How did Opium Impact China (Document Based Question) Writing Assignment Help

How did Opium Impact China (Document Based Question) Writing Assignment Help. How did Opium Impact China (Document Based Question) Writing Assignment Help.

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The prompt is :

  • Using the documents, evaluate the extent to which the importation of opium effected China.

This should be 5 paragraphs long.

Please do NOT use any sources except those I provide below. That is why this is called a “document-based question.” Please group the documents into three groups and use those groups as body paragraphs.

Paragraph 1: Introduction | Paragraph 2: group 1 of documents | Paragraph 3: group 2 of documents |

Paragraph 4: group 3 of documents | Paragraph 5: conclusion.

I have attached the paper with the documents below. I have also included the original assignment paper. Please use clear English and good grammar. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I know that I haven’t put much time on this. Sorry.

How did Opium Impact China (Document Based Question) Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Health Systems Health Medical Assignment Help

Select an existing health care system in a small U.S. city preferably in the state where you live. The city should have a population of less than 200,000.

Create a 800–word profile of the city you selected along with details like:

  • Map of the city
  • Types and locations of medical services
  • Demographics (population, age, gender, etc.)
  • Income and employment
  • Residential details

Include a rationale of why you selected the city, including if you have any prior experience or knowledge about the existing health care system in that city.

Cite three reputable references (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).

Format according to APA guidelines.


Analyzing a dispute Business Finance Assignment Help

This paper is about analyzing a family dispute

I need editing to the paper I wrote. Also I need good sources to support the paper also feel free to change some of the language in the description I wrote to match your writing.

And please follow these instructions.

It should be double-spaced, single-sided, 12 point Times Roman font, and 1 inch margins on all sides.

Footnotes with pin cites are expected, in Blue Book format. These should cite to particular pages in particular readings.

Substantively, I am looking for the quality and sophistication of your analysis, not how much of your class notes or outline you can stuff into the paper. This will require you to exercise your judgment, and that is part of what I am looking for.

As noted in class, I recommend that you do a brief introduction of 1 page, two at the most, providing a factual overview of the dispute and then fill in details as you work through your analysis.

Please do not use the IRAC formula. You are upper-level students, and I expect your presentations to reflect your skills and professionalism as a lawyer. This is an essay analysis, not a law school exam. As such, while it is not a course in legal writing, I will notice the little things, like typos, misspellings, footnote format, etc., and they will inevitably have an influence on my final assessment of the paper.


Dietary Analysis Health Medical Assignment Help

Your textbook, An Introduction to Nutrition, covers “Achieving a Healthy Diet” in chapter 2. MyPlate (found at ) is a tool that provides guidance in helping us achieve a healthy diet. As you may recall from chapter 2, the 5 key factors of a healthy diet include adequacy, balance, calorie control, moderation, and variety. In the Part 2 Diet Analysis (using Cronometer),we were able to assess our diets in terms of adequacy, balance, calorie control, and moderation. However, without looking at how well each food group is represented, we are unable to assess the variety in our diets. This portion of the diet analysis project will allow you to explore one of your documented days on your food diary and assess for variety. In addition to variety, this assignment will also provide more insight into moderation (are you getting too much or too little from a food group?).

Step 1: Finding Your MyPlate Daily Checklist

Locate your estimated calorie needs in Cronometer (and as discussed in the Energy Balance section of the Part 2 analysis questions). For purposes of this Part 3 Analysis, round this measurement to the nearest multiple of “200.” Once you have located your calorie needs from the Part 2 Analysis and rounded them to the nearest multiple of “200,” visit

Choose the calorie level closest to your estimated Part 2 Analysis calorie needs value. For example, if you needed 2289 kcal/d, you would round down to 2200 instead of rounding up to 2400. On the other hand, if you needed 2340 kcal/d, you would round to up to 2400 instead of down to 2200.

As an adult, you will select a Calorie Level from the “Ages 14+” row and click on the appropriate calorie level. See screenshot below for the Calorie Level table.

This will open up a PDF file in a new window. This is the worksheet you will be using to complete the next step of the project. Print out a copy of this and save to your computer.

Step 2: Transferring Your Diet Diary to the Worksheet

Review your 3-day food record. Select the day that most closely matches a typical day’s intake for you. Using those foods only, complete PAGE 2 of the MyPlate Daily Checklist Worksheet.

NOTE: You will be hand writing directly on this worksheet, however if you are comfortable with Adobe editing or other PDF editing tools you may type directly into this worksheet. Your handwriting must be legible and clear. You may need to write it down once as part of the process to identify where all foods fit and then copy it over to another blank form as a final version. You may also want to create your own table in Word that can clearly display the information if you find the worksheet does not give you enough space. In this case, you will still need to attach the worksheet that you took your notes on in order to verify you were using this as a guide.

Use the first column of the table “Food group targets” for guidance on determining portion sizes equivalent to a serving from that food group. For example, in the red box below, we can see we need 1 ½ cups of fruit for the day and that 1 cup of fruit is either 1 cup of raw or cooked fruit, ½ cup dried fruit, or 1 cup (8 fluid ounces) of 100% fruit juice. For the other food groups similar guidance is provided.

Some foods you have eaten may be “combination” foods, meaning they have components from more than 1 food group. You will want to split those up as ingredients or components and place each piece into the respective food group. For example, if you had 2 slices of a medium pizza with tomato sauce, vegetables, mozzarella cheese, and ground beef, we can identify 4 different food groups. You would count the crust as a starch (typically 1 ounce of grain per each slice), the tomato sauce and veggies on top count as vegetables, the mozzarella falls under dairy, and the ground beef is in the protein group. Include each ingredient in the correct group. DO NOT simply write pizza as a single food in a single category.

Write the foods or food components (ingredients) into the second column where it says to write in your foods. This is identified in the blue box on the graphic below. Fill this in for all foods in their respective food groups.

Next, determine if you reached your target using the information in column 1 (’Food group targets’) and the information you filled into column 2 (‘food choices’). In column 3, indicated by the green circle in the graphic below, check off Y or N as appropriate.

The last step in your data collection process for the MyPlate portion of this project is to assess your “limits”. Sodium, saturated fat, and added sugars are all areas that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting. Using your Part 2 Diet Analysis Cronometer Nutrition Report screenshot check on your milligrams of sodium and grams of saturated fat intake If your sodium and saturated fat values from Part 2 Diet Analysis Cronometer are below the bolded values shown in the area called “Limit” below, check Y. Otherwise, check N. Your bolded values for the saturated fat “limit” will be different depending upon your calorie level, so do not worry if it’s not 20 grams like in the example below. . (Note: Since the tracking of added sugar in foods is new to food labeling, your Part 2 Analysis Cronometer results will not include this. They list total sugars, which does not differentiate between natural sugars (like those in fruit and milk) and added sugars. Therefore we will not be including this in the project.)

Step 3: Assessing Your Intake for Variety and Moderation

It is possible that although your Part 2: Diet Analysis Cronometer Nutrition report showed your diet was adequate in nutrients, met calorie goals, and balanced in terms of nutrients, your diet is lacking variety and not showing moderation in terms of the food groups (one is too high or too low, resulting in too much or too little of another food group). This portion of the diet analysis project will focus on your critical analysis of your intake for one day as compared to recommendations from MyPlate for variety and moderation from the food groups.

This will be presented as a written paper. The paper should include an introduction paragraph, one paragraph for each of the 5 food groups, one paragraph on the “limits” (sodium and saturated fat), and a conclusion.

  • Introduction: This should tell the reader what they will expect to read about in your paper. The main focus here is that you are introducing a review of your diet in terms of how well it matches up to recommendations about food groups.
  • Body of the paper: Aim for 1 complete paragraph (3-5 sentences is a good goal to aim for) addressing each food group and the limits. This means you will have 6 paragraphs in total for the body of the paper.
    • For each food group support the determination you made (Y or N) in column 3 of your worksheet- Did you reach your target? Clearly state if you believe you did/did NOT meet the recommendation and how you came to this conclusion. Which foods did you classify in this food group and how did you come up with the total number of servings? Do this for each of the 5 food groups.
    • Once you have this for all food groups, do the same for the limits. If you exceeded sodium and/or saturated fat, identify which foods in your diet for the day resulted in being over the limit(s). If you were under for one or both, comment on how you made choices to keep those to a minimum. In the event no decisions were made specifically with awareness of sodium and saturated fat content, that is fine, however you will want to comment on this still and not skip over a critical analysis of your intake impacting those values.
  • Conclusion: This is the last paragraph of the paper. Here is where you present your final argument using the preceding evidence presented in the body of the paper to support whether or not your diet for that one-day was varied and exhibited moderation. The key aspects to address here are specifically variety and moderation as presented in An Introduction to Nutrition chapter 2 using MyPlate as your set of guidelines.

Step 4: Submission

You will need to submit 2 files to the correct assignment folder in LEO. The first is either a PDF version or a scanned version of your worksheet. Even if you feel your handwriting is not clear, you must be able to show that you worked through this activity. This must be included to be eligible for full credit. The second file to include is your paper (Step 3). This must be submitted as a Word document. If you are a Mac user and have Pages, please “Save As” a Word file. If the file cannot be opened you risk getting a ‘0’ for the assignment. If you have completed the Worksheet as a Word doc to make reading it more clear, include this as an appendix with the paper. Do not submit as a 3rd file.


Making a difference Writing Assignment Help

Making a Difference

Imagine you are a policymaker for your city or town. Based on what you know and what you have learned in this course, what would you modify or improve to make a positive change in the life of a vulnerable group we have not covered in class? Justify whether or not you would consult the vulnerable group when developing programs or policies? Propose a policy you would create to improve health care services accessibility, cost, and quality related to your selected group?

Your initial contribution should be 250 to 300 words in length. Your research and claims must be supported by your course text and at least one other scholarly source. Use proper APA formatting for in-text citations and references as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.



memorandum assignment Business Finance Assignment Help



To refresh your memory of the Ann C. Dorite case, review her interview and your summary of her interview from module 02. For this assignment you just came out of a meeting with the partners of your firm, Susan & Winem. The meeting was short, but its contents were recorded by the partner’s secretary, Betsy M. Akurate, and she states that she will transcribe the meeting and provide a verbatim transcript.

The firm’s partner, Rich N. Moore, asks you to stay after the meeting. He then asks you to write an internal memorandum with two parts. He specifically states that he wants you to submit the memorandum in one Word document to him and he will circulate to the other attorneys.

The first part of the internal memorandum, Mr. Moore tells you, should be a summary of the meeting you just attended. He says Ms. Akurate will email you the transcript of the meeting.

For the second part of the internal memorandum Mr. Moore wants you to read statutes and cases for Ms. Dortie’s case. He is concerned that since the client was walking in the street the city had no legal duty to maintain the streets in a reasonably safe condition.

Partner Moore tells you that the memorandum (i) should be no more than 4 pages as he has no time to read more than 4 pages; (ii) should only discuss the case authority he will give you; (iii) should update the cases and provide him with the citation to the most recent Illinois case on the subject of pedestrian use of roadways with a 1-2 sentence statement of what the rule of law in the case; (iv) should frame the issue in the second half of the memorandum for the Dorite case using the 123 Method; and (v) should provide a list of points and authorities at the end of your memorandum.

Partner Moore’s secretary, Ms. Akurate, then sends you a memo with the following information:

Read as background and include in your list of points and authorities but not discuss in your memoranda the following statutes:

a. 745 ILCS 10/3-102 (2015);

b. 740 ILCS 130/2 (2015);

Read and discuss only the following cases:

Curatola v. Niles, 154 Ill.2d 201, 608 N.E.2d 882 (1993);

Gutstein v. City of Evanston, 402 Ill. App.3d, 929 N.E.2d 680 (App.Ct. 2010); and

Vaugh v. City of W. Frankfort, 166 Ill.2d 155, 651 N.E.2d 1115 (1995)

The memo concluded by saying if you had any questions or wanted to clarify the directions you should contact Mr. Moore’s partner Dan Walker by email as Mr. Moore will be out of town for the next week. She also reminded you attorney Moore likes a table of points and authorities at the end of the memo so he can put in the file for quick reference.

memorandum assignment Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

small assignment Science Assignment Help

1- you should research one disease that affects the structure or the function of the cellular organelles or the absence of some elements

2- you should research one disease that is linked to the malfunction of the cellular organelles (lysosomes, mitochondria, Golgi Apparatus etc).

3- you should research one disease that affects the structure or the function of the integumentary system

4- you should research one disease that affects the structure or the function of the skeletal system

5- you should research one disease that affects the structure or the function of the muscular system

6- you should research one disease that affects the structure or the function of the digestive system

7- you should research one disease that affects the structure or the function of the respiratory system

8- you should research one disease that affects the structure or the function of the urinary system

for each one Using your words, indicate:

Name of the disease

Cause of the disease


Possible treatment

Your sources


hum112 week 4 assignment OVERDUE Humanities Assignment Help

lass, Here are the power points used for the Week Four Go to Meeting and a sample student paper for you to look over. I have also posted another copy of the template for assignment one. Please follow the directions for assignment one below:

Assignment 1: Essay

Due Week 4 and worth 100 points

Choose one (1) of the three (3) reading selections from the list of topic choices below. Read the selections as identified with each topic below. Write a four-to-five (4-5) paragraph essay (350 words minimum) which analyzes the work following the list of four things “your paper should cover” given just after the topics.

Topic Choices

1. Reading selection of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Her works are very popular today, with Austen reading clubs and all types of new books and events based on her ideas. In 2017, England printed new 10 pound bank notes with her image on them. The chapter should be read in full at…

2. Reading selection from Samuel Johnsonwithin the current text 21.12 from The Rambler(the essay found here…). Johnson was the editor of two coffeehouse magazines, The Rambler (1750–52) and The Idler (1758–60), and the author of Dictionary of the English Language, and subject of one of the first biographies by James Boswell. Johnson overcame numerous illnesses and handicaps.

3. Reading selection from Equiano’s Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, written in 1789. This selection can be found in chapter 26 of our class text on pp. 901-902 (with background on pp. 893 – 897). The context is the process of enslavement and then passage across the Atlantic.

4. Reading selection of Olympe de Gouges’ Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female citizen (written in 1791). The selection should be read in full at with background provided on p. 874 of our class text. You should also look at the revolutionary document of 1789 that she is “correcting, called Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (… ). Olympe de Gouge has the status of women as her main concern. The general context is the French Revolution and the attempts to redefine rights and status once one replaces monarchy.

For the reading selection and topic you choose, your paper should answer the following four questions in detail (use four section headings):

1. Briefly introduce the writer and the situation that this reading is about. Identify the genre or nature of the reading. (Who is the author?Why did he or she write this piece?)

2. Using specific examples or lines within the reading, suggest the author’s key views and key aims for the reading audience. (Give a 1-2 paragraph summary of ideas.)

3. Evaluate the author’s strategy and what you see as the work’s likely effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) for the target audience. If there is any known historical result, discuss that.(Look at the writing style and discuss who would read this.)

4. Evaluate how the reading impacted you. Identify any analogous situations today, and also key lessons you get from the reading that could be relevant to one’s professional and personal life.(How did you like this? How do the ideas relate to situations today?)

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • This course requires the use ofStrayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different than others Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.
  • Include a title page containing the title of the assignment, your name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date of submission. The cover page and the source list are not included in the required assignment length (350 words minimum).
  • You must use the class text and also any source(s) identified (with links) above for the topic you choose, focusing on the main primary source of that author. If you use any additional source (optional), it must be from the university’s online library and of good academic quality for college work.

Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic/organization of the paper, and language and writing skills, using the following rubric found here.


Crisis care plan Writing Assignment Help

Background of this patient: 62 years old patient, brought in hospital by medics from jail for complaints of weakness, acute stress, dizziness, headache, report period of chest pain identical to prior MI lasting a few minutes and accompanied with dyspnea , diaphoresis. Surgery history: left cardiac cauterization) Patient interview: patient is short of breath, but stated he is fine and sleepy, he feels great to be in hospital , and open mind to interview. He said this is no the first time to be in hospital.

Please help for Part A. Statement of the crisis, B Behavior and C Defense and coping mechanism

Essay formal


Early Childhood Education,Behaviour Guidance Policy Other Assignment Help

Early Childhood Education Program

Course:Positive Child Guidance

Assignment Due:May 12, 2019

Learning Outcome: Learners will develop a “Behaviour Guidance Policy”

Learning Task Element:Learners will research and develop a Behaviour Guidance Policy for a licensed Early Childhood Setting that follows the Nova Scotia Day Care Regulations and Program Standards. This will be an opportunity for the learners to build on what they have learned so far in regard to developmentally appropriate practice, child development and positive child guidance.

Early Childhood Education

Behaviour Guidance Policy Assignment

All licensed child care centres in the province of Nova Scotia must have a Behaviour Guidance Policy.This policy must be used in the training and orientation of all staff, students and volunteers of the centre, as well as reviewed on a yearly basis.A review of the Behaviour Guidance Policy must be done with the parents of the children when they are first enrolled in the program.

Learners will research the Behaviour Guidance Policies of at least 3 different centres in their preparation for creating a Behaviour Guidance Policy that could be used by a licensed child care centre.The policy you create must follow the NS Day Care Regulations, The Canadian Child Care Federation’s Standards of Practice, and the knowledge you have gained through your course material.

Your Behaviour Guidance Policy must look professional, be written in a positive and respectful manner, include references of the resources you used and include a cover page.

2-3 page.

In addition, you need to prepare a pronunciation to introduce and explain this policy. You need some speech.

You can refer to regulation 19 behavior guidance.

The following Rubric will be used to evaluate your work

_____ Minimum of 3 resources are used_____ Information is clear and referenced

_____ Accurate information _____ Follows the NS Day Care Regulations

_____ Cover Page_____ Positive and Respectful

_____ Professional


How did Opium Impact China (Document Based Question) Writing Assignment Help

How did Opium Impact China (Document Based Question) Writing Assignment Help

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