Implementation Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

Implementation Plan Business Finance Assignment Help. Implementation Plan Business Finance Assignment Help.

Complete a global competitive landscape and supply chain scan for your selected organization and industry. You are expected to apply the tools, concepts, and methodologies that you have learned during this course.

Perform an analysis of the supply chain and changing eco-system in an effort to develop a lean value chain that fosters innovation and growth. You are expected to provide value to customers while addressing change management challenges in terms of process, products, and services.

Create a 2,100-word Implementation Plan in which you include the following:

  • Analyze the supply chain from both product and service standpoints.
  • Analyze the most important value points in terms of process, products, and services.
  • Assess the organization’s competitive position and possibilities.
  • Analyze the structure, logistics, and facility location of the organization.
  • Explain how the organization’s structure, logistics, and facility location affects the organizational performance.
  • Develop a list of key objectives that foster innovation and growth in context of the business / industry.
  • Develop an implementation plan for key objectives, change management issues in context of all stakeholders as part of your operational plan. Please include a GANTT chart.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Research, select and review industry and companies of interest in areas of Operations, Supply and Value Chains in context of the global competitive landscape in preparation for an assignment due in Week 6.

Selectand review Operations and Supply / Value Chain as well as the global competitive landscape for one company in your industry using the IBISWorld and Mergent Online databases found in the University Library along with official company reports (SEC filings, Investor presentations, etc.). Use at least 3 sources.


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unit 2 capstone DB Business Finance Assignment Help

Write A TWO PARAGRAPH COMMENT after conducting research on only ONE OF THE THREE TOPICS listed below:

In your opinion should the US government law enforcement personnel be permitted to arrest terrorists, who commit crimes against Americans in other countries? Or against Americans within the United States, but the terrorist (co-conspirator or leader) remains physically outside of the Untied States?

In your opinion should the US Government have jurisdiction over cybercrimes which affect US interests within the United States, but the offender commits their crimes outside of the US Borders via the internet?

In your opinion should the US and state Governments be required to examine DNA evidence in all closed capital offense crimes where the offender was convicted prior to the discovery of a process to examine DNA?


International Strategic Planning and Implementation Business Finance Assignment Help

Research a top multinational company in the world including its international strategy over the last 10 years. Using your research, write a report explaining its strategy, including a discussion of the following questions:

  1. How do management practices, HR policies, and strategy decisions differ between multinational companies and local companies?
  2. Identify some cultural, legal, political, and financial issues this multinational company may have based on their environment.
  3. What sort of international orientation does it have?
  4. Do you think it is ethno-, poly-, or geocentric?
  5. What were the decision factors for the locations it chose to expand in?
  6. Did it have the core capabilities to succeed in those markets?
    1. Think about its objectives, how it chose its countries, what opportunities and constraints were apparent at the time, and what it needed to do to succeed in those markets.
  7. If you were going to compete with this company what would you use as an international marketing entry strategy (licensing, franchising, exporting, joint ventures, etc.) and justify your answer
  8. Define what a value chain dispersal and integration strategy is, and then describe how the strategy is organized around it.

    Please submit your assignment.


    How prepared were your group members for the discussion?, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

    Communicating in Small Groups

    Resources: Ch. 7, 8, and 9 of Communicating in Small Groups, and the Week 3 videos, “Planning a Playground” and “Politics of Sociology”

    a 1,450- word summary of your responses to the following, after
    completing the collaborative Week 3 discussion associated with the
    “Planning a Playground and “Politics of Sociology” videos.

    Group Interaction

    • How clear was the intent of the discussion?
    • How prepared were your group members for the discussion?
    • Did everyone participate equally in the discussion?
    • Were group members open to different points of view?
    • How would you describe the overall climate of the discussion?
    • Did you feel your group was productive in the discussion? Did you use the time efficiently?
    • What strategies can you use in future discussions to increase productivity and outcomes?
    • What approach will you take next time to increase group cohesion?

    Video Analysis – “Planning A Playground”

    • What are the issues in this meeting?
    • What did they do well as a group?
    • Can
      you identify constructive or deconstructive conflict occurring in
      this group? What are some key indicators? What conflict styles do
      you see?
    • Based on what you learned this week, how might you handle this situation differently?

    Video Analysis – “The Politics of Sociology”

    • What are the issues in this meeting?
    • What did they do well as a group?
    • What types of conflict do you see in this video? Provide examples.
    • There is a clear leader in this video. What can he do to be a better leader for this group?
    • Based on what you learned this week, how might you handle this team situation differently?

    Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.


    Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Dental Benefits, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Amy, Bob, and Carol want to discuss forming an S corporation instead of a partnership to operate a marina in Florida. They wish to have equal ownership in the business entity. Amy can contribute $400,000, and she is a boat mechanic. Bob has management expertise in running a marina, and he has five acres on the Intracoastal Waterway that he can contribute. Carol has experience running an office, and she has $300,000 in cash and office furniture and equipment worth $50,000. The three partners in this endeavor are interested in providing health insurance, life insurance, and dental insurance for each owner.

    Question (1) Is there any tax advantages of having the business provide employee benefits for owners as well as other employees?

    Question (2) What are some options that should be considered to fairly compensate each of the owners for what they are contributing and for the work they will do running the business?



    Do you think lawsuits promote and encourage police accountability, Why or why not?, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Key Points: Citizen complaints, immunity, internal affairs, police officer bill of rights, code of ethics, professionalism, accreditation.

    Objective: List and explain five external measures, other than litigation, for promoting police accountability.

    All officers, managers, administrators, agencies and political subdivisions are liable for their any intentional or negligent act of misconduct of subordinates under U.S.C. Title 42 Section 1983, Civil Rights Act of 1871. Presumably the threat of such an allegation is designed to ensure accountability as well as assign responsibility. The prevalence of tort actions under this authority has increased exponentially since the 1960’s. Failure to hire, train, and supervise are among the many reasons why an action can be initiated. When examining your response to this question identify a specific act and associate it with a possible defense.


    Do you think lawsuits promote and encourage police accountability? Why or why not? Please include references if used.

    Do you think lawsuits promote and encourage police accountability, Why or why not?, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Ethics Individual Project 2 Business Finance Assignment Help

    You have a deputy chief on your police department who is a 27-year veteran, regarded by his peers as intelligent and by the press as affable. To his subordinates, he is a no-nonsense boss, quick to hold officers accountable when they do not produce results. As a high-ranking official in the department, he has the current and former police chiefs on his list of admirers. He has received a total of four commendations, including one in 2009 for exceptional investigative ability. He was one of the 3 finalists for the chief’s position.

    At about 6 p.m. on June 14, the deputy chief finished his shift at police headquarters. He was headed for one of the local popular bars in town, which is frequented by other members of the department. That night, he partied with coworkers. According to the Internal Affairs Division (IAD) report, the deputy chief consumed between 64 and 80 ounces of alcohol. At about 11 p.m., he left the bar, forgetting a briefcase containing his .38 pistol, cell phone, and homicide unit case files. He got behind the wheel of his city-issued police vehicle and took off for his home.

    That night, an eyewitness filed a police report stating that she heard a loud noise outside her apartment. She heard the noise shortly after 11 p.m. A police department report related that a 1992 blue sedan was struck at that location, not far from the bar the captain just left. It was later believed that the front-end damage was caused by the deputy chief’s vehicle. Once the deputy chief determined that it was safe to do so, he left the scene of the accident. There was significant damage to his vehicle as a result of the accident.

    One of your officers observed the auto, a signature unmarked police pool car, proceeding north on one of the local streets. She activated her lights and siren and notified the department that she stopped the vehicle. Then, the dispatcher made the customary request for an officer to back her up during the vehicle investigation.

    According to the officer’s report, with backup en route, she approached the car. The occupant identified himself with a small, round, silver and gold badge: the badge of a police captain. By this time, her backup arrived. Like her, he was a rookie with less than a year on the job. The deputy chief was already out of the car, wobbling about and slurring his speech. He was visibly intoxicated. The officer understood the gravity of the situation, and as trained to do, she radioed for a supervisor. Her shift lieutenant arrived shortly after the initial stop.

    After a lengthy private conversation with the chief, the lieutenant ordered her to place the damaged car on the sidewalk against a pillar. The lieutenant then radioed in an auto accident involving a fixed object with no injuries. This gave the appearance that an oncoming car had invaded the chief’s own path. The lieutenant ordered the officer to write the report reflecting this scenario. Because a city vehicle was involved, the department’s Accident Investigation Division (AID) had to be dispatched. Once they arrived, the lieutenant spoke for the chief, telling them the story exactly as he devised. After AID released the scene, the lieutenant drove the chief back to the bar to retrieve his forgotten briefcase. However, some time earlier a bartender had flagged down officers in a patrol wagon who had transported it with its contents back to police headquarters. The lieutenant then ordered the officer to drive the chief home. No blood alcohol test was administered.

    You are notified by one of the lieutenants that the deputy chief had been involved in an accident and that it appeared like the incident might be covered up by other officers within the department. You are mindful of the fact that the deputy chief was a finalist for the chief’s position, and that his wife is an assistant to the city manager.

    Assignment Guidelines

    • Using the library, course materials, and Web resources, research the impact that organizational culture can have on criminal justice ethics and police misconduct.
    • Address the following questions in an essay of 750-1,000 words:
      • How does the organizational culture impact personnel decisions?
        • Use examples to support your argument.
      • What are your options with regard to the above case? Explain.
      • What are the potential consequences of the choices you can make? Explain.
      • Explain, in detail, the moral and ethical considerations that need to be evaluated for any decision you make.
      • What strategies can criminal justice organizations employ to reduce any misconduct of its officers?
        • Describe 2–3 potential strategies and the reasoning behind why they are currently considered effective.
      • The blue wall of silence is a term often used when officers turn a blind eye to other officers engaged in some type of misconduct, ether on or off duty. Whistle-blowing is also a term used when reporting officer misconduct.
        • Describe how these terms would apply in the scenario and what legal safeguards would be afforded to you.
    • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


    Macroeconomics term paper Economics Assignment Help

    For the macro i need a paper about “Economics growth and income inequality in US” from 2000 or so to 2016. it also need to be supported by graphs tables and i need the data and the excel file used with model. After that if also interested, i need to take this macro paper and expand it into a thesis which going to be “Globalization and economic growth and Income Inequality in the G7 countries” which we going to integrate Trade and converting economic growth into well-being and others to our original model from this term paper.


    Individual Project 1 Business Finance Assignment Help

    You have a corrections officer who has worked in the county jail for 7 years. He has been described as a dedicated, competent employee, one who is well respected by colleagues and administrators alike. However, personal problems have arisen in his life. His wife is filing for divorce, and his daughter, contrary to his wishes, is involved with a man who has been arrested on several occasions for domestic violence. On this particular day, he reports for work tired and irritable after dealing with problems at home. One 18-year-old inmate quickly begins to get on his nerves. He never stops complaining, with most of his complaints directed at the officer. Finally, after telling the inmate to “shut up or else” several times, the officer lost control and slapped him hard across the face, leaving a mark and a small cut.

    The confrontation was witnessed by other inmates. This is the first time that this has happened to the officer. His supervisor sends another officer to cover his post, and he reports to the superintendent’s office. He recounts the incident, concluding with “I did it; I hit him hard and deserve to be fired. Or would you let me resign? I am very sorry it happened this way.” During the initial investigation, the superintendent feels confident that the officer has violated several tenets outlined in the code of ethics for public safety personnel, and he forwards his disciplinary recommendation for your review.

    Assignment Guidelines

    Research the correctional officer codes of ethics to confirm any potential violations, as outlined by the superintendent. Then, address the following in 750-1,000 words: Must be unique

    After completing your review of the case file, explain what you would do under these circumstances.

    For this task, you should first explain the role of corrections agencies and then research different codes of ethics related to corrections officers, and base your responses on a particular code of ethics. You can choose from codes of ethics promulgated by different professional associations such as the American Correctional Association, or you can use the code of ethics promulgated by a particular state’s department of corrections.

    • What codes of ethics can you identify and how might they apply to this scenario? Explain.
      • Would you fire the corrections officer? Why or why not?
      • Would you allow him to resign instead of terminating him? Why or why not?
      • Is there another course of action that you would consider taking? If so, explain.
    • Rationalize the decision you make.
      • How much weight, if any, should legitimately be given to his personal problems? Explain.
      • To what extent, if any, would your decision be guided by the institution’s subculture? Explain.
    • Compile your responses to the above questions into a single Word document that you will submit to your instructor.
    • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


    Rotten apple theory or environmental factors to be the primary cause of police corruption?, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Key Points: Recruitment, hiring, training process, background investigations, polygraphs, psychological testing; socialization, learning from other officers, first-page test.

    Objective: Discuss explanations for police deviance, its incidence, and methods of controlling it.

    Deviance focuses on any behaviors that could range from accepting a gratuity to excessive use of force. A major responsibility of managers is to eliminate any form of deviance as such instances reflect on the ability of the agency to deliver police services to their community. If an individual or agency is engaged in any form of deviance community support will be affected and the reputation of the agency may be negatively impacted. If an officer engages is some deviant behavior who is liable, the individual or agency? Previous discussions have addressed the potential for 1983 actions.
    The general excuse is “rotten apple” which is intended to inoculate the agency reputation. However, where did the officer learn to become corrupt? Was it a characteristics they possessed before becoming an officer or was it the result of an organizational culture that either allows or promotes deviance. There are many issues that you can address on this topic – feel free to do so.


    Do you believe the rotten apple theory or environmental/socialization factors to be the primary cause of police corruption? Why? include references


    Implementation Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

    Implementation Plan Business Finance Assignment Help