In competing with FedEx and UPS, Amazon has done some things similar to Airborne to lower its costs. What

In competing with FedEx and UPS, Amazon has done some things similar to Airborne to lower its costs. What things has it done similar to lower its costs? What has it done different and how have those affected its costs? What is your overall conclusion on whether Amazon will overtake FedEx? (Hint: Think about how Airborne lowered its costs to compete with FedEx and UPS. Then compare what it did to what Amazon is doing.)
Airborne Express case is composed of several components. First, there is a Harvard Business School case in your packet (HBS 9-798-070) which forms the core case. In addition, there is a wonderful video below of Airborne’s sorting facility. I recommend watching the video BEFORE reading the case. Next there are two articles that deal with Amazon.
Analysis must be no longer than 2 pages of text (12 point font, single-spaced, 1-inch margins). You may also include one exhibit (tables, graphs, etc.—no paragraphs of text)

Your grade is based upon the quality of your responses and supporting arguments, which must integrate the relevant course concepts, as well as the ability to communicate your ideas.
Your argument should be logical and supported by facts from the case or facts you research on your own.
Do not provide definitions of concepts in your case analyses, rather apply the concepts to the case facts.
Do not present a summary of the case, instead offer a well-supported evaluation using case information and incorporating concepts from the readings.
Your case analysis must be well organized and structured as one continuous document. If there are multiple questions do NOT divide your memo into different sections to answer each question separately.
A well-organized analysis starts with starts with an introductory paragraph which is followed by several additional paragraphs that expand on the information presented in the introduction.
Each subsequent paragraph has a main sentence followed by several sentences that present information that supports the main sentence. This information can come from the case readings or your own research or experience.
Avoid putting many different ideas into one sentence or paragraph. Develop each point separately.
Well-organized memos structure paragraphs so that the strongest arguments are first, followed by progressively weaker arguments.
You can address the memo to whomever you want. Assume that the reader is familiar with the case and has read the assigned case materials.
Reading Sources:
Please view this video on how Airborne’s sorting facility worked
Airborne case in the HBSP packet is the core case
Amazon’s Newest Ambition_ Competing Directly With UPS and FedEx – WSJ (attached)
Fred Smith Created FedEx. Now He Has to Reinvent It. – WSJ (attached)

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