I need help writing a paper on a subject relating to Electromagnetic. Full description file is attached Engineering Assignment Help

I need help writing a paper on a subject relating to Electromagnetic. Full description file is attached Engineering Assignment Help. I need help writing a paper on a subject relating to Electromagnetic. Full description file is attached Engineering Assignment Help.

I need help writing a paper on a subject relating to Electromagnetic. Full description file is attached.

This project consists of a written paper and couple presentation slides on a topic related to electromagnetism.

Possible topics can be the following :

  • Sensors (wireless sensor networks, electromagnetic sensors, etc.)
  •  New applications of wireless technology (e.g., smart highways, smart grid, RFID)
  •  Energy and/or power (e.g., solar, wireless power transfer, transformers, etc.)
  •  Automotive applications (e.g., radar, intelligent highway transportation systems)
  •  Medical applications of electromagnetism
  •  Optics
  • Other topics relating to Electromagnetics

The written paper should be 5 pages long excluding the references page. Out of the 5 pages, 2 pages maximum can be figures and illustrations. Please see the description file for more detail.

Once the question gets assigned to a tutor, I need the tutor to give me the topic of the paper. This is because the topic has to be approved by my professor before carrying out the project. I need the topic by November the 5th. Once approved, you can start writing the paper.

Please select a topic that is simple and relates to electromagnetic. It should not be a complicated topic.

All details are in the file. I just need the paper and the presentation slides. ( I don’t need any youtube videos)

Thanks ,,

I need help writing a paper on a subject relating to Electromagnetic. Full description file is attached Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

W2 Assignment: “Security Management Models” Business Finance Assignment Help

W2 Assignment: “Security Management Models”

Describe the InfoSec management models, selection of InfoSec management models, the fundamental elements of key InfoSec management practices, emerging trends in the certification and accreditation of U.S. federal information technology (IT) systems, key components and implementation strategies of a security performance measurement programs.

Security Management Models

InfoSec models are standards that are used for reference or comparison and often serve as the stepping-off point for emulation and adoption. As the Chief Information Officer, you have been tasked to provide a report to senior management concerning the Access Control Models and how the implementation of this model secures the organizations information system from external and insider threats.

Prepare a 350- to 1,050-word paper that fully discusses the topic questions

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Comparison on Calculus of Real and Complex Numbers Writing Assignment Help


The main goal of this project is to observe the main differences of calculus of complex numbers in C over the real numbers and what advantages these differences brings to other fields of mathematics and to science.

***Obj.#1 and Obj.#2 is already completed. Only Obj.#3 needs to be completed. ***

***I will submit the “Obj.#3 – Report” to my instructor and he will give me some feedback about it. Maybe some corrections needed by you at that point. ***

Obj. #1(THIS OBJECTIVE IS ALREADY DONE) The aim of this objective is to compare the set of complex numbers and the set of real numbers from algebraic structural and from geometric perspective (such as closedness, nth-roots, ’rational’ powers, infinity as extending the number system, roots of polynomials, …). Write a report on Obj. #1, about 5 – 6 pages with proper citations, and on a separate page(s) the references (only the ones used in the report), in an MS Word file.

Obj. #2(THIS OBJECTIVE IS ALREADY DONE) The aim of this objective is to compare complex complex valued functions (with one complex variable) with their real valued (with one or two real variables) functions.

Check with some fundamental functions such as complex exponential functions.

Look into the the real valued with two-real variables functions encountered in the

studying complex functions.

Look into graphing a real and complex function.

Compare linear (real and complex) functions, linear approximation of a real and of

a complex function and their meanings (use CAS to compare the images of some explicitly

defined sets under the complex function and under its linear approximation).

Check with multi-valued functions, look also into their graphs (for example complex

power function, complex logarithm function, complex exponential function)

Check also if all the properties of real powers work also for complex powers.

Check with trigonometric functions.

Check with the inversion function, see that it can map lines to circles and it can be


Check from the limit of a function perspective.

Check from the continuous function perspective (for example in the real case we say

there should not be any jumps, do we have the same observation in the complex

case?). Write a report on Obj. #2, about 8 – 9 pages with proper citations, and on a separate

page(s) the references (only the ones used in the report), in an MS Word file.

Obj. #3(THIS IS THE OBJECTIVE YOU NEED TO COMPLETE) The aim of this objective is to compare the complex functions and real functions from differentiation and analyticity perspective.

Check with the interpretations of a derivative of a function.

Check with complex version of some real functions and see whether their differentiability

changes and how.

Check if any complex functions can be differentiated with a shortcut formulas, like

in the real case.

Check from the higher order derivatives of a function perspective.

Check from analyticity of a function at a point perspective.

Check from a direct application of an analytic function (analytic function is also a

conformal map). You can use solving Laplace’s equation.

Write a report on Obj. #3, about 6 7 pages with proper citations, and on a separate page(s) the references (only the ones used in the report), in an MS Word file.


Essay Help Writing Assignment Help

i have two essay that need to be written. I know it is a lot of work,but I tip really well. I have attached all the needed material down below.

Essay One : ( Guideline attached below )

Analyze and discuss one and only one of the following two classical arguments for the existence of God:

1. St. Anselm’s Ontological Argument

2. Clarke’s Cosmological Argument

You may argue either for or against the soundness of the argument, but you must

take up and defend a specific position.

Essay Two:

In the attached document and has be 1000 words or more


A narrative summary of diet and wellness combination report Writing Assignment Help

After you analyzed a 3-day diet (food & fluid) and activity record in part 1, you will now summarize your findings:

  • Part 2: A narrative summary of your Diet and Wellness PLUS Combination Report. This will include a written comparison of Intake vs. Goals, DRIs, Macronutrient Ranges, Fat Breakdown, Source Analysis, MyPlate Analysis, Intake Pattern and Exchange Lists in essay format. If you want to make an assessment of your functional foods and nutraceutical consumption, you are welcome to do it in this section. Please use APA-format paragraph headings!

Part 2 should be submitted as soon as you completed it. Use a Word-processing program, and follow APA-format guidelines (including a title page, header and page number, reference page, 12-font, double spaced; NO abstract required!!). Please upload your “word.doc(x)” fileas “[your-lastname, firstname_DATP_p2]”.

Please also upload your TP#1 (3-day DWP Combination Report), so I can refer to it if needed.

Grading Criteria:

    • Part 2: 40 points for the written summary of your (approved) 3-day diet analysis report, which shall compare all pertinent macronutrient and micronutrient intakes(carbohydrate, protein, fat, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, trans fatty acids, PUFA, omega-3, omega-6, MUFA, SFA; vitamins and minerals), as well as calorie and fluid intake with dietary guidelines, including the DRIs and MyPlate Analysis. You may also want to comment on your food intake pattern (e.g., only eating main 2 meals/d, or significant night-time snacking) and physical activity in this section. Evaluation of your nutraceutical consumption (phyto- and zoochemical containing foods) is optional and may provide extra points (2-4 points).
      • 3 points will be deducted for each missing macronutrient and micronutrient intake comparison, or any of the MyPlate Analysis, exchange lists, etc.
      • up to 15 points will be deducted for poorly written summaries (e.g., typos, grammatical errors, incomplete sentences, etc.).
      • up to 30 points will be deducted for inaccurate content, inadequate and incorrect data interpretation (e.g., a student writes that his or her fiber intake was 25g/day whereas the ‘approved Combination Report’ shows an intake of 16.62g/day, which is only 65% of the recommended intake for adult females).
      • 15 points will be deducted for poorly formatted summaries (e.g., missing headings), and neglecting APA-guidelines (please, see above).
      • 10 points will be deducted for NOT uploading your DWP combination report that you used to write TP#2.
      • Please don’t forget: Although your Combination Report might not spell it out, but our textbook states “One more key recommendation of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines is to consume less than 10 percent of calories per day from added sugars.” (McGuire, 2016; p.95) [McGuire, Michelle. NUTR, 2nd Edition. Cengage Learning, 20160711]; If you ‘forget’, 3 points will be deducted.



    “Position, Velocity, and Acceleration lab” technical writing to complete a professional Control lab report Engineering Assignment Help

    Remember before u handle this work, this work is so important to me, so i will revise it many times before i turn it in and I will rate u depend on your work quality such as providing correct and full response and meet all requirements in the attached instructions. Please avoid the Lack of depth in your response and plagiarism bcz I’ll check it with the ((Turn it in website.))

    I need the following:

    • Send it me as WORD document not a handwritten scanned document
    • See the main lab and the attached file named “3 parts data” to see our excel results & another file named “to fill in blank values” to see the lab values.
    • Then write A professional lab by meeting all the requirements for all 3 parts in the main lab file “named (Lab 7 – Position, Velocity, and Acceleration)

    “Position, Velocity, and Acceleration lab” technical writing to complete a professional Control lab report Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    design and analysis of computer algorithms Computer Science Assignment Help

    I have a homework assignment that I already have answers for but they need to be verified and it also needs to include inductive proof and correct post conditions; Please see attached pdf for full assignment.

    1. Given the following two functions:

      • f(n) = 3n2 + 5
      • g(n) = 53n + 9
        Use L’Hopital’s rule and limits to prove or disprove each of the following:

    2. Rank the following functions from lowest asymptotic order to highest. List any two or
      more that are of the same order on the same line.
       2?

       ?3+5?

       log2?

       ?3+2?2+1
       3n

       log3?

       ?2+5?+10
       ?log2?

       10?+7

       √?

    3. Draw the recursion tree when n = 8, where n represents the length of the array, for the
      following recursive method:
       int sum(int[] array, int first, int last)

       if (first == last)
      return array[first];

       int mid = (first + last) / 2;

      return sum(array, first, mid) + sum(array, mid + 1, last);

      •  Determine a formula that counts the numbers of nodes in the recursion tree.
      •  What is the Big- for execution time?
      •  Determine a formula that expresses the height of the tree.
      •  What is the Big- for memory?
      •  Write an iterative solution for this same problem and compare its efficiency with this
        recursive solution.

    4. Using the recursive method in problem 3 and assuming n is the length of the array.

    •  Modify the recursion tree from the previous problem to show the amount of work on
      each activation and the row sums.
    •  Determine the initial conditions and recurrence equation.
    •  Determine the critical exponent.
    •  Apply the Little Master Theorem to solve that equation.
    •  Explain whether this algorithm optimal.


    Report on Discrimination Scenario Business Finance Assignment Help

    The purpose of this assignment is for you to:

    • analyse an employment relations issue facing the organisation described in the “Working in a five-star hotel” case study,
    • determine how the matter should be handled, and
    • develop a strategy which addresses the problems identified.

    After reading the Case study I have chosen Scenario 2 DISCRIMINATION (please read the case study ive attached)

    Consider Marissa and the other older staff’s treatment by Cory, the Food and Beverage Manager. Using a theoretical framework:

    • Identify the discrimination that Marissa faces
    • Outline organisation, management and worker responsibilities in this situation
    • Determine how matters should be handled, outlining what is being done correctly and incorrectly in the hotel
    • What could Marissa do to remedy the situation?
    • Not developing a policy
    • Responding to a situation
    • 1700 Words


    Executive summary (300 words)

    • sets out the aim of the policy
    • explains why the policy was developed
    • lists who the policy applies to
    • sets out what is acceptable or unacceptable behaviour
    • sets out the consequences of not complying with the policy
    • Introduction (100 words)

    -What’s are the discrimination issues

    -What’s the discrimination policies we’re looking

    • Issues analysis (500 words)
    • Discussion of responsibilities (400 words)
    • Practical application (how matters should be handled) (500 words)
    • Appendices (not counted in the word length)
    • Reference List

    You will be required to use a relevant literature to underpin your analysis and policy development. 12 high quality journal articles are required to support your analysis.

    I strongly recommend to look at Australian government websites for references and legislations. MUST BE BASED ON NSW ( NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA)

    Break down of report structure


    1. Introduction (WHS 2012)

    2. Issue analysis

    1. Discrimination against other staff (find Legislations for all) SIte the section of act
    1. Sex
    2. Age
    3. Race

    3.Discussion of responsibilities

    A.Organisation responsibilities

    B.Management responsibilities

    C.Worker responsibilities (duty of care)

    4 Practical application

    1. What was done correctly what was done incorrectly?
    2. How should it be handled?


    What could Maria do to remedy the situation




    ELECTROCHEMISTRY Lab Report Science Assignment Help

    Hello there, this was a lab experiment. I have the data from the experiment which will be send you. However, due to time restraints I can’t complete the lab. I need someone to carefully go over each step. Answer every calculation and graph any data needed. Please make sure all questions are answered. Please use word document (nothing handwritten) if citing use ACS style, and for graph use excel only please. If you have any question let me know! The lab is from pg 62-67. Please do question 11 on pg 64, and 1-6 on page 67. Please check to see if the link is working! http://www.ars-chemia.net/Classes/102/manual/102_manual.pdf


    Answer the following English activity and general English case study Humanities Assignment Help

    2 questions from part 1 and case study in part 2, please give 100 to 150 words per answer.


    • Read the statement below carefully.
    • Read the case study below carefully.
    • Provide answers to all the questions that follow.
    • International students working in Australia often find the culture at work quite different from their own country. It is important to familiarise yourself with the cultural practices in Australia in order for you to be competitive in finding work and in performing well once employed.


    Some of the most cultural characteristics of the Australian workplace are listed below:

    ? Communications

    ? Hierarchy and Leadership Styles

    ? Work structure and Protocols

    ? Diversity

    ? Small Talk

    • Using the criteria above research how the Australian Workplace implements each criteria in the workplace.
    • Consider your own culture and identify how it differs from these practices

    ? Communications

    ? Hierarchy and Leadership Styles

    ? Work structure and Protocols

    ? Diversity

    ? Small Talk

    ? Communications

    ? Hierarchy and Leadership Styles

    ? Work structure and Protocols

    ? Diversity

    ? Small Talk

    Task : Case Study

    Deborah Burt says we’re no longer a nation of bludgers.

    Australian workers are shedding their reputation of being a bunch of laid-back bludgers hanging out for beer o’clock. These days, we’re ambitious and we don’t brown nose to the boss.

    A new survey challenges the stereotypical Aussie reputation that we’re a bunch of laid-back workers that like to bludge when the boss isn’t watching. Aussie workers actually prefer to work for managers who will push their limits and support them in their professional endeavours.

    The 2013 Kronos Boss’s Day Survey also found that 77 per cent of Australian workers who have managers have not dished out compliments to get on the good side of their bosses if they don’t mean it, meaning we’re not brown noses.

    The online study, commissioned by the Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, also found we have strong career ambitions. Given the choice between a manager who is a high-achiever but demanding and a manager who is nice but ineffective, 71 per cent of employees want to work for the high-achiever.

    In other feedback, Aussie workers rate honesty (76 per cent) as among the most important attributes of a good manager. Overall, the majority of employees who believe their manager demonstrates honesty alongside other attributes such as ethics, collaboration, creativity, empowerment, innovation, dedication and trustworthiness (89 per cent) believe their manager does this on a regular basis.

    “The results from this survey challenge the stereotypical Aussie reputation of being a ‘relaxed’ nation. Results indicate most Aussies actually prefer managers who will push their limits,” Peter Harte, vice president, Asia-Pacific, Kronos says.

    But managers that use an office jargon frustrate Aussie workers. As long suspected, staff hate it when managers use phrases such as “I don’t care, just get it done”, “think outside the box”, “at the end of the day” or “I need you to be more proactive”.

    “It’s fantastic to see the majority of employees view their manager as honest, collaborative and dedicated – all very positive workplace behaviours. But it comes as no great surprise that the common phrases we use at work really don’t establish rapport between co-workers; in fact, they create tension. Employees want to work with people who can achieve great results, even if their management skills are a little rough around the edges,” Harte says.

    Aussies workers may have been pigeonholed as bludgers in the past, but that label is completely undeserved in modern workplaces, says Deborah Burt, chair of the Execution Connection. Burt has held HR roles across various industries and says the conversation around the water cooler in Australian offices is very much about what makes a good boss and what makes a bad boss.

    “My experience tells me that respect isn’t something you automatically get just because you’re in charge. You have to earn the respect of Aussie workers,” Burt says. We care about doing decent work and we expect managers to support our growth and development, she says.

    “I also know that salary is not the most important part of a job for many workers. They actually want to get more growth and knowledge out of their workplace and make a bigger contribution where they can. Workers also want to get a feeling of motivation and drive from their manager,” Burt says.

    In terms of recognition, 45 per cent of employees prefer individual praise from their manager to their face, while 28 per cent would prefer to be praised in front of their peers, while 27 per cent want praise to come from their manager’s manager.

    When asked whether they’d prefer a manager who invests in their professional development or one who invests in programs to make the work environment more fun, Aussies are more balanced in their response, with 56 per cent opting for professional development programs, while 44 per cent want more fun. Interestingly, once we’ve clocked off, we don’t necessarily want to talk to the boss. If we see our boss outside of work, 34 per cent of young employees (18-24 years) will avoid them, compared to just 8 per cent of mature workers.

    The survey was conducted online in Australia by Harris Interactive on behalf of Kronos between September 24-30 among 1041 adults aged 18-64, among whom 583 are employed and have a manager.

    • What does the expression “brown nose” mean?
    • Do you think Aussie workers are “laid back and like to bludge”, in your experience?
    • What are the most important qualities of a manager, according to workers?
    • Do Aussies have the reputation of being “relaxed” (lazy) workers? Does this survey match this reputation?
    • What are some examples of “management speak” that managers use, and do workers like it?
    • Do Aussie workers automatically give respect to managers?
    • What do many workers find most important in a job?
    • What is more important to workers, professional development programs or a fun workplace?
    • Who conducted the study? Is it comprehensive?
    • Does the information in this article match your experience of work and managers in the Australian workplace?


    I need help writing a paper on a subject relating to Electromagnetic. Full description file is attached Engineering Assignment Help

    I need help writing a paper on a subject relating to Electromagnetic. Full description file is attached Engineering Assignment Help