i need this excel lab Business Finance Assignment Help

i need this excel lab Business Finance Assignment Help. i need this excel lab Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Lab 3: Integrating Word & Excel Lab 3: Integrating Word & Excel Now we are prepared to write our brief. Before we do so, it is important that we
plan ahead and have a notion about how the document will look, what contents it
will have, and how it will be organized. The lab provides you with the necessary
guidance in planning your brief, but in the future it is wise to spend time planning
before you begin typing. You can save yourself a lot of frustration if you organize
ahead of time instead of “as you go”.

i need this excel lab Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

History of guns in the US Writing Assignment Help

1. Talk about the start of guns and who invented it

2. Talk about how did the guns upgrade

3. Talk about the cons about like the gun , morr crimes in the US

An organized introduction with a clear thesis statement, which supports your purpose of defending a cause or effect of an event in Fort Wayne history Body paragraphs that support your thesis statement with evidence from the History Center, articles, and books Proper paraphrasing and quoting from at least three reliable sources including trustworthy websites, journals, newspapers, and books to support your claims An organized conclusion

  • 4 to 5 pages in length, excluding the Works Cited page
  • Double-spaced, Times New Roman/Calibri, 12-point font
  • MLA format
  • 1-inch margins
  • Use MLA in-text citations for references to course handouts and other sources
  • Have a Works Cited page
  • Use at least three reliable sources including websites, newspapers, journals, and books
  • Use correct punctuation, grammar, and mechanics
  • Use complete sentence
  • At least 3 sources


Art writing Writing Assignment Help

For this paper, read two readings, each reading write at least 250 words. total at least 500 words count.

Reading Journals requirement:

The Reading Journal (RJ) assignments are written responses to each assigned reading or video. A reading journal is not your first impression about the text, nor a summary of its content. It is a layout of your experience reading the text and your personal reactions to and analysis of it. These assignments require you to use critical thinking and analysis and to draw connections between your own ideas and those of the authors. For example: were you surprised at how the writer described their viewpoints? Does the writer give you a new way of thinking about that topic? Was something shocking in the reading/video, or did it make you laugh – why? Does it connect to things you’ve heard in this class or other classes, or to other ideas you had? Does it help you think about art in a different way? What questions or confusions do you have about the topics presented? Be specific!!!

The Reading journal functions as proof of your engagement with and analysis of each reading. If you just summarize some key points of the text or tell me what you liked or disliked you have given insufficient proof of your engagement with the content and will be marked down. So, do not summarize what happened in the reading; tell me what happened inside of your head when you read the text. Importantly, you must be specific about what ideas or sections of the reading you are responding to. Though I don’t want a summary, I do want specific references to content in the reading so that I know you have actually read and engaged with it. Remember to always ground your analysis in relation to the actual content of the reading/video.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO PROPERLY QUOTE AND ATTRIBUTE (NAME) ANYONE ELSE’S WORDS IF YOU WISH TO REFER TO THEM THROUGH EITHER DIRECT QUOTES OR PARAPHRASE IN YOUR WRITING (more information about the consequences of plagiarism are below in the Academic Misconduct / Plagiarism Policy section).

Each of the readings and videos that are assigned weekly requires a single journal entry, clearly titled with the name of the article. Most weeks there are more than one readings/videos assigned, so please remember to write a separate response to each (separate them in one document by the article titles, or submit them as individual documents). Each journal entry should be at least 250 words in length, which works out to about half a page long (1.15 spacing).

Here are some suggestions about how to write your journal if you need guidance (You are welcome to see Sonja during office hours if you have more questions or confusions about the Reading Journal expectations):

  1. Read through the assigned reading (or watch the assigned video) to gain an overall understanding of the material.
    2. Jot down your thoughts while, and just after, you read or view. Mark passages that stood out to you.
  2. Go back to your notes and try to make them full sentences if they are not already.
    4. While reading your notes consider your general impressions and then go back to those parts of the text or video that require more specific observations and analysis. You might use the following questions as a guideline (you do not have to answer them specifically; they are merely meant to help you focus):
  • What are your overall impressions of the reading or video?
  • What particular passages or details stand out to you? Why do you think they might be important?
  • How does this reading/video relate to the themes we have been discussing in class so far? The themes of other sources? The themes of the course as a whole?
  • How might your personal experiences or background relate to the reading/video?
  • What questions do you have about the reading/video? What passages or ideas were difficult to understand?


Discuss the concept of patient empowerment through digital technologies and provide 2 examples of solutions/apps/software used for patient empowerment and engagement. Business Finance Assignment Help

Write 500 words in an essay style to respond to the following question:

  • The heart of patient-provider communication is the concept of participatory medicine or shared decision making. Discuss the concept of patient empowerment through digital technologies and provide 2 examples of solutions/apps/software used for patient empowerment and engagement.

  • Support your writings by at least 2 references (APA style)
  • You must use the attached cover page on your submission.
  • Proper formatting, correct referencing and cover page will carry a mark

Due date:

23-Feb midnight


5 points



If the valid plagiarism ratio is above 80% the student will get zero mark without a second chance unless it is his first attempt among all courses. The college has a database of previous plagiarism cases.

If less than 80% you will be marked based on the ratio of text that does not include plagiarism. For example, if your valid plagiarism ratio 50% your assignment will be graded out of 5 points instead of 10, with no chance of resubmitting the assignment.


You will not be able to submit any assignment after the deadline under any circumstances.

C.Grading Criteria:

Grading will be based on the depth and accuracy of your answer. The following points will be used to assess this assignment. Please familiarize yourself with it and do not hesitate to refer back to it before, during, and after composing your answer.

  • Quality of the Content
  • Knowledge
  • Depth of Analysis
  • Style and Organization
  • Provided the required writing style (Essay, Report etc.) Plus the layout is organize, the file mane include the student name and Student ID (Metadata).
  • Referencing
  • Spelling/grammar


Writing paper-02 Writing Assignment Help

Choose ONE article to write from the attached file. No outside resources needed.

word count at least 350

Choose an issue or set of issues drawn from required readings over the three-week period preceding each deadline and briefly discuss in one double spaced response paper. The response papers are intended to be a useful tool to help gauge your understanding of and response to the class readings. Your response papers may be as simple as recounting what you learned from an especially interesting reading that you didn’t know before or as complex as briefly comparing different interpretations of a given film drawn from more than one assigned text.



Discussion Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

Please pick 3 to answer.

  • DQ1

What approaches do you consider when making efforts to keep negotiations on track?

  • DQ 2

What negative effects may arbitrations have?

  • DQ 3

What are some approaches, to consider, for controlling escalating issues when negotiating?

  • DQ 4

What is the purpose of power moves? Describe a situation when a power move would be necessary.

  • DQ 5

If you were in a negotiating situation and you realize the other side has more power, what would you do?

rEPLY to three

Discussion Questions Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Anth 130 and geog 130: you have to do all the assignment Science Assignment Help

Anth 130: it’s once of week. there will assignments (like discussion and etc) , quiz and exams (that are not online (i try lol) ) Also you have to study for the exam and quizzes. Also you have to keep up with the class i recommend to do everything before the date due. there is alot of reading to do.

Geog 130: there will be assignments, quizzes and exams. the some quizzes require to watch videos and the othere you have to read. also recommend to finish everything be fore date due

you Have to get An A or B- to the the money for both classes


Essay writing Health Medical Assignment Help

Success Strategies Paper


Nursing requires the nurse to have knowledge, clinical reasoning, and creativity.The process of acquiring these skills starts in your nursing program and is a life-long process.Success as a nursing student is dependent on the students maximizing their strengths and improving upon their weaknesses.This assignment is designed for the student to examine his/her strengths and weaknesses and reflect on strategies employed for success.(CLO 7)


1.The paper is composed of the following sections:

Title page


Strengths, weaknesses, and study strategies reflection

Strategy analysis


Reference page

2.Utilize APA formatting and style throughout the paper.

3. The final paper scoring will be based on the rubric.

4.A minimum of 2 valid sources must be used.Valid and reliable sources for this assignment are journal

based literature and valid and reliable websites.A minimum of 1 source must be a journal article.Sources

such as textbooks, Wikipedia, and a dictionary are not acceptable as the 2 minimum resources.

5.The ideas expressed should be supported with the literature.

6.The paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length.

7. See the Course Schedule for the due date of the paper.

8. The paper should be submitted to OWL prior to submission.

9.A librarian should be consulted with any difficulties finding or retrieving articles.


Primary Source collection Writing Assignment Help

This assignment asks you to compile an inventory, a list, of primary source collections and sources that you plan to use. Please keep in mind that a satisfactory chapter must include a minimum of 20 primary sources coming from a minimum of 3 distinct primary source collections. Excellent chapters will include many more.

Try your best to make sure you identify distinct and different types of collections that, taken together, will give you a range of different types of sources to work from.

  • Manuscript collections (online or in Special Collections)
  • Oral History collections (print collections, databases, etc.)
  • Historical newspapers
  • Historical magazines
  • Published sources (document collections, memoirs, books on your topic written at the time being studied)
  • Film and Video footage
  • Visual images (photographs, art, posters)
  • Music
  • Any other databases, websites, or online archives

Use the attached worksheet as a template or guide. Make sure to start with your name, research topic, research question, and keywords and search terms used. Then list and briefly describe each of the distinct primary source collections (at least 10, but can be more) you’ve identified. For each collection, please list the specific primary sources you’ve located (remember, you have to have a minimum of 20 total sources), and then discuss how you think these sources will help you answer your research question.

Reserch Question: How did gender shape their experiences working in the intelligence field during the 1940s-1960s?


Indian Americans Writing Assignment Help

In a separate paragraph, another item to mention is the name used to refer to these people. What is your preferred term and why? Terms to consider (and research if you do not know their usage) include Native Americans, Indians, Native American Indians, Indigenous People. Please read my example post as a guide.

In a separate paragraph, discuss

All forums/Discussions require 1 original post and at least 2 replies. Write one original post of at least 250. It is best to put your word count at the end of your post to make sure you have enough words.

Read the post to understand what I am looking for in this discussion.

My post (originally written Fall 2015):

I came to understand American Indians first in elementary school when I learned that there were indigenous people on North America when the Europeans came to America. I do not recall the Europeans being glorified, but I do recall, “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue”. There is a permanent exhibit in the Houston Museum of Natural Science where students took field trips, which displays thousands of years of indigenous cultures from North and South America. All I remember from childhood was the shrunken heads on display. As an adult, I have returned to actually learn about the pottery, beadwork and other exhibit items. Even in high school, while the Europeans were not glorified, the decimation of the indigenous population was glossed over for the most part and there was no discussion about American Indians living anywhere except on reservations. Looking back, it seems that once we were taught about the Cherokee Trail of Tears and the Dawes Act, the discussion ended. We learned that the Alabama Coushatta had a reservation between Houston and Dallas. In essence, we abandoned the discussion once American Indians had been forced to move onto reservations. There was little if any discussion about the dissolution of tribes in the mid twentieth century. And certainly, we did not discuss current topics at the time affecting American Indians. This early education, which created first opinions about American Indians, was quite subjective based on the European conquerors’ viewpoints.

The way we acquire knowledge after these early lessons from the viewpoint of Americans who are not Indian is by being motivated and actively seeking it. Instead of education becoming more diverse and imparting knowledge about minorities, including American Indians, it seems to have become more narrowly focused. In the past few weeks, the AP U.S. History standards have changed to focus on American Exceptionalism which will focus on the positive things in America’s history. This most certainly will not cover the atrocities committed against the indigenous peoples of this land.

The challenges created by myths and stereotypes include fear and arrogance induced by ignorance. If the masses have only heard the stereotypes about someone or a group of peoples, they are more likely to mobilize in fear of the unknown.


i need this excel lab Business Finance Assignment Help

i need this excel lab Business Finance Assignment Help

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