If there is one inviolable truth about the International System, it is that two different actors can look at the same issue and have widely varying perspectives on its causes, scope, and potential solutions. Each fall the United Nations holds a General De Humanities Assignment Help

If there is one inviolable truth about the International System, it is that two different actors can look at the same issue and have widely varying perspectives on its causes, scope, and potential solutions. Each fall the United Nations holds a General De Humanities Assignment Help. If there is one inviolable truth about the International System, it is that two different actors can look at the same issue and have widely varying perspectives on its causes, scope, and potential solutions. Each fall the United Nations holds a General De Humanities Assignment Help.

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If there is one inviolable truth about the International System, it is that two different actors can look at the same issue and have widely varying perspectives on its causes, scope, and potential solutions. Each fall the United Nations holds a General Debate where representatives of member-states give their perspectives on the problems confronting the international system. For this assignment you are to watch/listen to the 2019 General Debate speeches of the representatives of the United States and China. Which of these ‘Superpowers’ makes a more compelling case? Your (minimum) 250 word original post must be posted by Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 8 pm Pacific Time. Additionally, you are to post (minimum) 100-word responses to at least three of your classmates by Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 8pm Pacific Time.

2019 United Nations General Debate United States of America (Links to an external site.)

2019 United Nations General Debate People’s Republic of China

If there is one inviolable truth about the International System, it is that two different actors can look at the same issue and have widely varying perspectives on its causes, scope, and potential solutions. Each fall the United Nations holds a General De Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

jean case (FTK imager) Programming Assignment Help

Attached Files:

  • Review the attached PPT and then complete the following:

Analyze the drive and determine the following: (The image file is located in your Evidence Folder)

• When did Jean create this spreadsheet?

• How did it get from her computer to competitor’s website?

• Who else from the company is involved?

Create report in FTK of all the relevant evidence
and screenshot the report. (Screenshot the parts relevant to your case
Create a Timeline of the relevant events that took place (On your HOST machine not the virtual machine)
a relational diagram of case (you can use Visio or other diagraming
tool, but save it as jpg or pdf, clearly on the host machine)


Why do we punish? Law Assignment Help

There are two parts for the assignment

first part i need it 21 feb

second part is on 28 feb


This forum is dedicated to the topic of the reason for whom we have crime law and the origin of the punishments.

Please, choose one of the issues related to it and using the course materials, the textbooks and your personal research, write a post (500 – 700 words) highlighting its most actual and/or controversial aspects.


In addition, choose the posts of 2 other students and for each of it write a short critical feedback. The feedback should demonstrate your understanding of the topic and aim to compleate and/or correct the content of the post.

Extra (voluntary) task: please feel free to reply to the feedbacks that your colleagues write to your posts.

Please note that:

  • If you cite any type of material, the references and sources must be clearly indicated;
  • No plagiarism will be tolerated;
  • If you do only part of the assignment, you grade will be affected accordingly


Original Contribution Humanities Assignment Help

When submitting your original contribution, you should also include a summary of the project. Describe the logistics of the plan (when, where, how, for whom it was designed, etc.) Also describe why you chose this particular project and how it is connected to your ACE coursework.

The original contribution, an open-ended project, demonstrates your ability to create a unique product to support your field of study. No pre-approval is required.

Your planning should be original for you. Though it may contain 25% of a previously completed course assignment, the product should exhibit significant expansion of the initial idea.


  • Submit an article for publication in a professional, peer-reviewed journal.
  • Contribute to a professional newsletter, and post to a professional website.
  • Conduct a professional development training session for your school/city/professional organization (documented with agenda/PowerPoint/evaluations as all three are required).
  • Present at a professional conference.
  • Create a professional multimedia presentation and share your work through an online platform or comparable form of communication/media.
  • Create your own blog or webpage to post your contribution (your name must be posted as the author).


project 05 Programming Assignment Help


Implement the new class type: LazySearchTree based on FHsearch_tree by enabling lazy deletion.
Implement the new class: LazySTNode based on FHs_treeNode as an inner class in LazySearchTree.
Complete the implementation of the class(es): SuperMarket.

Practice adding and removing items from a Binary Search Tree (BST).

For extra credit define a new class type: FoothillTunesStore which will store a BST.
For extra credit use your lazy implementation of BST to store SongEntry objects.

Material from:

Syllabus and Program Guidelines.

Material from Week 4 (Part 2) and Week 5 (Part 1) modules.

Material from Chapter 4 of Weiss Book up to (but not including) discussion on AVL trees.

Material from FHsearch_tree class and FHs_treeNode class in modules.

SuperMarket and Item class and example data files (included under the resource folder) in your assigned GitHub

And, there is the example link:https://github.com/dixonzhao/Basic_Study/tree/8c1399514bcb0366cb762e1b4d1c9db3bf5062d0/05_ComputerAlghorithm/dixonzhao-cs1c-project05-master



stand alone project Business Finance Assignment Help

Stand-Alone Project: International Business Plan (200 points)

You should begin working on the Stand-Alone Project early in the course. Each lesson provides a benchmark for completing the Stand-Alone Project in a timely manner while working through the course. You will find this information in the “Stand-Alone Project Benchmark” section of each lesson. (200 points) (A 10-page response is required for the combination of Parts A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.)

Instructions:Assume the role of a corporate manager responsible for selling your company’s products in three (3) new international markets. You have been directed to conduct a competitive analysis of potential international markets for distribution of your company’s products/services and to develop an international business plan, which is both strategic for each region (European Union, Pacific Rim, and Latin America) and specific in detail for the establishment of milestone, forecasts capital requirements, human resource, and financial issues. Your business plan is to be submitted to the Executive Committee by the third business quarter.

First, select a product or service. It cannot be a product that is sold solely via the Internet, although the Internet can be one distribution outlet. You must have a physical sales presence in each region. For example, your product must be sold in “stores” in each of the three (3) new international markets. The Internet can be used as a communication tool to build awareness and drive traffic to your physical location within the region.

Next, select three (3) international markets for marketing your product/service. The Executive Committee has provided the following guidance for your selection.

1.European Union: We want to have a physical presence with our name on the building.

2.Pacific Rim: We must be focused on China.

3.Latin America: We must be protected from the downside risks in this potentially unstable environment.

While this situation is hypothetical with respect to your role and your new product/service, base your competitive analysis on reality. Below is a guide (outline format) to assist you in writing your International Business Plan. You must provide the information identified in the outline (at a minimum), and you must also include descriptive explanations. Your business plan should be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your selected product/service and international markets.

If you feel that any part of the instructions does not apply to a specific region/product, then you must address why the issue does not apply.

Part A Title Page

In addition to the required Activity Cover Sheet, you must submit a title page for your International Business Plan. Create a title page including the name of your company, a description of your product/service, the three international markets, your name and student identification number, and the date.

Part B Executive Summary

Your International Business Plan is a proposal to the Executive Committee. The committee members must first understand the scope of your proposal before delving into the details. So, summarize the primary points of your proposal, get to the point quickly, and report the most important facts contributing to the adoption of your proposal and your anticipated business results. This is not a selling document, but rather a clarifying document to ensure the reader has a general understanding and positive disposition toward your proposal. Use the key approach (who, what, where, why, when, how, and how much) to summarize the following.

1.Your globalization plan

2.Factors critical to the plan’s success

3.Key issues that require decisions by the Executive Committee

4.Key risks, risk triggers, and contingency plans to manage the identified risks

Part C Product/Service (By Region)

1.Description of the Product/Service: Include pictures or graphic representations; these can be very important to your success. Detail the product/service, marketing channels, distribution, etc. Make sure you indicate any modifications to the product description needed for each of your new international market regions. A product description is a clear, precise statement of the “product,” including, from an international perspective, factors that must be included to be accepted in the specific region. Provide detailed information on the transformation required to be regionally successful.

a.European Union

b.Pacific Rim

c.Latin America

2.Description of Consumer Target Market: This information must be supported with specific information about the size in units and value ($). You must be specific in your target market information. For example: males, ages 18-24, high-school graduates going to college must be linked to individual countries. Alternatively, limit the market size information by excluding select elements.

a.Target Market Size

b. Value

c.Growth Rate

3.Product/Service Consumer Benefits and Costs: For each region, provide region specific information on the value proposition to the consumer. This information must be specific and detailed to the region. This section must answer the questions, “What’s in it for me?” and “When I purchase your product what benefit do I receive?”

4.Price Strategy and Estimate of Price Elasticity: Each region requires a separate pricing strategy. Make sure that your pricing strategy is specific to the region, as well as to the cultural and economic realities of the target market. A “poor response” is one claiming that your product will be the lowest priced product. Establishing a price on an international scale requires an understanding of the relationship between price and demand: elasticity. In most cases, this is the difference between profitability and losses. You must develop price elasticity curves consistent with your pricing strategy and your target market.

Part D Manufacturing/Operation/Supply Chain (By Region): Discuss each of the following.

1.Compatibilities of Supply Chain: Both global and corporate business strategies

2.Configuration of Supply Chain: Location and type of operations

3.Coordination of Supply Chain: Relationship to other global operations

4.Control of Supply Chain: Span and freedom of independence

5.Implementation Plan

6.Capital Requirements (very broad brush)

Part E Market/Sales (By Region): Discuss each of the following.

1.Global Marketing Strategy

2.Sales Structure (local, regional, global)


4.4 P’s of Marketing (product, price, place, promotion)

Part F Financial, Payment, Collections, Currency (By Region): Discuss each of the following.

1.Currency Issues (By Country and Region)

2.Credit Terms

3.Financial Records

a.Income Statement

b.Cash Flow

c.Corporate Reporting

4.Capital Requirements


Part G Management Structure and Human Resource Requirements

1.Management Structure (By Country and Region)

2.Experience and Skill Level

3.Transitional Strategy

4.Form of Operations

Grading Rubric

Please refer to the rubric on the following pages for the grading criteria for this assignment.

stand alone project Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

P0: Emulating DIVU with MIPS instructions Programming Assignment Help

Programming assignment 0

Using the provided framework .asm file (divu-student.asm, linked via canvas modules) and the MARS MIPS simulator (linked under support documentation), you will implement the body of a function, in MIPS, that provides the same functionality as the DIVU instruction, i.e. computing both the quotient and remainder for unsigned integer division, without using the DIVU instruction itself.

Use the provided slides in the week 5 deck on how to perform unsigned binary division as a guide to implementing your solution. You are free to consult any third party reference on how to perform general binary unsigned division, but you must write (and provide comments for) your own MIPS code solution within the provided framework.

Your code must work within MARS. Links to the MARS documentation and a link to the MARS JAR file itself are available in the Supporting Documentation module. The provided framework will print the results of both the DIVU instruction and your emulated DIVU behavior to the MARS console, so you can directly check if your solution works.

To turn in:

1 File: Your modified divu-student.asm : Please read the comments within the file for what you are required to modify and what you are forbidden from modifying in the framework code.

This assignment is not intended to be particularly difficult (a fairly direct translation of the flowchart from the slides into MIPS instructions is an efficient solution, and the recitation on Friday will cover one way to emulate a 64-bit register with 32-bit registers) — it is, however, intended to force you to use the MARS simulator and write some MIPS assembly code. Please consider starting on this assignment early enough to encounter any issues that you have in using the tools in time to receive assistance.

MARS websit:http://courses.missouristate.edu/KenVollmar/MARS/


IT importance in strategic planning Writing Assignment Help

Topic: IT importance in strategic planning


Discuss the benefits of virtualization software, as described in the text. Do you agree/disagree with these benefits, or can you think of additional benefits not already presented? Also discuss the security concerns highlighted by server sprawl and how you would propose to solve those in your (real or hypothetical) organization.


  • Minimum 400 words.
  • Paper should be in Formal and Active Voice.
  • At least one scholarly source should be used in the post.
  • Provide outside sources (References) that applies to the topic.
  • Need 2 APA References excluding textbook
  • Textbook attached
  • Single space.
  • No Plagiarism please.


E-commerce – Prepare a Business Model Canvas Business Finance Assignment Help

Prepare a Business Model Canvas of any one from the following companies:

  • Bank Albilad is a Saudi joint stock company, established vide Royal Decree 48/M on 21/9/1425H (corresponding to 4 November 2004) with a corporate capital of 7,500,000,000 Saudi Riyals.
  • Albaik is a major fast food restaurant
    chain in Saudi Arabia that primarily sells broasted chicken and shrimp with a
    variety of sauces. It is one of the major consumers of chicken in Saudi Arabia.
  • Jarir Bookstore is a Saudi Arabian
    establishment founded by Abdulrahman Nasser Al-Agil. In its early years, the
    bookstore dealt in used books and art sold by expats living in Riyadh, Saudi
    Arabia. Since then; it has grown to be the largest retailer of books and
    consumer electronics in Saudi Arabia.
  • Launched in the UAE in May 2004, Max was established in
    India in 2006, opening its first store in Indore. Now, Max India has a reach
    that extends to over 60 cities. Boasting a loyal customer base of over 5.5
    million, Max is the most profitable value fashion format in the region.
  • Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) was established in 2004 by a
    consortium led by Etisalat, the UAE based telecom conglomerate. Mobily is the
    official brand name of Etihad Etisalat, renowned as the second mobile service
    provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The awarded 25-Year telecommunication
    mobile license was complemented by a subsequent purchase of a 3G license.
    Mobily is the 1st Saudi communications company to get an operation license for
    3rd generation services and beyond.


Leadership Impact Plan Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Your program has provided many opportunities for you to cultivate your competencies as a leader. The Leadership Impact Plan Paper provides an opportunity for you to assess and reflect on your leadership journey and the knowledge and skills you have developed over time to help you guide and provide direction to others.

Using the Individual Student Profile information (completed in the first course in your program) as a springboard, consider your growth as a leader and document your change over time as a result of your participation in this program. In a five to seven-page culminating paper, reflect on your personal and professional growth as a leader during your program journey and how those experiences contributed to and will continue to contribute to you becoming a more informed, reflective, and responsive leader in your field. Personalize your reflection by providing examples of how you translated the knowledge and skills you gained in your coursework into practice and authentic leadership experiences and how you will continue to develop your leadership skills.

Reflect on the following questions to guide your response:

  • How have you grown as a leader during the course of your program journey?
  • What leadership qualities are most important to you, and how have these qualities been enhanced by your graduate experience?
  • Which leaders in your field or profession have influenced your transformation and why?
  • Revisiting the reflections written in courses, in what ways have your goals or thinking about your profession changed?
  • What are the implications and applications of your learning and leadership for your profession?
  • How can you apply the leadership competencies you have gained or improved to make a difference in your personal and professional life and in the lives of others?
  • How will you continue to develop your leadership skills?

Before you begin writing, review the rubric for this assignment. Organize your thoughts so that you have a section in your paper for each of these topics:

  • Reflection – How has your past knowledge and experience guided your growth as a leader?
  • Connection to Experience – What connections can you make between your experiences as a leader and your academic knowledge?
  • Connection to Discipline – How does your work as a leader cross disciplines? How does one field of study inform another?
  • Risk Taking – What risks have you taken while in your program? How have you moved beyond what is comfortable to what is new in your role as a leader?
  • Ethical Perspectives – When have you had to consider ethics in making decisions as a leader?
  • Initiative – How have you demonstrated that you have been willing to take the first steps in a leadership action?

A template for the Leadership Impact Plan Paper has been provided for you in Student Commons in the Capstone Experience Resources.

APA and Writing Checklist

  • Title page (running header, title, author’s name, author’s institution)
  • Running header on each page. The title page differs from the title page running header.
  • Title on first written page
  • Introduction
  • Use headings
  • Conclusion
  • References with doi# or url

Length: The double-spaced paper should be 5-7 pages in length.

Overall format:

  • Compose the paper in a Word document.
  • Leave a one-inch margin at the top, bottom, left, and right.
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font.
  • Organize your paper with APA (6th edition) headings and sub-headings.
  • References: Follow APA (6th edition) format.


If there is one inviolable truth about the International System, it is that two different actors can look at the same issue and have widely varying perspectives on its causes, scope, and potential solutions. Each fall the United Nations holds a General De Humanities Assignment Help

If there is one inviolable truth about the International System, it is that two different actors can look at the same issue and have widely varying perspectives on its causes, scope, and potential solutions. Each fall the United Nations holds a General De Humanities Assignment Help

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