in 2-3 pages, for a Psych NP self reflection. up to 6 evidence based sources.

My Chief Complaint: I never thought or expected to be able to treat addiction when I applied to be PMHNP- psychiatric mental health NP, (nurse practitioner)
Your “Chief Complaint” should be related to a challenge you’ve faced in terms of your intrapersonal process of developing as a new PMHNP. For example:
Perceptions or expectations you had coming into the program you found to be inaccurate (e.g. being a PMHNP is not very different than being an FNP)
Personal challenges which were brought to the forefront by this program/patient care
A situation where you felt unprepared to navigate dynamics, countertransference, trauma, or systems during your training
These are just examples; the theme should be your own internal (read: mental, emotional, psychological) development as you’ve been faced with challenges common to psychiatric practice.
Follow the simple rubric (LEaP Rubric.docxDownload LEaP Rubric.docx) and guidelines linked above; your submission must be in SOAP format.
Grading will use the above-cited rubric.

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