information tech in a global economy Writing Assignment Help

information tech in a global economy Writing Assignment Help. information tech in a global economy Writing Assignment Help.

1)I need this in two parts

a)outline of the topics (You can take three hours for this) 2 pages with 500 words

b)Detail explanation of the outlined topics 1000 words.(I will extend the time to 24 hours after the 3 hors work is done).

2)i will share the document you can refer and work

3)need APA format

4)Not plagarized.

The first part of this week is going to be the submission of an outline in which you identify the areas of knowledge that we covered during the past 13 Weeks, to include the residency. You want to make sure that you identify the areas that you thought were most interesting to you and why. There is no specific order that we need to keep, but a chronological order seems to be a logical approach. Where is the best place to start? I would look at the learning objectives for the course, the articles that were read and the assignments that were covered, try and focus on the topics and not so much a re-hash of the article. You can use any part of previous assignments for this paper, just make sure that it fits in the space or section in the outline that you place it in. The last part of this assignment will be taking the outline, filling it in with details of what you have learned about each of the topical areas that you have identified

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CMOS layout using Microwind, engineering homework help Engineering Assignment Help

An electronic character recognition systems is required to detect the presence of

characters ‘a’, ‘b’, ’c’ and ‘d’ in texts. The characters are coded as given below in the

coding table. The system process 4 bits of data at a time from an input stream of


Coding Characters

0000 a

0001 b

0010 c

0011 d

Design an electronic system that performs the above detection from the character

stream for this specific application:

1. The design should include the following:

i. Development of the logic for the above detection.

ii. Stick diagram as per the standard conventions.

iii. Complete coloured layout for the design.

iv. Simulations showing the specified output for the given inputs.

2. Critically analyze and compare this design, with the design that can be

obtained through implementing the system on Advance Programmable logic

device like the CPLD’s and the FPGA’s.


1. This coursework should be an individual work and outputs should be shown

for verifications to instructor.

2. Suitable assumptions about lambda (λ) can be made, otherwise use

default/180nm process.

3. Results to be analyzed critically and compared with the theoretical value.

4. Screen shots of graph must be attached for the simulated output.

All report must be submitted for turnitin checking. The project report should be neatly typed on A4 size

papers. The following shall be the structure of the report:

a. Title sheet,

b. Acknowledgements

c. Turnitin – Similarity Index Report sheet.

d. Abstract

e. Table of contents

f. Introduction ( Problem statement, Problem Analysis)

g. Design of Logic

h. Proper layout, stick diagrams and simulation graphs.

i. Result Analysis and Inferences

j. Conclusion

k. References

The maximum word limit is 2500 words

1. Should use their initiative to find suitable material from the following


a. Textbooks, Reference Books, Lecture Notes etc.

b. The Library and Electronic library.

c. Learned and Popular literature, relevant magazine, articles etc.

d. The Internet.

3. A coursework report not conforming to the above specified will not be


4. While preparing the report, please care to see that there are no grammatical

errors or spelling mistakes.


Select an international terror attack , writing paper help Computer Science Assignment Help

Select an international terror attack within the two years that occurred outside of the United States and write a current event review. Be sure to include the perceived impact of the event on the Homeland Security landscape, your opinion of the event, and defense of your opinion. Your paper must include a “reference page” not included in the 3-5 page minimum.

Current Events: Current Event assignments are designed to give you an opportunity to critically examine contemporary Homeland Security issues related to Emergency Response, Disaster Mitigation, Prevention, and Preparedness. You are challenged to find news articles, press releases, industry announcements, etc. that impact some aspect of Homeland Security. National and international events may be used, but MUST be related to Emergency Response, Disaster Mitigation, Prevention, and Preparedness.

Paper Submission Requirements:

    • Your response should be 3-5 pages in length (double spaced).
    • Paper must include a “reference page” not included in the 3-5-page minimum.
    • Use APA format.

    * Introduction and Conclusion is mandatory

  • *No Plagiarism


Info Graphic Soil, Environmental Science Assignments help Science Assignment Help

Lesson Assignment – Info Graphic Soil

Complete this assignment using a Word document. Show all work and then submit it by saving, digitally photographing, or scanning and then uploading to your teacher.

Create an info graphic on soil. Why is it important? Using what you have learned, find compelling images and add text supporting your thoughts. Create you documents in paint or on Google draw. Upload your completed work to this assignment link as a jpeg.

Lesson Assignment: Ecosystems and Weather

Complete this assignment using a Word document. Show all work and then submit it by saving, digitally photographing, or scanning and then uploading to your teacher.

For this assignment you will list out 5 different types of ecosystems in a chart. Create a second column called “weather”. Your job is to show how weather impacts each ecosystem. When you are finished, upload your completed work to this assignment link.

U1L01D1 – Unit 1 Discussions Which system on the planet Earth do you believe is the most important? Post your statement to this discussion board and at least two reasons why. Review you classmates’ posts; comment on which one you think is the least important system and explain why.

U1L1j:Why are the different systems on Earth important for survival? Explain in a paragraph of 5-7 sentences.

U1L02W1- Unit 1 Wiki For this activity you and your group will be creating a post describing the formation of Earth through time. Each member of your group needs to create an image that tells part of the story. Be sure to illustrate each concept with both words and pictures. When you finish, upload all your completed work

U1L04W1- Unit 1 WikiFor this activity you and your group will be creating a rock cycle wiki that illustrates each type of rock and how it was formed. Each member of the group should adopt a rock type, explain how it was formed, and upload pictures and videos.


Should mental condition or age be an excuse to criminal conduct? Why or why not Business Finance Assignment Help

Complete question: Should mental condition or age be an excuse to criminal conduct? Why or why not? Is there any reason to distinguish between these two categories even if it can be established that the person acted with intent or purpose? Explain your position using what you learned from the text.

Answer needs to be 1-2 pages 350 – 500 words. Works cited section for references need.

Introduce the topic to the reader in 3-5 sentences. Leave the body for the facts. Focus on a strong thesis statement leading into the body of paper. Let the last sentence in the introduction be the thesis statement. What is a thesis? It is a proposition to be tested and weighed.

Question from BCJ 360 Criminal Law Text: Criminal Law Today Fourth Edition, 2010. ISBN: 0-13-504261-5. Author: Frank Schmalleger and Daniel E. Hall, with John J. Dolatowski



services at Baderman Island, management assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Use your Event RFP and the pricing guidelines for services at Baderman Island.

Prepare a 2,100-word cost-benefit analysis of your team’s selected event.

Develop and discuss the criteria you would use to measure your event’s success and its cost feasibility.

Determine the ROI for the event. Would you recommend moving forward with the event? If not, what factors could be modified to make it more feasible?

Prepare a 15- to 20-minute presentation with talking points accompanied by 12 to 15 Microsoft® PowerPoint®slides.

Support your analysis with at least three references and appropriate examples.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines for 300 level courses. Always craft in the third person.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

must pass plag checker by 100%

services at Baderman Island, management assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Drugs, Society Human Behavior Questions Humanities Assignment Help

3 separate short answer for the following 8 Questions

Answer should be well thought-out, well-written, and
include appropriately cited research and text references where applicable.

Module 1
Discussion Question: Why Psychoactive Drugs?

Every known culture on our
planet has used some form of mind-altering substances and you are going to
learn in this class that the practice of using of psychoactive drugs has been
around for a very long time (watch the Youtube documentary “Ancient Drugs”and
is probably NEVER going away. The obvious question then, is why are they so
important and attractive to us as a species? More simply why do people use
psycoactive drugs?
I do not want your knee-jerk, media programed,
party-line opinion. I would very much like you to think about it considering
the “big picture” (not just the latest crack-head horror story).
Perhaps Google “Why do people do drugs?” or something similar and do
a bit of research. You will come up with tons of reasons, but our discussion
goal is to boil it down to its essence. Go forth and learn something!

Module 2
Discussion Question: The War on Drugs?

There has been a growing
consensus in the past couple of decades among politicians, experts, law
enforcement professionals and the public at large that the “War on
Drugs” (primarily using the Criminal Justice System to solve the problem
of drug abuse) has been a total failure. Here is the discussion question: Has
the “War on Drugs” worked? If not why not and if so why has it
worked? I do not want your personal opinion unless you can proffer evidence
to support it
. (read: a bit of research will be required). As always
“attaboy” responses = 0.

Module 3
Discussion Question – Cocaine vs. Crack?

Some people do not realize
that Cocaine (the snortable kind that was wildly popular and hip in the 1980s –
and beyond) is exactly the same psychoactive drug as “crack” that
became the urban plague of the 90s (and beyond). Although the snortable form of
cocaine is certainly addictive, the smokable crack form is much more
. After reading about drug ingestion, brain physiology and
chemistry in our current chapters, I want you to venture your educated opinion
about why the smokable form of cocaine is so much more addictive than the
snortable form. Understanding this effect will teach you many of the essential
dynamics of drug ingestion and action that are the learning objectives of this

Module 4
Discussion Question – Alcohol: the “other side of the story.”

We have all heard the
alcohol horror stories, but it remains a very, very, very popular psychoactive
drug – like it or not! There are some things about the psychoactive effects of
alcohol that keep it attractive to many people. After reading about the biochemistry
of alcohol, explain why it remains so popular. Personal opinion MUST be founded
on what you have learned about the biochemistry of this drug. There were tons
of ATTABOYS in the last discussion and I remind you that they = 0 points.

Module 5
Discussion Question – The Power of Addictive Drugs!

The Amphetamines (that is
a group of similar psychoactive substances of which Meth is only one), the
Opiates (all the various forms of the opium poppy), and Cocaine although they
are chemically very different drugs do share a biochemical similarity
that unites them all in their addictive potential. After reading about them,
venture your educated explanation of the why they are ALL (that is, what
they have in common) so effective at hijacking brain chemistry and physiology
to create addiction. Here is a hint: the secret mechanism is built into all of
our brains

Module 6
Discussion Question: LSD and Religion?

This discussion is pretty
deep and there is no “perfectly right answer” to it, but it is about
something very important that few people know anything about. LSD (you may have
heard of the infamous Tim Leary) and a host of other powerfully hallucinogenic
psychoactive substances have been used for centuries to invoke religious
inspiration. You should do at least some outside research before you compose
your post. but here is the Discussion Question for Module 6: Why do these
chemicals have a connection to religious/philosophical perspectives? This
should be an interesting discussion

Module 7
Discussion Question: How does marijuana work?

Marijuana has been used
for thousands of years. It is probably the most widely used illict (in many
places) psychoactive substance on Earth. For much of this time we have
has no idea about how or why this substance does things to the human brain that
lots and lots of people like. This discussion question is going to
require some outside research to answer well and I highly recommend some very
well done and current documentaries on Youtube as the best way to learn about
the most current research findings. Here is the question and you can certainly
answer in common English, but it should be up-to-date and accurate: How
does marijuana use create changes in the human brain that have resulted in it
being so popular?

Module 8
Discussion Question: Does Drug Treatment Really Work?

There are many experts who
have done extensive research on the effectiveness of drug treatment programs
and concluded that most are a dismal failure. Do a bit of internet
research and come to your own conclusions and report your findings. Remember a
few important conditions: 1) Many people stop using addictive drugs on their
own without the help of formal treatment programs. 2) Some drug addictions are
way more difficult to treat than others. and 3) The definition of success is
very important. Many programs brag about “success rates,” but
for how long? Relapse rates over time are very, very high for most
seriously addictive drugs.


​Topic: How does brain work in terms of learning and memory, biology homework help Science Assignment Help

Topic: How does brain work in terms of learning and memory?

read the following directions carefully and take your time in writing this essay.

The essay should be between 450 to 600 words.



CLEAR THESIS AND TOPIC SENTENCES. Make sure that the first sentence of the essay reflects the topic properly.

You will answer the guiding questions using my resources.

A. Guiding Questions (make sure to integrate the guiding questions with each other, there is overlap):

1. Discuss the parts of the brain as they relate to learning and memory. (FIRST BODY PARAGRAPH)

2. Discuss learning styles. ( SECOND BODY PARAGRAPH)

3. Include your learning style, strengths & weaknesses, and study tools (what old skill(s) align(s) with your results from the Learning Styles Survey and what new tool might you try). (THIRD PARAGRAPH)

***I will upload the results of my learning survey and please answer the 3rd guiding question based on this results***.

B. Sources (use in regards to answering each related questions, DO NOT ONLY USE ONE SOURCE PER GUIDING QUESTION!! please integrate them all)


2. The uploaded notes on brain and memory I provide you with. (google doc link, photos)

3. the results of my learning style survey (google doc link, pdf)…p


political parties and voting in the US, Blackboard Assignment 2 help Humanities Assignment Help

Political parties and elections

We have been looking at the role of political parties in linking the government to citizens. They are designed to help individuals with similar political values have a voice and work toward policies that reflect those core beliefs. Generally we think of these values as existing on a left-right or liberal-conservative scale. We have two dominant parties (parties that have a legitimate chance of winning elections), one that by and large represents left political ideologies and one that represents right political ideologies.

Does our two party system work? Would the interests in individuals benefit from a viable third party?


Our SMDP elections also influence the two-party system and in many cases force us to vote strategically rather than our based on our true beliefs. This process is further complicated by our primary system and the Electoral College.

Does our voting system need to change? Are the voice of the people being heard? How can we weigh the idea of holding individual politician directly accountable (as our system does) versus having a system that improves representation for all political values represented in society?……


Nursing Discussion, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

Chose on of the following discussion questions to answer. Answer must be at least 400 word, detailed with two APA formatted references within the last five years, as well as in-text citation where needed.

  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and MACRA Legislation require provider transparency in quality and value care. As an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) enrolled in the Medicare reimbursement program, you will be expected to demonstrate competent, patient-centered outcomes. Describe how you plan to utilize and implement evidence-based practice protocols found from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to ensure competent and safe care for your patients.
  • Review the Team STEPPS initiative from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Describe the specific objectives of this national initiative and how you can implement this into your clinical setting as an APN to reduce patient errors and improve teamwork and communication.