I need help writing a reflection essay about my overall experiment in the class. Writing Assignment Help

I need help writing a reflection essay about my overall experiment in the class. Writing Assignment Help. I need help writing a reflection essay about my overall experiment in the class. Writing Assignment Help.

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Prompt: What I want you to do is to prepare a thoughtful reflection of the semester as a student in English 124. Incorporate what you’ve learned about and from the different writing styles and persuasive techniques, subjects, authors. films, handouts etc. that we have studied as well as any of the other lessons, ( i.e Political strategy, freedom. equality, tolerance, civil involvement, civil protest, religious and secular hope and healing, etc.) you’ve learned through the class. Your final paper must reflect thoughtful critical thinking- Do not provide a quick “cookie cutter” piece of work.

MY Overall expperiement in the class can be summarized by basically watching documentaries and reflecting those documentaries on my life, such as https://archive.org/details/Morearty_GetUp# , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUc2eLe-ruI

We were also asked to do a presentation , my part was about machiavelli- The qualities of the Prince which I will attach the link for it in the questions.

We were also asked to do several packets about several pieces which I will also include, Just take a look at them and reflect what you learned overall from them..

Then we went to really fun play at the old Globe, the link to what the play is about is https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/In-The-Old-Globes-Life-After-an-Imaginative-Tale-of-Grief-and-Loss-507414861.html, again just try to come up with what going to a play like this means to you and how it affects you .

Towards the end of the semester we did a fun activity in class called “A Seat at the Table” Socratic discussion, where we were asked to watch several civil rights documentaries such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SfH2uMayks

https://archive.org/details/EyeOfTheStorm_201303, https://vimeo.com/43462957 ,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UV1fs8lAbg Again, I am not asking you to watch the documentaries and write about them, just talk about what you have learned as a student from watching these documentaries and leaders and reflecting them on your life.

Lastly, we were asked to watch this documentary: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/showsfaith/ and it must be addressed in this final essay…

I need help writing a reflection essay about my overall experiment in the class. Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

This is called creating your project’s work breakdown structure (WBS). Writing Assignment Help

your manager at your chosen company has asked you to create the project schedule using the MS Project software. You determined the scope, project deliverables, work packages (the lowest level of the work breakdown structure), and tasks for those work packages in the Discussion Board task this week(discussion board attached). For your chosen project, create a file in MS Project 2010 or a later version that includes the primary deliverables for your project decomposed to the work package level. This is called creating your project’s work breakdown structure (WBS). See the example below; however, this might not be as detailed as your project’s WBS might need to be. Your project WBS should include the following:

  • The project deliverables at the highest level
    • List all major deliverables.
    • An example of a project deliverable for remodeling a basement room, for example, would be Project Management Planning or Structural Work.
  • List all major project tasks down to the work-package level
    • The WBS level is achieved when the work can be accurately estimated (both cost and duration) and can be managed by one individual: the work package owner.
  • Note: In MS Project, your work should look like Example 1 below.

Submit your file as a Project document, as a PDF, or in a format provided or accepted by your instructor.

Example 1: WBS Created in MS Project

  • Remodel Basement Room
    • 1.0 Project Management Planning
      • 1.1 Project charter
      • 1.2 Project management plan
      • 1.3 Budget
      • 1.4 Data gathering
      • 1.5 Cost estimates
    • 2.0 Structural Work
      • 2.1 Frame walls and door
      • 2.2 Install wallboard and tape/sand
      • 2.3 Install egress window
    • 3.0 Electrical Work
      • 3.1 Install additional circuit
        • 3.1.1 Upgrade electrical service
        • 3.1.2 Install separate circuit for computer and lighting
      • 3.2 Run wiring
      • 3.3 Install outlets and ceiling lights
        • 3.4.1 Install GFI outlets
        • 3.4.2 Install track lighting opposite window
        • 3.4.3 Test
    • 4.0 Paint Room
    • 5.0 Lay Carpet

Example 2: WBS Created in a Chart

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.


Essay: Using a Text as a Lens(Synthesis) Final draft Writing Assignment Help

-Prompt: Your goal is to develop a thesis based on your research (research question) into masculinity and mental health, and provide at least two solutions to the issue you have researched. The main purpose of an argument/persuasive essay is to convince your audience to take your side on an issue by presenting a logical idea and supporting it with specific and appropriate researched evidence.

-Thesis statement is attached for more help!

My 3 outside sources are: https://www.e-ir.info/2015/03/29/its-a-mans-world-the-effect-of-traditional-masculinity-on-gender-equality/



-Research Questions for the essay

The research questions that will guide the study as identified by Metler (2019) and Lehner, (2018) are as stated below;

  • What is the grim picture painted between mental health and masculinity?
  • What are the solutions in place towards addressing mental health challenges in men?
  • Is masculinity detrimental to men’s mental health?

I have also uploaded the full directions document!


organismal biology summary Science Assignment Help

My goal for the organismal biology section of the course content is for you to understand the
functions that living things need to accomplish, what types of body organs/structures do them, and
how these are adapted to different environments. So that I can evaluate your understanding of these
ideas, your final class assignment is to design/invent an animal/plant/microbe/alien that lives in an
extreme habitat. Your organism may be any kind and inhabit any environment, however fanciful. Do not
describe an existing organism. The most points you can get for the assignment if you do so is 10/25. You
may use existing, extinct and/or fantasy/science fiction organisms as inspirations. However, if you copy
and paste text from a source such as a book or web page and I notice it, I will give you a 0 for the
assignment. There are four parts to the assignment. Your work may be hand written or typed. There is
no page min or max but your target is 2-3 pages (if typed), not counting sketches.


Discussion 1 Humanities Assignment Help

Your original response to the Discussion topic should be at least 350 words and should reflect the fact that you have completed the Reading and activities. Use your words wisely so that the posting has substance and includes examples and explanations. Best practice is to include citations and a reference list.

Take time to review the responses of your classmates and respond specifically and substantially to at least two other students’ postings.

Please use your chapter readings and use the Library to research peer-reviewed studies to respond to the following:

In Chapter 1 of your text, you were introduced to family problems, theories, and resiliency in families. Chapter 15 included a discussion on elder abuse and theories in helping elder abuse victims. Within the theoretical constructs, information is presented of why actions are chosen and subsequent interventions are needed to address these actions. It is imperative that professionals apply interventions that meet the needs of clients to increase resiliency.

Please use your chapter readings and use the Kaplan Library to research peer-reviewed studies to respond to the following:

  • Identify the various family problems present which result in the need for human service assistance.
  • What are four theoretical applications related to family problems and elders?
  • Applying theory to practice is required to assist at-risk populations. Above, you have chosen several theories related to family problems. Apply one theory listed to how human service professionals can increase resiliency in families.
  • Apply one theory listed above to how human service professionals can help victims who are later in life experiencing abuse.



100 word response Writing Assignment Help

I need a 100 or more word responses to the two statements below

Statement 1:

Good Evening class,

The first basic or classic policy I found and was distributive policy. As the chapter mentioned, Highways are often developed with this policy. Being from Phoenix, which is a huge city, both population, and square miles, and Phoenix is far more spread out than others. Having seen our metropolitan area at least double, maybe even triple in size in just my lifetime, the freeways were built as the city grew, so are new, far nicer than other major cities . I also read about Pell grants-which I don’t get, but for those who do, I can imagine it is a life saver. I just signed off on giving UOP another 10 thousand. If this were a text message, there would be some form of shocked emoji after “10 thousand”. What I was able to be to approved for to help me in my “American Dream” was first time home buyer loans. We were going to take advantage of the FHA loan but quickly learned the area we decided to purchase was covered by the USDA loan. This meant we didn’t have to put any money down. We did have to add $50 extra of insurance but we were young and not making much money so not having to pay any down was extremely helpful.

Regulatory policy is for ensuring business don’t knowingly provide goods that are harmful to us to bring in more significant profits. I am grateful that outside of food poisoning a few times, I do not have to worry about the food I eat or wonder if this steak is indeed steak or something else.

The redistributive policy provides Medicare. When I was young and poor, I was on state covered insurance. Never had to use it but if something would have happen to me, I’m sure I would look back on that time be grateful I was able to receive medical attention. As I am sure, I will be when I retire.

Statement 2:

Public policy are the principles that social laws are based. The three types of public policy are regulatory policy, distributive policy, an redistributive policy. Basically anyone one from Congress down to the public school system with the authority can enact rules that the public has to follow. The video stated that this is how the government keeps “order”. It personally sounds like their way of keeping us in check. because if we don’t follow these certain rules and regulations we suffer consequences. they decide what resources to give to whom. A few examples of public policy include the death penalty in certain states, really how each state chooses to run their criminal justice system . Gun control laws are also an example. When I think of public policy I think of the toll company and how we have to pay to drive on certain highways we’ve paid taxes to help build and how it’s not just a one time fee but daily rates. A most recent example of public policy is how they just made abortion illegal in Alabama.

100 word response Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Needs revamped and theories applied using Piaget’s theories Writing Assignment Help

Numbers 1-4 need to be implemented within the paper with proper APA format and check grammatical Errors

#1 Suggest appropriate intervention processes based on lifespan development theory and evidence from the literature.Paper suggest intervention processes, but does not cite sufficient bases in lifespan development theory or research.

#2 Assess the potential impact of individual and cultural differences on early childhood development.Paper needs to describe the potential impact of individual and cultural differences on early childhood development.

#3 Analyze evidence related to Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory. Describes a factor related to Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory.

#4 Analyze evidence related to cognitive theory. Describes a factor related to cognitive theory.


Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Last week, you sought out research that addressed common ground among different stakeholders in your community. This week, you will seek out hidden/underrepresented voices in community conversations about this issue. You are welcome to use a source that you found when you completed the “Research in the Purdue Global Library” Learning Activity or try searching the Web for “experience of X [underrepresented stakeholder]” such as “Experience of homeless veterans” or “Experience of students who have been bullied.” Once you have selected your source, write a discussion post that addresses the following items:

  • Include the revised version of your thesis statement for an argument for change in your community and identify at least three search terms you can use in the Library or an Internet search engine to find sources that address underrepresented perspectives in your community that will be affected by your argument.
  • Tell us about the source you selected. Using your own words rather than quoting from the source, explain how the author’s position or experience relates to your argument for change. How has this influenced your thinking about this topic?
  • What criteria helped you decide if this source is credible and useful for your research?
  • Wrap up the narrative portion of your post with an open-ended question to foster conversation or help you figure out additional research opportunities.

    Please revise thesis:

    Houston has one of
    the worst traffic problems in the United States. In many ways, Houston is the
    champion of traffic in the US, a question that is both boring and full of
    inconveniences. Houston is not the worst
    case in the US but is undoubtedly one of the most neglected and poorly
    addressed problems in Texas. Houston Employers and state government can reduce
    Houston traffic by encouraging employees to use public transport instead of
    private cars.


Choose a director and watch three of his/her films. Then, choose one of the following Chapters in your book (Cinematography, Editing, Directing, Acting or Mise-en-Scene) and apply an analysis of that chapter topic on the three films. Look for similarities Writing Assignment Help


  • Create a compelling piece of writing arguing for your thesis
  • Use academic resources
  • Use comparison and analysis
  • Use 6 sources, 3 must be academic sources
  • Use MLA formatting and include a works cited page
  • Your sources should reference the filmmaker’s techniques/collaborators, not general film terminology.
  • Watch director’s commentaries for more information.
  • Some reviews are fine, but half your citations should be quoting the filmmaker or collaborators. No more than 2 movie reviews.
  • Read the Rubric


  • Plagiarize
  • Create a summary of an entire movie
  • Use “I”
  • Write a review
  • Rely solely on the internet
  • Be too general
  • Use a film seen in class (La Strada, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nanook of the North, Stagecoach, Maltese Falcon, Rashomon, Yojimbo, Amelie, Singin’ In the Rain)
  • DO NOT CITE the DVD or video as a source!
  • Don’t just say “mise-en-scene is used in the film”, focus on a specific elements: costume, lighting, props, etc. and how they’re used.


summarize a peer reviewed article – mini annotated bibliography Science Assignment Help

use uwinnipeg library to find and read at least one of the three academic sources related to your topic and summarize that one article in a mini-annotated bibliography

On title page write a one sentence summary of your topic

Your paragraph should summarize

1 The topic of the paper

2 The question that paper was trying to answer

3 The methods the author used to answer the question

4 1-2 major results the authors found

5 The broader implications of the finding


writing should be double spaced and length of assignment is one page


I need help writing a reflection essay about my overall experiment in the class. Writing Assignment Help

I need help writing a reflection essay about my overall experiment in the class. Writing Assignment Help

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