I need a thesis statement for any of these topics. Other Assignment Help

I need a thesis statement for any of these topics. Other Assignment Help. I need a thesis statement for any of these topics. Other Assignment Help.

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To begin this assignment, you will read three sources

1.Steinberg, L., Cauffman, E., Woolard, J., Graham, S., & Banich, M. (2009). Are adolescents less mature than adults?: Minors’ access to abortion, the juvenile death penalty, and the alleged APA” flip-flop.”. American Psychologist, 64(7), 583.

Summary: An analysis by Steinberg et al. of emotional and cognitive development in adolescents and how our understanding of these topics should be used in setting public policy, such as juvenile access to abortions or the death penalty;

2.Fischer, K. W., Stein, Z., & Heikkinen, K. (2009). Narrow assessments misrepresent development and misguide policy: Comment on Steinberg, Cauffman, Woolard, Graham, and Banich (2009).

Summary: A criticism of this position by Fischer et al., who have a different perspective on how public policy should take into account emotional and cognitive development in juveniles; and,

3.Steinberg, L., Cauffman, E., Woolard, J., Graham, S., & Banich, M. (2009). Reconciling the complexity of human development with the reality of legal policy: Reply to Fischer, Stein, and Heikkinen (2009).

Summary: A rebuttal of the Fischer position by Steinberg et al.

Your specific goal for this
writing assignment is to analyze the arguments in the three papers, construct a
coherent argument about the role of studies of cognitive and emotional
development in setting public policy guidelines and support this argument
with specific evidence from the papers. A number of different approaches to
this topic can satisfy the requirements of this writing assignment. For
example, your thesis will address one of the following questions:

After you have read
the three articles mentioned above, you should construct a coherent argument
about the role of studies of cognitive and emotional development in setting
public policy guidelines and support this argument with specific evidence
from the papers. Once you have decided the approach or stance you want to take
for your paper, write a thesis statement in response to one of the
following questions:

·In what circumstances can
psychological research on cognitive and emotional development be used to set
public policy?

·When, if ever, should public
policy distinguish between cognitive and emotional development and why (or why

·Whose view of psychological
development – Steinberg or Fischer – is better for setting public policy and

In order to receive credit for
this assignment, please do the following:

provide your thesis statement:

complete sentences and support from the three articles, write 5 reasons why you
chose your thesis statement.

addition to the three articles above, find three additional sources (peer
reviewed journal articles) that provide support for your thesis statement as
well as the 5 reasons you wrote in question #2. You will be using these sources
in Assignment #6, the annotated outline. Please provide the citations for your
sources using APA style below:




I need a thesis statement for any of these topics. Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

An Analysis tells a story alternating rules and facts. Start with a General Rule and then statement of Fact: The following is an attempt tohelp you get started. Writing Assignment Help

  • Marya Callais, a citizen of California, was walking along a busy street in Tallahasee, Florida, where she has a vacation home, when a large crate flew off a passing truck and hit her, causing numerous injuries. Many people rushed to her aid. She was released from a Florida Hospital after having reconstructive surgery on her legs and spinal surgery due to back injuries. She returned to California for recuperation. She experienced a great deal of pain and suffering, incurred significant medical expenses and could not work for six months while she underwent extensive therapy in California. She wants to sue the trucking firm for $300,000 in damages. The defendant, Citrus Juices, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware and firm’s headquarters are in Georgia, although the company does business in Florida, and California, where they are prominent growers and packers of Oranges

Prior to the Analysis give a fact summary

An Analysis tells a story alternating rules and facts. Start with a General Rule and then statement of Fact: The following is an attempt tohelp you get started.

  • Here Mayra Callais is a resident……and Citrus Juices…Mayra Callais seeks to sue….in the State…
  • A state must have…….jurisdiction over the defendant. Generally a state has personal jurisdiction over……..
  • However, in 1945 the courts expanded……
    • Provide case authority – Use Cases to support the rules and application as found in the supplemental reading material on canvas.
    • Provide relevant facts


Word frequency from textfile (C programming with pthreads) Programming Assignment Help

There are 2 due dates for this Assignment.

Milestone due date: 03/11/2019 so please finish by 03/10/2019

Full Assignment due date: 03/25/2019 so please finish by 03/24/2019

program must compile and run on general.asu.edu, a Linux machine.

you are required to write one program that implements word frequency count of a text file
using the MapReduce framework, with the master using pthreads to create and synchronize the worker
threads using semaphores.

Further details is in the zipfile.

I would like to hire you twice. This one is for the milestone and another will be for the full Assignment as there are 2 due dates. So please keep in mind that the time frame and amount is only for the milestone. Another Question will be posted for the full assignment and i will invite you after you complete the milestone.


A company self-examination. What are we known for? Who do we want to become? Writing Assignment Help

A company self-examination. What are we known for? Who do we want to become?

In this assignment, you will create a Situation Analysis for one (1) of the following companies / brands: Fiat Chrysler, IBM, Burger King, or Old Spice

Each of these four (4) companies (Fiat Chrysler, IBM, Burger King, and Old Spice) has been through numerous changes in recent years. For this assignment, select only one (1) company / brand. Use the information listed, as well as your own knowledge and research, to complete the provided situation analysis template. Additional research should include the use of the company’s Website, the course textbook, and other online sources.

Click here to download the required template.

Submit the completed template via the Assignment 2 submission link.

*Remember to only select one (1) brand from the options below (click on Option A, Option B, or Option C to view each available brand).

Old Spice


The first Old Spice ® product, called Early American Old Spice for women, was introduced in 1937, closely followed by Old Spice for men in 1938. The Old Spice products were manufactured by the Shulton Company that was founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz.

Early American Old Spice was developed around a colonial theme. When Old Spice was introduced, William Lightfoot Schultz was interested in maintaining a colonial framework for those products and chose a nautical theme for Old Spice. Thus, sailing ships, in particular colonial sailing ships, were used as a trademark. Through continuous use and advertising, the various ships have become a valuable trademark identifying the Old Spice product for men.

Procter & Gamble purchased the Old Spice fragrances, Skin Care and Antiperspirant and Deodorant products from the Shulton Company in June 1990. Since purchasing the Old Spice line, the company has continued to provide many of the original Old Spice products, as well as introducing several new products that have enhanced the Old Spice line. However, the business’s prime target market were primarily the older generations and was known as the “Grandfather” Smell.

If there was a defining moment when advertisers started to get a proper handle on social media marketing, it was when an ex-American football star called Isaiah Mustafa was drafted in to save Old Spice from oblivion. Promising women he was “the man your man could smell like” would go on to be hailed as one of the most popular ever viral campaigns.

The campaign was so different from much of the formulaic work that prevailed at the time and helped convince other mainstream advertisers that they needed to push the boundaries if they were going to connect with a younger generation of consumer who had become desensitized to the effects of traditional marketing. What made its success all the more astonishing was that the campaign was for Old Spice, a neglected Procter & Gamble brand that had lost ground to more hip rivals such as Axe and whose very name seemed to underline how outdated it had become.

Moreover, it discovered that women were responsible for more than 50% of bodywash purchases – an insight that defined the strategy of the first ad that debuted during the Super Bowl on 8 February 2010. W&K quickly followed up with an interactive digital campaign capitalizing on the popularity of the “Old Spice Guy” in which he responded to personal video messages from his fans.

Its success went beyond the wildest dreams of agency and client with 5.9 million YouTube views on the first day alone. By the end of 2010, Old Spice had become the leading bodywash brand for US men with sales up 125%.


corporate finance and retailing Business Finance Assignment Help

Question 1: There is a growing debate on bitcoin and its usefulness as an investment choice. Do a research on bitcoin as an example of kryptocurrency and write a report on the pros and cons of investing in bitcoin.

Question 2: Watch the following video and answer the following questions


Describe the retail marketing strategy you would use for this product. Be sure to include target, retail format, competitive advantage, location. Explain your rationale for the your choices.

Question 3: The research project involves picking a pair of publicly traded companies which are the closest competitors in the industry example, Walmart and Target. Each student must have a different set of companies. You must then do a detailed research into the most recent financial and economic data on them and answer the following questions in as much details as you can.
1) Which two companies did you select and what criteria did you use to make sure they are competitors in the business?( 2 points)
2) Write a brief history of both companies .( 4 points)
3) Write a detailed financial analysis of both companies based on most recent income statement and cash flow statement data. This answer should be based on as much hard data as you gathered and analysed. ( 10 points)
4) A new investor is looking to buy shares in a company. As a business analyst which of the two companies would you recommend to a new investor and why? You must give your explanation backed by data and analysis( 4 points)
The rough length of the project should be 5 pages excluding the cover page and references or bibliography. All references must be cited. APA style, Times New Roman, 12 font , 1.5 spacing.

Question 4: Buffalo Wild Wings: Competing for the Future

Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) has experienced rapid and at times explosive growth, since its founding three decades ago. The business, which focuses on chicken wings and related fun food, was founded in 1982 with a single location in Columbus, Ohio, near the Ohio State University. Today, the business is an owner, operator, franchisor model; the franchising element began in 1991. Live sporting events are a focus of the customer experience, with a typical Buffalo Wild Wing’s restaurant having 50 or more televisions for viewing sports. Coordinated marketing and coordinated operational execution has allowed for a consistent brand image across locations; buffalo insignias, a yellow and black color scheme, and stylized buffalo images help build this brand image. BWW has been successful in growing restaurant locations with 786 company-owned and franchise locations in 44 states at the end of the third quarter in 2011.

Growth Strategy

BWW needs to determine its strategy for competing for the future in which the restaurant industry is growing increasingly competitive and fragmented. BWW has a stated goal to continue to grow domestically and internationally. In order to grow successfully the focus is on the following strategies.

■ Continue to strengthen the Buffalo Wild Wings brand.

■ Deliver a unique guest experience.

■ Offer boldly flavored menu items with broad appeal.

■ Creating an inviting neighborhood atmosphere.

■ Focus on operational excellence.

■ Open restaurants in new and existing domestic markets and new countries.

■ Increase same-store sales, average unit volumes, and profitability.

The current business concept is thought to be able to support a unit base of 1,400 locations in the United States with a target of 40 percent company owned and 60 percent franchisor owned. The first international play for the company was Canada with the opening of a Toronto location in 2011, with plans to open 50 Canadian locations in the next five years.

Business Operations

A typical Buffalo Wild Wings location is open on a daily basis with operating hours of 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. The hours of operation can vary depending on local regulations and day of the week. In addition, franchisors agree to operate their locations a minimum of 12 hours per day. Dine-in and carryout is facilitated through ordering with traditional table service as well as a counter that takeout orders can be placed at. Purchases of food ingredients and supplies are negotiated on a system-wide basis in order to obtain the best cost possible; additionally all sauces are manufactured by a single company with BWW owning the recipes and seasonings of its signature sauces to prevent other wing establishments from using the same sauces. Chicken wings are the largest component of the food purchasing costs, and volatility in their prices could have significant impacts on the business. Currently, wings are purchased at market price, although long-term fixed price contracts are a possibility if market conditions warrant the change. BWW restaurants include a full bar, and, in Nevada, gaming; thus the business is subject to the regulations of the appropriate beverage commissions in all states in which it operates and the gaming commission in Nevada.

Financial Performance

A better understanding of the financial performance of BWW can be obtained by examining the data in Exhibits 1–3. Note that net earnings are after-tax net earnings.


1. If there is a BWW near you, visit the restaurant or if not take a look at them online (www.buffalowildwings.com). Identify what you see as competitors to BWW.

2.What do you see as the competitive advantage of BWW? Be sure to discuss its value proposition.

3.Where would you place BWW and restaurants it competes with in terms of the retail life cycle?



Improving Policies and Standards using Access Control in E-Commerce Writing Assignment Help

Topic: Improving Policies and Standards using Access Control in E-Commerce

=> Please follow the instruction listed in the word document attached below.

=> 10 Pages excludes Table of content, Reference, Introduction.

=> 12 Slides PPT

Also if possible please include images.

If you have any questions Please feel free to ping me.

List of instructions:

  • You must use scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. (A peer-reviewed article is one that has “been evaluated by several researchers or subject specialist in the academic community prior to accepting it for publication” and is “also known as scholarly or refereed.”)
  • Paper written for this course within the School for Computer and Information Sciences must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style.
  • Must be in APA Style
  • Research Paper Must Have at Least 5 Works Cited of Which 2 Must be Peer Reviewed Works/Articles
  • Must be at Least 10 Double-Spaced Pages (excluding Introduction and Reference Page), 12-point Times New roman font.

Improving Policies and Standards using Access Control in E-Commerce Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

SOCY5210W Colorado Pet Ownership And General Organization Of Lifestyle Humanities Assignment Help

I am interested in researching, How does class shape decisions about pet ownership within NYC, and the organization of there life caring for a pet. Q: How does race and work schedule, shape white and Hispanic working adults decision making about pet ownership and the organization of their work lives around caring for a pet.

This is what i am interested in researching and I only need to do the literature review, which is only reviewing academic journals i plan on using for my research. Basically it’s seeing what these authors have to say , and see what they are mainly trying to say . Also compare what these authors are saying . 7 academic journals or more are required to be used in this literature review.

I have attached 2 documents . One is the instructions to follow for this assignment.

The second document is a list of academic articles that you would have access to online. Out of that list you can pic 7. Do not use any outside articles please! If you need and help getting access to articles please let me know.

4-6 page Literature review , double space. Asa style


Peer replies should be a minimum of 130 words, include at least 1 direct question and add value to the discussion Writing Assignment Help

STUDENT 1: Danique

Program process monitoring is a “systematic and continual documentation of key aspects of performance”. It is here that the manager must asses the outcomes, what was intended and the reality of the impact. In the evaluative process questions of appropriateness, adequacy, sufficiency, satisfactory, reasonableness and intent should be used to set the judging criteria. This needs to be done to monitor the expectations and classify the implicit from the actual outcomes. Process monitoring can be done at many different perspectives; evaluators, program managers, policy makers and stakeholders.

The key features of program validity and feasibility is the relevancy of the outcome or information collected. The results can be one dimensional or multi-dimensional the importance of the information depends on the evaluator and what is relative to the objective of the program and their ideal outcome. Validity can be tested with standardized tests, test-retests (twice under circumstances). There are no “hard and fast rules” about acceptable levels of reliability. The value and measurement rely on the outcome and the meaningfulness to the program. Feasibility is reliant of the access of all tools of measurement and whether all will be available to conduct the testing. The testing can be done in terms of observations, records, responses to interviews & questionnaires, standardized tests, physical measurements and any other structured testing measure created by the administrators. I would offer a key aspect of validity is having set parameters and ensuring what is being measured is what is intended to be measures.

The terms reliability and validity at times appeared to be the same thing however the difference is repetition in reliability in that it produces the same results in time. In difference validity measures intent from start, and reliability is the outcome.

STUDENT2: William

Good Day,

Progress monitor is a critical step in the contracting/acquisition process that is often not given the appropriate attention to detail. It is usually followed in the pre-award phases of a contract, but not so well in the post-award phases in my experience. In my office we do cradle-to-grave contract management and the staff have a good understanding of progress monitoring. Failure to effectively and efficiently monitoring progress can lead to major problems in cost, time, risk, quality and other areas. I am currently working on a multi-million-dollar requirement that is being terminated, but going to cost the government a substantial amount of money partly because of progress monitoring. Progress monitoring provides the program manager and stakeholders the status of a program at established milestones. The North Carolina Training Consortium article stating, “Managing a project effectively means: thinking before acting, identifying and dealing with potential problems before they occur, and constantly monitoring to determine whether your actions are achieving their desired results” provides a good summarization of progress monitoring. Managing a project is a team effort and should not be done in a vacuum by the program manager. Monitoring progress is important to manage variances between the program


History assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Samuel Chapman Armstrong on the Founding of the Hampton Institute, 1868

Samuel Chapman Armstrong was the son of missionary parents, who had worked in the mid-19th Century to educated native populations in Hawaii (which became a U.S. state in 1898). Armstrong was a lieutenant in the Union Army, who commanded a division of black men fighting for the Union and became interested in helping black Americans following the Civil War. He joined the Freedman’s Bureau, and then founded the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute.

I have posted on Canvas a word document in which I have highlighted in bold print portions of this primary source (which we used in class for our small group discussion). You should focus on those sections of the document to respond to the following questions:

  1. Why was education for southern blacks important after the Civil War?
  2. What kind of education did Armstrong believe was the most appropriate for freed blacks and why did he promote it?
  3. How does this source help us to understand the problems of Reconstruction? In other words, why would historians find this source to be significant (or useful)? Please reference at least two other primary sources that were assigned to formulate your answer.
  4. Please pose at least one discussion question about this source. What do you think is important to talk about with regard to Armstrong’s effort to provide schooling to freed blacks in the South?

Responses will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • Does the response address all the questions posed?
  • Does the response demonstrate that the student has done a close and careful analysis?
  • Does the response offer a thoughtful engagement with the source?
  • Does the response demonstrate a concerted effort to think about the significance of the source and its relationship to course topics?
  • Does the response make sense? Are the ideas within it clearly communicated?
  • Is the response written in essay form, with a thesis, a set of paragraphs that each address a distinct argument in support of the thesis, and a conclusion?


in description Writing Assignment Help

For today you’ll –

a) Conduct research to find three sound sources related to the group you’ve selected –

For example, those with disabilities, veterans, migrants, women, men, LGBTQ+ individuals, those who espouse gun control or freedom or who share particular views of the environment, Democrats, Republicans, millennials, Muslims, those who wear a hijab, or those with drug addictions, cognitive difference, mental illness or those who are homeless.

The sources should shed light on –

– A single story or narrative about the group you’ve chosen.

– What you and your readers need to know to have a more accurate understanding about this group.

b) Use the CRAAP Test to choose your sources and to evaluate them. (#action=share

c) Summarize each source using –

– the summary techniques we’ve learned

– accurate MLA formatting and in-text citation

– proper embedding of quotations, paraphrases, and summary information (uploaded pictures )

d) Comment on each source by responding to the following questions:

        1. What group are you focused on and what is a common single story or narrative about this group?
        2. How does this source relate to the group you’re focused on?
          • What does it tell us about the single story or narrative related to the group you’ve chosen?
          • How does it help us have a more (or less) accurate understanding of this group?
        3. How did you determine if this source is sound?
          • What did you look for to determine its credibility? (Refer to elements of the CRAAP Test in your response.)

Skills Assessment

The B Contract will be fulfilled if –

  • Three sources are summarized as described in McLeod’s video, including the following elements –
    • the author and title, stated the first sentence
    • the main claim of the source
    • the key contributing points that support the author’s main point (without unnecessary detail)
      • Summaries should not include the writer’s own judgment or opinion.


  • The summaries include –
    • properly formatted and punctuated titles
    • properly embedded source information
    • properly formatted MLA in-text citations in each summary
  • Reflection questions are responded to in reasonable detail.
  • Summaries and reflections are written in a way that is clear to an audience that hasn’t read these sources


I need a thesis statement for any of these topics. Other Assignment Help

I need a thesis statement for any of these topics. Other Assignment Help

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