I have homework Business Finance Assignment Help

I have homework Business Finance Assignment Help. I have homework Business Finance Assignment Help.

1. Trace the evaluation of the following expressions, and give their resulting values (remember order of precedence rules and concatenation):

  1. 2 + 2 + 3 + 4
  2. “2 + 2” + 3 +
  3. 2 + “2 + 3” +
  4. “hello 34 “ +
  5. “1” + 2 + 3 +

2 * 4
“4” + 5 * 6 + “7” + (8 + 9)

  1. Imagine you are writing a personal fitness program that stores the user’s age, gender, height (in feet or meters) and weight (to the nearest pound or kilogram). Declare variables with the appropriate names and types to hold this information.
  2. Imagine you are writing a program that stores a student’s year (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.), the number of courses the student is taking, and his or her GPA on a 4.0 scale. Declare variables with the appropriate names and types to hold this information.
  3. Which of the following is the correct syntax for declaring a real number variable named grade and initializing its value to 4.0? a. int grade : 4.0;
    b. grade = double 4.0; c. double grade = 4.0; d. grade = 4;
    e. 4.0 = grade;
  4. Write the complete Java code for the Pastoral College student program: the program should include a student’s name, major field of study and GPA. The program should also display a student’s data with the message “Dean’s list” if the student’s GPA is above 3.5; display “Academic probation” if the GPA is below 2.0; and no message if the GPA is between 2.0 and 3.5 inclusive.

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How did the West create and foster American individuality and equality? Writing Assignment Help

Some historians argue that the frontier was the cradle of liberty, that it created the individual American spirit of equality. Other historians claim that the frontier was a multiethnic place full of inequality. Using the materials provided, explain both arguments. How did the West create and foster American individuality and equality? In what ways was the West a place of discrimination and inequality?

1. Use the material provided and nothing else.

The answers are in the textbook, lesson lectures, and the provided documents. You do not need to access outside material at all. If you use material word-for-word from the textbook or documents, make sure to put them in quotes and give a small notation where you got the information. Otherwise, your refusal to cite material will be considered plagiarism and a basis for getting a zero on the assignment; furthermore, students who plagiarize are reported to the TCC administration.

2. Observe the maximum word count.

You must keep your answer to the maximum word count or points will be deducted from your assignment. Part of good writing is being able to be concise. You can answer these essays in under 750 words. There is no minimum word count for essays. You do not need an introduction or concluding paragraph. You can introduce and conclude in a sentence or two. Be clear and specific in your writing.

3. Write from the general to the specific.

When writing a good essay, you should present your argument in broad terms and then spend your essay defending your position with specific points. These points should be drawn from the textbook and the lecture notes. Make sure not to ramble. You should have a focused essay.

4. Observe the rules for proper spelling and grammar.

Points are deducted for poor spelling and grammar. The spell check feature is not a fool-proof method for ensuring good spelling and grammar.

5. Quote sparingly.

Using quotes from documents and the textbook is fine. However, you should only use it to support your argument. Quotes should not be used for more than a couple of sentences and should never serve as a complete answer. You should use your own words for the bulk of the essay.


Milestone Two: impact of governmental action on a business paper Writing Assignment Help

Use Previous paper as a guide. The company is LG

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Overview: In your role as vice president of governmental affairs, your boss, the business’s CEO, is considering retaining an outside consulting firm to assist
the company with a government issue that it is facing. Jack Harris is the president of that firm, which is called Crisis Consulting. Jack has told your boss
that he will not know if he can help until he learns more information about your company and the issue it faces. Your CEO has asked you to prepare a
memo that will provide a detailed overview of your company as well as the government action that is it facing. Address the following:

  1. Business Profile: Provide a brief profile of the business and the industry it occupies, including the business’s market share and competitors, as
    well as opportunities and threats facing the business and industry outside of the particular governmental action now facing the business.
  2. Governmental Action: Analyze the potential governmental action or political challenge that will affect the business in this particular situation.
  3. Organization and Teams: Describe the organization of the company, including divisions and project teams, and the manner in which the company
    has used these teams to respond to government regulations in the past.
  4. Stakeholders: Describe the company’s internal and external stakeholders. In your description, include the actions taken by the stakeholders to
    date to influence the political process and advocate for the business’s interests.
  5. Current Environment: Describe the current business environment, both financial and otherwise, including the initial reaction of the company to
    the situation and the initial position taken by political actors and other stakeholders.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as an 5-7 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-
inch margins, and sources cited in APA format.


3 parts/Topic Proposal/Rough Draft/Final Draft Writing Assignment Help

Please Help!

Last Tudor was late and had to redo assignment 2x and still got a zero for the assignments-I need this ASAP please please!

Research Paper: Topic Proposal

See the Details for Research Paper for full instructions and the Research Paper Grading Rubric for the research paper.

Remember that your proposal must include:

  • Your thesis and at least two main points in support of it
    • Refresh your knowledge of thesis statements by doing the interactive exercise included this week
  • Three sources you will use for your paper, not counting the story and film themselves, presented in MLA format
  • An analysis of how each source will help you make your argument and how each is credible
    • Refresh your knowledge of literary argument by doing the interactive exercise included this week

Submit to the digital drop box.

I need this in 3 parts:

Topic proposal and three proposed sources –

Rough draft of your essay

Final draft

****Attached is the rubric and final details****


environmental Scan Business Finance Assignment Help


For this group report a great deal of information about the industry and who are the competitors and suppliers will be gathered from the two resources we are interviewing. Interviewing them early will help generate a baseline on how we can conduct the rest of our research. The rest of the research will be conducted using online base resources to understand more in-depth the industry, the requirements, and what Albar can do to generate more business. Furthermore, The textbook will be used to help create a course of action for recommendations for the firm.



“Critical Thinking and Sociological Theories” Humanities Assignment Help

Critical Thinking and Sociological Theories” Please respond to one (1) of the following:

  • Review the
    six (6) rules of critical thinking discussed on pages 8 and 9 in the
    textbook. Determine the rule that you believe to be the most challenging
    and provide a rationale for your response.To think critically, it is useful to follow six simple rules (adapted from Wade & Tavris, 1997):
    think critically, it is useful to follow six simple rules (adapted from
    Wade & Tavris, 1997):
    Be willing to ask any question, no matter how difficult. The belief
    in small government is a cherished U.S. ideal. But sociologists who
    study the role of government in modern society must be willing to ask
    whether there are circumstances under which more—not less—government is
    better. Government’s role in areas such as homeland security, education,
    and health care has grown in the past several years—what are the
    positive and negative aspects of this growth?
    Think logically and be clear. Logic and clarity require us to define
    concepts in a way that allows us to study them. “Big government” is a
    vague concept that must be made more precise and measurable before it
    provides for useful research. Are we speaking of federal, state, or
    local government, or all of these? Is “big” measured by the cost of
    government services, the number of agencies or offices within the
    government, the number of people working for it, or something else? What
    did Jefferson mean by “best,” and what would that “best” government
    look like? Who would have the power to define this notion in any case?
    Back up your arguments with evidence. Founding Father Thomas
    Jefferson is a formidable person to quote, but quoting him does not
    prove that smaller government is better in the 21st century. To find
    evidence, we need to seek out studies of contemporary societies to see
    whether there is a relationship between a population’s well-being and
    the size of government or the breadth of services it provides. Because
    studies may offer contradictory evidence, we also need to be able to
    assess the strengths and weaknesses of arguments on different sides of
    the issue.
    Think about the assumptions and biases—including your own—that
    underlie all studies. You may insist that government has a key role to
    play in modern society. On the other hand, you may believe with equal
    passion that big government is one root of the problems in the United
    States. Critical thinking, however, requires that we recognize our
    beliefs and biases. Otherwise we might unconsciously seek out only
    evidence that supports our argument, ignoring evidence to the contrary.
    Passion has a role to play in research: It can motivate us to devote
    long hours to studying an issue. But passion should not play a role when
    we are weighing evidence and drawing conclusions.
    Avoid anecdotal evidence. It is tempting to draw a general
    conclusion from a single experience or anecdote, but that experience may
    illustrate the exception rather than the rule. For example, you may
    know someone who just yesterday received a letter mailed 2 years ago,
    but that is not evidence that the U.S. Postal Service is inefficient or
    does not fulfill its mandates. To determine whether this government
    agency is working well, you would have to study its entire mail delivery
    system and its record of work over time.
    Be willing to admit when you are wrong or uncertain about your
    results. Sometimes we expect to find support for an argument only to
    find that things are not so clear. For example, consider the position of
    a sociologist who advocates small government and learns that Japan and
    Singapore initially became economic powerhouses because their
    governments played leading roles in promoting growth of a sociologist
    who champions an expanded role for government but learns from the
    downturn of the 1990s in the Asian economies that some things can be
    better achieved by private enterprise. The answers we get are sometimes
    contradictory, and we learn from recognizing the error of our
    assumptions and beliefs as well.

“Critical Thinking and Sociological Theories” Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

GB520 Unit 6 Final Project (Rubric Attached) Business Finance Assignment Help

Please See Rubric Attached for the task

In this unit, you will submit your Final Project on your chosen topic that you have been working on since Unit 1.

You will submit your completed paper to the instructor who will then submit it to Turnitin.com for feedback.

In your writing, sometimes it can be a challenge to determine the originality of thoughts when you are translating the ideas of authors and scholars internalized during research.

Turnitin is helpful to you in that it can assist with identifying the integrity of APA citations and references in your paper.

Your work on this final research paper in previous units has been the building blocks that are the subparts of this Final Project. By combining your work from previous units, you will have completed the bulk of this Final Project. You may include some additional analysis on the findings of the entire HR department versus analyzing one segment of the department as your previous Assignment s have required.


Benchmark – Individual Client Health History and Examination Health Medical Assignment Help

In this assignment, you will be completing a health assessment on an older adult. To complete this assignment, do the following:

  1. Perform a health history on an older adult. Students who do not work in an acute setting may “practice” these skills with a patient, community member, neighbor, friend, colleague, or loved one. (If an older individual is not available, you may choose a younger individual).
  2. Complete a physical examination of the client using the “Health History and Examination” assignment resource. Use the “Functional Health Pattern Assessment” resource as a guideline to assist you in completing the template.
  3. Document findings of complete physical examination in Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation (SBAR) format. Refer to the sample SBAR Template located on the National Nurse Leadership Council website at https://www.ihs.gov/nnlc/includes/themes/newihstheme/display_objects/documents/resources/SBARTEMPLATE.pdf as a guide.
  4. Document the findings of the physical examination in the assessment worksheet.
  5. Using the “Health History and Examination” assignment resource, provide the physical examination findings summary with planned interventions for the client. Include any community services in the interventions.

AP A format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to Turn itin.

NRS-434VN-R-Functional-Health-Pattern-Assessment-Student.docx NRS-434VN-R-IndividualHealthHistoryandExaminationAssignment-Student.docx


Community Corrections: Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections Business Finance Assignment Help

The deliverable length for this assignment should be 1,00-1,500 words. Proofread, cite and use at least 2 references. Submit assignment in APA format.

Week 1 Individual Project

Consider the following scenario: A defendant is put on probation. The defendant then violates probation, or commits another violation while on probation. Provide a detailed account of each step of the legal process in this scenario. What considerations must be made, and what aspects of the legal system are involved?

Key Assignment for This Course

Based on the profile of a (hypothetical) defendant and the stipulations of the state in which you currently reside, create an Evaluative Needs Summary presentation to members of a community corrections board, civic leaders, and concerned citizens. The Evaluative Needs Summary will include the following:

  1. A complete profile of the defendant
  2. Analysis and discussion of recommended probation plan (general points to consider; diversion programs)
  3. Description of how the probation program will be measured as it relates to recidivism and public safety
  4. Conclusions and recommendations
  5. References

The draft is due in Week 4 and the final Key Assignment is due in Week 5. The lessons leading up to this assignment should prepare you for this final project.


Essay Writing Sampling Forest Vegetation at XXX Woods Science Assignment Help

Hello. This essay / assignment requires an ecology specialist / tutor.

Type double-spaced, and use concise sentences; text is limited to 5 pages, not including additional pages of tables or graphs. Please restrict yourself to this page limit, as you will learn to write more concisely.

Your paper must include the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and, Comparative Analysis.

1. Introduction – one paragraph

State the objective of the field exercise. What questions were we trying to answer, and why are these important in ecology?

2. Methods – one long or a few paragraphs (Introduction & Methods combined should not be longer than 1.5 pages)

Accurately describe where and how sample points were located, and how the data were collected. To guide your level of detail, imagine that someone had to repeat your methodology in a similar forest.

3. Results – eight attached tables and one paragraph for each table, summarizing the main points

results to be highlighted from the table.

Use the merged data spreadsheet distributed to you to construct 8 tables, one for the point-quarter method and one for the plot method in each of the four forest blocks.

The Excel workbook contains the raw data as teams collected it in the field, and also initial manipulations and tables of the data to make your calculations easier. The four sheets of this Excel workbook are labeled for clarity.

The first two sheets have the raw data organized for your use to make spreadsheet calculations in each of the four tables that you should finish filling in and then attach to the draft of your paper. Note that the 2014 and 2016 data will be combined for analysis, as they are from the same Mixed Oak-Pine Forest block, and serve to increase sample size and our confidence in comparisons with other forest types.

In each of the four tables in the two Calculations spreadsheets, the rows are the tree species encountered for each method in each of the two vegetation types, arranged alphabetically. The cells of each of the tables allow calculation of the seven variables for each species shown on the “Table 6.5” page of your handout (the fourth page of the handout. From left to right, these columns are relative density, density, dominance, relative dominance, frequency, relative frequency and importance value. Tree densities are trees/ha, and all others show significant figures to the nearest 1/100ths (e.g., 33.1% and not 33% or 33.12%).

The narrative portions of this section should assist the reader in understanding what the data says. You should point out interesting values and help the reader ‘jump’ into the tables and interpret the data. Your narrative should be descriptive rather than explanatory. Focus your writing in this section on what the data shows, not why it shows this. Save analysis for the discussion section.

4. Discussion- approximately 2-3 pages

a. Contrast the results obtained by the two methods. Point out similarities and offer explanation(s) for differences. Critique the two methods in terms of their accuracy.

b. How well was the objective of the study addressed by the sampling methods? How might they be improved?

c. What are the differences in the three forest types that were sampled? Given the sampling design and the amount of data collected, how confident are you that these sample differences are real?

e. How would the results differ if you sampled a tropical forest with equal intensity or sampling effort?

5. Comparative Analysis Tree species diversity at Estabrook Woods – two graphs and <= 1 page of text

Construct two curves on one graph, one curve for each of the two methods for the Mixed Oak Forest 2015 dataset (these can be either done on a computer or graphed by hand). These are species-individual curves and are one way ecologists show the species richness or diversity in a forest. Plot “cumulative species” on the y-axis as a function of “cumulative individuals” on the x-axis. Use the merged data spreadsheet, and start with Team 1’s data to create 2 columns of numbers. One column is merely the running total of individuals recorded in either the point-quarter or belt data set; the total here should be the total number of trees sampled by all teams combined over all sample points or plots. The second column is the total number of unique tree species accumulated as you add individuals. Compare the curves and discuss reasons for their differences. In addition, discuss how these curves might differ from curves sampled from other forest types in XXX Woods.