I need a Speech Outline about why I joined the army. Also the speech to go with it Business Finance Assignment Help

I need a Speech Outline about why I joined the army. Also the speech to go with it Business Finance Assignment Help. I need a Speech Outline about why I joined the army. Also the speech to go with it Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Speech Outline

Prepare a detailed outline for Speech 1 using the template below. This does not mean writing your entire speech, but only writing the topic sentence for the three to five supporting points that prove your central idea (thesis). Include a thesis statement that contains the claim or prediction you will prove or illustrate (the “Central Idea” – which is usually spoken); a purpose statement, indicating if you are persuading or informing the audience and the response from the audience you wish to achieve (which is not usually spoken); an introduction; a body, including supporting evidence; transitions; and a conclusion.

You are to use a minimum of two outside sources in creating your speech – be sure to include them in the speech with a short spoken citation and provide a bibliography in APA (or MLA) format at the end of the outline.


Your Speech 1 Outline will be on Speech 1, which is a 2 to 4 minute (closer to 4 minutes than to 2) speech to inform the audience why you chose your career or field of study. While your speech will mostly be from personal experience, please share a little information about your field of study or career path as well. Research and describe the scope and principal features of the field and include the core theories and practices within the field. REMEMBER: you must use at least two sources and cite them in APA (or MLA) format.

Please be sure to use the Sample Outline Template below.

Category Points
Purpose statement 10
Thesis sentence 10
Written introduction, transitions, conclusion 30
Developed body: complete sentences and evidence 40
Sources used (bibliography) 10

DISCLAIMER: Originality of attachments will be verified by Turnitin. Both you and your instructor will receive the results.

I need a Speech Outline about why I joined the army. Also the speech to go with it Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Marketing Discussion Post with Responses to Students Business Finance Assignment Help

I have made a document with exactly what you will need to follow. The Original response to the Topic should be about a paragraph, the responses to students only have to be a few sentences. So if you combined all the work together it should be about 2.5 pages of actual work. So it really is not as much as it looks. Once you see the questions you will see what I am talking about.

Here is a Brief Outline.

Topic 1:
-Make a response to the topic including source
-Reply to 2 Student Responses (Included in Doc)

Topic 2:
-Make a response to the topic including source
-Reply to 1 Student Response (Included in Doc)

Topic 3:
-Make a response to the topic including source
-Reply to 1 Student Response (Included in Doc)


Justin Trudeau Business Finance Assignment Help

Leadership presentation on- Justin Trudeau

(short to the point, bullet points not too much writing)

    1. Specific contributions the leader have made to a company, humankind, or country to be recognized as such. Why is this leader admired? Be specific.
    2. Main quotes from this leader and what they tell about the leader’s character. Major books written about this leader or books written by the leader which are highly recommended.
    3. Qualities and personality traits of the leader. Give specific examples of actions of this leader demonstrating those qualities.
    4. Main leadership style(s) of this person as learned in class. Give very specific examples.
    5. Leader’s emotional intelligence impact on his/her leadership effectiveness.
    6. Source(s) of leadership power.
    7. A short, relevant video illustrating some of the points above – optional.
    8. List of sources used


Revised based on the Comments Business Finance Assignment Help

Please revised everything based on the comments:

Hello, here are some feedback from my professor

  • For the CVP, I am not sure that I am seeing you address parts 2 (solution) and 3 (demonstration). Likewise, I would recommend doing about three CVPs, each around a different issue (point 1).
  • For the CBP, this is one of the most important sections of the selling plan, yet extremely light in the document you provided. I am not necessarily asking you to create this information out of thin air, as there is a lot of feature/benefit information available. My expectation, however, is that this section will be more more substantial. Perhaps about ten different feature and their specific benefits.
  • For the Competitive Comparison, you are supposed to do research on NetSuite’s competitors. I do not see any information about any other companies (e.g., Salesforce) or platforms (e.g., cloud v. software).
  • For the Promotional Support Elements section, you need to describe specific visual aids and how they will be used. The current form is more of a generic discussion of visual aids. I am looking for you to assemble all of the visual aids that you might use in your sales call, then describe specifically when / why / how they would be used.
  • For Solution Quantification, the calculations are not accurate. Broker Box has sales revenue of $15M, which might be where the confusion arises. The cost, however, is also not accurate ($129 / user / month; 12 month contract; 75 sales reps). Also, you did not calculate the Payback Period.

Please provide the correction as soon as possible, within 2 days. Thank you!


Talent Engagement Exercise Business Finance Assignment Help


Part of the power of understanding your top employees as “Talent” is the ability to assess their potential in light of their performance and values. The use of a simple Talent matrix can make the assessment process very powerful. This process also helps you to analyze your team and to plan for management of each employee in the future.

Jack Welch believes that effective talent management requires you to divide up your people into three levels: the top 20%, the middle 70%, and the bottom 10%. It is important to provide leadership development options to the top 20% of employees early in their careers, since they will be your future leaders.

One tool used to support the Welch approach to talent management is a matrix based on four different combinations of performance and values. Look carefully at the Four Quadrants Matrix shown here and read the descriptions of the type of employee who fits in each quadrant, in terms of performance and values.

Talent Engagement Chart (example attached)


Use the Four Quadrants Matrix above as a framework to assess your direct reports in your current workplace. If you have no direct reports, use a group of individuals with whom you are familiar. Create a Talent Engagement Chart like the one below, with a row for each employee.

  • Include the employees in Assignment 3 (attached)
  • Define the values you will use to assess your employees
  • Use first names only and change the names if you wish
  • For each individual, create a row in the chartYour task is to select one Quadrant for each employee and to indicate the Type that you chose in the Positioning column. Then write a Rationale statement of 4 to 6 paragraphs for your team, explaining why you positioned them in the selected quadrants and indicating your plans for managing each of them in the future. Record your findings using the format shown in the example below, which is provided to guide you in this exercise.

Rationale (example)


Katelyn and Jacquelyn are both incredibly ambitious and talented, and I consider them to be the top talent on this team. They are always over-delivering on their goals and looking for ways to learn more. They are keen to take on new challenges and to experience different roles. I think it will be important to challenge them and to give them some management type experience by putting them in charge of a project or a small team in the near future.

Sabrina and Shannon are both well aligned to the team in terms of their values, but they are currently not performing up to their potential. Both of these employees have the ability to be valuable employees, but they are not highly passionate in their current roles. Sabrina has been with the team less than a year; she is still learning and not positioned exactly right at this point. She does not yet have the confidence to perform up to her potential. I believe that, in time, she will gain confidence, improve her performance, and make it to the next level.

Shannon is more experienced than Sabrina; she needs an extra push sometimes, but she is fully capable of doing a great job. She is a steady worker, but she is not performing up to her potential. She is coasting along and doesn’t seem to care about getting to the next level. I believe the key to enhancing her career is finding a different role for her, something that will engage her interest and use her skills better.

Cherie has been doing purchasing and vendor relations for the team for 4 years now; she is efficient and productive in all aspects of the job. However, she can be brusque with her co- workers and never participates in office events. She shows little interest in professional development opportunities that are offered to her. She attends team meetings but rarely offers any contributions to team discussions. I became her manager 6 months ago. I have given feedback in her recent performance review about the behavior changes I am looking for. If I do not see significant changes in behavior within the next six months, I will not wish to keep her on the team.

Glenn was assigned to my team 9 months ago, to provide data analysis in support of team activities. He is often late in to the office and sometimes leaves early, without informing me or providing any reason. He does the minimum amount of work needed to fulfill the tasks that I assign to him. At our month 3 and month 6 review meetings, I was candid with Glenn about these issues and told him I would be looking for more focus and accountability from him in the months ahead, but I have seen no change. So I believe it is time to let go of this employee, and I have a meeting with HR next week to discuss the next steps to put this decision into effect.

Formatting Requirements

  • Typed, double-spaced, professional font (size 10 – 12)
  • Include a Cover Page with the title of the assignment, your name, the professor’s name,course title, and date.



watch these 2 videos and write a in the news presentations paper Science Assignment Help

watch these videos an give me your intake.

https://youtu.be/RFPj9frhKuo =A

Here is a set of articles about the extraction of natural resources and subsequent environmental consequences and changes in water quality. Take a look at both of these articles, and then see what comparisons you can make between what happened in Colorado in the 1800’s-1900’s to what is happening in Pennsylvania today. What are your thoughts? (Ignore the responses you see at the end of the articles.)




• Research a recent news item on the environment in the print media (local paper or major newspaper e.g. Houston Chronicles, New York Times, Washington Post), on television, or on the internet

. • Identify the problem e.g. The 2016 floods in Houston, the Gulf coast oil spill, The Paris Climate Accord etc

. • The geographic region (state, region, country, continent)

• Possible cause(s) of the problem

• Effects on the surrounding environment

• Propose solution(s) to the problem

• Include the news source(s), dates, and references in your presentation.

Grading rubric for environments in the news Presentation

Adherence to rules (including news sources, geographic location, references etc)

• Content including depth of research and analysis of data and use of visual aid (graphics) in presentation

• Proposed solution to the environmental issue addressed

• Presentation style (engaging).

watch these 2 videos and write a in the news presentations paper Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

8 financial reporting questions Business Finance Assignment Help

please provide answer and working


questions doc is attached


3. Assume the following is select financial information for Kohl’s Corporation for fiscal 2016 ($ millions).

Current assets………………………………


Current liabilities……………………………


Interest expense……………………………


Total liabilities……………………………….


Shareholders’ equity………………………


Earnings before interest and taxes…..


Compute the times interest earned ratio using Kohl’s reported financial information.

a. 0.140

b. 0.022

c. 7.122

d. 21.48


questions Humanities Assignment Help


  1. Agree or disagree with the statement below.. Support your agreement or disagreement with evidence and development.(8 points per question; 4 points for EVIDENCE, 4 points for DEVELOPMENT).King Lear’s reconciliation with Cordelia in Act 4 ultimately contributes to King Lear’s tragic form.


    1. Agree or disagree with the statement below.. Support your agreement or disagreement with evidence and development.(8 points per question; 4 points for EVIDENCE, 4 points for DEVELOPMENT).The Protestant Reformation is not an important piece of context for understanding George Herbert’s poetry.

      QUESTION 3

      1. Answer the given prompt, incorporating a claim, direct quotations from the passage, and development into your answer. (8 points per question; 4 points for the CLAIM sentence, 4 points for DEVELOPMENT).Identify how the metaphor below and explain how it reveals George Herbert’s view of humanity.“My God, I heard this dayThat none doth build a stately habitation,But he that means to dwell therein.What house more stately hath there been,Or can be, than is man?” (“Man”, Lines 1-5)


  1. Answer the given prompt, incorporating a claim, direct quotations from the passage, and development into your answer. (8 points per question; 4 points for the CLAIM sentence, 4 points for DEVELOPMENT). Identify the metaphor in the passage below and explain how it reveals King Lear’s self-deception. “Peace Kent! Come not between the dragon and his wrath.” (1.1.109-110)


    1. Respond to the prompt below with a sentence bundle (a claim, evidence, and development).(18 points per passage; 6 points for CLAIM, 6 points for EVIDENCE, 6 points for DEVELOPMENT)Edgar’s view of the gods (5.3.169-172) vs. Kent’s view of the stars (4.3.32-35)


Argument: Is artificial intelligence making human lazier?” Writing Assignment Help

The topic of the argument: Is artificial intelligence making human lazier?

the thesis should be used is “Nowadays, people have become more dependent on smartphones that makes them intellectually lazier and harm them physically. ” You can edit on it as needed and Check the grammar

My audience is smartphone users

try to included sourced statistics or so

See the prompt below:


Length:900 – 1100 words

Audience and situation:At the top of your essay, describe the purpose, target audience and the situation for your essay.

Ex 1Purpose:to persuade audience that physical punishment should not be used because it is harmful to children physically and mentally.

Audience and situation:Parents of young children reading the newspaper.

Ex 2Purpose:to persuade the audience that joining the military is a good option for high school graduates.

Audience and situation:Parents of high school seniors receiving a handbook of options for their children after graduation.

When considering your audience, ask yourself if they disagree, are neutral or agree with you.If they

  • are against your position à call for understanding of your point of view.
  • are not committed to a position à call for agreement.
  • agree with you in principle à call for action.

Description of assignment:

Choose a topic and read as much as you can about both sides of the issue.Then, formulate a thesis that is debatable, interesting, novel, specific, credible, relevant, and academic. This thesis may change as you research more about your topic.

You will need to support your claims using research from at least 4 different credible sources sources, and use MLA style format to cite and reference those sources.

Your organization will depend on your thesis and purpose

You will need an introduction and conclusion.Your body paragraphs must follow TRIAC pattern of organization.As you are formulating an argument of your own, you should include elements of persuasion .Specifically, incorporate ways to raise credibility, appeals to emotion/motivation, and logical appeals (inductive, deductive, analogy, causal).


TRIAC Pattern guideline https://cooperseng101.wordpress.com/syllabus-part-…

I attached guideline in how to write an introduction and a conclusion,


Writing Marissa Mayer’s Challenge Business Finance Assignment Help

  • The case you will analyze is included in your text, specifically, “Case 30: Yahoo! Inc.: Marissa Mayer’s Challenge,” pages 30-1 to 30-12 (This can be found on the internet with WSJ). In preparation for your case analysis, read “Guide to Strategic Management Case Analysis” in the text, which provides valuable advice on how to analyze a business case. As you develop your analysis and recommendations, use the tools provided in your text to guide you. Also, consider the information and knowledge you are acquiring and think about how you can apply this in your current professional work.
  • Number of pages: Your final paper must be 6–8 pages, excluding the title page and reference list.
  • File format: Be sure to submit your paper in Microsoft Word format.
  • Style and formatting: Use current APA style to cite and reference your sources. Also follow APA formatting guidelines for the layout of your paper. Refer to the Writing Center’s APA style and formatting module on Campus for more information.
  • Arial, 10 point. Font and font size
  • Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.

Think of this as going to the Board of Directors at Yahoo. What you are really trying to do is to outline for them what the state of the business is, what the key opportunities and challenges are, what your recommended strategy is going forward and why you think that. You need to support your recommendations with solid arguments backed by information in the text as well as from your four key resources. The Board is asking you: How are we doing? What should we do next? Why?

You will want to have an organized paper. Typically I am looking for:

  1. Overview/Executive Summary (What is the background and what are the critical factors in the case?)
  2. Assessment of opportunities and challenges. A SWOT analysis is always good (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  3. Strategic Options. Before you simply tell the board what they should do, demonstrate the various options with the pluses and minuses for each.
  4. Recommendation. From the options above, what would you recommend and why?
  5. Conclusion. Briefly summarize your paper. A good presentation is always, “Tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them.” So here, “tell them what you told them.”


I need a Speech Outline about why I joined the army. Also the speech to go with it Business Finance Assignment Help

I need a Speech Outline about why I joined the army. Also the speech to go with it Business Finance Assignment Help

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