How will you go about collecting and preparing that information?

To start exploring what performance information is available for your school see the My School website at

As you explore the school you are working with via the My School website think about what other sources of information you will need to complete the essay and presentation assignments. Where will this information come from? How will you go about collecting and preparing that information? What theoretical frames can you use in your analysis?

Your essay will explain how well you think your school performed as an organisation. The question you will be answering your essay is:

Based on what you have learnt this semester about organisational performance, how useful is the Myschool data in assessing the performance your school performed?

You will need to think and plan out how you think your essay should be structured, and identify sources of information to help you in your task. This is a university level assignment and you need to think about and identify what your research on the performance of the school tells you about the value of the theories used to understand organisational performance.

In preparing your essay you should be referring to at least 5 other sources introduced in lectures, unit readings and your own research, as well as the Myschool site. A marking rubric for this assignment will be posted to Moodle showing that better assignments will include a range of references and draw on theories on how organisational performance can be measured and assessed.

As a minimum guide your essay should have an introduction, and then answer the question of how useful the Myschool data is in assseing the performance of your school, using the Harvard Author-date referencing system and provide a reference list of those sources actually cited in the text. In terms of presentation of the report the minimum font size should be 12, double spaced, on single sided pages, pages should be numbered and any diagrams, illustration or tables included should be suitably labelled and referenced. Your essay may include sub-headings. A list of references used and cited in your response is a requirement for each paper and Harvard-style author date referencing should be used.

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