I have a sociology paper analysis, watch a video and analyze it

Below I attached the instructions for the assignment, I’ll also put it here just incase, but simply put the video link needs to be watched, my professor wants your initial reaction to it and also analysis. Link: https://youtu.be/J6wzZsEvY84 . If the video does not open, please use another browser, like Mozilla Firefox. Then, write a 1-page summary and reaction to the video. Page 2 and forward: Analyze the video based on ONE of the theoretical perspectives: Structural functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, or Conflict. The choice is yours. Choose the perspective you are most comfortable with and, along with your notes and textbook, analyze the video. Make sure your examples are clear and that your explanations are thorough. Your explanation could seal the deal for you! You must clearly justify why your example is in line with the chosen perspective. DO NOT provide examples about different perspectives. You must choose only one. In sum, you must have 3 specific examples from the video WITH explanations of ONE of the following: Functionalism Symbolic Interactionism OR Conflict perspective Your paper should total approximately 3-4 pages total, typed, double spaced. Please submit 1 paper that includes the reaction AND the analysis. Below is a simplified example of how the analysis should be completed. Note that I expect much more detail and that your examples must come from the video. The analysis is the most critical part of the paper, and that is where you need to apply the theory you feel most comfortable with. For example, if you were given a scenario about people in the US who live in an adult community, the story provided details about the lifestyle and expectations. It also went into the expenses and how most people are not able to afford to live there. You have 3 choices to pick from. For example, if you decide on the Functionalist perspective, you could say that the nursing home serves a positive (manifest) function because older people are provided with a place to live where they are cared for. In addition, they have entertainment and a chance to make new friends. The symbolic interactionist perspective would focus on the symbols that are present. First, the word “adult community” implies that you must be 55 years or older to live there. A symbol of being old is gray hair, walkers, wrinkles, etc. The conflict perspective would look at inequality. They would address the cost of living in such a community. They would talk about the fact that the poor cannot afford to live in such a community, and they are therefore at a disadvantage. Remember, you are expected to choose only one of the perspectives. It’s easier if you use the keywords in your response: Functionalism – balance or purpose Conflict – inequality Symbolic Interactionism – symbols Good luck.

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