How to create a checklist system through the eyes of a system analysis? Other Assignment Help

How to create a checklist system through the eyes of a system analysis? Other Assignment Help. How to create a checklist system through the eyes of a system analysis? Other Assignment Help.

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Using the Continuing Case: Personal Trainer, Inc. case study found in your module resources, you will create a systems requirement checklist to be submitted as a Word document. To complete the assignment, describe your approach to this task, specifically regarding how a systems analyst transposes information into requirements. Consider in your document the problem of incorrect interpretation of a requirement. Is this normal? Describe how iterations of requirements can help resolve incorrect interpretation.

For additional details, please refer to the Module Three Homework Activity Guidelines and Rubric document.

How to create a checklist system through the eyes of a system analysis? Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

research peaper Humanities Assignment Help

hey so I will send u the guide of the research that the teacher send me and we haven’t started with the research but the teacher needs me to choose one topic and write a paragraph and she has to accepted I will send you the topic that I choose and I need u to write about it and follow the guide , write for me exactly what she asked to do so

topics must be approved in advance by doing the following:

–Submit a one-paragraph Proposal, naming the work chosen, the theme or character study chosen, the library or libraries you will be using, and what you might need most help with. –Follow that with a preliminary listing of sources under the heading of Works Cited (at least four secondary sources, following MLA style on Blackboard (or see Purdue.OWL .edu or a recent grammar book on your course materials on Blackboard)—one page total. Due 4/03
Sources permitted for this paper:
1. Your primary source (Use the edition or version assigned for the class) 2. Scholarly books and collections of scholarly essays (university libraries or ILLIAD) 3. Materials provided in folders at the MSU Library circulation desk 4. The following databases (go to Library—Resources—Databases, then the initial letter): Academic Search Complete (full text articles, no reviews) JSTOR (full text articles, no book reviews, use the Advanced Search) MLA International Bibliography (lists all literary sources with links to databases that are acceptable—Do not use for pre-medieval texts –Project Muse (for scholarly journal articles) Proquest (for scholarly full-text, peer-reviewed articles only—no dissertations) **No web papers, no dissertations, no book reviews, no non-scholarly materials. Any use of Google Scholar material must be pre-approved.
Possible topics for research paper that will be acceptable—choose only one specific one of the listed topics. You may present another topic, which may be acceptable if written out and explained in your proposal:

Sundiata (one topic only):

Role of magic (all kinds)

How power works in the epic

Role of women

Role of griots

Sundiata as a character

Ways music and ceremony add to the epic’s presentation

and please I need u to tell me what did u pic


The reading packet for the novel Humanities Assignment Help

Hi, please read Wonder (Novel) by R.J Palacio and then complete of the packet of Middle Grade Novel questions #1 to 15 for that novel. Please answer and write specific by correcting grammar and spelling. Please also include page number. I uploaded the packet of Middle Grade Novel Question file and answer questions # 1 to 15 in that document. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hello, here’s the information you should need to know for question # 15. If you choose “Creative response: Write an imaginary “journal entry” in the “voice” of any character from the novel”, the journal entry look like below. I uploaded a file for that. Please read it.


EDUC 500 Children Moral And Cognitive Development Theories Paper Writing Assignment Help

During this module/week you will watch the video, A Child’s Mind: How Kids Learn Right from Wrong, as well as reading from your Slavin and Schunk (2017). You may use both sources as you complete this assignment. You must answer each question using complete sentences and following current APA format. However, you must also properly cite your sources. For your description of each of the moral development theories, write at least 4–5 sentences. For the final question, construct one solid paragraph of at least 400 words each. You must cite at least 1 professional source. You can cite the video as follows: (Ryan, 2011). You can see how to complete the reference for the video at the end of these instructions.


world history Writing Assignment Help

Select any four questions of your choice and ensure that you answer all parts of the question. Each answer should be at a two page and doubled spaced. You do not have to cite your sources.


  • What were the demographic effects of the Columbian exchange?
  • Compare and explain the reasons for differences or similarities between the European colonies of North and South America.
  • State and justify your position on the role of the Catholic Church in regard to relations with the Amerindian people in either the Spanish or the French American colonies.


  • Describe capitalism and mercantilism and explain their roles in the development of the Atlantic system.
  • What factors led to the development of the African slave trade?
  • What effects did slavery have on economic life in Africa?


  • How was the Ottoman Empire administered under Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566)?
  • What were the roles of the Portuguese, Oman, and the Dutch in the development of trade in the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia?
  • What factors led to the decline of the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires?


  • What did the Russian and Qing Empires have in common, and how did these common features affect the relationship between the two?
  • Both the Qing and the Tokugawa governments were in decline by 1800. What reasons lay behind the decline of each government?


  • Discuss the causes, conduct and consequences of the French, and the Haitian revolutions.
  • What roles did Enlightenment thought and folk cultures play in the making of the eighteenth century revolutions?
  • How did revolution in one country help incite revolutions elsewhere?


  • Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Britain rather than in continental Europe or the United States?
  • What exactly is meant by the Industrial Revolution? What were the economic changes that revolutionized manufacturing in the eighteenth century and led to the factory system?
  • How did the Industrial Revolution change people’s lives and the environment in which they lived and worked?
  • 7.
  • What were the benefits and drawbacks to the Ottoman Empire as they attempted to modernize and reform during the Tanzimat period?
  • Discuss the causes, conduct and consequences of the Crimean War.
  • What internal and external challenges did the Qing Empire face in the early 1830-1870s?


  • What were the causes of the revolutions for independence in Latin America (Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil between 1800 and 1850s?
  • Who were some of the key individuals associated with the fight for independence in Latin America?
  • What economic and social factors led to the abolitionist and women’s rights movement? Who was William Wilberforce and how did he contribute the abolition of slavery in England?



hi-tech devices, tools, activities, or networking and communication platforms Writing Assignment Help

select a topic on technological innovation and progress and the resulting societal impacts. Thetopics can be any hi-tech devices, tools, activities, or networking and communication platforms that depict recent technological innovation. The topic also can be the history of the basic principles or operations of the United States government, which promote technological innovation and progress and enhance a view of being a responsive citizen. Demonstrate how they have influenced our society and life.

hi-tech devices, tools, activities, or networking and communication platforms Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

performance reporting project management Business Finance Assignment Help

Time & Cost Practices: Performance Reporting

Overview and Rationale

After completing the Lesson 6 MsProject Assignment, complete the following report. You will use the Earned Value data you created as part of the MsProject assignment to write this report. A template is attached for your use.

Program and Course Outcomes

This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the course syllabus:

  • Evaluate a variety of techniques to manage changes to the project schedule and cost performance baselines and updating project progress through performance reporting.

In addition to these key learning outcomes, you will also have the opportunity to evidence the following skills through completing this assignment:

  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Problem solving

Essential Components & Instructions

This assignment will require you to create a document with the following sections:

Executive Summary:
(Summarize the finding of your report briefly (1 or 2 paragraphs); this should include the major finding of your report, as well as, your recommendations. It should be concise and direct.)

Current Status of Project:
(In this section, you want to provide details regarding the current status. Tell whether or not the project is on or behind schedule, over or under budget. If there are variances, tell why they exist. What has gone wrong? What is going right? Provide the EVM data here, including CV, CPI, SV, & SPI. Explain what these values mean. Provide a brief analysis of what has happened in the project so that the reader understands why the variances exist, specifically.)

Forecast Future Performance:
(Based on the analysis, where is this project heading? Provide a forecast of future performance using EVM. What is the EAC and ETC for this project? Be sure to explain what these numbers mean in understandable terms.)

(Because this is a sample project file, you have limited information, but based on your analysis, tell us what areas of the project are of concern. Is cost or time a concern in these areas? Does the scope need be considered? What are some possible solutions for cost and schedule related problems that might be applicable?)

Supporting Data:
(If relevant to your calculations and analysis, provide supporting data in the final section of the report as an appendix.)


Below are some key guidelines you will want to ensure you follow in this assignment. Think of this short list as a quality control checklist, along with the attached grading rubric.

  • Document should professionally formatted using titles, headers, and bullets where appropriate.
  • A template has been provided for your use.
  • You must include a title page and cite any outside sources using a works cited page according to APA 6th edition guidelines
  • Submission is free of grammatical errors and misspellings

Please be sure to review the attached rubric. It along with these assignment instructions will ensure you have a solid understanding of the assignment requirements.


Reflective Journal Health Medical Assignment Help

After reviewing the articles for a particular issue you will introduce this issue and explain why this is important to you. Just the Module 1. attached is the course material for module 1. please use APA format and write on the attachment itself. Rubric is included as well.Instructions are included.

My area of interest is Clinical practice (acute care NP

Think about your area of interest (management, education, or clinical practice) and begin to identify a problem or issue that will be the topic of your Capstone Project (a listing of possible topics is included in the course syllabus by area of interest). Use the questions below to guide your library search for associated readings:


How do we know this is a problem or issue?


Who needs the information about the problem or issue?


What are possible solutions?


How will dissemination of this researched information impact behavior?


Finding Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Citation: Finding Peer Reviewed Journal Articles [Video file]. (n.d.). Retrieved from

You will be responsible for locating and reading articles that address the problem or issue you select for your project. Choose peer-reviewed evidence-based articles and incorporate the information into your project. You will also identify ways in which some of the articles could apply to other areas of nursing and discuss these with your online colleagues.

These three links might help you select and cite your articles.


UTA Library: Nursing

Citation: Home – Nursing – Subject and Course Guides at University of Texas at Arlington. (n.d.). Retrieved from


APA Style Help

Citation: APA Style Help. (n.d.). Retrieved from


Discussion Board II: Are we headed for a boom or bust in IB? Business Finance Assignment Help

This exercise requires you to discuss International Business issues for the future, based on current global trends. The purpose in having these Discussion Boards is to make you read outside the textbook. So, more points will be awarded to those that can demonstrate this aspect. Discuss some of the following issues:

  • How important is Exports to a country’s growth? Check the % share of exports to GDP for some large economies. (what is US exports share?)
  • What are the current obstacles to export growth in the US?
  • What products or markets can US exports grow in?
  • Is it possible to increase US exports through incentives? What are some things that the government can do? What can corporations do?

a meaningful comment + introducing relevant new links / citation + supporting or refuting others’ comments with substantial evidence + linking issues to international business.


Step 1 Post a response to the discussion board. Respond to the following prompts. If appropriate, include personal experience in your response: Explain in what circumstances a company needs to decentralize. Describe how performance evaluation systems are Business Finance Assignment Help

This is a discussion question.

Step 1 Post a response to the discussion board.

Respond to the following prompts. If appropriate, include personal experience in your response:

  • Explain in what circumstances a company needs to decentralize. Describe how performance evaluation systems are used to control organizations. Explain how the balanced scorecard can be used to assess company performance.

Step 2 Read and respond to other students’ posts.

Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them. Again, if appropriate, include personal experience to support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support opinions.

Here are the two answers you have to respond :

1. When developing a company, it requires a larger operation including different divisions and units to take it easier and faster in management. Decentralized operation delegate decision-making to unit managers, usually based on geographic are, product line, business function. Divisions of a decentralized company might independently handle all aspects of their operations or only particular ones. The teams still need to make sure their actions align with an agreed-upon vision and broader plan. However, they might make up their own rules and determine their individual processes, reaching consensus on them as a team. The degree of decentralization that’s right for a company depends on its size, culture, and strategy. Using decentralized structures improve customer relations and managers at all levels believe they have strong involvement in the success or failure of the company, but more people are involved and decisions are not concentrated with the goals.

Performance Evaluation Systems (PES) promote goal congruence and coordination by providing incentives for coordinating the subunits’ activities and direct them toward achieving the overall company goals. PES communicate expectations and motivate unit managers by pointing out the most critical objectives of each unit so that the unit managers can make decisions consistent with the overall goals. PES provide feedback to upper managers and compare the unit’s achievements with others to maintain control within organization.

The balanced scorecard represents a major shift in corporate performance measurement. Keeping the score of operating measure and traditional financial measure give management a balanced, comprehensive view of the organization. Management use key performance indicator such as customer satisfaction rate, market share, employee training hours, operational efficiency, revenue growth… to evaluate the performance of the company. Otherwise, the balanced scorecard view the company from 4 perspectives: Financial perspective, Customer perspective, Internal business perspective, and Learning and growth perspective.

2. Decentralization frees up top management to focus more on major decisions. For a small business, growth may create the need to decentralize to continue efficient operations. Decentralization offers several advantages, such as employees can be empowered by having more autonomy to make their own decisions, giving them a sense of importance and making them feel as if they have more input in the direction of the organization. Decentralizing also can takes some of the burden of daily business operations off the business owner. Preparing for emergency situation, be able to make decisions more quickly than one with a centralized structure and facilitate the process of expansion.

A performance evaluation system is a way to examine how is an employee is performing in that job. The company can use the performance evaluation system to encourage positive performance and behavior. Second, it is a way to satisfy employee curiosity as to how well they are performing in their job. It can also be used as a tool to develop employees. Lastly, it can provide a basis for pay raises, promotions, and legal disciplinary actions.

The balanced scorecard can provide information about the company when viewing company objectives. An organization may use the balanced scorecard to implement strategy mapping to see where the value is added within an organization. A company also utilizes a balanced scorecard to develop strategic initiatives and strategic objectives.


How to create a checklist system through the eyes of a system analysis? Other Assignment Help

How to create a checklist system through the eyes of a system analysis? Other Assignment Help

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