Immigration policy, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Immigration policy, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help. Immigration policy, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help.

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Read the section on immigration policy in Chapter 17 of your textbook and the article in this week’s folder titled “Immigration myths and facts.” Assess the advantages and disadvantages of a nation having a substantial immigrant population (be sure to distinguish between documented and undocumented immigrants) based on these two documents. You are allowed to add other sources as well but it is very important that you use the documents provided in your postings before you state your personal opinion and/or information from other sources.

1st attachment is immigration myth. the other 4 are from chapter 17

Immigration policy, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Global marketing, business and finance assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Post 2

Before using any information source, especially if it is something from the Internet, you need to make a careful evaluation of it to ensure that the information it contains is reliable and appropriate. One model used for evaluation purposes is called the “CRAAP Test.” This model suggests five characteristics (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose) which must be evaluated before you accept a source. The model can be found here:… .

Review the submissions your peers made in Post 1. Choose one of your peer’s countries (a different one than you have used previously). Compile the same information for their country that they did but you must use totally different secondary sources than they used. Include the source information you used. In what ways does the information you found differ from the information they found?

South Africa is my classmates and Below are their sources:

exports and imports 2006-2014…

exports and imports 2015…


GDP/GDP Capita…



For one category of information where you differ, use the “CRAAP Test” to evaluate the sources. Based on that evaluation, suggest which source of information is more likely to be reliable and appropriate.

I have attached the South Africa Spread sheet and a blank one


Monsters in America Project, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

NOTE: please do not cope other`s work and give it to me. Even if you did the same assignment before please do not send me others work. please follow all the instructions thanks

Detail :

Monsters in America Project (Chapter 7 only) must follow the instructions

As W. Scott Poole’s text will serve as the conceptual framework for the course, this assignment seeks to promote regular critical engagement with the text.

Part 1: Chapter by Chapter Engagement. For each chapter of the text, students will maintain comprehensive, written dossiers separated into three components as follows.

Component 1: Annotated Reflections. (1.5-2 pages) Students will compose written reflections on the material covered, using annotation as a strategy to highlight their perspective and response to the readings. Keeping the principles outlined in Adler’s “How to Mark a Book” in mind while reading, students should seek to identify moments/passages in the text that were illuminating, confusing, instructive, dubious, biased, fascinating, problematic, and so forth.

The written reflection itself should be both specific and representative of the whole range of the required reading, and not simply be from the first few pages of the reading. This piece is a reflection of how the reader interacts with the text; there is no right or wrong, only different levels of academic curiosity and critical thought.

The reflection should include a series of insightful, well-developed entries of select annotations the student has made. Each entry should begin by citing the first few words of the relevant phrase or passage, followed by the page number. The remainder of the entry should examine the significance of the passage. Entries can clarify a reference and explain its significance, explore something that is unclear, or explain why something resonates with the reader, etc. (There is a reason that you made the annotation, and each individual will annotate something different.)

Reflections will be submitted according to the due dates outlined in the weekly schedule. Those students scheduled to present for a given chapter are not required to submit a reflection (see Monsters in America Presentations assignment). An individual grade is not assigned to each reflection; however, reflections will be graded collectively upon the completion of the project. Failure to submit a reflection will result in a 10 point reduction from the overall project grade.

Component 2: Summary. (1 page) Students will compose a summary of the chapter, highlighting the key elements of Poole’s text. These summaries should not exceed one page in length.

Component 3: Vocabulary. Students will maintain a list of unfamiliar words they come across in the chapter. The list should also include the page on which the word was found. Once completing the chapter, students will define these words using a college dictionary and observing the definition appropriate for the word’s usage in context. (5 to 7 unknown words )

Part 2: Comprehensive Reflection. The comprehensive reflection will be a culminating work composed at the end of the semester. Prior to the class, students will have their chapter reflections returned to them for review. The comprehensive reflection will call upon students, using their chapter reflections as their only reference, to treat Monsters in America in its entirety, focusing on their overall impressions of the work as well as anything learned from the text with long ranging applicability beyond the context of the course.


Legal Research Business Finance Assignment Help

In our final chapter of the textbook and last week of the course, you
will draft an argument for an appellate brief. Now that you have
researched the applicable law regarding defamation, you are ready to
write an argument to be included in an appellate brief. Complete the
following assignment:

  • After reviewing the sample appellate brief in Chapter 15 (paying particular attention to the “Summary of Argument” and “Argument” sections appearing on pages 369-373,) you will use the research you collected in your previous assignment with regard to the problem appearing on page 412 to draft a coherent argument for an appellate brief.
  • Assume that a judgment has been entered that ruled in favor of the defendant(s.)
  • Your client (the plaintiff) wants to appeal the unfavorable judgment.
  • Write the argument section of an appellate brief using research that you collected in your previous assignment and add additional legal authorities as needed.
  • Your argument should apply the law to the facts of the case to show why the plaintiff should have prevailed in the trial.
  • Review the examples of appellate briefs in Chapter 15 to see how to structure your argument.
  • [supanova_question]

    Legal Research, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    The process of preparing an appellate brief begins with reviewing the
    facts and law applied at the trial level. This assignment is based on
    the facts included in the problem “Defamation” that can be found in
    Appendix E on page 412. Complete the following assignment:

    • Review the facts contained in this problem and to collect applicable research regarding slander.
    • Summarize the material contained in the sources you have found and be sure to cite your references.
    • The product of your research will be used to draft the argument section of an appellate brief in your next assignment.
    • Be sure to follow these guidelines:
      • You will be assessed on the depth of your research and its applicability to the facts provided.
      • In addition you must proofread your material, and submit it without grammar, spelling, or other mechanical errors.
      • Cite all of your sources in Bluebook format, including the text, lectures, and other sources.
      • Proofread carefully – spelling and other mechanics count.



    Give a brief summary and timeline of the history of the US Constitution from its inception to modern times Humanities Assignment Help

    Write an essay for each of the following questions or statements. Essays should be a minimum of 1 one single spaced or two double-spaced typed pages and no larger than 12-point font. Be certain to support your ideas with reasons, examples, and citations.

    Use the link below to visit the Library of Congress and read the complete drafts of important historical documents. You will also find the time line of the Constitution.

    1. Give a brief summary and timeline of the history of the US Constitution from its inception to modern times. Include major historical figures in your summary and describe the role these figures played in the formation of the Constitution. Within the timeline that you constructed, which events do you think were the most crucial in forming the Constitution? Explain your answer.

    2. List each article in the Bill of Rights. In your own words, explain what each means. Include the purpose as well as the contents.

    3. What is the purpose of the constitutional amendments? How might our government be different if there were no amendments to the constitution? Should amendments be limited? Why or why not?

    4. Name the three branches of government and explain the powers of each one. Provide current and relevant examples that illustrate the powers of each branch of the government.

    5. How may our government be different if we did not have a nationalconstitution?

    Give a brief summary and timeline of the history of the US Constitution from its inception to modern times Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Defining Suppliers and Channel Partners? Writing Assignment Help

    Great news! Your concept passed initial testing and went on to more rigorous, quantitative testing. The results there were promising and you’ve decided to launch the new product! Now, you need to identify potential suppliers and distribution partners.

    For this piece of your course project, you will complete the following:

    • Create a list of at least three potential suppliers (preferably using real-life suppliers, but you may use fictitious names if you can’t locate an existing company that supplies that material).
    • Create a list of at least three potential channel partners (wholesalers, retailers, etc.).
    • Using the companies listed in your supplier list; create a diagram of suppliers that traces your offering back to its raw materials.
    • Using the companies listed in your channel partner list; create a flowchart that shows at least three potential pathways to get your product/service to the consumer.
    • Include ½ page write-up that discusses the value that each supplier and channel partner contributes to the development and distribution of your offering.


    Prove that a set is a ring, math homework help Mathematics Assignment Help

    A set R with two operations + and * is a ring if the following 8 properties are shown to be true:
    1. closure property of +: For all s and t in R, s+t is also in R
    2. closure property of *: For all s and t in R, s*t is also in R
    3. additive identity property: There exists an element 0 in R such that s+0=s for all s in R
    4. additive inverse property: For every s in R, there exists t in R, such that s+t=0
    5. associative property of +: For every q, s, and t in R, q+(s+t)=(q+s)+t
    6. associative property of *: For every q, s, and t in R, q*(s*t)=(q*s)*t
    7. commutative property of +: For all s and t in R, s+t =t+s
    8. left distributivity of * over +: For every q, s, and t in R, q*(s+t)=q*s+q*t
    right distributivity of * over +: For every q, s, and t in R, (s+t)*q=s*q+t*q
    The set of integers mod m is denoted Zm. The elements are written [x]m and are equivalence classes of integers that have the same integer remainder as x when divided by m. For example, the elements of [–5]m are of the form –5 plus integer multiples of 7, which would be the infinite set of integers {. . . –19, –12, –5, 2, 9, 16, . . .} or, more formally, {y: y = -5 + 7q for some integer q}.
    Modular addition, [+], is defined in terms of integer addition by the rule
    [a]m [+] [b]m = [a + b]m
    Modular multiplication, [*], is defined in terms of integer multiplication by the rule
    [a]m [*] [b]m = [a * b]m
    Note: For ease of writing notation, follow the convention of using just plain + to represent both [+] and +. Be aware that one symbol can be used to represent two different operations (modular addition versus integer addition). The same principle applies for using * for both multiplications.
    A. Prove that the set Z31(integers mod 31) under the operations [+] and [*] is a ring by using the definitions given above to prove the following are true:
    1. closure property of [+]
    2. closure property of [*]
    3. additive identity property
    4. additive inverse property
    5. associative property of [+]
    6. associative property of [*]
    7. commutative property of [+]
    8. left and right distributive property of [*] over [+]


    Drama monologue response and play writing, homework help Writing Assignment Help

    2. From the following list of famous dramatic monologues from William Shakespeare’s plays, choose 2 versions of the same monologue. You will compare these 2 versions of the same monologue in step 3 below. (Note: You do not have to read all of the monologues listed. Just choose ONE of the following and choose 2 versions of that particular monologue.)

    3. Go to the Introduction to Drama / Theater discussion topic, and post a response in which you respond to the following prompt:

    Compare the two versions of the same scene or monologue that you selected in step 2 above, and note the differences in the performances given. Look at various elements, such as acting, setting, scenery, lighting, and costumes.


    Behavior Change, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

    Present one “trick of the trade” for helping someone change a behavior in managing stress (for instance: reinforcements, punishments, shaping, modelling, empowerment, planning, keeping a log, token economies/point systems, group involvement/peer pressure/support group, etc. just to name some examples). Your example should be a specific intervention rather than a general treatment method, i.e weight/resistance training rather than physical exercise; meal planning rather than weight management; or reframing rather than cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. (If you’re not sure, send your idea to me in a message).


    • A brief description (2-3 sentences) of the origin of the behavior change tool
    • A basic, general description of how the behavior change tool is utilized
    • How it may be used in a stress management program to specifically target symptoms of stress.
    • How you have applied it either to yourself or to someone else in a specific, real life situation to mediate stress related symptoms
    • How effective the tool was in your real life situation (even if it didn’t seem to work)
    • At least one example from the scientific literature supporting or discrediting the efficacy of your tool
    • Your personal opinion of the findings with respect to your personal experience
    • Citations and references in APA Style !!!!!!!!!


    Immigration policy, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

    Immigration policy, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

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