In what way are companies like GE and Sanoli outsourcing R&D?, article questions help Business Finance Assignment Help

In what way are companies like GE and Sanoli outsourcing R&D?, article questions help Business Finance Assignment Help. In what way are companies like GE and Sanoli outsourcing R&D?, article questions help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Answer these questions in paragraph form.

1. In what way are companies like GE and Sanoli outsourcing R&D? Is this really outsourcing? Or just creative financing?

2. More importantly, why is there a trend toward funding R&D separately? What is the rationale for funding new R&D projects with other people’s money?

3. How exactly do these deals work? What are the nuts and bolts of these R&D deals in companies like GE and Sanoli?

4. Overall, are such deals a responsible way to deal with shareholder biases against R&S? Or would it be better to educate shareholders more?

In what way are companies like GE and Sanoli outsourcing R&D?, article questions help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

New York’s smoke-free regulations, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help

Whereas published studies do not always explicitly map out the chain of reasoning proposed by Krathwohl, the structure is often evident when researchers note specific links to previous research in the literature review and provide justifications for their study. Similarly, researchers usually give a rationale, explanation, theory, or point of view upon which the study is based. They present a purpose, questions, hypotheses, and/or models and demonstrate preplanned or emergent designs that were developed to yield answers to the research questions. Researchers gather data, conduct the analysis, reach a conclusion, and then link findings to those of other studies, which serves as the rationale or explanation for the next study in this area based on the results.

For this assignment, read the article New York’s smoke-free regulations: Effects on employment and sales in the hospital industry.

Write a brief paper that includes the following:

•Description of the authors’ justification of the need for the study, including the degree to which the authors synthesized and critically analyzed existing research to show that this study is the next logical step in the line of research.

•Description of the theory that is guiding the research and assessment of whether it is clear how the authors used it to shape the study.

•Description of the problem being addressed, purpose of the study, research questions, and corresponding hypotheses and assessment of their quality.

•Discussion of the authors’ justification of the selected methodology and design.

•Analysis based on Krathwohl model that infers each link in the chain is determined by the link before it. Is this true for your article? Justify your response and give examples from within the article you selected for this assignment.

•Discussion that answers if there are any limitations or “weak links” in the article and if so, how would you strengthen them. In addition, what future studies might be done to address these limitations and/or to further build the literature related this topic?

Length: 5-7 pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.


​Soap Note, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help


A SOAP note is a documentation method employed by health care providers to create a patient’s chart. There are four parts of a SOAP note: Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan.

Choose an acute problem and identify all the components that need to be included in the SOAP NOTE pertaining to your problem. Develop a comprehensive SOAP NOTE and give the rationale for including the information provided. See Soap Note Template in Course Resources.

Assignment Requirements:

As this assignment is a Journal entry and not a formal paper, it may at times be difficult to follow the organization, style, and formatting of the APA 6th Edition Manual. Despite this, your Journal assignment should:

  • clearly establish and maintain the viewpoint and purpose of the assignment;
  • follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);
  • be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
  • display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and
  • use APA 6th edition format as outlined in the APA Progression Ladder.


Causes of WWI, history assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

please answer these questions with the powerpoint document that has been attached. It is important to answer these questions in complete sentences.

1. Would the wars of 1900-1950 make it easier or more difficult for you to attain the goals of your perspective? Why do you think so? Which perspectives are helped most by these wars? Which are hurt most?

World GDP Discussion Questions:

2. In 1870, which regional group had the largest share of world GDP? How much greater was its share than that of other regions? How did the distribution of GDP change by 1913? Did the basic distribution change or did the trends from 1870 continue? How did the distribution change by 1950? Do you think it was fundamentally different than that in 1870, basically similar, or somewhere in between?

3. Why? Why do you think some regions in those years had so much greater a share of GDP than others? What do you know in history that might make the wealthier regions wealthy and the poorer poor?

4. From your perspective (Imperial Powers, New Empire Builders, Colonized Peoples, or Socialists), is the distribution of GDP in this period a helpful development or a harmful one? Did the changes over the period help or harm your interests? Why?

Regional Share of Exports Discussion Questions

5. Which region or regions played the most dominant role(s) in international trade in 1870? Which played lesser roles? From your understanding of history, what would have led to this balance? How had those roles changed by 1913? By 1950? Why do you think this might have happened?

6. Which regions of the world found their share of participation changing the most over the course of this period? Which changed the least? From what you know, what do you think might have changed certain regions’ roles more, or less, and in a positive or negative direction?

7. From your perspective (Imperial Powers, New Empire Builders, Colonized Peoples, or Socialists), was the distribution of regional share of exports a basically positive or negative thing in this period? Why? Did it change for the better or worse over the course of the period? Why?

World Energy Consumption Discussion Questions

8. How much did actual world energy consumption grow between 1900 and 1950? What percentage increase was that growth? How much did per capita growth increase? What percentage increase was that growth?

9. Based on your perspective (Imperial Powers, New Empire Builders, Colonized Peoples, or Socialists), what share of this energy consumption do you think you would likely have, a large one or a small one? Given your perspective, why do you think this would be the case?

10. From your perspective (Imperial Powers, New Empire Builders, Colonized Peoples, or Socialists) is this growth in energy consumption a positive or a negative development in human history? If you think it is positive, why do you think so? If you think it is negative, is there any change you could make that would turn it into more positive? What?

Data: Percent of Population Living in Cities as Percentage of Total

Population Discussion Questions

11. Which regions were the most urban in 1890? Which were the least urban? Based on your knowledge of the nineteenth century, why do you think this would be so?

12. Which regions were the most urban in 1950? Which were the least? Were the more urban regions the same as in 1890 or had they changed? Based on what you know, why do you think the situation changed or stayed the same?

13. From your perspective (Imperial Powers, New Empire Builders, Colonized Peoples, or Socialists), is this regional distribution of urban population a basically positive or negative thing? Did it become more or less positive as time passed? Why do you think so?


TIFFANI EDINGER INSTRUCTOR MANAGER, week 9 discussion help Humanities Assignment Help

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RE: Week 9 | Discussion


Hi Everyone, I guess I will help get us started in this discussion! Remember, replying to one of my posts can count towards your participation score, also.

Since the thesis statement is one of the most important parts of an essay, I want to emphasize the importance of using a strong thesis statement and revising it throughout your writing process. Personally, I start out with a rough thesis, and it is one of the most revised portions of my entire essay as the paper around it takes shape. It is important to start out with an idea of where your paper is heading. Then, you want to check back with your thesis statement and its arguments. Make sure your Topic Sentences align with the points you listed, and make the sentence as strong and as specific as possible. And, you can always adjust it or change it if one of your main points takes a different direction.

Last term, one of my students formed this awesome thesis statement for her Stance Essay: Education on budgeting must be implemented into every high school lesson plan, because it will set young adults up for success, decrease the number of Americans in debt, and help save the government money long-term.

My purpose in sharing this with you is to show you what a strong stance on one of these topics looks like! There is a clear stance, and it lists very specific reasons that support her stance. (Note: You cannot use this thesis, as that would be considered plagiarism. Look at this as an example only!)



Discuss Coca Cola as a global brand, essay help Business Finance Assignment Help

Write a 1000-1200 word essay, APA format, discussing the following:

  • Discuss Coca Cola as a global brand.
  • Discuss your opinion of the overall failure of the UK launch of Dasani.
  • Suggest and describe 2 changes/improvements Coca Cola should make to Dasani itself in order to re-launch the product in the UK, and why?
  • If Coca Cola hired your team, develop and describe a mini promotional plan with three (3) new marketing ideas (1 social media, 1 TV and 1 print). Be as detailed as possible when describing your new ideas. Remember Dasani is new and improved; the primary goal of your plan is to inform the target market about it. Be creative.

Please read the APA format PowerPoint, the sample student paper and sample reference page documents located in the Files section of Ember. Improper APA format will be penalized.

Discuss Coca Cola as a global brand, essay help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Chapter 4 Short Story Analysis Assignment help Writing Assignment Help

Im in need of someone who can follow the directions and write an short story essay and take an chapter quiz.

Chapter 4 Short Story Analysis Assignment


For this two-part assignment, you will be writing an analysis of a
short story, including your interpretation of the story’s meaning, as
well as relating the story’s meaning to your overall exploration of the
humanities. These writings are not merely reflective exercises. Research
and writing about the deeper meaning of the story is required. Although
you may be creative, you will also have to demonstrate that you are
engaging with the course materials and demonstrating academic research
following proper citation procedures.


See assessment rubrics attached to the Chapter 4 Short Story Analysis
Essay Dropbox and the Chapter 4 Wrap Up Story Story Analysis Discussion


Use Chapter 4 in your textbook and the Chapter 4 Required Online Exploration as your guides.

Assignment Instructions

Part 1 – Short Story Analysis Essay Instructions

Note: After completing Part 1, you will automatically gain access to Part 2.

1. Read some of the short stories from the link below and select ONE story to write about.

Short stories available at:

2. After you select and have
carefully read the short story, do RESEARCH by finding at least two
scholarly articles on the short story and integrate what you learned
from them in your essay. Try the SPC Library data base or Google

3. In a new document, start by
composing one fully-developed paragraph (150 words minimum), where you
identify the following elements:

    • title of story, author, date of publication
    • setting
    • characters
    • plot

4. Then, in two fully-developed paragraphs (at least 150 words in each paragraph), explain the ultimate meaning of the story.
Provide as many examples as possible. Please note that this is your
“interpretation” of the many possible meanings that the author is trying
to convey. This is a point over which reasonable people may disagree.
How do the researched interpretations of the story compare to your own

5. Cite the sources of your researched interpretations. You
must find and identify at least two research sources beyond your
textbook. You may also cite research links provided in this module, but
be sure to find and cite at least one source beyond what you are
provided. Either the MLA or APA format will be permitted. Do NOT use
Wikipedia or other encyclopedias (online, etc.) only. That is, you
cannot use encyclopedias alone. Of course, you may use it as a starting
place. Be sure to use SPELL CHECK and proof read your essay.

6. Go to the Chapter 4 Short Story Analysis Essay Dropbox and submit your completed document.

Part 2: Wrap Up Short Story Analysis Discussion

Note: After completing Part 1, you will automatically gain access to Part 2.

1. Go to the Chapter 4 Wrap Up Short Story Analysis Discussion Topic and post a new thread, that includes the following information in at least one fully developed paragraph (150 words minimum):

    • Explain how your interpretation of the story (and the story itself) teaches us something useful as human beings.

2. Read your classmates’ posts, and write a reply to one of your classmates’ original posts that includes the following information:

    • Compare your interpretation of your selected story with one of your
      classmate’s interpretation OF THE SAME STORY if possible. (If no one
      else selected your story, then reply in general terms). In either case,
      address the following:
    • What are the similarities or commonalities shared by the two interpretations?
    • What are some differences between the two interpretations?


World Court of Human Rights, discussion help Computer Science Assignment Help



At this time there are over 20 different international courts and tribunals. The various courts address general disputes, criminal prosecutions, trade disputes, human rights violations, military disputes, and so on. Karen Alter’s article sets forth the varied courts and their responsibilities. She also discusses what effect international courts have upon a state’s domestic democracy.

Additionally, with so many such courts, one has to wonder if they are actually aiding in security. But how does one measure the efficacy of an international court? The article by Laurence Helfer discusses factors he believes should be examined in making such a determination.


Bearing in mind Ms. Alter’s research and the four factors Mr. Helfer sets out, discuss:

  • Should a World Court for Business and Human Rights (an international court addressing human rights violations by private entities) be created?
    • If such a court were to exist, would it be “successful”?
      • How would we know?
    • Should the United States become a part of it?
      • Why or why not?

Be sure to use valid sources, laws, etc. to support your position, not just rhetoric or political opinion.


Discuss and interact regularly with your classmates, bringing the discussion to a close by the end of Module 3 and please review and follow the Discussion Guidelines.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for detailed grading criteria.


Hate Crimes, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

  • A title page
  • The body of the paper: 4–6 pages of text, double-spaced, 12-point font with clear and understandable languagewith no grammar or spelling errors. Provide adequate justification that supports your response with at least threeappropriate references using textbooks, websites, and articles are required.
  • Subheadings (historical and contemporary aspects, public policy, and personal opinion/conclusion.)
  • Appropriate in-text citations throughout paper
  • A reference page with only the sources that you used in the body of the paper. Sources should be less than 5 years old unless there has not been recent research available. At least one reference must be a peer-reviewedarticle from a profession journal. Do not use Wikipedia or an encyclopedia as they are not considered a reliableacademic source to use.
  • Appropriate formatting as per APA (6th ed.) website:



Analytics Department for a Consulting Company, statistics homework help Mathematics Assignment Help

Assignment Steps

Resources: Microsoft Excel®, Signature Assignment Databases, Signature Assignment Options, Part 3: Inferential Statistics

Scenario: Upon successful completion of the MBA program, say you work in the analytics department for a consulting company. Your assignment is to analyze

  • Consumer Food

Provide a 1,600-word detailed, statistical report including the following:

  • Explain the context of the case
  • Provide a research foundation for the topic
  • Present graphs
  • Explain outliers
  • Prepare calculations
  • Conduct hypotheses tests
  • Discuss inferences you have made from the results

This assignment is broken down into four parts:

  • Part 1 – Preliminary Analysis
  • Part 2 – Examination of Descriptive Statistics
  • Part 3 – Examination of Inferential Statistics
  • Part 4 – Conclusion/Recommendations

Part 1 – Preliminary Analysis (3-4 paragraphs)

Generally, as a statistics consultant, you will be given a problem and data. At times, you may have to gather additional data. For this assignment, assume all the data is already gathered for you.

State the objective:

  • What are the questions you are trying to address?

Describe the population in the study clearly and in sufficient detail:

  • What is the sample?

Discuss the types of data and variables:

  • Are the data quantitative or qualitative?
  • What are levels of measurement for the data?

Part 2 – Descriptive Statistics (3-4 paragraphs)

Examine the given data.

Present the descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, variance, CV, and five-number summary).

Identify any outliers in the data.

Present any graphs or charts you think are appropriate for the data.

Note: Ideally, we want to assess the conditions of normality too. However, for the purpose of this exercise, assume data is drawn from normal populations.

Part 3 – Inferential Statistics (2-3 paragraphs)

Use the Part 3: Inferential Statistics document.

  • Create (formulate) hypotheses
  • Run formal hypothesis tests
  • Make decisions. Your decisions should be stated in non-technical terms.

Hint: A final conclusion saying “reject the null hypothesis” by itself without explanation is basically worthless to those who hired you. Similarly, stating the conclusion is false or rejected is not sufficient.

Part 4 – Conclusion and Recommendations (1-2 paragraphs)

Include the following:

  • What are your conclusions?
  • What do you infer from the statistical analysis?
  • State the interpretations in non-technical terms. What information might lead to a different conclusion?
  • Are there any variables missing?
  • What additional information would be valuable to help draw a more certain conclusion?

Format your assignment consistent with APA format.


In what way are companies like GE and Sanoli outsourcing R&D?, article questions help Business Finance Assignment Help

In what way are companies like GE and Sanoli outsourcing R&D?, article questions help Business Finance Assignment Help

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