Info 564 Module 4 Homework Business Finance Assignment Help

Info 564 Module 4 Homework Business Finance Assignment Help. Info 564 Module 4 Homework Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Consider the following six quality tools that were discussed in this module:

  • Check sheet
  • Frequency Distribution
  • Pareto chart
  • Scatterplot
  • Flow diagram
  • Cause-effect chart

1. For each of these charts describe an application relating to the coronavirus pandemic where it would be useful.(90 pts)

a. What variables would you track?

b. What information would this chart provide?

c. What decision/s might be based on this information?

d. Show an example of the chart with some information filled in.

2. For any one of these charts, find actual data and draw a complete chart. (10 pts)

a. Describe what the chart is telling you.

b. Label the chart appropriately.

c. Indicate the data source

Info 564 Module 4 Homework Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

short summary on the artcicle Business Finance Assignment Help

When Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba in 2018 announced it had chosen the ancient city of Xi’an as the site for its new regional headquarters, the symbolic value wasn’t lost on the company: it had brought globalization to its ancient birthplace, the start of the old Silk Road. It named its new offices aptly: “Silk Road Headquarters”. The city where globalization had started more than 2,000 years ago would also have a stake in globalization’s future.

Alibaba shouldn’t be alone in looking back. As we are entering a new, digital-driven era of globalization – we call it “Globalization 4.0” – it is worthwhile that we do the same. When did globalization start? What were its major phases? And where is it headed tomorrow?….etc….…


decision making and problem solving Business Finance Assignment Help

Critical Thinking Case studies:

“Jadawel” a major retailer of household products in Saudi Arabia, had experienced steady growth during the past ten years since inception i.e. 2009. Mr. Badar, Marketing manager of the company has left the company in 2019. Mr. Hesham al Harby, who was working with Mr. Badr since 2009, now became marketing manager.

The company has been experiencing steadily declining sales in an increasingly competitive and growing market from last one year.Even after increase in sales force, sales were not meeting expectations, and had not been for some time. In fact, sales had begun to decline in a market that still appeared to be growing with more competitors chipping away at a market the company once owned. Rashid, a sales executive who joined the company in December 2019, said that he could not get proper training form the company. In a feedback of Customer, Jadawel’s product price is costly and lack of seasonal offers.

Mr. Khaled Al-ghassini, CEO has hired you to help him in increasing the company’s annual growth rate and ultimately its profitability.

“Jadawel” has 25 retail stores located mostly in shopping malls in almost all the big cities in Saudi Arabia. Total revenue from the 25 stores has declined, despite major back-end cost savings.

Assignment Question(s):

  • 1. Identify the problem. [and other sub problems]

    Main problem: ……………………………………..

    Other problems:

    2. What could be the causes of problem?

    Cause of the problem- 5 Why






    b. Develop
    a Cause and Effect Diagram

    Gather information: What information
    should you gather that would be helpful to know before making a decision?

    Consider the various choices of

    Make the decision. What should you do?

    Evaluate the decision. Why do you think this is the best decision


this is an assembly language project Programming Assignment Help

he encoded string is expected to be a sequence of 1s and 0s and the user is expected to input them as ASCII characters. The assembly program must then proceed to check for the validity of user input. This routine that performs validity checks is provided with the sample skeleton code. Once the validity check is performed, the program must proceed to determine if the user input has a single bit error. If a single bit error exists, then its respective bit position must be detected, and the program must print out the bit position where the error has occurred. Further, if a single bit error has been detected, your program must correct the error and the correct binary sequence must be printed out as a sequence of ASCII characters. You can make use of the ASCII to binary conversion routine provided in the skeletal code, as a reference to perform the operation in reverse. Appropriate placeholders to store information about the position and final corrected sequence is provided in the .bss section of skeletal code. The encoding format for user input is provided below for reference:


The assignment is a combination of a Journal Article Review and questions related to the chapter reading in the required textbook. Health Medical Assignment Help

The process of how physician assistant students develop professional identity in the PA (physician assistant) field.

First read chapter 5 in the textbook. The topic here is regarding the process of how all healthcare students

develop their professional identity related to their healthcare profession. This process is occurring now as a

healthcare student and will continue in the future in healthcare professional school.

Following the same instructions (as in previous assignments) for the Journal Article Review (answering all of

the same questions for the Journal Article Review), you will research and find a peer reviewed journal article

that discusses professional identity in healthcare or the development of a professional identity in your healthcare

field. So, if you are pre-physician assistant for example, you would be searching journal articles related to the PA profession.

Answer the questions for the Journal Article Review portion of the assignment utilizing your journal article.

Also, respond to the following questions related to your reading of chapter five in the textbook; Identity-related

Professional Dilemmas:

1. What methods were used in the study? Describe. How many participants were in the study? Describe.

2. What were the results of the study? Explain.

3. What are the potential biases you detected in the study? Explain.

4. How do you think the results/findings from this study could be used in your healthcare field? Describe and explain.

5. What information in the journal article article do you think would be good content to use in training students in your healthcare field? Describe and explain.

6. What were the three most significant things you learned in reading and analyzing this journal article? Describe each and explain.

7. What were three new and unfamiliar terms (or words) that you learned in reading and analyzing this journal article? These do not necessarily have to be all clinical terms. What are the terms (or words) and what is the meaning of each?

8. In reading the chapter(s) in the textbook, what were the most significant or important things that you learned? Why were these important or significant to you?

9. If the study in your journal article were to be conducted again in the future, what would you change to improve it? Describe and explain your answer.

1. What attributes or characteristics do you think you possess that contributed to your decision to pursue your particular healthcare profession (Pre-physician assistant)? Discuss and explain three different attributes or characteristics that you possess.

2. Do you think that all healthcare professionals possess the same attributes or characteristics? Explain your answer.

3. Why is a professional identity important in healthcare? Explain your answer.

4. Why do you think healthcare professional schools (Physician assistant school) teach content related to the development of a professional identity? Explain your answer.


Type each question and then respond to the question.

Answers should reflect university level thought and critical thinking skills.

Use complete sentences and complete paragraphs.

Responses are in the students own words. Do not copy from the textbook or journal articles.

University level vocabulary is to be used in responses.

Do not list or use bullet points.

Type each question and then respond to the question.

Use double spacing and one inch margins.

Use Times New Roman font (12 point)

List the journal article citation with your assignment.

I have attached an example from my previous assignment to use as a guide for the format and content. 🙂

The journal articel link is:…



BSA 346 LU Distribution & Allocation of Costs & New Plan for Budget Use MEMOS Business Finance Assignment Help

  1. Review attached Chapters 5-8 and other pdfs attached.
  2. This consists of two memos to business leadership and must be completed upon acceptance within 2 hours. Once you accept the assignment the memo topics will be posted to be completed.
  3. You should correctly discuss the accounting concepts presented and offer guidance to management addressing the issues from “all sides.”
  4. Be sure to use good grammar and proper business writing.

You can also use these video links as reference…

Media Clip: Responsibility Centers

Media Link: Responsibility Centers

Media Link: Transfer Pricing

BSA 346 LU Distribution & Allocation of Costs & New Plan for Budget Use MEMOS Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discussion Question Humanities Assignment Help

Compare and contrast the Time Life documentary “The History of Rock n’ Roll” with the article, “Why is Everyone Always Stealing Black Music?” by Wesley Morris as part of the NY Times 1619 Project. What are the different ways they approach doing history?

1. Post one paragraph answering this question

2. Respond to this comment and start of the comment with Hello, Nico

Nico’s comment:

In “The History of Rock n’ Roll” documentary, you immediately notice that all of the performers on stage are white. It credits the entirety of evolution of popular music in America to white musicians. The video depicts rock n roll to be originated by white people and black music coming in later with some soul mixed in. Record labels wanted white artists to reproduce original songs performed by black singers because they thought it would be more appealing to the white consumers as well as generating more profits. Although the narrator spoke facts, he also glorified the white man as if a black person’s talent was acceptable to be stolen.

In contrast, the NY Times article “Why is Everyone Always Stealing Black Music?”, the history is portrayed in a completely opposite way. The article was more opinionated and the author had more of an angry, sarcastic, informative tone that caused the reader to understand his points better. Morris also describes the creation of Jim Crow and the popular minstrel shows. He made it clear that black music was pushed back because of the color of their skin which is unacceptable. Morris found it absurd that white artists attempted to recreate black music because the black sound is sacred and unique.


Case study and article and test summaries. will do a total of 4 Humanities Assignment Help

The study I am doing is on the Competitiveness Scale

I have to two test and two article summaries. I will provide the articles and what needs to be summarized.

I will attach the teachers instructions, the template she said to use for reference for writing the summaries (wants it like an annotated bib) and will also provide attachments of all the files needed to do this assignment.

First part needs to be the personality scale (there is details of what needs to be answered in that part), next needs to be the comparison scale (again all details of what needs to be answered will be attached)

Next will be the article, then the additional article.

So there is a total of four different sections of what needs a literature and test summary.


Physics project Business Finance Assignment Help


Using any slide share or movie making software, you can utilize information gathered throughout the course to create a visual travel log. This multi-media presentation will include images, video, and voice over dialogue consisting of a mix of research and original content that demonstrates your analysis of course concepts. The movie will be accompanied by a paper that supplies the dialogue for the visuals of your film.

You may use examples of physics principles in use in everyday life that you previously gave as examples in Modules 01-06, but you cannot reuse the same wording as used in previous modules. For example, if you had mentioned using glasses for Module 03, you can once again bring up that concept here, but you cannot read from your Module 03 submission paper.


  • Three-minute video in MPEG-4 format.
  • Original voice over (written) dialogue and accompanying paper.
  • Images that help “tell your story.”
  • 30 seconds of original video connecting your experience to your topic.

Narrative concept

Imagine you are a writer for Physics Today (or insert whatever physics pop journal you wish), and you are to create a travel vlog for your an overseas trip. In your presentation, your editor wants you to include all relative physics concepts that you encounter in your journey.

For the heart of the presentation, your editor has deemed it essential to address the following core issues and questions:

  • Identify general physics principles in various real-world examples.
  • Identify the use of the scientific method in a modern physical problem.
  • Identify the use of classical physics principles in relation to a real life situation.
  • Identify physics principles related to electromagnetism in various real-world examples, and connect to your own experience.
  • Identify modern physics principles in various real-world examples and modern technology.
  • Identify a technology that uses quantum mechanics, and connect to your own experience.

Include all necessary recording scripts so I can record them with my voice.


Discussion on Geology Science Assignment Help

Hi please see the attachments for directions of assignment. This is an example of how the assignment needs to look


Why did I choose this article?

I have chosen the following article because I think it encapsulates much of what we are currently struggling with in this country. The topic featured in this article is a sensitive and evocative topic. With this in mind, let us all agree that it is important that we discuss this topic with compassion, empathy, professionalism, and respect.

Link to Article: I’m a black climate expert. Racism derails our efforts to save the planet. (Links to an external site.)

Chapter in Exploring Geology: I would place this article in Ch 13: Climate, Weather, and Their Influence on Geology in Exploring Geology.

Discussion Question: While some of the evils of racism are more visible than others, the role it plays in suppressing the voices and actions of people of color has far reaching implications. As the author of this article, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, points out, “racism derails our efforts to save the planet.”

In what other ways might systemic social issues and/or the political climate (in this country) intersect with (geo)science? In other words, how does society, politics, and geology intersect? Not sure, consider debates such as the Dakota Access Pipeline (Links to an external site.), Drilling in the Arctic National Refuge (Links to an external site.) or Black Lung Disease and Coal Mining (Links to an external site.).





Info 564 Module 4 Homework Business Finance Assignment Help

Info 564 Module 4 Homework Business Finance Assignment Help

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