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Information technology Other Assignment Help. Information technology Other Assignment Help.

Use Skype, Yahoo Instant Messenger, or a similar tool that combines real-time voice, video (Webcam), and chat to establish a communication session with a friend or family member. Use one or more screen captures to document the convergence of voice, video, and chat for the communication session and paste these to a word processing document in a format such as .rtf or .docx. Your screen capture(s) should include Webcam windows for yourself and your friend/family member and a window illustrating your real-time chat. Additionally, you must write a 1 page paper discussing the advantages of this type of communication in a business setting.

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Organizational Control discussion question Business Finance Assignment Help

Based on our definition of organizational control, a well-designed control system consists of the following four key steps (Daft, 2016):

  • Establish standards of performance.  Managers define goals for organizational departments in specific, operational terms that comprise a standard of performance against which to compare organizational activities.
  • Measure actual performance.  Managers develop quantitative measurements of performance that can be reviewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Compare performance to standards.  This is an explicit comparison of actual activities to performance standards.
  • Feedback.  Corrective action is a change in work activities to bring them back to acceptable performance standards.

Think of a class that you’ve taken in the past.  What standards of performance did your professor establish?  How was your actual performance measured?  How was your performance compared to the standards?  Do you think the standards and methods of measurement were fair?  Were they appropriate to your assigned work?  Why or why not?


Control Function Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

Today’s workforce is diverse in terms of age and other aspects that influence performance and success. Leaders must both motivate and support employees so that they can continuously adapt to change while creating opportunity in their careers.

Develop a 1,400-word analysis of how change management can help retain or promote employee loyalty by taking into account::

  • Motivating individuals to stay engaged
  • Monitoring employee performance through the control function of management
  • Communicating the change process at both a strategic and tactical level

Include at least three references with at least one being a publication from the University Library.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Teams Present Dilemma’s discussion question Business Finance Assignment Help

Daft (2016) identifies three primary reasons teams present a dilemma for most people.

  1. We have to give up our independence.  When people become part of a team, their success depends on the team’s success; therefore, they are dependent on how well other people perform, not just on their own individual initiative and actions
  2. We have to put up with free riders.  The term free rider refers to a team member who attains benefits from team membership but does not actively participate in and contribute to the team’s work.
  3. Teams are sometimes dysfunctional.  Many teams have great success, but others experience significant failure.  The ways in which teams are managed plays the most critical role in determining how well they function.

Which ones have you witnessed?

200 words please


Empowerment discussion question Business Finance Assignment Help

Empowerment is power sharing, the delegation of power or authority to subordinates in an organization (Daft, 2016). Increasing employee power heightens motivation for task accomplishment because people improve their own effectiveness, choosing how to do a task using their creativity. Empowering employees involves giving them four elements that enable them to act more freely to accomplish their jobs: information, knowledge, power, and rewards.

  1. Employees receive information about company performance. In companies where employees are fully empowered, all employees have access to all financial and operational information (Daft, 2016).
  2. Employees have knowledge and skills to contribute to company goals. Companies use training programs to help employees acquire the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to organizational performance (Daft, 2016).
  3. Employees have the power to make substantive decisions. Empowered workers have the authority to directly influence work procedures and organizational performance, often through quality circles or self-directed work teams (Daft, 2016).
  4. Employees are rewarded based on company performance. Organizations that empower workers often reward them based on the results shown in the company’s bottom line (Daft, 2016).

Empowerment can mean encouraging workers’ ideas while managers retain authority, or it can mean employees have the freedom and power to make decisions and exercise initiative. Current methods fall along a continuum from no discretion for workers to full empowerment where workers participate in formulating strategy (Daft, 2016). 

How does empowerment provide the two conditions (vitality and learning) for a thriving workforce that are described in the chapter? Do you see any ways in which a manager’s empowerment efforts might contribute to demotivation among employees? Discuss.

200 words please



Identifying Variables and Research Humanities Assignment Help

Developing research questions, hypotheses and supporting variables requires practice.  In practicing for the final paper in this course, each student is to quickly identify, from an open source article, a research question that is discussed, a hypothesis put forth, and variables identified by an author.

Read “Filling the Global Energy Research Gap,” by Andrew Revkin. In 250 to 300 words, identify a hypothesis put forth in the article and at least two variables that are found in the article, and then explain how they are measured. Consider using the chart as a method for identifying variables as well.

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Legal Research excerise Business Finance Assignment Help


This skill exercise may seem like a treasure hunt, but in a way, that’s what legal research really is! For the first part of the exercise, you will do research on WN on the issue of sham marriages as a means of avoiding immigration laws. This will teach you how to conduct a basic search in secondary sources. For the second part of the exercise, you’ll learn some of the features available on secondary sources on WN.

Note: you should read the WN pdf on secondary source here:  and my two IN’s on secondary sources before attempting this exercise; otherwise you may find it difficult to navigate WestlawNext.

Directions: For this assignment, do NOT cut and paste all the material below. Simply put the 1.a. followed by your answer, 1.b. followed by your answer, etc.

Sign into WestlawNext (WN). On the home page, you should see the word “browse” on the left. Make sure the “all content” tab is showing in white. Click on “secondary sources” in blue. This is the secondary sources main page.

1. Your first task is to find an article in American Law Reports that pertains to your research issue, which I identified above.

Once in ALR, click on the topic of “immigration.” Then, type “sham marriage” into the GSB and click “search.” Review the first five entries that appear. Locate the annotation that appears most relevant to the topic of knowingly entering into a sham marriage to avoid immigration laws. Open the annotation by clicking on the title. Provide the following information:

a. the full title and author of the annotation (you may cut and paste this but do not include J.D. after the author’s name – that just means the author has a law degree).

b. Scroll down to the “index” and answer the following: which section number would show cases relevant to “payment for marriage”?

c. Under “statutory text,” tell me the maximum amount of imprisonment that a person could receive for entering into a marriage for the purpose of evading immigration laws.

d. Scroll down to the “table of cases, laws, and rules.” Here you will find cases broken down by jurisdiction. Give me the name and year of the case you see under the heading:  “Supreme Court.”

2. Next you are going to do research in AmJur. Tip: remember, any time you want to go to the home page in WestlawNext, just click the white and orange WestlawNext in the upper left on any page you’re on.

AmJur is a legal encyclopedia, so it is organized by topics. You get to AmJur2D by clicking on “texts and treatises” on the secondary sources main page. When you click on “American Jurisprudence 2d,” you get the page that lists all of the AmJur2d topics. Look for the title of the volume most likely to contain your issue. Hmmm. There is not a volume titled “immigration.” But — there is one titled “Aliens and Citizens.” Click on that, and then type “sham marriage” into the GSB.

a. Scroll down the listings and tell me the section number in “Aliens and Citizens” that covers “sham marriage – what is  a sham marriage.”

b. Click on that section. Copy and paste the name and citation of the first case shown under Footnote 1 in that section.

3. Go back to the WN home page and click on secondary sources again. Under “Law Reviews and Journals,” type “sham marriage immigration” into the GSB. Scroll through the first 10 articles and give me the title, publication, and year of the first article you see with the words “widow penalty” in the title.

4. The next few questions do not pertain to our immigration issue; rather, they will help you explore other secondary sources available in WN. In the secondary source main page, look under “by state” and click on Maryland.

a. Provide the title of one item from the “text & treatises” options.

b. Provide the title of one item from “law reviews and journals.”

5. Go back to the secondary sources main page. Go down to “by topic” and click on “criminal law.” Once you are on that page, tell me which of those sources would be the most likely source for a sample motion to suppress evidence?


Discussion Topic Response Science Assignment Help

Yoga for Bone Health:  Read the article from December of 2015 (attached) that examines the benefit of yoga for treating osteoporosis. Apply your knowledge from this week’s assigned readings about the skeletal system to critically discuss the feasibility of this approach for treating a degenerative bone disease such as osteoporosis. You need only present one view point, but please explain your reasoning. Some examples to get you thinking include: 

Would pharmaceutical companies support this approach?

What are advantages for using non-medication approaches to treating osteoporosis?

What are the disadvantages?

Describe the facets of yoga that can treat this disease.

Discuss the study design – is it rigorous? What are the shortcomings and how should they be addressed/corrected? How can it be improved? What was the hypothesis? Did the data support the hypothesis?

What are the study results?

APA Citation, please. No specific word count, but must answer the question(s). Due today March 27th by 8 PM EST.


CHHPs concerns Midterm Paper Economics Assignment Help


A new type of third-party-reimbursement
healthcare payment plan is emerging in the United States. CDHPs strive
to control costs and improve quality of care by requiring consumers to
take control of their own healthcare decisions. Consumers decide how
they want to spend their healthcare dollars, depending on what is
important to them. CDHPs are geared to encourage participants to enroll
in some type of wellness program and improve their lifestyles. Specific
types of CDHPs are health reimbursement accounts (HRA), flexible
spending accounts (FSA), and health savings accounts (HSA).

However, there are concerns about CDHPs. The
consumer may neither understand nor have the education and the tools to
manage his or her own healthcare appropriately. This may have long-term
ramifications on the whole healthcare system and whether CDHPs can be
successful for the consumer, the employer, the physician, and the
healthcare facilities, as well as the insurers. Answer the following
questions in regard to this development:

  • Are CDHPs more geared toward the healthier and younger population?
  • Are they effective for patients with chronic illnesses?
  • Will they discourage the use of preventative care and cause increased healthcare costs in the future?

After examining the above questions in your
analysis, work around the following instructions and create a 8- to
10-page Microsft Word document:

  • Summarize the history of when, how, and why CDHPs were developed.
  • Explain HSA, HRA, and FSA with examples.
  • Examine different segments of the population. Describe which socioeconomic group is likely to benefit the most from CDHPs.
  • Explain the types of
    incentives to providers for efficiency in the delivery of healthcare
    services. Explain who bears the financial risk—the provider, the
    patient, or the CDHP.
  • Offer your recommendations for patients considering a
    CDHP, including which types are appropriate for which patients. Include
    your recommendations for each, to accept or decline, and also include
    your rationale behind such recommendations.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

Submission Details

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Summarized the history of factors (when, how, and why) that contributed to the development of CDHPs.


Explained HSA, HRA, and FSA with examples.


Examined different segments of the population and described which socioeconomic group is likely to benefit most from CDHPs.


Explained the types of incentives available to providers for efficiency in healthcare delivery and who bears the financial risk.


Offered recommendations with rationales for patients considering a CDHP.


Written components.




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Annotated Bibliography Humanities Assignment Help

We have selected a topic which is  U.S. Health Care Reform legislation debate and policy circa 2009 to present

Develop a research question, and come up with three potential hypotheses suitable for scientific research and evaluation. You will now begin a literature review and create an annotated bibliography for this selected topic.

Identify at least eight sources that you will use in your Final Research Paper. These sources should be from reputable databases, academic journals, periodicals, books, and credible Internet portals. Do not to use Wikipedia as a source as the validity of information on the website cannot be confirmed. You are required to use a minimum of three sources found in the databases within the Ashford Online Library.

For each source, provide the correct APA citation and annotate how the source will support your research. The annotated bibliography’s page length should be no less than two pages and as long as needed to identify sufficient sources for your research.