How will the best strategy be determined?

You are part of a group of newly hired team superintendents with Riordan Manufacturing. Your group was hired to lead new teams and begin production of the newly designed CardiCare Valve heart valves. This will be at the organization’s Pontiac, MI, location that is currently manufacturing custom plastic parts. Many of the production employees are current employees from other divisions, and the company expects to hire some new employees.
Resources: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization, Team Strategy Plan
Review the Riordan Manufacturing intranet site and the Human Resource section under Demographics, Employees, Employee Files, and Reports.
Prepare a plan to create the teams. Address the following in your plan:
· Identify various strategies available to build teams.
· What challenges or barriers may happen?
· How will the best strategy be determined?
· What measures will you use to determine if the team is operating successfully

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