I would like you to write me a professional personal statement. I also mentioned what the university is asking

I would like you to write me a professional personal statement. I also mentioned what the university is asking for.
– My name is Mohammed Abounkaira
I would like you to write about how was it hard starting a new life in the U.S, leaving my family which they all depending on me while I’m the only boy between six girls. I was taking care of my six sister I used to take care of them take them to school, cook for them and even help my young sisters with the homework, I was helping my mother and removing a little from the pressure on her. Also I would like you to write about covid and how it affected my programs, and my grades because I really was pretty scared. I have lost my grandma and my bestfriend due to covid so I was going through a lot. It was really scary for me thinking who is covid going to take next from my family and the people close to me.
Talk about my struggles but at the same time write about my improvements and how these struggles and problems I was going through built me to be stronger, and made me real man can handle anything. It even improved my personality for more confident and responsible.
Also talk about that I have not seen my family for a long time, I live here by myself and trying to depend on my self. My hall family they are depending on me and the really proud of me because how I improved my self with this all circumstances. Write about that I’m looking to study engineering I feel it is my ambition there, and I have heard a lot of my friends and people around me telling me that I have engineers mentality.

I have joined many clubs in my college, I was an active membership at MSA (Muslim Student Association), and ASU.

From University descriiption (The personal statement is carefully considered in the admission selection process. This is the opportunity for you to tell us more about yourself, your readiness for college, and your activities and accomplishments. Explain any personal experience, responsibilities, or challenges that have impacted you or your academic achievements.*)

What are your strength?
Team worker
Multi tasker
Well organized
Helping others

Volunteer works
1. I volunteered at the mosque foundation
2. Volunteered with feed my starving children
3. Helped with winter clothing distribution for the low income families.

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