I need assistance writing 3 items. 1. Annotated bibliography, 2. Literature Review, 3. Research/argumentative paper with alphanumeric outline and worksited page. All MLA format. Humanities Assignment Help

I need assistance writing 3 items. 1. Annotated bibliography, 2. Literature Review, 3. Research/argumentative paper with alphanumeric outline and worksited page. All MLA format. Humanities Assignment Help. I need assistance writing 3 items. 1. Annotated bibliography, 2. Literature Review, 3. Research/argumentative paper with alphanumeric outline and worksited page. All MLA format. Humanities Assignment Help.

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Thesis should be along the lines of … Not enough is being done in the U.S. against child trafficking.

Annotated Bibliography – Alphabetical listing of 5 sources – 2 of which need to be from sites/non-profits National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking. The remaining 3 can be peer reviewed articles, books, database reports, documentaries, etc. Your choice.

Literature Review – 2 pages, MLA format – Brief objective review of sources. Can report on trends, relationships, and gaps between sources. Need to compare and contrast at least 3 sources chosen. Should give an overview of what has been said, the prevailing theories and hypotheses, the questions that have been asked and answered, and the issues that are being clarified on the subject.

Research/Argumentative paper – Needs to be 6 to 8 pages. Must have in text citations from sources, must note the debate surrounding the topic around child sex trafficking, suggest solutions. Must use a minimum of 5 sources (selected in the annotated bibliography). Must be MLA Format 8, Work sited and with alphanumeric outline

I need assistance writing 3 items. 1. Annotated bibliography, 2. Literature Review, 3. Research/argumentative paper with alphanumeric outline and worksited page. All MLA format. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

STAT 1 Assignment Mathematics Assignment Help

STAT 1 Assignment ,

7 Questions….

Needs to be finished correctly and ASAP please

(1) For the data below:

76, 48, 93, 60, 93, 65, 45, 80, 77, 80, 93, 88, 43, 44, 68, 89, 52, 68, 84, 78

(a) (5 pts) Construct a relative-frequency distribution by using limit grouping with a first
class of 40-49 and a class width of 10.

(b) (5 pts) Construct a relative-frequency histogram for the frequency distribution in
part (a).


(2) (5 pts) Without using the built-in function for mean and standard deviation on your
calculator, find the mean and standard deviation for the following sample data:

{17, 9, 11, 15, 3}. (Round the results to the nearest hundredth if applicable.)

(3) For the date set below:

{ 4, 10, 12, 12, 14, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 20, 21, 23, 25, 27, 36 }
(a) (3 pts) Find the first, second and third quartiles of these data.

(b) (2 pts) Find the upper and lower limits of the data set.

(c) (2 pts) Construct a boxplot for the data.


(4) (2 pts each) From the set S = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19}, a
single number is to be selected randomly.

Let A be the event that the selected number is a multiple of 3.

Let B be the event that the selected number is a multiple of 2

(a) Find P(A).

(b) Find P(B).

(c) Find P(A & B).

(d) Find P(A or B).

(e) Find P(B|A).
(f) Find P(A|B).

(5) (5 pts) According to the General Social Survey conducted at the University of Chicago,
59% of employed adults believe that if they lost their job, it would be easy to find
another one with a similar salary. Suppose that 5 employed adults are randomly
selected. Find the probability that more than 3 them believe it would be easy to find
another job. (Round the result to the nearest thousandth if applicable.)


(6) (5 pts) A bottler of drinking water fills plastic bottles with a mean volume of 990
milliliters (mL) and standard deviation 6 mL. The fill volumes are normally distributed.
Determine the percentage of all bottles that have volumes greater than 987 mL.

(7) (5 pts) Eight measurements were made of the mineral content (in percent) of spinach,
with the following results.

19.1, 20.8, 20.8, 21.4, 20.5, 19.7, 21.0, 19.2

(Sample mean: 20.3; sample standard deviation: 0.9)

It is reasonable to assume that the population is approximately normal. Construct a
95% confidence interval for the population mean mineral content. (Round the results to
the nearest tenth if applicable.)


Marketing Question 3 Business Finance Assignment Help

1,Thinking about how Disney has connected with their customers over the years, discuss one reason why you think they have been able to accomplish this. How do they manage to appeal to so many different target market groups so successfully? Answer in paragraph

2. I believe one of the main reason that has helped Disney connect with customers over the years is, everyone is still a kid at heart. They build experiences off of that. I am a huge Disney fan and I am 44. I still love to watch all of the Disney movies and did so way before I had my son. The movies will pull at your heart strings and make you laugh all at the same time.

Reply to post withijn 2-3 sentences


Leadership 101 Business Finance Assignment Help

Power point presentation with notes and context

Assignment Content

  1. OverviewIn this course, your team will work together to complete a few assignments. This chartering assignment is designed to help you apply your project management skills to understand the scope of your project, then break the project into goals, tasks, responsibilities, resources, and milestones. The assignment also asks you to discuss and answer some questions that will lay the foundation for developing your project.Beyond the Standard CharterYou will notice that this chartering process goes beyond your standard University of Phoenix Charter by helping your team create a project plan for team success by providing you with opportunities to define your deliverables, recognize the connections between the deliverables and other classroom activities, determine your timelines and milestones, identify each team member’s expected contribution, and answer questions that lay the foundation for building your projects.Putting “I” in “Team”Important to note is the section for defining learning team expectations related to participation, collaboration, communication, team contributions, assignment deadlines, and other considerations. Please take the time to discuss and document how your team will address each area and any challenges that may arise. It is important to understand that we are “Putting ‘I’ in ‘Team'”. In short, we will recognize and reward individuals according to their contributions to team output, not according to their team membership. This means that individual grades may be different from the team grade depending on each individual’s contribution to each team deliverable.Completing this AssignmentTo complete this assignment, do the following:

    • Review the Charter.
    • Review the weekly Learning Team deliverables.
    • Complete the Learning Team Charter, including the following: team member contact information, project by week, learning team expectations, team discussion questions.

Use this space to build your submission.

You can add text, images, and files.


Film Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Choose one of the genres we have studied this term, and discuss at least two of the films we watched within that genre, focusing on what each of them contributes to the genre. Some might establish particular conventions, build upon and develop conventions further in interesting ways, defy conventions of the genre in order to broaden its scope, etc. Examine various aspects of the film including camera work and mise en scène (direction and editing), script (dialogue and story), costumes and set design, music and acting.

For the genres, I chose war film and the two films are “saving private Ryan” and “Glory”.

For each of the two films, you should write at a good three paragraphs; this means your full response should be around two pages. Remember to provide examples to support your claims. Please do not use sources, as you will be graded based on your own thoughts and words. Please use MLA format.



Developing Professional Practice Writing Assignment Help

hi there .. I need your help to write academic papers to pass CIPD LVL5 of 2600 words and consider writing the following:
– Written responses to each of the four activities of approximately 2600 words in total (divided appropriately across each of the four activity )
– A portfolio of evidence of approximately 2600 words in total (excluding the PDP) that responds to each of the four tasks ( Landscape )
You should relate academic concepts, theories and professional practice to the way organisations operate, in a critical and informed way, and with reference to key texts, articles and other publications and by using organisational examples for illustration & linked the cratieria with assesment brife.
All reference sources in alphabitical order should be acknowledged correctly, and a bibliography provided where appropriate (these should be excluded from the word count).
1. cover page
2. content .
3. The reference number at least is 10 ( doesn’t count in words )
4.please avoid plagiarism and attached report clarify the percentage not to exceed 10%.
5. In the INTERMEDIATE ASSESSMENT sheet, the specifications and information( guidance ) to be written on should be taken into account in the Comments column in addition take into account the Assessment brief / activity in the required order for more explanation
6. At the end of the paper, I hope to write reflected statement about this course about 260 words they will not included in word count in research paper .
7.Activity AC 1.1 Candidates should identify a range of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by HR professionals and state why these are important. They may include examples from any of the areas in the CIPD New Profession Map https://peopleprofession.cipd.org/profession-map
8. Activity 3 ( personal project related to HR )
9.use charts for explanation but words are don’t count .
10. Any work of paper instance is considered null/ as attached ( form , 5DVP prompt sheet ( for better explanation ) , links for resources .
11. fill Undertake a self-assessment based on (test result ) of HR professional practice capabilities to identify continuing professional development needs attached in same file in landscape .

CIPD to watch Videos to explain assignments

resources for DVP

Developing Professional Practice Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Fitting the Walker Equation (MATLAB) Engineering Assignment Help

– Follow the instructions carefully in the attached document


Econ Homwork questions. Economics Assignment Help

Such As

Consider the information in the file named Hypothetical Labor Market Data. The file shows the aggregate demand for labor in a small country with a civilian population of 100,000 persons. The labor force participation rate in this country is only 30% and it does not depend on the level of real wage. Wages and prices are fully flexible downwards and upwards.

Start from the base case. Suppose that due to changes in social norms, the participation rate of women in the labor force increases. As a result, the overall labor force participation rate increases to 50.00%.

At the same time, due to increases in the amount of capital and advances in technology, the marginal product of labor increases by 40 units (labor demand shifts up by 40 units). These events will cause the equilibrium real wage to change to units.


Essay Topic: How did the high mortality rate from Black Death reshape social structures in western Europe? Writing Assignment Help

I do have a proposal for my paper named Hist 010 proposal attached below, please follow the proposal to write the paper. There are some sources I have found in the proposal that you can use it. And there is an attached file named Example Bibliography as an example shows how to cite the paper.

It is to be a (a full) 5 pages paper. Do not use: large/small fonts, abnormal spacing, massive chapter subdivisions, outlines/numbered sequence points etc.) Do not use extended quotes (meaning more than a few lines). Double spacing, 12 point fonts and 1 inch margins are the maximum.

For the paper you must use at least 4 sources:

At least 2 secondary sources meaning scholarly books written by a university professor. Any book in the campus library will fulfill this requirement. If you find books elsewhere and are unsure, look inside the book since many provide a biography of the author. Also you can check the publisher; if the publisher is a university press it is fine. Ebooks through our library website are acceptable.

Journal articles are also acceptable to fulfill this requirement but only journal articles found online on JSTOR which are at least 20 pages in length. This site is accessible through the campus library website. Remember, these articles must come from scholarly journals such as the Journal of Roman Studies or the Journal of Asian Studies. Articles from magazines such as National Geographic or Newsweek do not count.


With the exception of ebooks through the UCR library and JSTOR, all other internet sources such as sites like Wikipedia are NOT acceptable and will not fulfill this requirement.

The main textbook assigned for this class DOES NOT count towards fulfilling this requirement.

Lecture notes DO NOT count as secondary sources. They represent my research and should not be cited in your paper.

You CANNOT use a paper from another class-this must be a new and original paper.

DO NOT use books/articles aimed at young people/children.

DO NOT use books/articles that are too old (nothing from the nineteenth or first half of the twentieth centuries).

DO NOT use anything with “Dictionary” or “Encyclopedia” in the title.

At least 2 primary sources written by someone who was roughly contemporaneous with the topic you are describing. You always want to find eyewitness accounts (if they exist) or accounts written by someone who was alive during the period of your topic. If these do not exist, then you want to find sources written by someone who lived shortly after the period of your topic. This could mean as much as a few centuries afterwards since these people would have access to sources that no longer exist today. For example, if you are writing a paper on Julius Caesar you would first use Caesar’s own accounts of his military campaigns. Then you could also find accounts written by his contemporaries such as Cicero before moving on to later authors who wrote biographies of Caesar or histories of his time. Some of these authors lived a few centuries later but are still acceptable.

The campus library has a huge selection of primary sources translated into English for all periods of history no matter what your topic.

Also, many primary sources are now online. It is acceptable to use the internet to fulfill the primary source requirement.

Primary sources assigned for this class CAN be used towards fulfilling this requirement.

The first step in finding sources is choosing a topic. Once you have a topic go to the campus library and search the library computer catalogue. For example, if your topic is the Chinese voyages sent out by the emperor Yung-lo look up China and Yung-lo. Sometimes you get lucky and there is a specific book about your topic. In other cases you may find general histories of your period such as, in this case, a history of China that covers the late 1300’s and early 1400’sAD. Once you find the book or books on the library shelves, you can then find information about your topic. More importantly, these books can lead you to other secondary and primary sources. Check the bibliographies of the books you found since they will list dozens of secondary sources (books and articles) the author used which you can then find in the library. Also, the author will discuss in detail the various primary sources for your topic which you can then find in the library or online.

When choosing a topic DO NOT pick subjects that are too broad for such a short paper.

DO NOT do a biography of a famous person or the rise and fall of a dynasty or empire.

DO NOT compare & contrast ancient topics, or compare & contrast an ancient and a modern topic.

Your paper must have a proper bibliography page at the end (the bibliography page does not count towards the page total). The bibliography must contain all the information about each source you used. It must include the author’s name (last name first), the year the book was published, the title of the book (in italics), and the publisher. For a journal article, you must include the author’s name, year published, title (in quotation marks), the name of the journal (in italics), and page numbers. For primary sources either include the above information from the book along with the name of the translator or the information from the website where you found the source.

In your paper all references and quotes must have proper footnotes. Since there will be a full citation in the bibliography you do not need a full citation in each footnote. Instead in the footnotes only include the author’s name and the page number where you found your information. If the footnote is from a primary source include the author’s name and page or chapter number. When trying to decide when to quote the sources, a few “rules of thumb” are useful. You should always cite the sources if you are using information from them that you did not already know (again don’t cite the lectures). Additionally, cite the sources or offer quotations when you think they enrich or support your point. For instance, if you are describing the cruelty of Caligula, offer a quote from a source that would make your point. Imagine that you were reading your paper in a presentation and think of the quotes as if they were pictures: whenever you would want to show the audience a picture to make your point or give them a better idea of what you mean, then add a quote. If you are making claims that may be controversial, then quotes/citations are more important. Chicago, APA or MLA are all OK.


1. Your paper should have a clear thesis or argument within the introduction. The introduction itself is one of the most important parts of the paper. As a rough suggestion, the introductory paragraph (or few paragraphs) should introduce the subject of your paper, state your thesis, and offer some information on how the paper will be organized or how your argument will proceed. For instance, if the topic of your paper was on the role/importance of the Praetorian Guard in the early Roman Empire, you could offer a thesis such as: “The Praetorian Guard exerted noticeable influence on the political system of the early Roman Empire, at least during key moments of crisis.” When commenting on the structure of your argument (or organization of the paper), you could write: “The terror carried out by Sejanus, the role of Macro in Gaius Caligula’s rise to the position of emperor, the conspiracy of Cassius Chaerea, and the insertion of Claudius by the Praetorian Guard all indicate that this elite body of troops was able to threaten, remove, and even install emperors during this period of the Empire.” In this example, your reader would know that you were going to discuss (1) Sejanus, (2) Macro/Caligula, (3) Cassius Chaerea’s conspiracy, and (4) Claudius in separate sections or paragraphs of your paper. That format could provide the general outline of your whole paper. One way of evaluating your introduction is to ask yourself: “If all of my paper blew away in the wind on the way to class and the professor could read only my introduction, would he know what my paper is about?” If not, then you may want to rework your introduction. I stress this because the best papers have the best introductions. 2. If you are having trouble deciding what will be the topic of your paper, a good place to start would be to choose a topic that interests you personally. If you are interested in food or dress, write on Roman sumptuary laws (laws governing consumption: what can people eat, who can wear what, etc.) and if you are interested in boxing, then write on Roman gladiatorial fights. As long as you are scholarly in your approach, even unconventional subjects may be appropriate. If you are interested in your topic, your paper will generally be more enjoyable to read. Of course, for controversial topics, you should ask the professor first. In any event it is usually a good idea to run ideas by your professor before you begin since you do not wish to choose a subject that is so big it will not fit into a 5-6 page paper. For example, a biography on the whole life of Alexander or Cleopatra will simply not work since there is far too much information for a short paper of this type. It is possible though to pick 1 specific event or aspect of their careers to write about. Also, you do not want to pick a topic that is so obscure you cannot find enough information or enough sources to fill a 5 pages paper. 3. When trying to decide on the thesis of your paper, a few considerations are helpful. Ask yourself what drew you to the topic. If you had a specific question in mind, then providing the answer to that question could be a valid thesis. If you had no specific questions in mind, then you can look at the secondary literature you are reading for the paper (i.e. things written by modern scholars/historians) and see what their thesis is. Their thesis might give you ideas. An important consideration when deciding on a thesis is that you should only present a specific thesis when you have enough sources/evidence to argue for that conclusion. For instance, if you have a large number of sources (primary and secondary) that claim that Tiberius encouraged Sejanus in his reign of terror, then you are warranted in positing that as your thesis. If not, then you probably can’t argue that thesis effectively.

4. Likewise, when trying to decide on how to focus your paper, a major consideration should be the amount of material you have on each subject. For instance, if you are writing on Ovid’s banishment by Augustus and can’t decide whether you should focus more on the actual conditions of living in Tomis or on the significance of the banishment, determine what amount of evidence you have from the sources. If the vast majority of your sources describe the significance, then focusing on the living conditions will prove very difficult. In other words, write what the sources enable you to write. Another consideration is the “So what?” question: decide which elements are most important and interesting. Of course, I can give suggestions on this matter.

5. When trying to decide what you need to explain or include in your paper, assume that your audience is a fellow classmate with fairly respectable attendance in our class. You may exclude things from your paper that they could be expected to know, except if it is essential to your subject. For instance, you don’t have to state that Augustus was effectively the first emperor and then cite your source. Still, anything that you feel is necessary to convince your reader of the truth of your thesis should be included. Likewise, facts that are completely irrelevant to your argument can probably be removed.

6. Think of your paper as a combination of narrative and argumentation. You are telling a story in your paper, but you want the reader to draw very specific conclusions from what you have said. Have enough narration (story-telling) to make sure your reader can follow the arguments, and enough argumentation that your reader understands the significance or meaning of the story you are telling.


Discussion board reply ( literature review summary) Business Finance Assignment Help

There are two person’s opinion about the discussion board questions. i have to reply them separately.

just give your opinion.


reply for person 1 post……

reply for person 2 post….

Person 1 post ( amrit)

The literature review paper attempted to answer the research question “What are the roles of project manager in the success of project management?” through available resources. In fact, there are plenty of research and studies carried out in terms of finding out the role of project managers with various approaches. The primary role of project manager includes planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing projects. In short, project managers are responsible for entire success or failure of project including project scope, project team, resources (Alexander, 2019).

Even though the roles and responsibilities of a project manager vary according to industry and project type, broadly, a project manager refers to a person who leads projects in a company by performing activities that includes bringing clarity to the scope of work, educating employees regarding essential to the project, managing timelines and budgets (Kendrick, 2019). For this literature review paper, project managers roles are classified into management role, communication role, planning role and leadership role. Moreover, the role of a project manager is not to perform all the activities of the project but to generate the favorable conditions to the members so that the team can carry their duties (Project Management for Development Organizations, 2018). Moreover, project manager does not put extreme pressure on the team members neither emboss authority which ultimately hampers the quality of the work. On the contrary, role of project manager is to establish clear objectives, and communicate it to the team members elaborately, and motivate members to reach their full potential (Anantatmula, 2010). Normally, in project management, project managers are taught that technical aspects such as goal setting, work breakdown structure, critical path analysis, resource allocation and risk management are considered very essential for the success of the project. However, often many time, project’s success depends on the proper knowledge related to human and management issues, rather than technical issues (Cowie, 2003). In today’s ever-changing business world, to become an effective project manager requires a strong mix of skills and competencies. Therefore, project managers can be effective if they are able to require the correct combination of skills and competencies. Nowadays, the most crucial roles of a project manager are planning, implementing the plan, managing stakeholders and delivering the objectives (Blaskovics, 2016). Various scholars indicated that the main role of the project manager to achieve success on projects (Anantatmula, 2010) ( Harvard Business Review Staff, 2016) (Zein, 2010) (Shibani & Sukumar, 2015).

Person 2 Post: Jenisma

Literature Review Summary

My article was based on Developing a schedule and how important it is to understand the significance of Project scheduling and to identify some of the challenges that might arise when a project manager is handling too many projects or when a clear and well-defined timeline is not set. The project schedule is the tool that communicates what work needs to be performed, the kind of resources that will be used, and the time frame within which that the project needs to be completed. It should include all the work associated with delivering the project on time.

According to the PMBOK guide, Project Scheduling is a process of analyzing activity sequences, durations, resource requirements, and schedule constraints to create a schedule model for project execution and monitoring and controlling (PMI, 2017). If there is no schedule, then the project manager will have a difficult time communicating the final output of the work (Weglarz, 2012). Before starting a project, some questions need to be answered such as “what needs to be done?”, “when will it be done?”, and “who will do it?”. After answering these questions, the project manager can move ahead with planning for setting the duration, goals and allocating resources.

What I have learned from this paper is how important project scheduling is. Without it, it is impossible to finish the project in a stipulated timeline. The ineffective project schedule will hurt the project timeline eventually wasting money and time which leads to project delay and failure. Fuzzy timelines can hamper the entire course of not just one project but other projects running simultaneously.

My paper included articles related to fuzzy resource constraints and how without some tools and techniques the project will become fuzzy and won’t be completed on time.

The results of studies done among project managers make us aware of the difference between practices and the state of development of project scheduling theory. Projects are vulnerable to time and budget issues. If there is not enough planning and control, that could determine whether a project is escalated and non-escalated projects. Studies have found that managers need knowledge for project planning basically for communication. Also, managers who use software usually have less knowledge of the tool and managing the project as well. In summary, it can be said that by putting a focus on the most important task of the project and by prioritizing the task, a project can be completed on its due date. It is also important to note the value of slack time which helps the manager to stay on schedule. It helps the manager to become flexible and delay some activities if necessary. They can also opt for a crash time which allows managers to shrink the due date by maybe adding more workers so that it can be completed in less time. In addition, an effective project manager uses different management tools to manage time more productively.


I need assistance writing 3 items. 1. Annotated bibliography, 2. Literature Review, 3. Research/argumentative paper with alphanumeric outline and worksited page. All MLA format. Humanities Assignment Help

I need assistance writing 3 items. 1. Annotated bibliography, 2. Literature Review, 3. Research/argumentative paper with alphanumeric outline and worksited page. All MLA format. Humanities Assignment Help

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