Idea of Justice Humanities Assignment Help

Idea of Justice Humanities Assignment Help. Idea of Justice Humanities Assignment Help.

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Our texts and discussions have covered a wide array of subjects from the socially constructed notion of gender to racial justice. Each of our texts takes a relatively unique position on the idea of “justice,” generally rooted in each author’s individual, subjective experience.

Your task as a writer is to explore the mechanism by which the idea of justice is constructed. Is “justice” a relative term, or is there a specific, objective way to define it? Using our readings1 from the “Justice” module as evidence, respond to the following prompt.


What does “justice” mean? Do people really have fundamentally different views of justice? Is our definition of “justice” itself a purely human/social construct?

Additional Requirements:

  • 4 page minimum length (does not include works cited page)
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • MLA style throughout, including a complete and correct works cited page
  • Heavy analysis (no summary)
  • Must cite both the King and Butler texts as primary sources for this assignment.
  • Avoid simplistic “five paragraph” essays

Required Texts to Cite:…

Second reading is attached (Butler)

Idea of Justice Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Inquiry Paper Critique Business Finance Assignment Help

For this assignment choose any business-related paper from the general business journal literature (accounting, sales, marketing, operations research/analytics, business medical services, business software development, etc.);

***suitable journals include Harvard Business Review, CrossTalk, Interfaces, University of Chicago Journal of Business, etc. Not acceptable publications are popular magazine articles, trade association magazine articles, or newspaper articles.**

  • Make a copy of the journal paper and attach to the back of your critique. Include a page showing the Cover and Table of Contents from the journal you chose. If the journal is online, then attach a copy of the paper and a screenshot of some kind of the journal masthead.
  • State the author’s null and alternative hypotheses. Write an explanation of the hypothesis the author was testing in plain English. Use of statistical symbols such as “Ho:” will not be acceptable. Assume your audience is middle management who are not experts in statistical methods.
  • Write your critique of the research methods and conclusions the author drew using plain English.You may either agree or disagree with the conclusions and/or methods used by the author.

I will be attaching a sample of critique paper as well as the journal that the sample have used, to give you an idea of how exactly i want it to be. I will be needing you to submit all three files separately like the samples i have submitted

Thank you!


Messianic Movement In Brazil Article Humanities Assignment Help

this needs to be 5-6 pages and cites MLA

Please be sure to use both a title page and works cited page. (title and works cited pages do not count toward the overall page count of your review) You are also encouraged to follow the MLA or Chicago formats to develop this report. Please double-space your review.In terms of the content of the report, I am looking for two main points of discussion. First, you should devote the first half of the report to a summary of the main points that the author is trying to convey to the reader. To help you to address this issue, consider some of these questions: What type of article is this? Is the author presenting an original feature, or is he/she conducting a book review? If this is a book review, what book (or books) is being reviewed? What is the author’s purpose for writing this article? What is the author’s academic or professional background?

As for the second point of discussion, this is where you provide your opinion or perceptions of the article. In other words, what did you think about it? What were the strengths or weaknesses of the article? How did the article relate to the class? You are definitely encouraged to write in first person singular (I feel that…, I think..) as you provide your opinions. As a general rule of thumb, your JSTOR review should be about 60% summary and 40% commentary. Thus a 5-page review with about 3 & 1⁄2 pages summary and 1 & 1⁄2 pages commentary is an ideal proportion.


UNSW_Advertising Analytics course_research paper Business Finance Assignment Help

? This research paper is for the course “Advertising Analytics”. Deadline on 1st August.

? The paper the related to the presentation that I’ve done a week ago, which means you DONT have to write all the data by yourself, part of the coding task is done.

? You are required to have some skills on coding, and familiar with “google Colaboratory” and “Tableau”:

  • Use Tableau to visualize the relevant data
  • Use google Colaboratory to make a regression of relevant data, then analysis the regression

? Body of Report include (15 pages):

  1. Research question (Hypotheses)
  2. Literature review
  3. Data collection
  4. Data Exploration using Visualization & Data Cleaning (Tableau or Python)
  5. Model
  6. Regression Analysis and Interpretation
  7. Conclusion and Suggestion for Organization
  8. Future Plan

? pls Do NOT put code into the research paper, the paper ONLY contain tables, visualization (figures), and text.

? General requirement:

  • At least, 4 hypotheses (research question)
  • 2 of your hypotheses may be the same as those in the previous academic paper, your group project that you’ve done before, or your classmates’ papers.
  • It means, you may add 2 more “new” hypotheses, which contribute by yourself.
  • At least 1 hypothesis is required to be supported/ sufficient. (p-value < 0.05)
  • Once you make your hypotheses, put them in the “Research Question for Individual Research Paper” column in the G-sheet “Group”.

? Format

  • Use word file (.doc), 12pt, 1.5 lines spacing, at least 2.5cm margins on all sides.
  • Make sentences rather than bullet points.
  • Revise your paper several times

? More detail requirement is in the following attachment, pls go through them carefully.


Alaska is the topic Humanities Assignment Help

Describe the environmental changes and human impacts associated with increasing globalization, and climate change from a local and global perspective.

Discuss how human activities are shaped and influenced by industrialization and climate change.

Analyze globalization with respect to the interconnectedness of the economics, politics, environment, and/or global cultures and populations.

Recognize and analyze the effects of climate change to the physical environment. (course objective only)

Analyze the ethical debates of the impacts of climate change, including one’s core beliefs.

Use the resources provided in the Canvas page (and any other reputable sources you may find to support your arguments — i.e., from NASA, NOAA or other government agencies, from published scientific journal articles, or from published articles in reputable news sources) to completely answer the following four questions regarding global change. Each essay should be at least 600 words in total (but no more than 800), for a grand total of at least 2400-3200 words total. Get ready to think like both a physical and a cultural geographer!

In your final assignment that you turn in on Canvas, BE SURE TO CITE YOUR REFERENCES, both IN the body of your paper and in a bibliography at the end, and use APA style of citation. Your essay should include a minimum of four academic and/or official sources in addition to the course text. No more than 10% of direct quotations in the essay.

Please note: Wikipedia,”some person”(s) websites, and magazine and newspaper articles are not academic sources. You should be using journal articles, books, and websites from .edu and .gov sites, written by academics who are well recognized within their fields.

Feel free to complete the assignment in one document, answering each essay question individually.

1) Consider the various examples of evidence that show the global climate is changing, and that humans (including their greenhouse emissions) are (at least partly) responsible for this change. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issue reports detailing how climate change will affect people globally. What causes climate change? Define and explain the Greenhouse Effect. What are the consequences of climate change on the physical environment (i.e. weather, landscape) and humans from a global perspective in the long term especially with increased globalization?

2) Climate change, and the resulting rise in sea level, is likely to flood many parts of the world while generating weather extremes like extended droughts and heat waves in other places. You’ve been randomly assigned a location on the planet (one from Alaska (last name starts with A to E), Kenya (last name starts with F to J), The Netherlands (last name starts with K to O), Micronesia (last name starts with P to T), and Malaysia (last name starts with U to Z)) — how will climate change affect the physical environment (i.e. weather, landscape) and humans in this region, and how is it already affecting that region? How do these consequences impact the rest of the world in the long term? How should the government prepare for these changes, and what kinds of climate change preparedness plans are already in place?

3) How do global trade and climate change affect each other? What are the socio-economic, political, environmental and demographic implications of industrialization and climate change, choose one of the following sectors to discuss (agriculture, transportation, energy and manufacturing)? How do these implications influence human activities?

4) Many of the world’s poorest nations contribute the least to the fossil fuel emissions deemed responsible for climate change, yet these places will bear most of the consequences due to their physical and societal vulnerabilities. Do nations whose emissions contribute the most to climate change have a moral responsibility to pay for the effects of those emissions? Explain your personal and societal ethical concerns. And if so, how would they pay, and who would determine the kinds of damages those nations should be responsible for?



4 Discussion Questions on World History Humanities Assignment Help

Textbook is required. There is a free pdf download on Google.

Robert W. Strayer, Eric W. Nelson – Ways of the World with Sources for AP – Bedford_St. Martin’s (2016) pdf (third edition)

1. Strayer discusses “cotton textiles” in several places throughout Chapters 17 and 18 because cotton textiles were one of the first industrial products. Using information from both of the chapters, explain how the Industrial Revolution transformed the production of cotton and cotton textiles (including changes in who, where, and how they were produced and sold).

2. In a 2014 poll of British citizens, 60% said that they were“proud” of the British Empire and 50% said the places colonized by Britain were “better off” after colonial rule. Using specific information from Chapter 18, defend or challenge their statements.

3. Many of the revolutions and movements (France, Haiti, abolition, women’s suffrage,etc) discussed in the chapter influenced the world we live in today, but they also were extremely violent. Using examples from the text, including both patterns of oppression and achievements gained, do you think people were justified in violently rebelling for their goals.

4. Looking at the different strands that influenced the abolition movement in relation to the larger intellectual, political, economic, and cultural context of the time, explain which two you think were most important to bringing about the end of slavery? And did the end of slavery bring to former slaves the freedom and equality that revolutions like France and Haiti fought for?

4 Discussion Questions on World History Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

The project is to create a card-based battle game between two (computer) players in which they battle each other with action cards. Programming Assignment Help


The project is to create a card-based battle game between two (computer) players in which they battle each other with action cards.

Game Play

In each turn, there is a battle in which the outcome is determined by the card types and values. After each turn, the current cards are discarded into the abyss. In some outcomes, one player may gain one card from the other or both may lose their cards into the abyss. The game continues until one player has lost all their cards. The player with any remaining cards wins.


Each player has a deck of cards, implemented with a linked list. Each card is a node in a linked list. There are three types of cards: ATTACK, DEFEND, and RUN. Here are the scenarios for each battle showdown between the two players.

ATTACK If both players ATTACK, the player with the higher value wins. The winning player gets a new card, which will be added to their card list in the descending order of the card value. The losing player will lose their next card into the abyss. In a tie, nothing happens. If one player ATTACKs and the other player DEFENDs, the player with the higher value wins. If the ATTACKing player wins, they get a new card added to their card list in the descending order of the card value and nothing happens to the DEFENDing player. If the DEFENDing player wins or ties, then the ATTACKing player loses their next card into the abyss. If one player ATTACKs and the other player RUNs, the RUNning player loses their next card into the abyss.
DEFEND If both players DEFEND, nothing happens. If one player DEFENDs and the other player RUNs, the DEFENDING player gets a new card added to their card list in the descending order of the card value. The RUNning player loses their next card into the abyss
RUN If both players RUN, they both lose their next card and those cards disappear into the abyss.

Task 1 – cards.h

  • Declare a struct that will represent a Card, which will also be a node in a linked list. It will contain a CardType (see enum below) and an integer value.
  • Declare all prototypes for the required functions (see Task 2)
  • Include header guards
  • Include this enum for the CardType.

typedef enum CardType { ATTACK, DEFEND, RUN } CardType;

Task 2 – cards.c

Write the following functions. These functions are typical linked list functions, but adapted for the game play.

  • Card* createCard() – This function dynamically allocates a new Card struct object and returns a pointer to that struct object which will later be used to REPLACE INTO a linked list. There are three types of cards ATTACK, DEFEND, and RUN. ATTACK and DEFEND cards also have a value. You will assign a card type based on these random chances:
    • 40% – ATTACK: the value is a random number between 1 and 5 inclusive.
    • 50% – DEFEND: the value is a random number between 3 and 8 inclusive.
    • 10% – RUN: the value is a random number between 1 and 8 inclusive. The value of a RUN card is only used for sorting purposes.
  • Card* removeCard( Card* head ) – This function removes and deallocates the first node in the linked list that head is pointing at. It returns the new head of the linked list.
  • Card* addCard( Card* head, Card* c ) – This function adds a new Card struct object to the the linked list that head is pointing at. It is assumed that a new Card struct object, that is being passed into this function as parameter c. This function will add the new node in descending order of its value regardless of the action. This essentially puts the “stronger” cards in front of the deck.
  • int getLength( Card* head ) – This function returns the length of the linked list that head is pointing at.
  • void printCard( Card* head ) – This function prints a single card with abbreviations: A for ATTACK, D for DEFEND, and R for RUN and their corresponding values. Example: A5 means an ATTACK worth 5 points.
  • void printCards( Card* head ) – This function traverses the linked list that head is pointing at. It will call printCard(). It should print out from front to back. Example: R6 D5 D4 A4 D3
  • Card* buildDeck( int n ) – This function builds a deck of cards using a linked list. The parameter n determines how many cards are created. It will use createCard() and addCard(). It returns the head of the new linked list.
  • Card* destroyCards( Card* head ) – This function is the destructor for a linked list that head is pointing at. It should return NULL.

Task 3 – project3-main.c

Write the main() to do the following.

  • Print the game header
  • Ask the user how many cards they want in the deck. If it is not a valid number or it is zero, print an error and end the program.
  • If the user enters a valid number greater than zero, you can start the game:
    • Build each player’s Card linked list based on the size that the user inputted. Print out each player’s cards using printCards().
    • Start the game loop. The game continues so long as both players have cards to play with. In each turn (iteration of the loop):
      • Print the player name and the number of cards currently remaining in brackets. Also print each player’s first card that is being played currently, along with its value. For example, Player 1 (12): D7 & Player-2 (12): R8.
      • Implement the outcomes for each permutations of player actions. There are 9 permutations of ATTACK, DEFEND, and RUN (AA, AD, AR, DA, DD, DR, RA, RD, RR). You can have an if-statement for each of these permutations. Print out descriptive information about what is happening, who wins, and assess the reward/punishment on both players as determined by the rules above. This involves creating/adding a new card to a player’s linked list if they win and/or removing another card from a player’s linked list. There are also cases when there are no rewards nor punishment. You will use your functions to assess these outcomes.
      • At the end of each turn, remove the front of the linked list from each player. This discards the cards that the players used in this round. Remember to do remove this current card before applying the reward/punishment for each of the above cases. i.e. the current card should be discarded first before removing the next card as penalty or adding a new card as reward.
    • Determine the winner and print out the outcomes. There is also the case in which both players lose.

Task 4: Create a makefile

Create a makefile to compile .


ENGL105 Revision Questionnaire Humanities Assignment Help

Please answer the following questions in the textbox below as you revise your essay:

• Does your title give readers a good idea of what’s to come? (“Assignment #3” is not a title)

• Is your thesis statement clearly stated?

• Does the introduction lead in smoothly and establish the importance of and context for the topic? Is there too much? Too little? By the end of the introduction, is it clear to the audience what kind of material will follow? If so, are these expectations fulfilled?

• Is it clear where your introduction ends and body begins and where the body ends and the conclusion begins? In other words, are your paragraph indents meaningful?

• Are there transitions between all sections and paragraphs to create flow and unity?

• Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence? If you took your thesis and all your topic sentences, would that correspond to what you want to say in your paper? If not, do you need to revise your thesis or re-examine your supporting points?

• Do the topic sentences (1) make a connection back to the thesis, (2) establish a link with the previous paragraph’s content, and (3) give enough information that the audience could guess where a particular paragraph’s development would lead?

• Does the order of paragraphs make sense?

• Are your paragraphs too short or too long? Can you combine or separate any content?

• Are your examples reliable, representative, and convincing? Are there enough of them or too many?

• Are your sources convincing? Is there enough balance between your own insights and expert opinions?

• Are all sources and direct quotations explained or have you left them standing on their own?

• Has anything that goes off topic or is not essential been cut?

• Does the conclusion say something different from your introduction?

• Does the conclusion leave a good lasting impression?

• Does the conclusion end the paper on a strong and interesting note?


Getting Started Humanities Assignment Help

  1. Using the Team Collaboration Tools, work with your team to analyze the movie you choose as a case study. The movie is training day ..

    The movie is call training day is the movie feature Denzel Washington

    Police drama about a veteran officer who escorts a rookie on his first day with the LAPD’s tough inner-city narcotics unit. “Training Day” is a blistering action drama that asks the audience to decide what is necessary, what is heroic and what crosses the line in the harrowing gray zone of fighting urban crime.


Identify, discuss, and compare the roles of members assigned to a crisis team. As a minimum include (a) negotiators, tactical team members, and health care/mental health professionals. Please make sure to discuss (in specifics) what each brings to the tea Law Assignment Help

A minimum of 14 double spaced pages of written content (not including title page, images, charts, abstract, table of contents, and or reference pages). This paper must have at least 10 references from primary sources, for example the weekly readings, peer-reviewed journals, etc. Use of newspapers, news magazines, and similar periodicals must be kept to a minimum but a fine for background material.

Web sources should be evaluated based on the site sponsor, among other things, such as: How long has the site existed? Is there sufficient information to judge credentials, authenticity, credibility, and bias? Are facts supported by cited sources? Is the material published only on the web? Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. Must be written using American Psychological Association (APA) style. In part this must include the following: (b) Times New Roman style, (c) 12-point font, (d) double-spaced, with (e) 1 inch page margins all around.


Idea of Justice Humanities Assignment Help

Idea of Justice Humanities Assignment Help

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