How do these text challenge or reflect the political environment from where they are from? What are some similarities and differences among these axial age ideas? Writing Assignment Help

How do these text challenge or reflect the political environment from where they are from? What are some similarities and differences among these axial age ideas? Writing Assignment Help. How do these text challenge or reflect the political environment from where they are from? What are some similarities and differences among these axial age ideas? Writing Assignment Help.

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PSA responses need to be in an essay format: introduction with a main argument underlined or highlighted, body paragraphs, and a conclusion (2-3 sentences) and follow standard formatting: 12 point font, Times New Roman, doubled spaced, and at least 1.5 pages long.

Prompt questions:

How do these text challenge or reflect the political environment from where they are from?

What are some similarities and differences among these axial age ideas?

****Prompt is based on DOC 1-4, use all included sources to support argument****

****So, use the textbook, cite as (WH p.#), lecture ppt, cite as (Mod#5), the four documents, cite as (Doc 1), (Doc 2), (Doc 3), (Doc 4), Ancient history encyclopedia, and Zoroaster article to support the argument.****

Make sure to include information from the textbook (WH p.#) and lecture PPT (Mod #) to support your argument. No outside research, except for Ancient History Encyclopedia (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Online and the Zoroaster article, which needs to be cited in the PSA along with the required sources, textbook, and lecture module.

Links to Ancient History Encyclopedia:



How do these text challenge or reflect the political environment from where they are from? What are some similarities and differences among these axial age ideas? Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Challenges of implementing HIT in the U.S. healthcare delivery system Writing Assignment Help

This week’s lesson focuses on the use of HIT as an integral part of the U.S. healthcare delivery system. You have learned about the government’s contributions, which include financial and legislative mandates to HIT. Despite the sizable investment and emphasis by public and private sectors, there is mixed scientific evidence on the benefits of HIT when looking at quality and cost of care. Your assignment this week is to write a paper that includes the following:

  1. Briefly discuss the history of HIT and how it has evolved in the U.S. since the early 1960s. Be sure to discuss the role of large academic health institutions in the development and implementation of HIT.
  2. Discuss the major challenges of implementing HIT in the U.S. healthcare delivery system. Summarize strategies to overcoming these challenges.
  3. Identify and discuss areas of opportunity for improving quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the healthcare delivery system using HIT.

Length: 2 – 3 pages excluding reference page.

References: Support your work with a minimum of 3 scholarly resources


Critical Thinking Lesson Writing Assignment Help

Develop a 30- to 45-minute lesson for a specific subject area and grade level that uses critical thinking questions and activities. You may direct your lesson to a school or alternative educational environment.

Include the following in your lesson:

  • Rigorous learning goals
  • Common Core State Standards or other academic standards
  • Cross-disciplinary skills
  • Quality questioning
  • Strategies to address a diverse student body
  • Integrate technology to promote critical thinking

*Note. You will use this lesson for your Field Experience in Week 3 and possibly part of your unit in Week 5.

Before posting review the rubric for this assignment. I strongly suggest that you ask the supervising teacher to review this rubric and ask him or her to review your lesson before you give it to me for grading. You want the supervisor’s approval before you present it to the class.


The purpose of this assignment is for students to explore the dynamics of educational psychology in their educational or professional setting. Writing Assignment Help


3 PAGES MIN, 3 IN TEXT CITATIONS FROM CHPS 1-4 OF TEXTBOOK The Routledge International Companion to Educational Psychology – Andrew J. Holliman


  1. Address each question included in each part demonstrating critical thinking and analysis.

Part A: The Role of the Educational Psychologist in your Educational Setting

Research the nature and role of the educational psychologist in your country of origin. Then think about the educational setting where you plan to direct your career.

  1. What is the role of the educational psychologist in this setting?
  2. What is the value of this role?

Part B: The ‘Who’s Who’ of Educational Psychology

Read the list of the 18 eminent contributors to the field of educational psychology from its origin till its current status in Chapter 1 ‘A history of educational psychology’ (Hughes, 2014).

  1. Choose two names from the list, briefly research their work and familiarize yourself with the ways in which they have had an impact on this field.
  2. Briefly explain why you chose them.

Now think about your career-based educational or professional setting.

3) What would your educational setting look like if you implemented the strategies of the theorists you researched? Provide specific examples.

Part C: Reflection

  1. How did this assignment help you understand the dynamics of educational psychology in your educational or professional setting?

  1. Include 3 in-text citations from the chapters assigned for this lesson demonstrating critical thinking and analysis (try to paraphrase the information and synthesize it).

  1. Write your assignment in an essay format.

  1. Use headings to separate each question:

For example:

Part A: The Role of the Educational Psychologist in [insert your Educational Setting]

Role of Educational Psychologist

Value of this Role

Part B: The ‘Who’s Who’ of Educational Psychology

Two Educational Psychologists

The Reason Why I Chose Them

Implementing their Strategies in my Educational Setting

Part C: Reflection

  1. Format your assignment according to APA style guidelines including:
    1. Cover page
    2. Headings
    3. Font: Times New Roman
    4. Size: 12
    5. In-text citations
    6. References page
  1. Review the attached sample APA paper


  1. The file you submit MUST be saved as a .doc or .docx or .pdf
  2. Submitting a file type other than what is listed here will result in a zero for the assignment.
  3. It is your responsibility to upload the correct version of your assignment in the required format to Canvas.
  4. Per the syllabus, if the assignment is not submitted by the due date and time assigned no points will be issued (no exceptions).

Tips for Success

  1. Review the RUBRIC before you submit your assignment to ensure you have included all of the components necessary.
  2. If you adhere to the requirements in the assignment and rubric, it will help ensure you earn full points.

Remember: The dynamics of educational psychology do not necessarily occur in a traditional educational setting. For this assignment, you need to think about YOUR current or future career and analyze how you would apply the dynamics of educational psychology in that setting.


Identify and relate your Interpersonal relationships . Writing Assignment Help

Interpersonal relationships impact every area of our lives. Our ability to relate influences the paths we take. As we conclude this course and prepare for the Final Assignment, your focus is to pull everything we have discussed together. Just as we cannot isolate one aspect of the Lord from another, we cannot separate one aspect of our relationships from another.

Let’s look back to the course student learning outcomes:

  • Identify how healthy and unhealthy boundaries are influenced by masks, family of origin, and our relationship with the Lord.
  • Apply essential skills in meaningful communication.
  • Construct methods to implement conflict resolution.
  • Analyze the value of deeper connections when considering the role of chemistry and its impact upon mate selection.
  • Compare and contrast personal needs, values, and beliefs and how they are impacted by family of origin.
  • Integrate a deeper relationship with others by deepening one’s relationship with God.

Using resources from two academic journal articles, the text, class readings, Scripture, and personal experience, write a paper discussing what you have discovered about interpersonal relationships.

  • Evaluate the steps you took to analyze your relationships and to recognize the impact of your family of origin; include some of your findings. Show your findings of how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy relationships.
  • Discuss practical ways you will use what you learned about communication to impact current and future relationships.
  • Describe how your relationship with the Lord impacts all other relationships and the steps you can take to improve upon that relationship.
  • Share how you will use your biblical worldview and understanding of God’s commands to treat one another and to grow in your interpersonal relationships.

Your paper must be:

  • 4 – 5 pages in length (not including the cover page and reference page).
  • Written in Word using APA format. (Make use of the APA assignment template Click for more options (Word) – it is also found in the Student Resources tab.) It should include the following:
  • A cover page.
  • Assignment written in Times New Roman font (size 12), double spaced.
  • In-text citations to support main points.
  • A reference page with full APA references for each in-text citation used for support.
  • Note: The Concise Rules of APA Style and the APA Style Blog are helpful resources for APA requirements.
  • Supported by a minimum of two scholarly sources in addition to your textbook and course resources. The CCU library is one place for locating these resources:
  • Supported by Scripture. The Bible does not need to be included in the reference page because it is considered a classical work. Note the Bible references and version of the Bible used as in-text citations. Example: (Psalm 100:1-2, NIV)



Total cost Procurement principles Business Finance Assignment Help

Answer questions 4 and 5 of Case 9-1:

  • Mr. Singh has read about the supply-chain concept that attempts to identify and link all the participants from suppliers’ suppliers to customers’ customers. Who are all the participants in the supply chain, a part of which has been discussed in the case?
  • Logistics partnerships involve sharing costs and risks. What are all the costs and risks that this venture entails? How might they be shared?

Apply Total Cost of Procurement principles as they apply.

The Case 9-1: Aero Marine Logistics paper:

((1200 Words))

Total cost Procurement principles Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Choose one of Mapplethorpe’s six folios (self portraits, male nudes, female nudes, flowers, portraits, and statuary) on the website. Describe how the images relate to one another within the context of the group. Describe why seeing these images in a folio Other Assignment Help

Is it art? Or is it obscene? That was the question an Ohio jury had to decide regarding the photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe. These photographs included images of homoeroticism that shocked many people. In an interview shortly before his death from AIDS, Mapplethorpe said he regarded sex as the most important human activity.

Mapplethorpe often combines elegant black and white photographs of nudes and flowers, creating a context from the view to consider the beauty of similar forms. During the obscenity trial, Mapplethorpe’s photographs were looked at individually, outside of their intended context.

Take a look at some of Mapplethorpe’s work at: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

  • Pretend you were on the defense team representing Mapplethorpe in the Ohio obscenity case, make the case for art viewed IN context.
  • Use the language of form, scale, tone, composition, narrative, and the rest of the visual elements of art and principles of design.
  1. Choose one of Mapplethorpe’s six folios (self portraits, male nudes, female nudes, flowers, portraits, and statuary) on the website.
  2. Describe how the images relate to one another within the context of the group.
  3. Describe why seeing these images in a folio contributes to the meaning or artistic value.
  4. Why would the artist group these images together intentionally? What relationships can you see between the images?


Eassy basedont he the following scenario, Writing Assignment Help

The project is progressing well, and you have now been asked if there is enough time and budget to create and distribute a new marketing mailing. This mailing will be focused on a new international marketplace, so the existing materials cannot be used as is. The materials will need to be translated (external resource), have different graphics applied, and use different colors. The cost for mailing internationally is twice the cost of the domestic mailing, and the volume is 200,000–250,000 addresses. A mailing list will be purchased for this mailing because it is a new market for the company.

You need to determine the costs of this mailing (internal and external). You also need to determine the resource requirements and identify any conflicts. Jennifer and you have a working session later this week to pull together the information.

  • In preparation for the meeting, create a worksheet (in Excel or another spreadsheet tool) that you can use to create the budget for the new mailing.
  • Pre populate the worksheet with the components of the estimate, and provide directions to Jennifer in a procedures document (in Word) on how to create a three-point estimate for the resulting budget.
  • Be sure to also include the internal costs.
  • Also, create a schedule that identifies the deliverables, activities, and resources to produce this mailing.
  • Using the project schedule you created as a group, identify the resources you will use and what conflicts that may form (in Word).
  • Justify your choices.


Discussion Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

answer each questions with a min 100 words each

1.what are your thoughts on how a company’s operating leverage effects its profitability? Discuss with your peers.

2. How does operating leverage measure mixed cost

3. How is fixed cost determined with a high operating levarage company

1.why is it important that a manager understand break-even or cost-volume profit analysis?

2. How is cost volume analysis used

3. What is Incremental analysis and how is it used

  1. Describe how you will apply that learning in your daily life, including your work life.
  2. Describe what may be unclear to you, and what you would like to learn.


Measuring Program Outcomes Discussion Response Writing Assignment Help


Good Day,

This week takes me back to the early 2000’s when I attended a course on
the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP). The Defense Systems
Acquisition Process, MCPP and many other DoD processes have inputs and
outputs (outcomes) for each phase of the process. I also think about
when the DoD for service requirements went from a Statement of Work
(telling the contractor how to do the work) to a Performance Work
Statement (describing the work to be done by the contractor in terms of
measurable outcomes with a quality assurance surveillance plan).

The DoD has struggled to manage its acquisitions in the most cost
efficient and effective manner. They have developed with the assistance
from outside agencies evolutionary, knowledge-based concepts that have
shown to produce more effective and efficient acquisition outcomes. The
problem is that several DoD programs currently do not employ all these
practices, and the results are cost increases, schedule overruns, and
poor product quality and reliability. There is also at times influence
from outside agencies (i.e. Congress, stakeholders) to make changes to
the DoD’s total portfolio of major defense acquisition which effects
program outcomes. GAO has done many studies on program outcomes and
provided recommendations for DoD to improve their acquisition process.
For instance, GAO reviewed the commercial market best practices and
identified key areas to the success of product development programs and
focused on how DoD can better leverage its investments by shortening the
time it takes to field new capabilities at a more predictable cost,
schedule and performance outcome. GAO has also developed a set of
knowledge metrics to determine whether programs have attained the right
knowledge at critical points over the course of a system acquisition and
facilitate the identification of potential problems that could lead to
cost, schedule, or performance shortfalls. One critical point of note is
for the acquisition process to achieve a high level of technology
maturity at the start of program development. Establishing program
outcome metrics allows for DoD’s program managers to have a baseline to
perform an assessment of the root causes of changes and implement a
corrective action strategy to ensure that the warfighter, Congress and
taxpayers are getting a return on their investment

STUDENT2: Michael

Good evening class. I really like this weeks
discussion topic, as I feel that it is vastly overlooked, at least in my
experience as a contract specialist. I have had issues with the agency
that I have been recently assigned to support, where I have found
multiple cases of unauthorized commitments. The acquisition shop I came
to churns out tons of service contracts, with a fair bulk of them being
for small efforts of instructors coming to teach classes. The typical
contracts are for a set number of lessons. The issue was they were not
monitoring the progress of the programs, and instructors kept getting
sent, even past the point of them completing the contracted amount of
sessions. I think this is fair example of how not having a way to
measure a programs progress can be detrimental.

Metrics are not going to always be clear cut, nor will the always be
the same. When you are determining the requirements of the federal
agency, it is imparitive that the needs are clear. I believe that this
greatly assists in being able to determine what constitutes the clearest
representation of progress/success. Sometimes it might be as easy as
counting numbers of deliverables, but in service contracts, it is a lot
more vague. If a contractor is being hired to conduct construction for a
new office building, there is no one numeric value that shows progress,
so you need to know how to identify objective characteristics that show
you how far along the program is.


How do these text challenge or reflect the political environment from where they are from? What are some similarities and differences among these axial age ideas? Writing Assignment Help

How do these text challenge or reflect the political environment from where they are from? What are some similarities and differences among these axial age ideas? Writing Assignment Help

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