How to evaluate Eric Foner’s Thesis from Give Me Liberty and Voices of Freedom derived from chapters 9-15? Writing Assignment Help

How to evaluate Eric Foner’s Thesis from Give Me Liberty and Voices of Freedom derived from chapters 9-15? Writing Assignment Help. How to evaluate Eric Foner’s Thesis from Give Me Liberty and Voices of Freedom derived from chapters 9-15? Writing Assignment Help.

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**Evaluate Foner’s Thesis (see Give Me Liberty, preface) by drawing evidence from the course (1) to examine how Americans have defined freedom over time AND (2) to explain how the historical context of a given time and place shaped new and multiple meanings of freedom and boundaries of freedom (1800-1877).

**According to Eric Foner in Give Me Liberty, “No idea is more fundamental to Americans’ sense of themselves as individuals and as a nation than freedom. …The very universality of the idea of freedom…can be misleading. Freedom is not a fixed, timeless category with a single unchanging definition. Indeed, the history of the United States is, in part, a story of debates, disagreements, and struggles over freedom. … At various times in our history, it has served as the rallying cry of the powerless and as a justification for the status quo. Freedom helps to bind our culture together and exposes the contradictions between what America claims to be and what it sometimes has been.”

I have uploaded the exact prompt. You will see that this is a final exam in class essay and requires using the exact texts stated. Disregard the first part about Identification, just refer to the Long Essay portion. My purpose for using this service is to help me formulate a thorough outline to better prepare myself to write it by hand in class on the day of. Please ask me any further questions at anytime.

How to evaluate Eric Foner’s Thesis from Give Me Liberty and Voices of Freedom derived from chapters 9-15? Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Is the award for the book, the artistry, or a label? Writing Assignment Help

Even though awards and labels were developed with the intention of creating opportunity structures and recognition for many people’s stories, debates continue.

  • Who gets to tell whose story?
  • Is the award really about literary or illustration quality if the criteria are about race, ethnicity, religion, etc.?
  • Do specific awards, based on other criteria, actually create more opportunities for diverse stories or do these awards limit these stories and their creators?
  • Is the award for the book, the artistry, or a label?
  • Using criteria from the various children’s literature awards, coupled with your understanding of the information provided in the chapter, what is your position on authorial identity, quality, and diverse portrayals?
  •… (chapter 4 pg. 75)




Provide a brief synopsis of the three articles content Writing Assignment Help

2 essays, 2 pages EACH

Instructions for Term Papers:

When writing this term paper, the writer should accomplish two aims: 1) the paper should
provide a brief synopsis of the three articles’ content; 2) the paper should set forth a critical
commentary and evaluation of the three articles.

The following instructions will further aid scholars in writing a good term paper:

  1. Download the “American Foreign Policy” file from the Bonus Paper Assignment section
    of our Blackboard course, and read the three articles found in the file.
  2. Take brief notes as you read. They will help you recall the content when you plan and
    write your paper.
  3. Write your paper in proper, formal English with appropriate regard for the rules of
    grammar and the conventions of style. Edit your work carefully. Say exactly what you
    intend. For this assignment, reviews must be around 500 words. Each page must be
    formatted with 1-inch margins on the sides, top, and bottom, and all content must be
    double-spaced. Font must be Times New Roman 12-point. All pages except the first must
    be numbered.
  4. The first part of the paper should provide a very brief introduction of the authors (no
    more than a sentence or two) and present a synthesis of the articles’ content. In other
    words, the reviewer must provide some idea of what the articles are about and the
    arguments they make. What is the subject? How do the authors deal with it? Do the
    authors explain the purposes and intentions of their articles and then comply with them?
    Do the articles address a certain kind of historical problem? If so, what? Do the authors
    develop a particular kind of thesis or line of argument? Include the authors’ theses.
  5. The second part of the paper should provide a critical commentary and evaluation. In this
    section, you need to decide whether the articles succeed in making their arguments or
    fulfilling their stated purposes. What sorts of evidence do the authors present? Does it
    come from primary sources (letters, diaries, documents in archival repositories, etc.) or
    secondary sources (published articles or books)? Do the authors persuade you that their
    cases are valid?
  6. In making these judgments, you should pay attention to the following considerations. Do
    the authors present logical, coherent, and consistent arguments? Do the authors support
    their presentations with solid, believable evidence? Are the authors fair? Pay attention to
    signs of bias, prejudice, bigotry, distortion, and misrepresentation.
  7. Finally, remember that plagiarism is a crime in the academic world. Anyone found guilty
    of plagiarism will fail this exercise and possibly the course. For the record, plagiarism is
    the act of taking someone’s words, writings, or ideas and then passing them off as your
    own. For example, copying essays from the encyclopedia or internet is plagiarism. Avoid
    this problem as the risks are too great.


Creating a website by HTML 5 Programming Assignment Help

I need help editing my project. I have attached my complete project, but needs to edit. Please find attached my project and I also have attached the instruction of the project to give an idea about it and my original research.

I need to edit these things

“Syllabus link isn’t working (-5),
There aren’t any links for the contents(-30),
There is no image and video is not embedded(-20),
The PDF attached isn’t working(-10),
No media Reference and Research reference(-30)
No CSS unordered list on a content page as directed or no ordered list on reference page as directed (-10)

Thank you


Hospitality Memorial Day weekend Humanities Assignment Help

Please make sure help me finish it on time and no plagiarism, thank you so much. Position: You are a hotel manager at Las Vegas Strip property Scenario: It is Memorial Day weekend and your property is running at 90% occupancy. Management/ownership is anticipating this holiday weekend to very successful and increase gross profits significantly. On Friday at 8pm you notice a power surge, causing a brief power outage. At 9pm that same night all the water flow to the entire property ceases, causing there to be no running water for 24 hours. Action plan Assignment: Please provide me with a 4-page action plan. I want to know what you’d do in the situation as the manager in charge. Please get creative and use the knowledge that you have gained for the entire course.

Action papers need be at least 4
pages in length (double-spaced), not including the cover page. 12-point font and 1-inch margins
(top and bottom of pages) and 1.25” margins (left and right side of pages) are mandatory, and
headings must be used where appropriate. Points will be deducted for papers not meeting the
criteria, as well as for any grammatical errors.



Game Theory for Stock Market Selling Price Optimization Writing Assignment Help

Write a research paper in APA format.

Integrate what you have learned from the course resources (.e.g. Textbook Readings, Discussion Board Posts, Chapter Presentations) into your document.

As you consider the topic for your research paper, try and narrow the subject down to a manageable issue. Search for academic journal articles (i.e. peer reviewed) and other sources related to your selected subject. Because this is a research paper, you must be sure to use proper APA format citations.

Your paper must include an introduction stating what you paper is about and also state a logical conclusion.

This paper must be 5 pages and use at least 5 peer reviewed sources. Peer reviewed sources include: Academic Journal Articles, Textbooks, and Government Documents. At least one of the textbooks for this course must be used as a source for this paper.

Game Theory for Stock Market Selling Price Optimization Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Political Participation Humanities Assignment Help

Compare and contrast the 2008 and 2016 presidential election campaign tactics by reviewing one Democratic ad and one Republican ad from each election (four ads overall).

Remember to analyze the ads. Don’t simply describe them. (Because you will link to your ads, the rest of us can see for ourselves what they looked like). Leave out personal opinions, and stick to facts and concepts in the readings, which also should be cited where appropriate.

Here are some web sources which you might want to consult:


W8 Assignment 2 Montreal Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Corrections to current paper along with adding 2 more pages.

Montreal Case Study

Write a 18-20 page evaluation paper based on the 1976 Montreal Olympics: Case Study of Project Failure. To locate the Montreal Case Study, follow the instructions on the PowerPoint presentation EBSCO BA 595 Case Study Search (Download here).

You are expected to provide a detailed analysis of the case study and demonstrate your grasp of project management knowledge by applying lessons you have learned through your project management program. You are expected to address the information below in detail:

  • Analyze the key mistakes made with the use of the 5 essential elements of project management
  • Explain what actions should have been taken to ensure the 5 essential elements of project management were used properly
  • Evaluate (defend or prosecute) the quality assurance measures during and after construction
  • Identify and calculate the key mistakes that could have significantly reduced costs
  • Describe the key stakeholders, and assess their motives and risks taken

Please include a title page and reference page with at least 2 references. At least 1 of the references should be located in the Grantham University online library. The other reference(s) may come from the internet but not sites like Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers,, eHow, or other similar sites. Please adhere to APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines. Papers are to be double-spaced, 1 inch margins, formatted and referenced according to APA guidelines.


Reflect on this week’s collaborative discussion of various numeration systems Mathematics Assignment Help

Reflect on this week’s collaborative discussion of various numeration systems.

Choose two numeration systems to compare and contrast with our current Hindu-Arabic numeration system.

Babylonian numeral system

Roman numeral system

Compare and contrast the following from each numeration system in at least a 350-word paper:

  • Symbols
  • Place value
  • Concept of zero
  • Additive system, multiplicative system, or both

    Format your paper according to APA guidelines, including references to all outside sources used.

    Question and Answer format

    Must be on a different word document

    Each question must be a minimum of 100 words

  1. Manipulatives
    Read the following scenario, and formulate the response you might give the parent:
    A parent of one your students is questioning your use of manipulatives in the classroom. They think using manipulatives is too simplistic and that the child is not learning the concepts needed to count. What might you say to this parent to justify your use of manipulatives? Share your response, and explain your reasoning.
  2. Do you think students should be proficient in addition before learning multiplication? Explain your answer.
  3. Addition and subtraction are the foundation of math, and multiplication will not make sense if you do not understand addition. What are your thoughts on Math Facts? Do they serve a purpose? Should they be timed?
  4. Summary of Manipulatives


Write about Aristotle on friendship Humanities Assignment Help

I will sent file call what to do = to know what the topic about the essay ‘

there is other readings pdfs = to know what reading we took on class , so use them as the ONLY, however I do not want summery, I want you to write about

Make the
argument, relying on Aristotle’s philosophy, that friendship is or that it
involves virtue. Consider why friendship allows one to acquire the virtue and
to better direct one’s actions toward one’s ultimate goal. Your paper need not
include autobiographical details, unless what you draw on allows you to
identify specific virtues of characters you have developed with or through your



How to evaluate Eric Foner’s Thesis from Give Me Liberty and Voices of Freedom derived from chapters 9-15? Writing Assignment Help

How to evaluate Eric Foner’s Thesis from Give Me Liberty and Voices of Freedom derived from chapters 9-15? Writing Assignment Help

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