How has multimedia affected entertainment in the past twenty years?

Use of Multimedia to Enhance Internet Applications

Consider the following scenarios and post responses to the questions that follow:

Scenario 1

Twenty-five years ago, when Jane Marlow was just a little girl, her only entertainment was to play with her toys. She depended on her parents to decide which toys should be bought for her. Today, her son, Mark, browses the Internet and tells Marlow which toys should be bought for him.

Based on the scenario, answer the following questions:

  • How has multimedia affected entertainment in the past twenty years? Cite examples and examine the impact this has had on culture and expectations. What advancements in technology have made these changes possible?
  • How can multimedia be leveraged by the visually-challenged? How does multimedia affect Internet usage for this section of the population? In what other ways can multimedia be used to enhance the presentation of information for hearing-impaired users?

Scenario 2

Your client, who manufactures toys, wants you to create a website to promote and sell toys on the Internet. The client wants to make the website very attractive for children by including videos, sounds, and animations depicting the features and functionalities of toys.

Based on the scenario, answer the following:

  • What points will you discuss with the client to convince him or her about the limitations of the Internet?
  • What strategies and techniques will you use to incorporate images and animations in the website, without compromising on the loading time and navigation?
  • List some ways to target the specific audience for the website. Analyze the primary and secondary audience and discuss the needs of both.
  • Which aspect of this website will be more important—content or presentation? Explain your answer.

In addition, select three websites and analyze them. List their URLs and specify the emphasis, whether content or presentation, of each website. Conclude with which aspect is more important.

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