I need the methods and results section of my paper written Humanities Assignment Help

I need the methods and results section of my paper written Humanities Assignment Help. I need the methods and results section of my paper written Humanities Assignment Help.

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Complete the following assignment. Please remember to use APA formatting.

  1. Using the topic of your research project, fully and clearly develop your Methods and Results sections. You will need to explain how the secondary data was collected (ICPSR and other sites will provide you with a description, but you must put what they said in your own words; copying and pasting is plagiarism). Make sure to explain how they assessed the variables (i.e., the survey items used for your variables). You will also need to analyze the relevant data in that particular dataset. Make sure to explain any setup you did for the dataset (this includes Cronbach alphas for any operational definitions that used more than one survey item). Be sure to identify the statistical analysis you used, as well as provide information about descriptive statistics. Eventually, you will want a table or figure that provides this information; it may be a good idea to make one now so you get feedback on it before submitting your final paper.

Attached is my introduction, conceptual model, and references

I need the methods and results section of my paper written Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Intro to Artificial Intelligence – Homework Computer Science Assignment Help

(I will give tip when I check the answer)
Robert has moved into a new house. He has a number N of boxes from his previous home. Each box bi has a volume vi. He must fit those boxes in 2 rooms of the house and is not allowed to put any box outside of those two rooms yet. The volume of the room1 is V1 and the volume of the room2 is V2. The total volume of the boxes (v1+…+vn) is greater than V1+V2. So, He is not going to be able to fit all the boxes, but he wants to maximize the numbers of boxes in the 2 rooms (or minimize the boxes left outside of the rooms). He is an expert in robotics and got 2 robotic agents that can do the moving for them. The agents can move around the 2 rooms and the house, they can detect the boxes and their size with their sensors and can get them and place them in the rooms.

The successor function embedded in the software that controls the agents has been defined to pick up boxes at random and place them in any of the rooms also at random until there is no more space in the rooms. You need to define a new successor function by using an algorithm we have covered in class and hand the implementation to Robert, so he can insert it in the software that control the robots.

  1. Explain why the robots are not doing a good job when choosing the boxes at random
  2. What kind of agents are in the system? Why?
  3. Formulate the problem in detail. Describe well the possible states. (Draw a generic tree)
  4. Define the kind of environment Robert is dealing with (continuos? , deterministic?…..
  5. Define the PEAS.
  6. According to the problem, the goal formulation and the states define an algorithm that implements the successor function. (Choose one of the algorithms we saw in class).
  7. Implement the pseudocode algorithm in a high-level language. (Java, C++, Python, C) . Pay attention to the data structure you choose to keep the states the function is going through.
  8. Comment the complexity, the completeness and the results of the algorithm


Making Acquaintances: Differences and Similarities of United Arab of Emirates Humanities Assignment Help

Making Acquaintances: Differences and Similarities

1.Each student will provide a brief cultural write-up relating to his/her representative country (chosen for Making Acquaintances: Do’s and Don’ts): (20 points)

  1. Historical background
  2. Communication styles (language, both verbal and non-verbal)
  3. Beliefs (religion, family, nature, etc.)
  4. Society structure (gender equality, role of children, family, ethnic groups, leaders, government, political ideologies, hierarchies)

VERY IMPORTANT – your final score will greatly depend on this.

In the next sections, associations SHOULD be made with the value orientations addressed in the Values portion of this course:

  • Human Nature (Universalism-Particularism, Good/Evil, High-Context/Low-Context, Uncertainty Avoidance)
  • Relation to Nature (Subjugation, Harmony, Mastery, Inner-/Outer-Directed)
  • Activity Orientation (Achievement/Ascription, Doing-Being-Being-Becoming)
  • Human Relationships (Affectivity/Affective Neutrality, Instrumental/Expressive, Self (Individualistic)/Collective (Collateral)/Linear, Egalitarian/Hierarchical, Power Distance)
  • Relation to Time (Past-Present-Future, Monochronic/Polychronic, Low-Context/High-Context

2. Each student will provide a list of ‘Reasons for Codes of Cultural Behavior’ for tourists visiting his/her representative country. This list will explain to tourists why it is important that they follow each of the Do’s and Don’ts (that you listed in your Making Acquaintances: Do’s and Don’t’s assignment), from the hosts’ cultural (values of the culture) perspective, and should include the following: (40 points)

  1. Five major ‘Do’s’ for tourists
    1. At least one appropriate value orientation of the culture for each ‘Do’ (20 points) (Describe in detail one distinct value orientation for each Do. Do not repeat value orientations for the items on the list of Dos.)
  2. Five major ‘Don’ts’ for tourists
    1. At least one appropriate value orientation of the culture for each ‘Don’t’ (20 points) (Describe in detail one distinct value orientation for each Don’t. Do not repeat value orientations for the items on the list of Don’t’s.)

3. Each student will provide APA-style citations within the text whenever applicable and compile a list of APA-style references (reference page) for all resources used in his/her write-up (5 points).


Physics 101: Using Newton’s 2nd Law Science Assignment Help

Need #1 and #2. I attached images of the problems in case it’s necessary.

1. A snowboarder has a speed [18 m/s] at the base of a snow-covered ramp inclined at an angle
[θ = 20 degrees] from the horizontal. The ramp and snowboard share a kinetic friction
coefficient [µK = 0.22]. The snowboarder slides along the ramp [length L] and launches from
the end. After flying through the air, the snowboarder lands on a hillside. The landing point is
[Δy = 3 meters] below the launch point and [Δx = 12 meters] to the right of the launch point.
How long is the ramp?

2. Block A has a mass of 6.00 kg. Block B has a mass of 5.00 kg. The coefficients of friction
between two blocks are µs = 0.400 and µk = 0.200. The coefficients of friction between the
blocks and the ramp are µs = 0.500 and µk = 0.300. The ramp is angled at 15.0° above the


A Raisin In The Sun Essay Humanities Assignment Help



At the end of Act III, the Youngers are about to embark on a long-awaited new chapter in their family history. You must write a 4 page summary of the Youngers first five years in the new house. Some ideas to consider as you plan your essay:

* Are some of the conflicts resolved among the family members (money, power struggles, identity, dreams, etc.)? How did they resolve them?

* Did Beneatha continue with medical school? She would be almost ready to finish by now, or just recently finished.

*What happened to her relationship with Asagai?

* How are Walter and Ruth doing in their marriage? Is Walter still a “changed” man after standing up to Mr. Lindner?

* How are the Youngers getting along with the neighbors? Do they still feel they made the right decision?

–Each of these ideas could be a different body paragraph, supporting a thesis that explains how the Youngers are doing five years later.

NO CRAZY FANTASIES! Base your ideas on who the characters are, and the reality of their situation.

These are just some of the issues you might discuss. Your grade will be based upon your knowledge of plot, character and theme, as well as your creativity.


– MLA format heading.

– Typed, #12 font size, Times New Roman font style.

– You have an intro, body and conclusion.

– Each body paragraph focuses on one aspect of their future.



Can Complete? Business Finance Assignment Help

Throughout this course, you will work on several aspects of enterprise
content management that will result in a complete ECM and Data
Governance Policies and Procedures Manual for a company of your
choosing. Enterprise content management is the formal
management of the organization and the storage of an organization’s
valuable content and documents that are related to business processes. Data governance policies and procedures
are the formal policies and processes that enforce data quality,
management, and policies and business process management and risk
management. You will not actually be performing the implementation of
the system, but you will work extensively with the concepts of good
enterprise content management practices. Additional information and the
deliverables for each Individual Project will be provided in the
assignment description for the project. This is the course Key
Assignment that you will make contributions to each week.

Can Complete? Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discusssion Question Health Medical Assignment Help

Need the below Discussion Question answered 250 words with 3 scholarly sources less than 5 years old with citation in APA format.

Many elements need to be considered individually by a woman, man, or couple when choosing the most appropriate contraceptive method. Some of these elements include safety, effectiveness, availability (including accessibility and affordability), and acceptability. Although most contraceptive methods are safe for use by most women, U.S. MEC provides recommendations on the safety of specific contraceptive methods for women with certain characteristics and medical conditions.

Compare and contrast two forms of contraception including indications, contraindications, side effects, US Medical Eligibility Criteria (USMRC), US Selected Practice Recommendations for Contraceptive Use (USSPR), affordability, and mechanisms of action.


Reflective Essay based on learning APA style via online Science Assignment Help

  • writing 600-700 words of reflection on my experience with the Writing Express (online). This essay should, obviously, represent my own experience in first person. As a way of organizing, you might think back to your expectations prior to beginning the Writing Express; examine the process of working through each unit and the efficacy of each; consider the outcomes versus the expectations; offer a plan for utilizing the work of the Writing Express in future writing. Your work will be evaluated on writing skills rather than the content so, please, consider the entire experience and be candid in your response. Your feedback is important to us as we continuously work to improve the Writing Express. You may use first person in this reflection.


500 word discussion post Humanities Assignment Help

Between the earlier literature
and the work of the eighteenth century it is clear that the letter and
the sermon are two distinct genres of early American writing. The letter
establishes an intimacy between the writer and the reader, while the
sermon (and we can view Thomas Paine’s work as a sermon, of a sort, and
certainly the work of David Walker) is meant to bring a large population
into a shared communal experience.

Consider the pieces included
in “Letters between John and Abigail Adams” and then the sermon-like
works of Paine and Walker. Find specific phrases the authors are using
to establish trust with their intended audience. How do these passages
help establish a connection?

Next, it is recognized in the
introduction to Benjamin Franklin’s work that he “is, on the one hand,
the embodiment of the Age of Reason, and yet, on the other hand, he is
decidedly modern, a masterfully agile performer of parts who (in the
words of one critic) ‘envisaged the process of what might be called
self-creation as the conscious playing of a series of calculated roles’”
(293). The Autobiography is also widely recognized as the first great American prose narrative.

of the elements of the work’s greatness is exemplified by specific
storytelling techniques. Of these techniques, we see Franklin organizes
his writing partially in the letter-form. Consider the tone of The Autobiography
and the thoughts in “Benjamin Franklin Slept Here.” What does omission
of certain details do to the story itself? Does it make it less true?
Why or why not?
Finally, in your opinion, which of the three forms
studied in this discussion post (letters, sermons, autobiographical
narratives) is the most effective and why?

Your initial post
should be at least 300 words in length. Support your claims with
examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and
properly cite any references.


reflection to get out Writing Assignment Help

“Get Out” falls into at least two genres: science fiction and horror. Science fiction shows the speculative situations that human beings utilize science and technology. When science and technology are no longer under human’s control, they would become the horror. The uncontrollable robot, the unpredictable technology from and in the outer space, the aliens that have higher intelligence than human beings, the missing and manipulated memories and dreams are all the horrors of this type. However, in “Get Out,” the horror comes from the intention to control instead of the out-of-control situations. Science and technology can be useful to the ones utilizing them (ex: resisting aging and gaining a stronger and healthier physical body) and at the same time threatening and lethal to others (ex: losing consciousness and being stolen the brain).

Here, we see that there are (at least) two human subjects in science fiction. One of them does not only intend to control but also dominates the power and tools to control, whereas another is destined to be controlled. If we borrow Fanon’s idea, we can say that the former subject is actional, and the latter is reactional. Fanon also says that human should not be just reactional. A person is merely reactional and passive because he is arbitrarily defined by the social norms as not being able to be actional and active. In other words, a not-actional person is considered not-fully-human or not-qualified-as-human. We can say that while the first human subject is with no doubt recognized by the social norms as Human (with the capital “H”), the second human subject is the human (without the capital “H”) of disability. S/he is not able to be actional or control the environment and other living beings with science and technology. Thinking with Sylvia Wynter’s idea, we can say that the second human subject is being wrongly represented by the first Human subject. The Human subject is the overrepresented Man that erases the other possibilities of being human.

Usually, we don’t object to the idea that science and technology define what it means to be human, but we very often lack a critical vision to the subject who is using science and technology. In “Sorry to Bother You,” we find that a certain kind of subject uses his own body technology to mimic the standard human’s voice and make himself more human. In “Get Out,” we find that the body technology is utilized to achieve a certain kind of physical evolution for individuals as well as collective. Science and technology always carry a specific worldview, culture, and system of thinking and relating. Rather than universalizing science and technology and the Human subject using them, we need to historicize and specify them all. Who is the subject using science and technology? Is this subject being understood as Human, subhuman, or non-human? Can a subhuman or a non-human use science and technology? If they can, does it mean that science and technology are no longer exclusively Human’s civilization? How do they connect their bodies (and minds, of course,) to science and technology differently from the norms?


I need the methods and results section of my paper written Humanities Assignment Help

I need the methods and results section of my paper written Humanities Assignment Help

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