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humanities questions Humanities Assignment Help. humanities questions Humanities Assignment Help.

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What do the three major religions of the Western world Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common? Explain at least 3 commonalities.

We saw and discussed how the Resurrection/ transformation motif presents itself in Doris Lessing’s Through the Tunnel and Richard Wright’s Big Boy Leaves Home. Authors constantly re-tell this motif because it plays out in real life. In literary terms, explain the resurrection motif, also known as the transformation motif. Explain how readers might benefit from constantly re-reading this motif?

Why might author Dante Alighieri place Brutus, Cassius, and Judas in the 9th circle and worst place in hell of his epic poem Inferno? In other words, what is the context and sub-text of this scene?

Name two high renaissance artists and an example of their work. Why are they significant to the Western world of art?

Several art forms including theater, literature, sculpture, philosophical myth etc. from centuries ago and tried to apply those art forms to not only the artists lives, but our modern lives as well. We know that art imitates life, in that we take pictures of what we see, we erect sculptures of famous living people etc. But in what ways does life imitate art? (example: someone who names their child after a literary or movie character) There is a great debate on weather art imitates life, or if life imitates art. What do you think? Explain with examples

Why are we still re-telling Shakespeare’s stories? We saw how modern re-telling of Shakespearean plays sometimes change for their specific audiences, like The Lion King as a re-telling of Hamlet for kids has a different ending to suit its audience. Consider the movie “O,” the modern re-telling of Shakespeare’s Othello, that follows Shakespeare’s plot-line exactly, with the same Shakespearean tragic ending. The movie endured some struggles and the release date had to be pushed back because of its content, but eventually opened to a mixed review from American Audiences in 2001. In your opinion,in light of American history, does the story-line of Shakespeare’s Othello as is “work” for modern American audiences? Would you have made changes to the characters and/or plot, or are people being too sensitive?


“[We now consider] the question whether it is better to be loved rather than feared, or feared rather than loved. It might perhaps be answered that we should wish to be both; but since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved. For of men it may generally be affirmed that they are thankless, fickle, false, studious to avoid danger, greedy of gain, devoted to you while you are able to confer benefits upon them, and ready, as I said before, while danger is distant, to shed their blood, and sacrifice their property, their lives, and their children for you; but in the hour of need they turn against you. The Prince, therefore, who without otherwise securing himself builds wholly on their professions is undone. For the friendships which we buy with a price, and do not gain by greatness and nobility of character, though they be fairly earned are not made good, but fail us when we have occasion to use them.

Moreover, men are less careful how they offend him who makes himself loved than him who makes himself feared. For love is held by the tie of obligation, which, because men are a sorry breed, is broken on every whisper of private interest; but fear is bound by the apprehension of punishment which never relaxes its grasp.

Nevertheless a Prince should inspire fear in such a fashion that if he [does] not win love he may escape hate. For a man may very well be feared and yet not hated, and this will be the case so long as he does not meddle with the property or with the women of his citizens and subjects. And if constrained to put any to death, he should do so only when there is manifest cause or reasonable justification. But, above all, he must abstain from the property of others. For men will sooner forget the death of their father than the loss of their property.”

Do you agree with Machiavelli that a ruler CANNOT be both feared and loved? Why? How does this concept apply to our current political leaders?

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week two assignment Health Medical Assignment Help

Here, we are looking at individuals who are struggling with anxiety, stress, and perhaps, self-esteem or self-worth issues. Initially, there is a personal component to this assignment where you are asked to complete a profile of mood state and a STAT inventory. These two inventories are designed to give you with an idea of what it is like to both administer and take psychological inventories—to give you a bit of perspective of where you fall within both stress and self-worth kinds of issues.

The second component of this assignment which is more programmatic asks you to select an individual who is struggling with anxiety, stress, maybe feelings of low self-worth or self-efficacy. This is the first assignment that is asking you to refer back to the screencast of the achievement motivation information. We’re going to apply the first portion of that screencast to this assignment. That means, here, you’re asked again, with this individual struggling, to explain the why of that selection; why is that individual choosing to participate in this activity? That’s really important, students, because it really makes a very, very big difference if that individual is there because others are requiring them to be there or if they are choosing to participate in this activity by their own free will or their own interest.

First, you have to apply some thought to that and come up with an answer as to why that individual is there. You’ll then look at the tensional needs, the focus challenges, perhaps, the sense of intrinsic motivation versus extrinsic motivation which ties back into why the individual is in this activity. You will look at the self-worth, self-efficacy. Finally, you’ll make recommendations on how or what kind of strategy is best to help the individual deal with the anxiety, stress, or perhaps, the heightened sense of arousal at inappropriate times for learning or performance.

Again, in ALL assignments, APA documentation, meaning in-text citations and matching references are required.

After thoroughly reviewing readings, lecture notes, and websites, complete the following assignment:

Complete, score, and submit the Profile of Mood States (found in the Lessons area area), and complete and submit the

SCAT anxiety measure at

You are completing these inventories for yourself, a self- study.

After carefully reviewing the Achievement Motivation information. the first week screencast, create a comprehensive plan for an individual that is struggling with anxiety and stress, lacks self-esteem, and generally has low performance expectations.

Provide an explanation and recommendations for the following components of this model and use these bullets as headings:

  • The why of selection, Aspirations
  • Attentional Needs and focus
  • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation
  • Self-worth, Self-efficacy
  • Anxiety, Stress, Arousal

Make sure you document all work using APA format.


lab report Science Assignment Help

Lab Report Guidelines

# Complete the



all questions

associated with each lab

(found in the questions section)


# Reports are due at the start of class the following week



# Include the following

sections in your lab report write



Title page

Include title of lab, name, date




Can be bulleted




Include list of all items used. Also in include sketch of apparatus, photograph is




Describe th

e underlying physics of the lab and any background




List all equations in your calculations. Be sure to define all variable and include


Number each equation and refer to it in the text.



Sequential list of the

steps you took to complete the




Include any plots, tables etc. For plots, be sure all numbers and axes are easy to


. Label axes including




Summarize your results. If an unexpected result was observed, what


ent wrong?

Describe possible sources of error/uncertainty.

Include how you would improve



if you were to repeat it


Kirszner, Laurie and Stephen R. Mandell, Short Second Edition Practical Argument. Boston: Bedford, 2015. Humanities Assignment Help

must have the book : Kirszner, Laurie and Stephen R. Mandell, Short Second Edition Practical Argument. Boston: Bedford, 2015.

Step 1 Read

Please read Practical Argument pgs. 1-27

Please read Practical Argument pgs. 28-48

Step 2 Respond

Complete all Exercises on page 49 besides 1.3


Key Issues Before Correctional Officers Writing Assignment Help

You work for the State Bureau of Prisons, Office of the Inspector General, as an attorney and have been asked to review two key issues involving several correctional officers at your state prison and the conduct of the attorney assigned to represent these officers.

The officers claim that several inmates assaulted them and caused them bodily harm. Such an assault automatically mandates an additional two years to the inmates’ prison term should the allegations prove to be true.

During the interviews and subsequent hearing surrounding the allegations, one of the inmates makes the following arguments:

  • He and the other inmates were falsely charged.
  • The earlier interviews and hearings involving him and the other inmates were conducted by the warden and the chief correctional officer.

You are aware of this practice but have no evidence. You suspect abuse and misconduct on the part of the prison administration and correctional officers.

Write a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word document analyzing

  • The ethical issues at stake and whether there is an ethical violation of the legal code.
  • How you will decide the case, based on the facts of the case and research?
  • How you will justify your decision, based on the facts of the case and research?

Correctional Officer Misconduct Memo

If you find there was misconduct on the part of the warden and the correctional officers and they are not disciplined, what would be your next step? Explain in detail if and why you would:

  • Go to the warden’s supervisor or other appropriate authority
  • Let the issue go and ignore things from this point onward.

For more information on the standard of conduct of prison employees, visit the following website and enter the keyword: Code of Ethics

American Correctional Association(ACA)

For more information on the sanctions for misconduct, visit the following:

Arizona Department of Corrections

Key Issues Before Correctional Officers Part 2:

The attorney retained to assist the correctional officers in the correctional officer misconduct case has now been charged with making inappropriate, frivolous, disparaging, and disrespectful remarks about you and your legal team. Your colleague even accused you and your colleagues of misrepresenting facts and tampering with case documents. Infact, your colleague has often been considered incompetent by other attorneys at in your office. He has a drinking problem and often neglects to prepare proper documentation for his cases. There have also been previous complaints about his behavior and demeanor.

Analyze the situation and include your analysis in a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word document for the disciplinary committee. In your report, include the following details:

  • Analyze your colleague’s actions.
  • Describe the moral and ethical issues at stake.
  • Apply the legal code of the ABA that was broken, if any
  • Explain the course of action that you consider appropriate.

For further information on the ABA Standards of Conduct, visit the following websites:

Model Rules for Lawyer Disciplinary Enforcement

Model Rules of Professional Conduct

For further information on ABA Disciplinary Actions, visit the following websites :

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.



Small accounting project Business Finance Assignment Help

See all attachments for completion!!


  • The chart of accounts and the post-closing trial balance as of February 28, 2015 are given. For each account in the post-closing trial balance, enter the balance in the appropriate Balance column of the ledger. Date the balances March 1, 2015, and place a check mark ( ü ) in the Posting Reference column. Journalize each of the March transactions in the journal provided using Samuel Technology Service’s chart of accounts.(Do not insert the account numbers in the journal at this time).
  • Post the journal to the ledger.
  • Prepare an unadjusted trial balance.
  • At the end of March, the following adjustment data were assembled. Use this data to complete instructions ( 5 ) and ( 6 ):
  • Optional:Enter the unadjusted trial balance on an end-of-period spreadsheet/worksheet and complete the worksheet.
  • Journalize and post the adjusting entries.
  • Prepare an adjusted trial balance.
  • Prepare an Income Statement, Statement of Owner’s Equity, and Balance Sheet.
  • Record and post the closing entries. Income Summary is account #33 in the chart of accounts. Indicate closed accounts in the ledger by inserting a line in both of the Balance columns opposite each closing entry.
  • Supplies on hand were $ 1,200.
  • Rent expired during the month was $ 3,200.
  • Unearned fees at the end of the month were $ 4,000.
  • Insurance expired during the month was $ 600.
  • Accrued salaries payable were $ 480.
  • Depreciation on equipment during the month was $ 660.

10.Prepare a post-closing trial balance.

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marketing management to boost a coffee shop. Business Finance Assignment Help


The Just Us! Coffee Roasters case document provides detailed information regarding the organization which provides the focus for this assignment.The template below provides an outline of the work to be completed.

Title Page

Executive Summary


  • Introduce the company and provide the audience with some background information about the company.This introduction should include the brand story and what the brand is known fo

Situation Analysis

  • The Environment
    1. What is the state of the economy?
    2. What are the current trends in cultural and social values?
    3. What are the current political values and trends?
    4. Is there any pending federal, state, or local legislation that could alter the environment?
    5. Any threats to the environment, and therefore the firm?
    • The Industry
      1. Conduct a Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.
      2. Is the industry attractive?What factors make it attractive?Unattractive?
      • The Firm
        1. What are the objectives of the firm?
        2. What is the firm’s financial condition?
        3. What is the management philosophy?
        4. What does the organizational structure tell you about how decisions are made?
        • The Marketing Strategy
          1. What are the objectives of the marketing strategy?
          2. To what target market is the strategy directed?
          3. What competitive advantage does the marketing strategy offer?
          4. What good and/or service does the organization offer?What consumer need does the product solve?What is the brand promise?
          5. What promotional mix, channels of distribution, and pricing strategies are being used by the organization?

          SWOT Analysis

          • Strengths
            • Identify strengths of the organization and answer the following questions:
              • How does this strength affect the operations of the organization?
              • How does this strength assist the company in meeting the needs of its target market(s)?
          • Weaknesses
            • Identify weaknesses of the organization and answer the following questions:
              • How does this weakness affect the operations of the organization?
              • How does knowledge of this weakness assist the organization in meeting the needs of its target market(s)?
          • Opportunities
            • Identify opportunities in the industry (and/or external environment) and answer the following questions:
              • How is this opportunity related to serving the needs of our target market?
              • What actions must the organization take to capitalize on this opportunity?
          • Threats
            • Identify threats in the industry (and/or external environment) and answer the following questions:
              • How is this threat related to serving the needs of our target market?
              • What actions must the organization take to prevent this threat from limiting the capabilities of the organization?

          Problem Statement

          • What is the primary problem in the case?Secondary problems? What are the ramifications of these problems in the long run?Short run?Include quantitative and qualitative analysis in your response.

          Connections to Marketing Management

          • Based upon the problem identified, make a connection to two (2) applicable marketing management concepts.This discussion should incorporate a minimum of five (5) scholarly, peer-reviewed resources.The textbook should also be utilized in this discussion.

          Strategic Alternatives

          • Based on the problem identified and the marketing management concepts discussed, what are two strategic alternatives for the company?Discuss the alternatives making sure to include the costs and benefits associated with each.


          • Select the one best strategic alternative.In your recommendation, explain why this is the best alternative.Support your recommendations with data.



          Written Report:

          • Prepare an APA-formatted report to address all aspects of the assignment.
          • This report should be no less than 10 pages. Images do not count towards your 10 pages of content.
          • You must have at least 10 references (5 must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles). All outside sources should be referenced and must be properly cited within the text and included on the reference page


          Archaeology writing paper -02 Writing Assignment Help

          Do ONE !!!!of the following two options; your response should be 2 full pages, word count at least 700 in length and double-spaced.

          OPTION 1

          Explore the programs of Google Earth (details on access below) to investigate selected archaeological sites. This system, which you may already be familiar with, provides primarily aerial views of sites where you have the option of zooming in and scaling the image to observe details. Note that the aerial views provide evidence of surface distributions of features, but not buried ones—that is the next stage of the research—nor surface artifacts. Other kinds of remote sensing, e.g., drones, can provide similar data, including in some cases surface remains such as artifacts, but typically on-the-ground observation is necessary.

          For this third lab, use Google Earth to examine any two archaeological sites from the following list of six that are mentioned in your textbook:

          New World Sites: Caracol, Teotihuacan

          Middle East Sites: Erebuni

          Africa: Mwela Rock Paintings

          SE Asia Sites: Angkor Wat, Borobudur

          Remembering your discussion of “site” from the previous Lab, write a description of what you can tell about the two sites you selected based on a birds-eye view. For example, how large is the site (in approximate meters)? What geographical features (such as rivers, mountains, etc.) are close by? Can you see or identify any features (such as stone walls, house pits, monuments) from the air? Be sure to indicate where your site is located (country or region as specifically as you can) in your answer.

          A site I visited recently in Greece provides a good example of what you can observe using Google Earth imaging. In this case, the site boundaries are clearly defined and the partially-restored architecture dating back to 4500 BP is dramatically visible. The powerpoint slides for this week provide the views. To see for yourself, type in “Aphaea, Aegina Greece” in the Google Earth search bar (or in—see your Week 3 Lecture and other Module connections–go to country Greece and link “Aegina”).

          Note: You may use Google maps if you can’t access Google Earth, but it may be less successful. In addition to Google Earth, the Wikipedia website listed under Week 3 has many historically-referenced sites ( which might be useful for this assignment (in particular, as an example, the Mwela Rock Paintings. This website provides details about archaeological sites from around the world; however, it is not always reliable for archaeological data. You can use these resources to identify an archaeological site that you could then search for in Google Earth, or to get a closer look at certain sites.

          A few tips for using Google Earth:

          • Google Earth is now available as a streaming web client which you can access here: (Links to an external site.). You can also use computers in labs on campus that already have this program downloaded.
          • Searching for archaeological sites in Google Earth is easy; once you have opened the program, simply type a specific archaeological site name into the “search” box. Be sure that you know the country where the site is located, and be sure to look specifically for the site or monument designation to be sure you zoom in on the correct area (some names will pop up with multiple search options).

          Points: 15

          OPTION 2

          Consider now how museums use the archaeological record. Is this the total picture of what archaeology is? See, as an example, the “Toronto Underfoot” online museum exhibit from the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum, Canada). Click through to access images from the exhibit, click on the “Toronto Underfoot” map, and view the embedded video.

 (Links to an external site.)

          Answer the following questions based on the online exhibit:

          1. Note how the ROM uses its specimens in an online format. What kinds of artifacts are illustrated and discussed in “Toronto Underfoot”? What kind of information is provided about the objects?
          2. Review the video of visiting researcher Dr. Metin Eren at the ROM at the bottom of the page, then click on the projectile point near “Midtown Toronto” on the map. What did Dr. Eren find in the ROM exhibit hall that was a particularly important discovery, and why was it significant?
          3. How does the ROM make a connection for the viewer of the archaeological heritage to be found “underfoot” within the Toronto city area? How do they connect the prehistoric artifacts to people living in Toronto today?


          Public Opinion Short Essay Writing Assignment Help

          The purpose of this essay is to examine the bases of ideological perspectives. This assignment has three parts but the essence of the assignment is part 2*, this is where the bulk of the points will be scored.

          1. Your ideology
            1. Take the PEW typology quiz (Links to an external site.)
            2. How were you categorized?
            3. Are you at all surprised by your results?
          2. Examine the bases of your ideological perspective in terms of:
            1. Chapter 6, “Public Opinion” of your Open to Debate e-text
            2. Jonathan Haidt and George Lakoff who look at differences in ideology as manifestations of deep-seated moral values. I will be expecting references to Haidt and Lakoff in your essay and you should find the following resources to be of help.
              1. Haidt, “What Makes People Vote Republican” Ch. 6 Reader
              2. Jonathan Haidt TED Talk: (Links to an external site.)
              3. Lakoff, “Don’t Underestimate Trump” Ch. 6 Reader
          3. Please relate your understanding of the cognitive bases of ideological reasoning, above, to the narratives employed in the 2016 presidential election: (Links to an external site.). What about facts: (Links to an external site.)?

          Source Material:

          1. Open to Debate e-text: Chapter Six Public Opinion
            1. Power-point lecture outlines (in the Chapter 6 Canvas Module
            2. Video Lectures, also in the Chapter 6 Canvas Module (many students find these to be particularly helpful):
          2. American Government Examined e-reader:
            1. Chapter Six: Haidt, “What Makes People Vote Republican”
            2. Chapter Six: Lakoff “Don’t Underestimate Trump”
          3. Online:
            1. Jonathan Haidt TED Talk: (Links to an external site.)
            2. Trump’s Lies v. Your Brain: (Links to an external site.)
            3. How Trump’s Narrative Intuition Beat Clinton: (Links to an external site.)

            The following are some quotes that you should use for this essay:

          “2 million children are being home-schooled in some 500,000 households. Although this is a very small percentage of all school-age children, nearly two-thirds of the parents in those households are evangelistic Christians who often have a strong cultural agenda they want to convey to their children” (153)

          TED Talk, Can A Divided America Heal? “it is a very strong word, and it could be the wall between races. During the election, the candidates gossip about each other, and they try to impart a negative impression of their rivals to the voters.”

          “Millennials are more skeptical of the United States’ role in the world and don’t express support for American exceptionalism.” from the article Here’s how millennials could change politics of The Washington Post, Rubin


          Intro to modern Architecture Writing Assignment Help

          Visit Wilson Commons in person, look at it carefully, and take notes.Then write a 5-page formal analysis of the building.Use the handout “Writing about Architecture” to guide you (last four pages of this file).

          Wilson Commons was designed by I.M. Pei and built in 1976.Melissa Mead, the Special Collections Librarian, has digitized some of the materials we will see/have seen during our in-person visit and they are available on the course website under the “Paper Topics” menu item in a folder called “Special Collections Materials.”You do not need to consult them to write this paper, but might find them helpful.

          The goal of the assignment is to encourage you to look closely and attentively at a single building and to draw a conclusion based on your observation.While you may find it helpful to reference the course readings or other outside sources when relevant, this is not a research assignment and should not require the use of information from outside class.While careful description will form the basis of your analysis, it is not sufficient by itself.It must lead to a clearly stated argument about the nature of your chosen artwork.In other words, this paper assignment is NOT a) a research paper or b) a purely descriptive paper.You must have an argument, and it must be based on your observations.


          humanities questions Humanities Assignment Help

          humanities questions Humanities Assignment Help

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