Informational Interview Reflection, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Informational Interview Reflection, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help. Informational Interview Reflection, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help.

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Complete your Informational Interview Reflection by answering the following questions:

  • How prepared did you feel for the interview?
  • How do you feel the interview went? Explain.
  • Did you find out any unusual facts about the potential job?
  • Did you discover any information that confirmed your decision to pursue a job in this field?
  • Did you discover any information that caused you to re-evaluate your decision to pursue a job in this field?
  • How will you use this interview to connect you with further opportunities and experiences in the field? How will you use this interview for your benefit?
  • (minimum of 250 words)

Informational Interview Reflection, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Change Management Impact, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to display lessons learned about designing a change management plan and the implications for performance management promoting a high performance work environment.

In this assignment, you will apply lessons learned about the strategic management process in relation to performance and change management.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Human Resource Management, Supplemental Resources (web links that are of recommendation for us to use: )

Choose your organization or one you know well to use for this assignment. For this I chose Starbucks Coffee.

Interview a HR leader or another leader in a management position in your chosen organization about a recent change in the organization. (For this section, since at my local Starbucks coffee shop that I go to a lot, got a chance to talk to some management teams over there since I frequent that coffee shop quite a lot, and a type of change in their organization they told me about is with regards to their organizational culture that is trying to influence both their employees and business performance. An example that was given to me was how cafe employees work with each other and how they interact with customers are sort of like indicators of their organizational culture when it comes to their warm greetings and ambience of welcome to their cafe shops, which they think may be part of the company’s distinction from other coffee shop competitors).

Develop a 1,225-word Change Management Plan for the organization. (For this section this is my instructor’s request for what he is look for in the grading of this assignment specifically:

  • No more than 1,225 words in length. Yes, I do look at this each week, and deduct points when papers run over the limit, not including cover and reference page words. Remember that in business communication, brevity and accuracy is very important!

Include how the change affected the human resources function.

Consider the following for your plan:

  • Introduction
  • The purpose for the change;
  • The people involved in the change;
  • The change implementation methods;
  • The budget concerns, timeline, and measurement of success/metrics;
  • Recommend a follow-up plan to review impact of the change on the human resources function, additional personnel required, ways to recruit personnel, organizational alignment, and cost changes.
  • Include a schematic diagram of your plan.
  • Conclusion

Format your assignment consistent with APA and Citation guidelines. Per instructor, here is his recommendation on this for what he will be strictly looking for specifically upon grading:

  • Remember to include a Title Page and a separate Reference Page for each paper. Follow the APA and citation guidelines.
  • Graduate level courses require a higher level of included research. As a general rule, I look to see that you have researched and referenced at least five good and reliable sources for your paper, not including the textbook for this course. And I do reduce points on the papers if there are not at least five good references, so please be aware. For those not included, I do run each paper through the Plagiarism
    Checker, so be sure to cite properly and use quotation marks where required!

Instructor’s Plagiarism Message to Class:


During this course, you will be required to use the proper APA format along with citing your sources correctly and carefully. Over the years that I have been facilitating courses, I have found that many students have similar questions. Here are some commonly asked questions (and answers).

I am publishing this to provide you with information that will help you be successful throughout the program. Please be sure to ask me if you have any questions about the policies. CWE provides a handout on how to cite properly … use it. I keep it at my side as I grade your papers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plagiarism

Question – What is plagiarism?

Answer – Simply put, plagiarism is lying, cheating, and stealing others’ words instead of using your own. Not putting quotes around words you copy from a site is lying to the instructor. Using material you didn’t write yourself is cheating the other students who did it the honest way. Taking material from others and using it as your own is stealing. Remember, websites that sell student papers (yes, we know they are out there) didn’t write it themselves – they stole it from the owner first.

Question – Why do I need both a text citation and a reference at the end of the paper? Isn’t it enough just to put the reference at the end?

Answer – You must have both because they serve different purposes. The purpose of a text citation is to show the reader the extent to which you are using someone else’s words or ideas. The purpose of the reference is to provide the reader enough information to look up the actual quotation or article to understand it in more detail. If you only include the reference at the end, the reader cannot distinguish your thoughts from those of others.

Question: If I am using ideas from our textbook, do I need to provide a citation and reference for them?

Answer: Yes. Anytime you use ideas from any source, you need to acknowledge their source. If you are quoting your source (even the text), word-for-word, you should enclose it in quotation marks, followed by a text citation. If you are paraphrasing or summarizing something, include a text citation at the end of the paraphrase or summary.

Question: What if materials are from my company handbook or intranet, and not available to anyone outside the company?

Answer: You still must cite the source in the text. This is considered a non-retrievable source, so you do not need to include the reference at the end of the paper, but you do need a text citation, which should include words like internal company document to show that it cannot be retrieved outside of the company.

Question: Isn’t information on the Internet common knowledge and available to use without citation?

Answer: No! Remember, the purpose of the citation is to show that the ideas you are presenting came from someone other than you — so you must always cite your sources — regardless of whether they are from the Internet or some other source.

Question – Do our facilitators have to give us a warning before using more serious sanctions?

Answer – No. Each facilitator has the academic freedom to determine the appropriate sanction for plagiarism. You will receive a 0 in this class for the first instance of plagiarism and fail the class for the second instance.

Question – If I read an article and use some ideas from it, but put them in my own words, do I still need a citation and reference?

Answer – Yes. Even if you change the words (by paraphrasing) or summarize, you must cite ideas that are not your own (both in the text and with a reference). This tells the reader that the idea comes from someone else. The purpose of citation is to show that you are incorporating others’ ideas into your work; therefore, all uses of sources must be carefully documented.

Question – Does this apply to forums or just to formal writing, such as papers?

Answer– It applies to everything you write. Remember, the purpose of a text citation and references is to give credit to the original author. Therefore, whether you are writing a discussion question response, responding to a classmate, or writing a formal paper, if you use someone else’s words to help you make your point, you must give proper credit!

Question – As long as I use proper citations and references in my paper, is it ok for me to cut and paste large sections of my paper?

Answer – No. While this may not be “plagiarism” in the sense that you have properly given credit to your sources, using others’ work instead of your own is not good writing! The purpose of the assignments in our courses is to assess your mastery of the course learning objectives. If you simply cut and paste others’ words, you cannot demonstrate your mastery of the subject matter. Short direct quotes (properly cited) that support your points are fine, but extended quotations or simply cutting and pasting from other sources will typically not meet the assignment requirements and should be avoided.

Side Note: Attached are a Master’s Level Course Essay Format. Appreciate any help that I can receive on this since Management along the lines of a Human Resource Function is not rally my strong area and could use some help to give me an idea on how to go about this essay.


You most likely have some sense of what a measurement, math homework help Mathematics Assignment Help

You most likely have some sense of what a measurement is (it’s a pretty important thing for most of your program courses!) The idea behind measurements is that we’re assigning a quantifiable number to some aspect of a thing.

For instance, say I’d got a bag of sugar. I could measure:

                          • How tall, wide and deep the bag is, giving us length measurements
                          • How heavy the bag is, giving us a weight measurement
                          • How many cups, tablespoons or teaspoons I can get out of the bag, giving us volume measurements

Each of these types of measurements has a number of different units of measure, each of which really depends on if the quantity is really small or really large.

If you are trying to measure out a space for a vendor, you will need to determine the width and length of the space needed. Additionally, if it was for a ride like a roller coaster, you would also want to know how high it was so you could be sure there were no over head wires that it might hit.

Activity 1: Team Discussion

There will be many vendors who want a place at the fair. It is now time for the committee to decide how many the space can handle and mark off spaces in each area. Now that you have the major concession areas identified, it is time to decide how many vendors you can accept and how much room you will give each. For this task you can choose to focus on the food vendors or the game vendors. Determine how much room each will need and how many the space you previously designated for this category of concession will hold.

Discuss how you will go about making this decision. What resources and more information do you need? Where will you find this information?

Activity 2: Length Measurements

With a partner review the Module 4 Instructions on Length Measurement.

Then find at least 12 items to measure in length. Check each others measurement.

Activity 3: Weight Measurements

With a partner review the Module 4 Instructions on Weight Measurement.

Then find at least 12 items to weigh. Use different types of scales to measure. Check each others measurement

Activity 4: Volume Measurements

With a partner review the Module 4 Instructions on Volume Measurement.

Then find at least 12 items to weigh. Use different measuring tools. Check each others measurement

Activity 5: Converting Between Units

With a partner review the Module 4 Instructions on Converting Between Units. Check out the videos in the Instructions if you need more help.

Each partner should make a list of measured units and what you want them converted to. Then trade your lists and try to make the conversions.

Activity 6: Metric

With a partner review the information on the metric system in the Module 4 Instructions. Watch the videos to learn more.

Go back to the items you measured for length, weight, and volume and convert them to metric.

Project Assignment:

Now that you have the major concession areas identified, it is time to decide how many vendors you can accept and how much room you will give each. For this task you can choose to focus on the food vendors or the game vendors. Determine how much room each will need and how many the space you previously designated for this category of concession will hold. Here are step-by-step instructions to complete this task. You can use the plan you started in the Task to help.

  1. Decide which set of vendors you will use: food or games
  2. Look at the total space you allocated for these vendors. Mark the total space on graph paper.
  3. Investigate some country fairs on the Internet to see how much space each vendor is given. Are there different sizes for different types of vendors?
  4. Now divide the space you outlined on your graph paper into segments for each of your vendors. They should be several different sizes as you found in your investigation of other fairs.
    1. First, decide on what one square on the graph paper represents. i.e. 1 square = 2 feet or 1 square = 10 feet
    2. Second, draw the size of each vendor’s space on the graph paper.
    3. Third, label each space with the size and vendor
    4. Finally, be sure that you have used the space efficiently to get in the most vendors, have a variety of sizes for vendors to choose from, and have provided sufficient space for fair goers to walk among the vendors. You might also think about space for tables for people to sit and eat or relax.
MAT099 Rubrics.pdfMAT099 Rubrics.pdf


Possible barriers for implementation, Week 6 Chapter 4 and 5 help Business Finance Assignment Help

Dr. Val,

I need you to cite those references within my paper. I am failing my class because I am not citing within the paper. I have attached that papers that you have completed. I need this back today to be resubmitted. I need chapter 4 and 5 on Monday.

Chapters 4 and 5

This week you will resubmit Chapters 1-3, and write and submit Chapters 4 and 5 of your Capstone Project. A general outline for Chapters 4 and 5 is below. Please type your chapters using APA style guidelines and submit Chapters 1-5 as a single document to the dropbox for review and feedback by the end of Week 6. Please reference the Capstone Project Chapter 4 Rubric and Capstone Project Chapter 5 Rubric for grading guidelines.

  1. Chapter 4 – Recommendations for Future Study/Limitations (2 to 3 pages)
    1. Possible barriers for implementation
      1. Social barriers – if any
      2. Political barriers – if any
    2. Limitations of plan
      1. Scope
      2. Cost
  2. Chapter 5 – References
    1. 80% newer than 5 years
    2. Germinal research present
    3. At least 20 references
    4. All references cited in body


Object-Oriented Data Modelling, Research Paper help Computer Science Assignment Help

Object-Oriented Data Modelling

In this type of data modelling data is treated as object.

In the paper I will give an introduction to object-oriented data modeling, Association, generalization,and aggregation relationships; cardinalities and other types of constraints; polymorphism; andinheritance.

Object oriented data modelling is different from relational database. It has many advantages overDBMS.

It is efficient in supporting more complex data architecture

• It facilitates efficient communication and data representation among the different levels oforganizational structure.

• Increased consistency and robustness.

• Reusable data objects

Submit 5-7 page research paper regarding an aspect of data management for the above.


  • APA format should be followed in regard to the completion of this paper. It should be APA 6.0 format.
  • A minimum of three references should be used and identified in body of paper.



Modernism in Europe and America 1920-1945 Post War, art & design homework help Humanities Assignment Help

This week, answer all three of the questions below. You should reference your book as well as online materials for the answers to these questions (remember to cite outside resources). Your answers should be in essay format, be a minimum of three-five sentences each, and include at least three glossary terms per question.

  1. Visit the Google Art Project: Look at Hotel Room, a painting by Edward Hopper in the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.
    • Describe in formal terms how the strong verticals and horizontals securely hold the parts of the painting together. What does the diagonal of the bed provide? Now move close and examine the paint work. How do the near-architectural elements fit with the lush paint?
  2. Re-Read the article in this week chapter Art and Society, “Degenerate Art,” AND go online and watch the video “Art in Nazi Germany,” at SmartHistory (LINK: After reading the article in the book and watching the online video, and based on your understanding of the threat that ideas generated by the arts can have to repressive governments, what are your thoughts on something like this happening in the United States? Do you think in our current information-saturated culture that the arts still have the ability to sway popular opinion?
  3. Identify and detail the artwork below: Who is the artist? Which movement does this represent and why? What is the subject of this work?

Modernism in Europe and America 1920-1945 Post War, art & design homework help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

NEURAL NETWORK, Assignment help Writing Assignment Help


  • Assume you want to classify the following four points (x1; x2) €IR2:
















  • Explain the simplest neural network that can classify the above points?
  • Consider the following points

Note: Fully specify all necessary parameters of a neural network that can classify the points in Part (a) and draw the decision boundary.(6marks)
















Explain whether the network you provided in part (a) correctly classify these points. (4marks)

2. Back-propagation algorithm:

Consider the following neural network:

With configuration:-










Perform one iteration of the back propagation algorithm, assuming that the hidden layer and the output layer use the Log-Sigmoid activation function.

yk = —————————————————(1)

for inputs (x1; x2) = (0,1) and output y = 1. (6marks)

3. Prove that if the activation function of a 2 layered neural network is the identity function, the neural network is equivalent to a simple perceptron with a linear activation function.(4marks)


Business virtues, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Q. Explain the notion of eudaimonia (as discussed by Athanassoulis, from our reading schedule). What relationship does eudaimonia have with the virtues? What relationship does eudaimonia have with the vices? Explain and give examples. Explain how this notion of virtue ethics can be applied to contemporary business society? Be explicit



APA FORMAT 500 TO 700 WORDS essay



the Interactionist perspective/approach, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help


Select one of the eight perspectives/approaches to personality development
that you find to be in alignment with your own thoughts and opinions.

a. Explain the basics of this perspective/approach.

b. Explain why you selected this perspective/approach.


a. Explain how personality theories are relevant your own personal and
professional goals.

b. Describe how your own personal ideas might impact the research that you
may conduct.

c. Identify challenges you may face when doing research regarding
Personality Development. Explain how you would address these challenges to
minimize bias

Here is what I have so far for the first part of the questions.

The perspective/approach to personality development
the I find to in most alignment with my own thoughts and opinions is the
Interactionist perspective/approach. I
feel this perspective best fits me because I chose to be around others most my
time then being alone.I will behave
differently depending on the setting I am in. When at my salon job, I become a very upbeat, creative, outgoing person,
may even hold in what I may want to say to be nice.As a mother, I am strong, willing to do
anything for my child, I will speak my mind if needed to protect my family.According to Friedman
& Schustack interactionism theory, people will behave differently given the
setting (2013).the Interactionist perspective/approachthe Interactionist perspective/approach


Reflecting on General Education and Career, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Prepare: Start by reviewing General Education Curriculum found in “Section Five: General Academic Information and Policies” in the Ashford University Academic Catalog, which addresses the core competencies that the general education courses must cover: Applied Ethics, Communication, Information Technology, Critical Thinking, and Quantitative Reasoning. Review Week Five Resources that are applicable toward career success.

.Reflect: Think about the core competencies as previously mentioned and ponder your time taking general education courses. Reflect on the specific courses not associated with your college major and determine the level of new information you have acquired that relates to the core competencies. You must also think about a potential job you might apply to once you graduate and determine what skills you developed through general education courses that make you qualified for a specific job.

Write: For this discussion, you will address the following prompts:

  • Review a job description through a job website (e.g., Career Builder, Monster, etc.) in your desired career field and identify at least five skills you have obtained through your general education courses that will make you successful at this job.
  • Demonstrate with at least two examples how your newly acquired knowledge and skills have shaped both your personal and professional development.
  • Describe your plans for putting your education to use within your community.


Informational Interview Reflection, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Informational Interview Reflection, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

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