INBS561 Emerging Trends-Global Markets Business Finance Assignment Help

INBS561 Emerging Trends-Global Markets Business Finance Assignment Help. INBS561 Emerging Trends-Global Markets Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Written Case Report: Koc Holding: Arcelik White Goods

Question Description

Please submit a Case Analysis and Written Report 4 pages single spaced, plus appendix table to support quantitative information (example attached in sample document).


**The Case Method ( Full instructions attached)

**Reading material

**Case Report Sample

Writing the Report: Please use the following system of organization for your written report.

I.Problem/Issue Statement


III.Analysis (Use your alternatives as subheadings)


V.Plan of Action

VI.Contingency Plans

You must sift through the data presented to uncover all the relationships that apply to the alternatives being considered. Hence the quantitative information must be examined employing a variety of ratios, graphs, tables, or other forms of analysis.

INBS561 Emerging Trends-Global Markets Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Lab report Vertical Wind Tunnel Engineering Assignment Help

Fluid Mechanics Lab


I am looking for someone to help me with my lab report for my Mechanical engineering class. I will provide with all the information needed for the lab including the lab report format and calculation background. I have attached a general information regarding the report and I will provide you with all the data and further information through the chat.

If you can not guarantee me an A which is at least a 90 please do not bid.


This topic touches on two disciplines which are sociology and business. A situational strategy helps leadership be portrayed and analyzed as “a real-world achievement” instead of conceptualizing leadership as whatever leaders do Business Finance Assignment Help

Conduct a Data Search

STEP 1 – Conduct a data search for anonymous statistical data from government records (e.g., Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Justice Statistics, etc.)


DO use anonymous data previously gathered by a government agency.

DON’T use data that can be linked to a living individual.

DO use data to inform your research on demographics, behavior, and outcomes.

DON’T use data to overgeneralize or misrepresent beyond the data’s population.

DO use data from a reputable government or organization agency.

DON’T use data from a personal or commercial agency.

DO find data to conduct your own analysis or use agency reports.

DON’T find someone else’s analysis of the data (e.g. research article.)

STEP 2 – Write and submit a 2-3-page APA formatted paper to include the following headings:


Introduce the data source. Describe the agency and what, when, where and why the data was collected.


Describe how you found the data. Include your search method (e.g. internet, library, etc.), search terms you used and how you narrowed your search. Describe why and how you decided on this data.


Summarize the main information from the data. What were some of your interpretations from the data? Provide limited paraphrasing from the data (see examples below) to support your interpretations.


Discuss how the data information will help you with your research paper. What do you think you will be able to apply?


Note: APA requires a reference and an in-text citation for information obtained from government statistics.

Paraphrase Example:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015), wind turbine service technician employment rates will increase by 108% by the year 2024.

Quote Example:

Note*** There is not typically anything to quote when using data. Be sure you are conducting an analysis of data and not using someone else’s analysis.

Reference Example:

Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2015). Economic and employment projections: Fastest growing occupations. [Table 5]. Retrieved from


According to the requirements and opinions given by the supervisor, revise the economic academic paper that has been written (this paper already has 800 words, just modify it to about 1,500 words) Economics Assignment Help

Here are some advice from my supervisor:

this is a short comment to let you know that your topic is permissible. You can continue working on it, do more research, and complete the essay (for the 2nd draft). I may give you further comments within a day or two.

You have some good discussion already on the positive impact of economic growth. But I encourage you to also think about and discuss some negative aspects of economic growth, e.g. growth could lead to inequality, etc. This would make your argument more well balanced and lead to a better essay. Please think about it. I noticed that you are using the “bibliography” style when sourcing. Recall from Week 3 lecture that in economics, we use “Author-Date” style. Hence, the list of references should be at the end of your essay, rather than in a footnote. Please do so for the next draft. Also, try to find more related academic articles to back up your argument.

I also upload some ducuments to show the requirements and some examples, please read them carefully, and remember using Chicago

The document 490069143 is my first draft.


PLanning the project report Writing Assignment Help

You are the new project manager at Garden Decks of Beauty, a local company for the past 12 years in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Your first assignment will be for the Melrose (Todd and Margo + two yippy dogs to drive the neighbors nuts) family who moved into their new home two years ago and now wish to replace the 8 foot by 3 foot slab of concrete, the stoop, which their backyard facing French Doors step onto with a new, luxurious deck area with hot-tub and accoutrements. Their backyard is 80’ wide and 120’ deep and runs at a 5% slope down straight to the back. BTW, Todd and Margo are Iron Triangle lovers – Time / Cost / Quality. Win them and you win their neighbors’ business.

Here are some of their basic requirements:

  • A two area deck with the upper level (will step on from the French Doors), being a 5 meter by 7 meter rectangular area
  • One end of the upper level will have a 5 meter by 3 meter by 3.5 meter tall pergola – you may use a kit or build and design from scratch
  • You will have a single step down to the second circular area which will be 7 meters in diameter and have a 2.5 meter square hot-tub on the far side – this will need electrical and you will acquire and facilitate the installation through the vendor
  • You will be able to step from the circular area to the yard on a paving stone path which will run out to the garden – the path will be 7 meters long and 1 meter wide – this path will have electrical yard lights
  • There will be a 25’ diameter area half way down the path which will have a built in fire pit with seating (4 seats / benches) – the area will use gravel and border stones
  • All deck areas will be edged with decorative railing
  • The deck framing will set on 4”x4” footers which will be concreted 1 meter into the ground (below frost line) – you will used galvanized hangers to support frame supports
  • The lower area will have built in flower boxes 2’x 3’ – three of them
  • The upper area will have a gas grill with built in gas service
  • You will need a building permit and it will cost 50 dollars
  • All railing will have decorative lighting running along it
  • Both main deck areas will be fully landscaped around the perimeter with plants, decorative stones, perennials, and bushes. – your team will do the landscaping
  • You will have an experienced construction crew of 4 FTE’s which will cost $80/hour including benefits and 1.5 time overtime applies
  • You will have a team of 2 experienced landscape professionals who will cost $75/ hour and overtime applies.
  • Need a couple outdoor, 110 electrical outlets for Xmas lights, etc.
  • You will need electrical you will vendor out – determine cost
  • You will vendor out the hot-tub installation – determine cost
  • You will need a vendor to install and run the gas-line – determine cost
  • The deck will be fully sealed with a medium brown stain / preservative
  • You will use treated lumber for all framing and you will decide on what product to use for surface boards (wood, synthetic, etc.)
  • The upper level will have two built in seats near the grill area (wood) – not under the pergola
  • You will need to determine the timeline – will precipitate from the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Assume you have all the tools you need
  • Any requirements not specifically stated are at your discretion.
  • A 5 foot by 12 foot 2×8 raised bed tomato and pepper area just to the left of where you might walk off the center of the upper deck with drip irrigation installed and drip irrigation faucet at one corner of the raised bed.

You will need to create

  1. Project Charter
  2. RACI
  3. Statement of Work (SOW)
  4. Scope Document
  5. Very Basic Drawing (
  6. Procurement Process (materials and vendors)
  7. Assumptions and Constraints Document
  8. Risk and Issues log / matrix
  9. Communication Plan
  10. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (can use EXCEL)
  11. Quality Document
  12. Change Request Process Document
  13. Milestone Timeline Breakdown
  14. Budget (Will precipitate from the Work Breakdown Structure)
  15. Project status report – done on a deck slide to go to leadership weekly by COB Fridays – must include color coded status, budget section, risk section, issue section, current past achievements, work areas underway (Sunday)

How do I approach this?

Internet research is your friend – good Google topics = deck construction basics – hot-tubs for sale and installation – how to pick a gas grill – running a gas-line to my grill – landscape planning – all kinds of project related searches – estimating construction labor costs – any places like Lowes for all of your basic materials cost – building an in-yard fire-pit, procurement and contract basics – building a deck flower box – Wayfair for pergolas, building a pergola, YouTube, your textbook, etc.

I know:

-That many of you are thinking that I have no experience with construction, building decks, landscaping, etc. What you must realize is that when you seek employment as a project manager you will always have this conundrum of how much do I really need to know about the area of work the project lies within (telecom, IT, construction, travel, human resources, insurance, health care, finance, etc.) do be effective at my job. You will have potential employers who will think you need to know a great deal. You will meet folks like me who would advise that is not the case. What you must be ready to do is learn / absorb as much knowledge in the area of project work as soon as possible. Be ready to explore all of your options to gain and find the knowledge you need to function effectively. You need to have just enough vocabulary and knowledge to operate and communicate well and that will then continually grow as the project moves forward. This is part of what makes being a project manager such fun – it is never the same – never boring.



Need help writting essay about my life LIMIT 1000 words Writing Assignment Help

essay/personal statement in which you describe your most laudable academic accomplishments, achievements, and any unique recognition awarded to you on the basis of your academic or research performances. You may also include a statement on your personal aspirations and career goals. Include a discussion of how scholarship assistance will help your meet your goals.

– you can write anything you want this essay needs to sound realistic and add in some of my achievements

I am trying to become a dentist with aspirations of going to dental school after.
i was Vice President of my class in highschool also in the student government program for three Years straight all in highschool . . Explain how scholarship money would help due to not being able to afford it without the scholarship and anything helps .

Add anything else you would like


Need help writting essay about my life LIMIT 1000 words Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

midterm powerpoint Science Assignment Help

Instructors and textbooks aren’t the only sources of valuable information. As you progress through this course, you too are becoming an expert in this field. It is said that one of the best ways to demonstrate whether or not you know a concept, is to teach it to someone. For your midterm review, we are asking you to demonstrate your expertise by teaching to the class one of the topics listed below. If done well, the video will not only demonstrate your understanding of the concept, but also serves as a resource that can be used by peers to study for the exam.

You are to make a 5-10 page powerpoint presentation discussing and describing Mineral formation and groups.

You can use a variety of sources for your presentation including texts, lecture notes, web sources, peer-reviewed articles, even experts in the field.


Data visualization “Using Tableau” Business Finance Assignment Help

In this project, you’ll create visualizations to reveal insights from a data set. You will create data visualizations that tell a story or highlight patterns in the data set. Your work should be a reflection of the theory and practice of data visualization, such as visual encodings, design principles, and effective communication.

you will use this dataset, You can find the dataset Attached

1) Flight Delays and Cancellations

This data comes from a Kaggle dataset, it tracks the on-time performance of US domestic flights operated by large air carriers in 2015.

You are required to create three visualizations. Some questions you may attempt to answer include those pertaining to the following areas:

1.Which airlines or airports have the worst delays? Determine which destinations and arrival destinations have the most delays? Doing this using maps is actually pretty difficult, but you may choose an alternative visual to provide this information. Think about what kind of aggregates might work best to determine which airlines and airports are the best and worst in terms of delays.

2.What causes delays? Think about if you work at an airline and you want to decrease delays. What part of the flight causes the most delays? Do these causes vary by airport or time of year?

3.You can also come up with your own question! As you work with the data, come up with a question you’re curious about and can be answered from the data. Build a dashboard or story to answer your question and lead viewers to that answer.


1-The visualization centers on a specific, clear finding in the data.

2- The selected finding is clearly communicated. Design choices foster communication between the reader and the visualization.

Visualization does not add additional colors, shapes, or other design elements in an unnecessary way. Rather, each additional element should add to the insight being made.

3- The written summary should include a brief description of the visualization and state at least one finding.

A reader’s summary of the graphic would closely match the written summary in the writeup, and a reader is able to identify at least one main point or relationship that the graphic attempts to convey.

4- The visualization includes interaction or animation. The inclusion of filters and additional variables shown in tool tip as appropriate within the visualization interaction are present.

At minimum you are required to include a filter in one visualization and you are required to include a tool tip in at least one visualization. You should strive to include these anywhere where they would benefit your visualization.

5- Color choices must accurately reflect the data and be chosen with accessibility in mind. For example, values that span from negative to positive numbers should be encoded with a diverging palette. Also, the color palettes should work for colorblindness.

6- Line plots for sequences, bar charts for categorical variables, etc.

7- The three visualizations are included. These visualizations may be a single worksheet, but at least one must be a dashboard involving more than one worksheet. A dashboard counts as a single visualization. All visualizations must be clearly connected to a finding, and foster the interaction pieces (filters, colors, etc.) that allow for the finding to be found easily by a user.

One Dashboard is required. A Dashboard is an option in Tableau that allows you to combine multiple charts into one page. This counts as 1 visualization.

Two other unique visualizations are also required, These can be two single worksheets, two more dashboards, two more stories, or any combination of worksheet, dashboard, or story.

8- The visuals need to be saved to Tableau Public and the links to those visuals must be provided in the report along with the finding for each visual.

If you are unable to save to Tableau Public please include screenshots in your pdf report of each visualization. If you choose to use screenshots you should include at least one screenshot of your filters being used (a before and after picture of the visualization).

9- The insight(s) should be accurate and easily available from the filters and interactivity available in the visual.

10- Each visual must be appropriate for the particular data type. However, you cannot submit three bar charts, or three line charts. You should have a minimum of at least three different types of visuals across all of your turned in items.

3 Different types of charts required, here are some types you can choose

Bar Chart

Line Chart

Scatter Chart


Bubble Chart


Area Chart

Pie Chart


Your visualization work should use Tableau: other visualization tools may not be evaluated by reviewers.

Remember that your visualization should be explanatory in nature and communicate specific results that you want to show.


A PDF report that includes the following sections:

oLinks to your dashboards or story

oSummary: a brief description of the visualization and the main story or findings conveyed

oDesign: explain any design choices you made including changes to the visualization after collecting feedback

oResources: list of Web sites, books, forums, blog posts, GitHub repositories, etc that you referred to or used in this submission (Add N/A if you did not use such resources).


You must watch the instructor walk through the flights data and address how to get started in this project:

Review the column Metadata :

Some of the columns you want to use in the project will have coded values that represent longer more readable values. For instance the cancellation_reason column in the flights data set has the values: A, B, C, D These letters are not understandable by themselves. You need to replace these letters with the full reason to make your visualizations including this data more readable.

These letters correspond with the following reasons.

A – Airline/Carrier

B – Weather

C – National Air System

D – Security

You should review the Column Metadata, Link here:


Lab report Vertical Wind Tunnel Engineering Assignment Help

Fluid Mechanics Lab


I am looking for someone to help me with my lab report for my Mechanical engineering class. I will provide with all the information needed for the lab including the lab report format and calculation background. I have attached a general information regarding the report and I will provide you with all the data and further information through the chat.

If you can not guarantee me an A which is at least a 90 please do not bid.


Provide a reflection of at least 500 words (or 2 pages double spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, or theories of this course have been applied, or could be applied, in a practical manner to your current work environment. If you are not currently working Computer Science Assignment Help

  • Provide a 500 word (or 2 pages double spaced) minimum reflection.
  • Use of proper APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited.
  • Share a personal connection that identifies specific knowledge and theories from this course.
  • Demonstrate a connection to your current work environment. If you are not employed, demonstrate a connection to your desired work environment.
  • You should NOT provide an overview of the assignments assigned in the course. The assignment asks that you reflect how the knowledge and skills obtained through meeting course objectives were applied or could be applied in the workplace.


INBS561 Emerging Trends-Global Markets Business Finance Assignment Help

INBS561 Emerging Trends-Global Markets Business Finance Assignment Help

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