Identify and discuss appropriateness of design, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

Identify and discuss appropriateness of design, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help. Identify and discuss appropriateness of design, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help.

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These questions must be answered in 150 or more words and fully and completely be detailed and answered correctly.

1. Identify the variables (dependent & independent) and demographic variables

2. Identify and discuss appropriateness of design

3. Discuss the validity and reliability of the of instruments, tools, or survey

4. Discuss
the significance of the study; were research questions resolved

5. Discuss
any cultural aspects of the study.

6. Describe the
procedures used to collect data

I have attached the study below that needs to be used to answer the following questions. If you are quoting something from the research study, just use the page number. No reference needed, no title page, no outline needed, and NO PLAGIARISM. Just answer the questions.

Identify and discuss appropriateness of design, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

what is the evidence for chimpanzee culture?, homework help Science Assignment Help

Address these questions separately in brief paragraphs and provide your own analysis.


Why is the question of whether chimps have culture or not such a relevant one for anthropologists (think back to when you learned about the different subfields of anthropology)?

Briefly, what is the evidence for chimpanzee culture?

What are some of the similarities and differences between what chimps do and human culture?

What might chimpanzee culture be able to tell us about human culture?

Are there any ethical or other implications to this question of whether chimps have culture? Briefly discuss 1 or 2 implications.


Nursing Discussion, health & medical homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

A 72-year-old female presents with complaints of a rash near the gluteal fold on the right side. It is a painful vesicular rash, onset approximately 2 days ago, with no fever but occasional burning and sensitivity at the site. She has tried triple antibiotic ointment without relief. She has been widowed for 10 years and has a “steady boyfriend” whom she has dated for 6 months and recently became sexually active with. What other questions would you like to ask your patient? What are your differential diagnoses and final diagnosis? How would you discuss this diagnosis with your older patient?

Must be 350 or more words, with 2 or more APA formatted references that are within the last 5 years no title page just the answer to the discussion and reference page.


Calculate the mean, median, and standard, Bottling Company Case Study help Mathematics Assignment Help

Imagine you are a manager at a major bottling company. Customers have begun to complain that the bottles of the brand of soda produced in your company contain less than the advertised sixteen (16) ounces of product. Your boss wants to solve the problem at hand and has asked you to investigate. You have your employees pull thirty (30) bottles off the line at random from all the shifts at the bottling plant. You ask your employees to measure the amount of soda there is in each bottle. Note: Use the data set provided by your instructor to complete this assignment.

Write a two to three (2-3) page report in which you:

  1. Calculate the mean, median, and standard deviation for ounces in the bottles.
  2. Construct a 95% Confidence Interval for the ounces in the bottles.
  3. Conduct a hypothesis test to verify if the claim that a bottle contains less than sixteen (16) ounces is supported. Clearly state the logic of your test, the calculations, and the conclusion of your test.
  4. Provide the following discussion based on the conclusion of your test:

a. If you conclude that there are less than sixteen (16) ounces in a bottle of soda, speculate on three (3) possible causes. Next, suggest the strategies to avoid the deficit in the future.


b. If you conclude that the claim of less soda per bottle is not supported or justified, provide a detailed explanation to your boss about the situation. Include your speculation on the reason(s) behind the claim, and recommend one (1) strategy geared toward mitigating this issue in the future.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides. No citations and references are required, but if you use them, they must follow APA format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.


gaming entertainment industry, management plan help Business Finance Assignment Help

The Project should include the following points:

1.Business Case

2.Project Charter

3.Project Scope Statement

4.Priority Analysis

5. Stake Holders Analysis

6. WBS Network

7. Resource Allocation

8. Budget Rollup

9. Cash Flow requirements

10. Resolving Resource Conflicts

11. Risk Register

12. Keys to Success

By applying the principles and process covered in class you have a total picture of the systems available to project managers, along with the limitations and strengths of the systems. The Project Notes Book provided you the opportunity to wrestle with the typical project and software problems encountered by practicing project managers (some of you may never forget!). You have a practical framework for implementing a project of any size or complexity and a knowledge of the kinds of problems and solutions that are common to most project systems used.



AHIMA Discussion, help Health Medical Assignment Help

Use APA for any References used.

1. There are three hospitals in your town. You work for Community Hospital, and within a 25 mile radius there is also Middle Hospital and University Hospital. You are serving on a Quality Task Force at your hospital and the task force is comparing death rates for all three hospitals. The task force finds that Community Hospital has the highest death rate and some of the members are alarmed. In a minimum of 500 words, address the following: does the higher death rate at Community Hospital mean that there is lower quality care? What would you bring up in this discussion at the task force meeting? Your discussion should contain a minimum of 2–3 peer-reviewed

2.Read the following practice brief published by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) titled “Authorization Requirements for the Disclosure of Protected Health Information (2013 update)” (Updated November 2013), In 500 words, summarize the article. Discuss the important takeaways shared as it relates to the disclosure of patient information. In addition, share your role as a future and/or current healthcare professional will partake to uphold the privacy, security and confidentiality of patient information. Your discussion should contain a minimum of 2–3 peer-reviewed references.

AHIMA Discussion, help Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Values and the Helping Profession, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Values have a powerful impact on the helping relationship. It is essential to be aware of your own values in order to truly be of help to others. After completing your Reading for this week, please complete the two values exercises on pages 88–89 of your text and then respond to the following questions:

  • Summarize the results of your values exercise to the extent you feel comfortable sharing them.
  • Select one of the three scenarios related to value challenges on page 90 of your text. Discuss an appropriate response to the challenge, including the next steps the practitioner should take. Would this situation present a moral challenge for you as well? Why or why not?
  • Review the discussion about displaying your values on page 92 of your text. Imagine that you are a caseworker employed at your county human services agency, regularly meeting with your clients in your office. What decisions would you make in decorating your office regarding the display of personal photographs, religious items, or symbols of political or philosophical orientation after reading this chapter? Include the reasoning for your choices.
  • Complete the Holmes and Rahe Stress Index on page 100 of your text. Discuss your reaction to the results. Were you surprised at your stress score? If so, do you plan to make any changes in response to it?
  • What is your reaction to the “Hazards of Practice” discussed in the text on pages 99 and 101? Do you agree? Are there actions you can take to minimize them?
  • Assuming you are employed in the same position as in the question above, create a plan of self-care to prevent the burnout that can become common due to high demands in these positions. Be specific in the type and frequency of activities you would include in your plan.
  • How do you think culture impacts the helping process? Give specific examples.


The Trial Court was wrong, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Many times a party feels as though the court was wrong, whether
through the verdict at trial, or a case being dismissed before trial.
When this occurs, a party is able to appeal the case to another court.

The trial of Billy Bob v. Widget World Co. ended in the jury
finding for the Defendant, Widget World. Your supervising attorney Suzy
Cue, at Alpha & Beta LLC, 432 Brown Ct, Whiteacre, would like to
appeal this case. She needs a little information about the appeals
process to be able to fully inform the client what he should expect.
Please prepare a Legal Memorandum to Suzy, in which you explain:

  1. The local appellate court for your hometown, along with its name and address
  2. Any filing fee for appealing a decision of the court below
  3. The deadline for filing an appeal
  4. The requirements for filing an appeal in your local court
  5. The process that will occur after filing a Notice of Appeal
  6. Whether the court has a specific form it prefers to be used for filing an appeal

Then, prepare a Notice of Appeal for Billy Bob’s case and attach it to the memorandum. Suzy has provided a sample Notice for you.

For assistance with a Legal Memorandum, see the Legal Memorandum PowerPoint presentation here.

1. Prepare
a Legal Memorandum for Suzy Cue using the appellate rules in your home
state. Be sure to address all six areas Ms. Cue has asked for in your
memo. Also, review the Legal Memorandum PowerPoint so you are clear on the format to follow.

2. After you have finished your Legal Memorandum you will then draft a Notice of Appeal for Billy Bob’s case. Again, be sure to review the template provided and make any necessary changes. Don’t forget to fully complete your document.

Finally, make sure your final submission has both a title page and reference notation and has been proofread to ensure professionalism.


Important Aspects of Essay Writing, english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Time Denoted on the Course Schedule

  • In this course, the student will demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative writing processes;
  • Develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution;
  • Write in a style appropriate to audience and purpose;
  • Read, reflect, and respond critically to a variety of texts; and
  • Use Edited American English in academic essays.

Above are the official “student learning outcomes” for this course, what the state of Texas says a student should know at the end of this course. They actually correspond to three key aspects of this course, as explained below. For your final exam, you are asked to write an intro/body/conclusion (three-part format) essay that discusses each aspect.

Here are the three aspects, keyed to the above five learning outcomes, and what you will do with each aspect in writing your final exam:

  • One key aspect of this course, probably the most important one, is learning a reliable writing format—the three-part writing format, also called intro/body/conclusion format—which you can use in a variety of writing contexts. This teaches the “individual writing process” mentioned in #1 above; the writing format also helps to “develop ideas with appropriate support” as mentioned in #2 above; it helps you learn to “write in a style appropriate to audience and purpose” as #3 calls for; and it gives you a format to use when asked to “read, reflect, and respond critically” to any assignment, piece of writing, or brief communication, as #4 calls for. In one body paragraph of your final exam essay, discuss how you have responded to learning the intro/body/conclusion writing format and the overall writing process used in this course.
  • Another aspect of this course is what the fifth learning outcome calls for: using standard American English in your essays and other writing. In a second body paragraph of your final exam essay, discuss how you have responded to the need to write in a formally correct way, and how you have responded to how this course has focused on and taught this skill.
  • A third important aspect of this course is teamwork. This is touched on by the #1 item above, in its call for learning about “collaborative writing processes.” It is also touched on in how you have been encouraged to consider the needs of your reader, and this is part of #3 above, in the part that talks about writing “in a style appropriate to audience.” When #4 four speaks of reading and responding appropriately to “a variety of texts,” it is no great stretch to see that one sort of “text” would be the partial drafts of your classmates, in the peer review you have done. In a third body paragraph of your final exam essay, discuss how you have responded to the various classmate-focused, collaborative parts (peer review and/or groupwork) of this course, including any less formal help you have given and received.

To sum up, you are asked to reflect on your experiences with three key aspects of this course: learning the intro/body/conclusion writing format, working to improve your sentence-level writing skills, and working collaboratively with classmates.

The way you are to do this is to write a somewhat brief intro/body/conclusion essay. In your introduction, list these three things in a preview, probably at the end, and for your thesis, sum up, in one sentence, your experience in this course. You may want to begin with some background info that simply states that you will reflect on your experience and your own effort in this course.

Then write a body paragraph on each of the three above aspects. You may talk about how well the course worked for you, but mainly, please talk about your own level of engagement and effort in each of these three aspects. In each body paragraph, as you have learned to do, include some specific illustration to nail down your point; do more than merely generalize. End with a brief concluding paragraph that lists the three aspects again and sums up your thesis. You must submit your final exam essay according to the instructions provided to you.


Posc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Humanities Assignment Help

Journal is to be at least three (3) double-
spaced, typed pages—but should not exceed six (6) typed pages—and will reflect on and
summarize the unit’s readings. Questions are below. Journal is very similar to papers and therefore are
expected to be well-written and clearly-organized. Journals should be free of typos and other
compositional errors

A few hints about references. When you refer to your readings—which I expect from ALL journal submissions—you do not need to provide a formal bibliography. I know what your sources are. HOWEVER, I do expect references in the text (often called “in-text” or parenthetical style). So, when you refer to our textbooks, for instance, use the following format: (Davidson, 32) or (Smith, 104).



Identify and discuss appropriateness of design, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

Identify and discuss appropriateness of design, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

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