Individual: Project Resources and Budget Business Finance Assignment Help

Individual: Project Resources and Budget Business Finance Assignment Help. Individual: Project Resources and Budget Business Finance Assignment Help.


The project for the company offsite 2-day training session has been given a preliminary go-ahead. However, a budget needs to be submitted for approval.

Update the Microsoft® Project file submitted in Week Two by adding the following information:

  • Identify resources (both personnel and material) needed for the project.
  • Assign the resources to the project tasks.
  • Estimate the costs for the resources, and add the costs to the resource information in the Microsoft Project file.
  • Estimate the total cost for the project, using the Microsoft® Project budget or cost reports.

Submit all Individual assignments (Project Proposal and Project Task List and Schedule) with updates based on instructor feedback.

Individual: Project Resources and Budget Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Philosophy of management reflection essay Writing Assignment Help


This assignment is about articulating your beliefs and creating your own principles of management for making business decisions in the future. In many fields (like academia), professionals are required to write a personal philosophy. As future managers and business professionals of different kinds, we want to give you an opportunity create the first draft of your own philosophy of management. Doing so gives you a chance fulfill a number of learning objectives such as discriminating between stakeholders, applying management theories, and questioning underlying assumptions about management.

“A philosophy is defined as:

If you think this just “busy work,” check out Harvard Business Review’s suggestion that ALL new managers need such a philosophy: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You’re ahead of the game!

Presenting the Assignment:

  1. Answer the following questions:
    • What do you truly believe about human beings (e.g., Theory X vs. Theory Y)? Who benefits from these ideas about human beings?
    • Who are the key stakeholders within organizations? What values are manifested through your ideas about stakeholders?
    • How responsible do you feel for influencing your employer to pay a living wage, ensure environmental sustainability, or deal ethically with consumers and other stakeholders? Why do you feel this way? What values influence your thinking?
    • How will (or could) this document influence your thinking once you begin working full time? Use examples from news stories discussed in our course or ones that you’ve found compelling to show how your decisions would be impacted by your philosophy.
  2. Assignment Length. Please limit your reflection to 3-5 double spaced pages.
  3. Assignment Format. Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double spaced. Your assignment must either be a Word document or PDF because Canvas has problems processing other formats. It is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment has posted properly. Cite all course material (or other material) using APA format for references or bibliography. More information on APA format can be found at: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  4. Assignment Clarity. This is learning log and reflection. My expectation is that you thoughtfully use course material and engage in reflective thinking about yourself and the material.
  5. Handing in the assignments. Post your learning logs to Canvas. Neither hard copies nor email copies will be accepted.


I need a 1500 word paper written. What is the charge? Business Finance Assignment Help

The Street Gang Phenomenon

According to Delaney (2014) there were almost two million juvenile arrests in the United States during 2009. One of the common policing problems with a common street gang is the juvenile membership within the gang. Due to lack of culpability, society generally believes juveniles should not be processed through the criminal justice system in the same manner. This encourages recruitment of adolescents into a street gang more attractive. Although there are various reasons for someone to join a gang, there are similar social environments that allow for a criminal street gang to thrive. Your research paper will discuss some of the common problems and trends associated with criminal street gangs. In your paper, cover the following issues:

  • Legal issues and other problems the criminal justice system faces in dealing with street gangs;
  • Gang trends;
  • Juvenile issues;
  • Minorities;
  • Compare and contrast at least two criminological theories related to street gangs;
  • Traditional policing methods and public policies on gang suppression and deterrence; and
  • Current methods of prevention and intervention, to include some promising strategies for the future.

The paper will be formatted and written in APA 6th Edition with a title page and reference page. All research and sources will be cited within the body of the paper with the appropriate use of in-text citations. The paper will be no less than 1500 words and have a minimum of 6 academic quality references.

Websites such as Wikipedia, blogs, and social networking forums (e.g.,Facebook) are not to be used. Information obtained from official websites, such as state/federal governments or government agencies, is acceptable and may be used as sources sparingly. I have provided you with an APA formatted paper shell and a presentation on citing and references in your research paper assignment link. Please review the Research Paper Rubric to see how I will be grading this assignment.


Client engagement outline Business Finance Assignment Help

You are acting as an outside consultant to Gentry Inc. and have been hired to help the company with the IPO on the primary market so that it can expand internationally. Be sure to review the Course Project Introduction before you start this project.

Gentry Inc. is a mid-sized tech firm (200 employees and $300 million in revenue) and has been privately held since the firm’s inception ten years ago. The organization’s board of directors is keen on expanding the operations globally to take advantage of a growing market. Based on reports from the research and development team, the organization can increase its profitability metrics by 15 to 25% if it expands the operations to China, Japan, and Germany. Becoming a multinational organization will not be easy. To finance this expansion, the board of directors has decided to take the organization public and issue some bonds to raise an additional $50 million. The research team has already determined that the organization meets the financial requirements outlined by the Securities Exchange Commission. The goal is to maximize the Initial Public Offering (IPO), and the leadership must efficiently manage the capital, measure the risk of the investments, and ensure the financial metrics are robust relative to similarly sized organizations

Create an outline with all of the items that need to be addressed for you to complete the client engagement. The final page of your outline should be an APA References page.

Include your initial plans for:

  • growth strategies
  • capital structure
  • risk identification, which is all covered in subsequent weeks of the projects

Use a numerical outline with subcategories to complete this assignment. See example below:

  1. Expanding XYZ Inc
  2. History
    1. Background
    2. Locations
    3. Customers
  3. Growth Strategies
  4. Etc.


Human Resources policies, programs, and procedures Health Medical Assignment Help

Final Paper

The Final Project requires you to incorporate all aspects of the course as you evaluate various aspects of your organization’s Human Resources policies, programs, and procedures. You will determine if these elements are sufficient to support the organization’s overall goals and strategies.

Use company policies, handbooks, and other written resources from your organization as primary documentation. You should also make sure to interview the HR Manager and other relevant leaders. In your analysis, you will use relevant research (e.g., websites, articles, texts, etc.) to support your arguments.


Address the following:

  1. Determine your organization’s’ goals and strategies.Useful resources will include:
    1. Mission Statements
    2. Goals and objectives stated via company handbooks, websites, e-mails or newsletters, meetings, or in your interview with the HR manager or other relevant leaders
    3. Plans that the organization uses to forecast for future needs as it relates to nursing professionals.
  2. You should examine any and all policies and programs that address:
    1. recruiting, training, onboarding, and development
    2. performance management
    3. labor relations (union v. non-union)
    4. employee termination
    5. workforce diversity
  3. Finally, you will determine if these aspects of the HR policies, programs and procedures are sufficient to support the organization’s overall goals and strategies. If so, how do they align with these goals? If they fall short, be sure to suggest recommendations and improvements. This is the most important part of your paper. It is where you will be evaluating your organization’s human resource practices.

Assignment Requirements

  1. Minimum of 10–12 pages with support from the research to indicate a thorough analysis was completed.
  2. Include a Title and References page (this does not count towards the minimum page count above).
  3. Include a minimum of six scholarly references

Before finalizing your work, you should:

    • be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above)
    • consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary;
    • use spelling and grammar check to minimize errors; and
    • review APA formatting and citation information found in the Writing Center, online, or elsewhere in the course.

    Your writing assignment should:

      • follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);
      • be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
      • display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and
      • use APA 6th edition format for organization, style, and crediting sources including:
        • properly formatted header
        • 12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman font
        • use of in-text citations
        • title page and reference page
        • use of headings (if applicable)



      Strategic Planning Business Finance Assignment Help

      The company is Wyndham Worldwide

      Planning Questions Table

      Your answers in the Planning Questions Table will lay the foundation of an effective management plan by helping you clarify your purpose (we are…), function (we do…), audience (for…), competitors (against…), and allies (with…). To complete the Planning Questions Table, do the following:

      Select your organization.

      This can be where you work, a business you want to build, or an organization with which you are familiar where you have access to a manager willing to answer your questions.

      Answer briefly the questions in the “Planning Questions Table”.

      These answers should be based on organizational and market sources and interviews with organizational managers.

      These answers should NOT be off the top of your head. Your own knowledge is also important, but look for opportunities to enhance credibility by supporting your opinions with research.

      Value Proposition

      The answers in your Planning Questions Table will provide the information you need to draft a value proposition, which can serve as an elevator pitch that communicates what sets you apart and why a prospect should select you over competitors. To draft your value proposition, do the following:

      Draft an elevator pitch using the formula provided in the “Value Proposition” section.

      If you completed the “Planning Questions Table”, this will be a simple fill-in-the-blank exercise.

      SWOT Analysis

      The information from the Planning Questions Table will provide what you need to complete a basic situational analysis for your organization. Putting your analysis into a matrix will help clarify your internal strengths and weaknesses against external opportunities and strengths so you can better formulate strategy (Kinicki & Williams, 2016). To complete the SWOT Analysis, do the following:

      Answer the questions about SWOT analysis using information from the course materials.

      Make sure you cite your sources.

      Complete the SWOT analysis matrix using the information in your “Questions” table.

      Culture, Leadership, and Control

      With the foundations of your plan established, address how you will develop and lead a culture that delivers value to customers, and how you will monitor and adjust implementation of your plan.

      Strategic Planning Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

      Write argumentive essay on why education should be free Writing Assignment Help

      Throughout this course, we have been focusing our attention on the practice of arguing to find meaning. Because of that, it is important to practice balancing opposing viewpoints of a single issue. This essay allows you the chance to do just that.

      Much of the writing you will be doing throughout your academic and professional career will be argumentative; thus, this essay will help you to hone your rhetorical skills in several ways:

      • First, this essay will help you to establish an environment of civilized discourse within your writing (essential for productive argumentation);
      • Secondly, this essay will allow you to practice your research skills in both identifying and integrating sound arguments;
      • And thirdly, this essay gives you a chance to practice your critical thinking skills—skills you will need for success throughout your academic and professional life.

      Remember, the purpose of this essay is not to prove whether you are right or wrong, but instead prove that you can fairly present two sides of an argument and logically determine the best solution to the problem you are faced with. With that in mind, we ask that you withhold your personal opinion, personal judgments of the material, or personal narrative until the concluding remarks of your essay.

      *Note that no one writes a polished essay in a single sitting. Start early and give yourself time for multiple revisions.

      The rough draft of your essay should meet the following guidelines:

      • is between 900 and 1200 words in length;
      • includes direct quotations and paraphrased passages from four or more scholarly texts representing more than one side of the issue;
      • qualifies each of the authors (authors representing each side of the debate should have compatible credibility);
      • withholds personal opinion until the conclusion of the essay;
      • is written clearly, concisely, and accurately;
      • is written primarily in third-person;
      • includes a References page;
      • has been closely edited so that it contains few or no mechanical errors.

      Researched Argument Checklist: Use this to evaluate your rough draft against the assignment requirements:

      • Does this essay present a clear argument on a topic?
      • Does this essay treat two sides of the argument equally and fairly?
      • Does the essay cite, at minimum, four scholarly sources?
      • Are the authors for the articles qualified? Who are they? Use signal phrases/attributive tags to introduce the authors.
      • What is the purpose of this essay? What does it do to meet that purpose? How effective is the argument?
      • Does this essay avoid second person language and limit first person language?
      • Are there elements of pathos, ethos, and logos in this essay? Do these appeals work together to propose a solution?
      • Does the essay avoid logical fallacy in the reasoning behind the solution?
      • Does the essay use APA in-text citation and is there an APA format references page?
      • Please use the references attached below for this essay . No other ones

      Attachments area


      Assignment 7 Writing Assignment Help

      For this Signature Assignment, incorporate the core concepts learned in this course to demonstrate an understanding of human resource management and its application to athletic administration.

      Select an area of human resource management of interest to you and research this topic. Begin with a general review of literature. You can use resources from this class, but also include your own research based on your particular topic.

      After you have supplied a general background with a review of literature, apply this topic to your athletic department at Hillside College.

      Identify a challenge you might encounter related to human resource management and your specific topic. Briefly describe the challenge you are being faced with at Hillside. Then, use your skills and research as a vehicle to seek solutions to this issue. Describe your strategy and how it will affect your department. What are the outcomes you hope to achieve? What will you and your staff gain from this strategy? As always, discuss the mission and goals of your department and how this strategy supports them.

      Length: 10-12 pages, not including title and reference pages


      tenement museum report paper Humanities Assignment Help


      The tenement museum will tell the story of post-war life on the Lower East Side, as seen through the lives of three immigrant families who resided at one point or another at 103 Orchard Street. Write 2 page minimum museum report.

      you’ll have to do some research about the “hard times” which Discover how immigrants survived economic depressions at 97 Orchard Street between 1863 and 1935. Visit the restored homes of the German-Jewish Gumpertz family, whose patriarch disappeared during the Panic of 1873, and the Italian-Catholic Baldizzi family, who lived through the Great Depression. “The hard times” tour Spend extended time inside the Gumpertz and Baldizzi apartments and join in a discussion about themes arising from the tour. Share your experiences, thoughts and family histories.


      Online class Science Assignment Help

      Answers should be baed on this webpage:

      1. What was the general attitude of the people and the government of the US during the 1800’s towards nature? What is the manifest destiny?

      2. Why did the Railroad companies hire artists? What were these artists trying to convey through the art? Describe the characteristics they included.

      3. What was Thomas Moran’s main contribution to preservation of land in North America? What’s the difference between conservation and preservation?

      4. Describe Thomas Moran paintings in your own words, which painting had the most impact on you and why?

      5. What was the style that the early California artists like Granville Redmond followed, describe this style, what were they trying to capture?

      Further reading- Read the article in the link below for your own interest OR read it and write a short summary and submit it at the end of this week’s Unit quiz submission for a few extra credit points (max. points possible =3).

      We Must Change the Way We Look at the Natural World, Suzuki, Davis and Wright, EcoWatch, 6/28/16 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.