HUM/115: Critical Thinking In Everyday Life Business Finance Assignment Help

HUM/115: Critical Thinking In Everyday Life Business Finance Assignment Help. HUM/115: Critical Thinking In Everyday Life Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Write a 300- to 600-word reflection on the scenario, using the Reflection Template. Follow the instructions within the template to complete your reflection. You will need to include an introduction paragraph to introduce your reader to the topics you will be discussing; 3 body paragraphs, each with specific questions that need to be addressed within; and a conclusion paragraph to bring your paper to a close.

Note: The Reflection Template is already formatted appropriately, and you do not need to make any changes to the format. The questions to help you write the 3 paragraphs are contained in the template. Be sure to demonstrate your critical thinking abilities in your responses to the questions and ensure your paper flows well from topic to topic.

Title of Paper

Student Name


Due Date

Faculty Name

Title of Paper

Triple click your mouse anywhere in this paragraph to replace this text with your introduction. Often the most important paragraph in the entire essay, the introduction grabs the reader’s attention—sometimes a difficult task for academic writing. When writing an introduction, some approaches are best avoided. Avoid starting sentences with “The purpose of this essay is . . .” or “In this essay I will . . .” or any similar flat announcement of your intention or topic.

Elements of Critical Thinking

Triple click your mouse anywhere in this paragraph to replace this text with your 1st body paragraph. In this section, you will focus on the elements of critical thinking apparent in the case. Replace the text with a well-developed paragraph (including a topic sentence and transitions) that covers the following questions: What barriers to critical thinking were apparent? (Review Paragraph 2 of the scenario and Weeks 1 and 2 course content.) How were the barriers to critical thinking presented? Do you believe that Sally possesses characteristics of a good critical thinker? Why or why not? (Review the entire scenario and consider her handling of barriers, reason, emotion, communication and fallacies in order to reply to this.)

Reason, Emotion, and Communication

Triple click your mouse anywhere in this paragraph to replace this text with your 2nd body paragraph. In this section, you will focus on the role that reason, emotion, and communication play in the case. Replace the text with a well-developed paragraph (including a topic sentence and transitions) that covers the following questions: How does Sally demonstrate reasoning in this scenario? How did emotion affect Sally’s critical thinking? (Review Paragraphs 2-4 to look at reason and emotions in the scenario as well as Week 2 course content.) What type of communication style does Sally use while at dinner with her colleagues? (Review Paragraph 2 of the scenario and Week 2 course content.) Why do you believe this?

Fallacies and Argument

Triple click your mouse anywhere in this paragraph to replace this text with your 3rd body paragraph. In this section, you will explain the fallacies and arguments presented in the case. Replace the text with a well-developed paragraph (including a topic sentence and transitions) that covers the following questions: What fallacies are present in the scenario? (Review Paragraph 4 of the scenario and Week 3 course content.) What is the main argument presented? Do you believe the argument is valid? Why or why not? (Review Paragraph 4 of the scenario and Week 4 course content.)


Triple click your mouse anywhere in this paragraph to replace this text with your conclusion. The closing paragraph is designed to bring the reader to your way of thinking if you are writing a persuasive essay, to understand relationships if you are writing a comparison/contrast essay, or simply to value the information you provide in an informational essay. The closing paragraph summarizes the key points from the supporting paragraphs without introducing any new information.

HUM/115: Critical Thinking In Everyday Life Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Chinese history and cultural relics essay Humanities Assignment Help

Paper Topic: Of your own choosing. You should develop an issue related to but not duplicating the course material (Chinese art from the Neolithic period to the 18th century) and submit the topic and your working bibliography (at least 3 sources) by August 25. The topic may be changed or developed as your research makes appropriate. Please make good use of provided references materials and digital resources available through the library website and major museum sites. Typical topics for term papers (among many other possibilities) might include a close study of a single monument or work of art, examination of developments within a single innovative artistic style, a particular aspect of a single artist’s work, or a carefully delimited discussion about the development of a particular type of subject matter, to mention only a few possibilities. The grade will be based on your clarity of presentation, perceptive use of existing scholarship, effectiveness of the evidence you present, the quality and persuasiveness of your argument, and the soundness of your conclusions.

In your research, use all the resources available to you in the library and on the web to find additional material about the topic in the form of books, articles, and images.

Your final paper, like all good writing, should be organized to tell a story or to solve a problem, with an introduction, presentation of the evidence, and clear conclusion. Achieving this goal usually requires careful editing and some rewriting, so don’t wait until the night before the paper is due to start writing, but budget your research time so that you can get to work on your draft as early as possible. Please edit the paper carefully and critically. This will probably lead you to do some reorganization, so please leave yourself adequate time to do so.

Technical matters:

The paper should be roughly 6-8 pages in length. Longer is acceptable, if needed, after editing, but not required.

Please type your paper in a font no smaller than 12 pitch, double spaced, and paginated.

Please use the standard scholarly note and bibliography format and cite all your sources. Include both notes and bibliography. You may use the textbook as a model for note and bibliography format. All sources, including online ones, should be documented.

Be careful and critical of your sources, especially online sources. Wikipedia is not scholarly and should not be cited as a primary source, although the better articles sometimes have bibliography that is well worth consulting. Academic, museum, and peer-reviewed sources should be your primary references. When in doubt, please ask.

Please include illustrations of the works of art you discuss or that support your argument. You should identify each illustration in a caption or list of illustrations in a format similar to what you see in the textbook. In addition to artist, title, medium and format, date, and dimensions, you should include the collection that owns the work, if known, and the source of your illustration (whether print and internet). Please do not insert the illustrations in the text, but append them at the end.


easy case study Business Finance Assignment Help

The assignment should contain THREE PARAGRAPHS (no need for headings or sub-headings):

Paragraph 1:

Major Problem / Summary of recommendations: You must identify what you perceive to be the major problem facing the company in this first paragraph. You must summarize in specific terms your proposed action and the benefits such action will bring to the organization. Specific suggests that you present recommendations in precise enough terms for a manager to make a decision after reading the first paragraph if the case situation were real and s/he agreed with your proposal.

Paragraph 2:

Rationale behind Recommendations: In this section, you will provide more specifics about your recommendations; including any pertinent background information that caused you to draw the conclusions that you did. This should include data from the case, and theoretical frameworks and concepts learned in class. For example, you could summarize the market, competitive, and internal factors behind your decision, giving a rationale for adopting your action plan in Paragraph 3 and discarding alternatives.Note, no plan is perfect, so you must examine the potential drawbacks to your recommendation.

Paragraph 3:

Action Plan: How will you achieve your goals? How will you bring these recommendations to fruition? This section must include a discussion of the marketing mix – including specifics about product or service (PRODUCT) the distribution (PLACE), pricing strategies (PRICE), advertising and promotion (PROMOTION). Also, you could list any other tactics that specifically address the problem in the company. Finally, does your Action Plan create any drawbacks as well? If so, how would you proceed?

Other important points:

  • Include any quantitative analysis (profit calculations; break even etc.) that you believe would be important for the reader to understand the case that you are making. However, for this class I recommend that you focus on qualitative strategic issues. To that end, on occasion I will provide you with the required results of the quantitative analysis.
  • Exhibits should be used judiciously. Use them to explain concepts that supplement your recommendations.This also gives you more space in the memo to make your case.
  • This is a business memo. As stated earlier you should NOT use a conversational style and do NOT include personal anecdotes (e.g., When I was in Europe, the guys bought this stuff every day.)
  • You assume the role of the main character who has to address the major issue; however, some students prefer to take the role of an outside consultant. Note, assuming either role is fine.

Final Thoughts

BE CONCISE: Flowery language has no place in a professional memo. If a paragraph is taking up half a page or more, it is not worded concisely enough and contains unnecessary information.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: What additional information does the memo recipient need from you to make an informed decision? Use case data sparingly e.g., If writing a memo to the CEO of Mountain Man Brewing Co., there is no need to discuss the history of the company, or the existing product line.

STAY OBJECTIVE: To keep arguments as objective and unemotional as possible, avoid referring to yourself in the first person (“I believe”, “I think” etc.) unless absolutely necessary.

ANTICIPATE COUNTERARGUMENTS: Your recommendation and action plan are not perfect; acknowledge its imperfections and explain why the pros outweigh the cons. (e.g., you might state: “Even though reducing the price of Bose headphones may impact its image as a prestige brand, it is imperative that we do so because…”

1. Memoranda cannot be more than 550 words unless otherwise instructed (only the main body of the memo counts towards word limit).

2. Exhibits are not mandatory and should be used only when needed. If you use exhibits, make sure you reference them accurately in the text. Exhibits that are not referenced in the memo or that come across as superfluous will count against you. You are allowed 500 additional words for exhibits, but they MUST be relevant.

3. Please point out in the body of the memorandum those aspects of the exhibits to which particular attention should be given, and explain how those important factors are relevant to your arguments and recommendations.

4. Use footnotes in the exhibits to explain calculations or intricate relationships. Do not use footnotes in the main body of your memo.

5. Use a business/professional writing style (e.g., simple declarative sentences, active voice, avoid techno-babble and acronyms, focus on the relevant issues). Please avoid slang and a conversational style.

6. Please proofread your memoranda and exhibits carefully. There are writing services available for students that allow you to improve the readability of your written work. Please make use of them. Information is available through the Graduate Programs office.This is the single biggest pet peeve that I have regarding case memos and the one that is the easiest to remedy.


What are the effective financial report on sound ethical behavior? Financial scandals in accounting and the businesses world have resulted in legislation to ensure adequate disclosures and honesty and integrity in financial reporting. A sound economy is c Business Finance Assignment Help


  • Read the following scenario.
  • Answer the questions that follow. This will be a 2-3 page submission in a question and answer format (also in paragraph form). An introduction and conclusion is not required.
  • Refer back to your textbook for guidance on how to think through the scenario.

You have been recently hired as an assistant controller for XYZ Industries, a large, publically held manufacturing company. Your immediate supervisor is the controller who also reports directly to the VP of Finance. The controller has assigned you the task of preparing the year-end adjusting entries. In the receivables area, you have prepared an aging accounts receivable and have applied historical percentages to the balances of each of the age categories. The analysis indicates that an appropriate estimated balance for the allowance for uncollectible accounts is $180,000. The existing balance in the allowance account prior to any adjusting entry is a $20,000 credit balance.

After showing your analysis to the controller, he tells you to change the aging category of a large account from over 120 days to current status and to prepare a new invoice to the customer with a revised date that agrees with the new category. This will change the required allowance for uncollectible accounts from $180,000 to $135,000. Tactfully, you ask the controller for an explanation for the change and he tells you “We need the extra income, the bottom line is too low.”


In a 2-3 page paper, discuss the following:

  • Consider what you have learned relative to ethics and financial reporting. What is the rationale for the calculations/process used to estimate the $180,000 uncollectible allowance?
  • How do you think the misstatement of funds will impact the income statement and balance sheet?
  • What is the ethical dilemma you face? What are the ethical considerations? Consider your options and responsibilities as assistant controller.
  • Identify the key internal and external stakeholders. What are the negative impacts that can happen if you do not follow the instructions of your supervisor?
  • What are the potential consequences if you do comply with your supervisor’s instructions? Who will be negatively impacted?

Additional Requirements:

  • Use at least one (1) quality academic resource (in addition to your textbook) for this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources. You have access to Strayer University’s Online Library at and the iCampus University Library Research page at

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Your paper should be double spaced (Arial or Times Roman 12 pt font) and follow general Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) as they relate to references and citations. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details (more information and an example is included in the Strayer Writing Standards menu link located in your Blackboard).
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.


plant pathology Science Assignment Help

1. Describe the gene-for-gene model in terms of our current mechanistic understanding of plant-pathogen interactions.

2. You are interested in developing varieties that are resistant to pests, but you know that resistance is often non-durable, so you want to also include tolerance (in case the resistance breaks down). Pick a pest (pathogen or arthropod) and outline how you would develop a variety that is both resistant and tolerant. Include information about the type of resistance, and how you would screen for resistance vs. tolerance. Is there any reason to not focus on tolerance alone?

3. What are the important categories (or guilds) of (a) plant pathogens and (b) herbivorous arthropods that determine plant defensive responses? How (and why) do those defenses differ between categories in each case: (a) pathogens and (b) arthropods?

4. Pick one component of plant disease resistance that you think would make a good target for engineering novel (and durable) resistance, and explain why you think this would be durable.



Please follow the instruction below and prepare as it is said. Please make sure it is not plagiarized Business Finance Assignment Help

The financial system refers to the set of markets and other institutions that are used for financial contracting, i.e. for borrowing, lending, investing and trading in financial securities. This forum is for discussion about the financial system: how it works, what it’s function is and how it can be improved, both from the point of view of equity, as well as from the point of view of efficiency. Material relevant for this topic can be found in the attachment.
However, you will note that this post explains how the article is related to the topic and attachment, summarizes it and provides some critical analysis on the article.

Please follow this:

  1. Introduce and summarize the article in four or five sentences
  2. provide a link to the article or attach the article to your post
  3. explain how the article relates to Managerial Finance

  4. comment on the article providing your point of view and your opinion (based as far as possible on objective facts and logical arguments).
  5. A good initial post is likely to run to about 500 words or so. Shorter posts run the danger of not explaining things fully. Longer posts are okay as long as they stick to the point.
  6. You must respond to a reasonable number of comments on your post. What is reasonable depends on how many individuals have commented and how different and good their arguments are. You don’t have to respond to each and every comment.
  7. The article you choose should be a news article or an article referring to a recent incident. It cannot be a blog. It cannot be an opinion piece, unless it refers to a recent news item (in which case you’d be better off simply using that news item). Also make sure that your article is not simply an advertisement or a paid article masquerading as a news article.
  8. The whole point of the Discussion Board is for us to have a look at what’s happening in the business news at the current time, see how it relates to our topics and discuss the issues.

Please follow the instruction below and prepare as it is said. Please make sure it is not plagiarized Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Florida International University HRMs Role in Making the Change Succeed Questions Writing Assignment Help

mgmt ba 4) You will be doing several things in the lesson’s online discussion. First tell us a bit about yourself, your background and career goals. Next complete the DISC self-assessment located at

Share with the class whether you agree or disagree with the DISC assessment and what may have surprised you about the assessment output. Engage one or more students based on their post and discuss techniques and approaches that would make working as a team easier and more productive. ( name is Christley Sylien, age 22, born and raised in Haiti, major super vision and management , last semester, current not working due to cover, use to be a tutor at a middle school, plan on getting a masters, 6 siblings, no kids )

5) How does the organizational structure of a nursing facility differ from that of a general acute care hospital? Through internet search, differentiate using a local or statewide nursing facility and acute care hospital. Relate these differences to the ease or difficulty of managing each.

HUMAN RESOURCES <> 6) If you were to start a business, what aspects of human resource management would you want to entrust to specialists? Why?

7) Merging, downsizing, and reengineering all can radically change the structure of an organization. Choose one of these changes and describe HRM’s role in making the change succeed. If possible, apply your discussion to an actual merger, downsizing, or reengineering effort that has recently occurred

Discussion Requirements:

  1. Your initial post should be at least 200 words.
  2. Read and respond in no fewer than 150 words to at least 2 of your peers’ posts.
  3. State your position on whether you agree or disagree with your peer’s statements.
  4. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected.


ka-sath Discussions Computer Science Assignment Help


  • Define and describe PaaS
  • List the benefits of PaaS
  • Describe the potential disadvantages of PaaS
  • Describe how a cloud-based database management system differs from an on-site database.
  • List the computing resources normally provided with PaaS.
  • Assume your company must deploy a .NET solution to the cloud. Discuss the options available to developers. Research on the web and estimate the costs associated with deploying a PaaS solution.
  • Assume your company must deploy a PHP or Java solution to the cloud. Discuss the options available to developers. Research on the web and estimate the costs associated with deploying a PaaS solution.


Due to COVID-19, your state has a forthcoming referendum (a vote to adopt a enact a new law) mandating the wearing of masks. Do you agree with this referendum Yes or No? You should give specific reasons for why you agree or disagree with the referendum.


Team Performance, Productivity and Rewording Teamwork

Module 2 focuses on performance, productivity, and rewarding teamwork. Based on your understanding, discuss the following.

Discuss how to access team productivity:

What conditions need to be in place for teams to excel and why?

Suggestion ways to design teamwork so that threats to performance is minimized

As a manager, how would you reward teamwork?


Chapter 1 Reading Assignment Engineering Assignment Help


answer the questions all on the word .

1. What is Thermal conductivity? What are its units? What role does it play in heat transfer?

2. What is temperature gradient? What are its units? What is the relationship of heat flow to a temperature gradient?

3. What is a difference between heat flux and heat rate?

4. What is Fourier’s law? Write down the equation

5. What is the inherent difference between the application of conservation of energy over a time interval and at an instant of time?

6. What is irradiation? What are its units?

7. What is thermal energy storage? How does it differ from thermal energy generation?

8. What is Newtown’s law of cooling? Write down the equation.

9. What is the difference between natural convection and forced convection?

10. What is emissivity?


ka-assignment2-make changes to the already written paper to avoid plag Computer Science Assignment Help

Week 2 Research Paper: Blockchain (attached the already written pape)

Industry experts believe blockchain is a technology that has the potential to affect the business of most IT professionals in the next five years. Pick an industry you feel will be most affected by blockchain and how blockchain may be used in that industry. As an IT manager, how would you embrace blockchain? For instance, how would training occur for your team, what strategies might you use, what security methods may you recommend be used?

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

• Be approximately four to six pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.

• Follow APA7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.

• Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook. The UC Library is a great place to find resources.

• Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.


HUM/115: Critical Thinking In Everyday Life Business Finance Assignment Help

HUM/115: Critical Thinking In Everyday Life Business Finance Assignment Help

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