as a health professional, advocate, and leader:

  • Select five legal or ethical concepts that you feel influence nursing practice.
  • Explain the selected concepts regarding both the impact on agency viability and quality patient care.
  • Review the selected concepts and strategically analyze for priorities, challenges, and issues from a legal and ethical perspective
  • Identify instances of actions taken by an agency or provider that would or could violate the ethical duties and responsibilities of the health care providers or the rights of patients
  • Develop a policy proposal, measures, and recommendations for prevention of legal and ethical violations
  • Detail how could nursing intervene or advocate to incorporate legal and ethical theories and principles more effectively into practice

This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) presentation should be a minimum of 30 slides, This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) presentation should be a minimum of 20 slides,with detailed speaker notes and recorded audio comments for all content slides. Use at least four scholarly sources and make certain to review the module’s Signature Assignment Rubric before starting your presentation. This presentation is worth 400 points for quality content and presentation.


corporate risk profile part 2 Business Finance Assignment Help

Corporate Risk Profile: Part 2 (Security Controls & Risk Mitigations) – Submit Assignment

Hide Submission Folder Information

Open this item from the Assignments menu to view the rubric and download the attached detailed assignment description.

CSIA 350 Table 1 for Corporate Risk Profile Par… (21.66 KB)
CSIA 350 Corporate Risk Profile Part 2 – Detail… (30.67 KB)


Senior Capstone Engineering Assignment Help

Hello I need someone to help me to write an outline about smart refrigerator system

Alpha Numeric Outline of your required paper

This is the most common type of outline and usually instantly recognizable to most people. The formatting follows these characters, in this order:

  • Roman Numerals
  • Capitalized Letters
  • Arabic Numerals
  • Lowercase Letters

If the outline needs to subdivide beyond these divisions, use Arabic numerals inside parentheses and then lowercase letters inside parentheses.

https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/the_writing_process/developing_an_outline/how_to_outline.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/the_writing_process/developing_an_outline/documents/20081113013048_544.pdf (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. if you need to review alpha numeric outlines.


Details about the Tencent Computer Science Assignment Help

  • Prepare a Paper that describes the assigned company.
    • Who is the company? (2 pages)
      • What do they do?
      • Where are they headquartered?
      • What is their history?
      • What does the firm believe are the most important aspects of successful new product development?
      • Create table 1.4 from the Slack text for this organization.
    • What problem does their product(s) or service(s) solve? (2 pages)
      • How would you measure the efficiency of the processes that they use?
      • Are there key design principles that govern the effectiveness of the product?
    • Why are their solutions good for consumers and the business? (1 page)
      • Describe any policies that they have for their customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and society at large. Are there any conflicting policies?
    • The target market (1 page)
      • Do they have multiple target markets? Do they compete against each other?
    • Employees (1 page)
      • How are employees selected? What types of employees are needed?
      • What are their policies for hiring employees? Leading employees?
      • How would you ensure that motivation and commitment among employees?
    • Business model to market the product or service (1 page)
      • Is the model different in various global markets?
    • Technological advances of the organization that makes the product or service viable. (2 pages)
      • What technology advances are key to this company?
      • What is the physical layout of the company’s facilities? Does this impact their use of technology?
  • Prepare a Presentation that describes the assigned company.
    • Use items a-g identified above for the presentation, one slide per element. The presentation will be 10 minutes, with a 5 minute Q&A.
    • A minimum of two members will conduct the presentation while all team members must be available for the Q&A.
  • Both the paper and presentation will use APA citations and references.The paper must have a minimum of 15 unique references.


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