instructions in details Business Finance Assignment Help

instructions in details Business Finance Assignment Help. instructions in details Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Jed, Herman, and Jane live in Washington, D.C. Jed and Jane entered the local bank and took $65,000. Jed and Herman both used shotguns during the robbery, though no one was hurt. Jane drove the getaway vehicle. Two hours later, as they headed toward the Canadian border, they were stopped by the police for speeding and taken into custody. The police determined that Jed and Jane matched the eyewitness descriptions of the robbers. Jane confessed their bank robbery scheme. Jed and Herman denied their involvement. The police only recovered $25,000 in cash, but were unable to determine if the recovered money was taken from the bank. The police determined that Jed was a convicted felon at the time of the armed bank robbery. The local police and FBI were involved in the investigation. The defense attorneys for each defendant (Jed, Herman, Jane) request a continuance for four months to sift through the evidence.

The prosecution objects and argues that the delay would significantly clog the court’s already heavy workload. In the alternative, the prosecution argues that if the court grants a continuance, then the prosecution should be allowed to prolong turning over the remaining discovery. The defense attorneys object and argue that this hinders their effective representation of their clients and would hinder a prompt resolution. The defense attorneys further argue that their clients deserve a well prepared and thorough defense. The judge currently has trials blocked over the next 10 months and wants to try the case now.

II. Judicial Administration

A. Analyze how federal, state, and local courts calendar and docket cases. Are these processes effective in promoting efficiency? Defend your response.

B. Describe how the calendaring and continuance of this scenario would be handled differently in the state system versus the federal system. Defend your response.

C. Identify the key role within federal and state judicial systems that most impacts process. How does this role aid in creating and maintaining an efficient and effective judicial process?

D. Describe the litigation process that would be used for this scenario at the state and federal levels.

E. Explain the statute of limitations on charging and trying cases. Determine how statute of limitations could impact efficiency in the litigation process of this case.

F. Determine the impact of venue on process efficiency in this scenario. Defend your response.

G. Explain how a four-month continuance affects the efficiency of any court under the circumstances presented in the scenario. Defend your response.

H. How would you balance the prosecutor and defense attorneys’ concerns regarding continuances in this scenario? Defend your response.

I. Review the discovery laws in federal court. Determine if the prosecution’s requested discovery delay violates the federal laws. Defend your response.

J. Would you grant the prosecution’s request (assuming that you granted the four-month continuance)? Defend your response.

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please write emotionally paragraph Writing Assignment Help

  1. If your original test score was BELOW a 70% then you must write a then you must write a summary (600 words minimum as counted by Microsoft word, 1 inch margins, Time New Roman font, 12 pt font size, and 1.5 spaced) of why you believe you underperformed, what you could have done differently to have gotten a higher score, and what steps you are taking to fix any problems that you are having. In addition, also describe your strategy for preparing for the next exam and how you believe your strategy will allow you to succeed. Include a discussion of some of the challenges associated with taking a class over the summer verses during the Fall/Spring and how you are working to address those challenges.


CIS 517 week 10 Computer Science Assignment Help

Week 10 Term Paper – Submit Here

Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center.
Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.

Term Paper: Project Managers and Ethics, Leadership, and Technology
Due Week 10 and worth 125 points

Please refer to your instructor’s feedback in week 7 for the draft you submitted for your final paper and make sure to implement your instructor’s feedback in your final draft.

To recap: Project managers do a lot more than calculations and reporting; they must keep the team on track, ensure ethical decisions are made, deal with conflict, and, depending on the type of organization, they may perform employee evaluations, issue bonuses, hire and lay off personnel, and other tasks. In this paper, you will discuss some of the key elements of the project management process.

Write a ten to twelve (10-12) page paper in which you:

  1. Describe the different organizational structures as it relates to project management (i.e., functional, project-based, matrix).
  2. Discuss at least two (two) different roles that project managers can play in organizational leadership.
  3. Describe at least three (3) human resource factors that affect project management.
  4. Recommend five (5) conflict resolution techniques that project managers can utilize to keep team members productive.
  5. Explain at least three (3) leadership approaches and when they are best utilized.
  6. Describe five (5) ethical situations or dilemmas that project managers might face in their role within an organization.
  7. Summarize tools and techniques commonly used in project procurement.
  8. Assess the role of technology in project management.
  9. Provide your expectations for the development of the project management field aided by modern technologies.
  10. Use at least four (4) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Describe and demonstrate ethical practices in project management.
  • Examine the human resource factors that can impact project management.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in IT project management.
  • Write clearly and concisely about issues in IT project management using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.


Diverse Workforce and Communication (Managerial Communications) Business Finance Assignment Help

Diverse Workforce and Communication

In this assignment, you will study the advantages and disadvantages of a diverse workforce.

Using the South University Online Library, research about working with or leading a diverse workforce.


You work for a large financial institution that in the past ten years has developed new products and services that appeal to a very diverse customer base located throughout the world. You have been asked by your CEO to lead an effort to discuss the importance of having a diverse workforce that can effectively serve your organization’s customer base.


Based on the scenario, complete any two of the following tasks:

  • Assess four main points you plan to make about the values undergirding having a diverse workforce.
  • Evaluate the advantages of having a diverse workforce. Discuss at least four advantages.
  • Analyze the possible conflicts that could arise due to a diverse workforce and some of the ways to overcome them. Mention at least three conflicts and three (total) strategies to overcome them.
  • Propose how a common standard of work-related behavior in a diverse workforce can be developed. For example, do the leaders need cross-cultural training? Discuss at least three strategies or tactics.
  • Compare some of the nonverbal communication methods that differ between the US workforce and other countries. Support your answer with examples. Discuss at least three items.

Must have 3 or more references with citations!

Thank you!


Short Paper Creation of measurable Outcomes in Co-Occurring Disorders Writing Assignment Help


Biography attached.

Prompt: Find a newspaper article about a person (such as a politician, athlete, musician, or movie star) whose ethnicity and/or cultural background differs from your own, who has had an encounter with a system (such as criminal justice, welfare, unemployment, psychiatric, child welfare services, or the like), who also has a co-occurring disorder (such as substance abuse). Choose a theoretical approach that you would use to guide your work with this person, and create a chart similar to the intervention grid shown on page 93 of the text to determine some of the psychological, organizational, community, and political structures that could be impacting this person.

  • The evaluation portion of this assignment should include information from the intervention grid you developed to determine some of the psychological, organizational, community, and political structures that could be impacting this person.
  • The care plan portion of this assignment should be written in outline format similar to a real-world care plan and include the topic areas of: trauma-informed goals, measurable milestones, and method of measuring services provided.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in your evaluation and care plan:

• Analysis or evaluation of the person’s social, emotional, developmental, and economic needs identified in the linked article

• Describes a behavioral-focused goal that is trauma-informed and demonstrates the relationship between the goal and the person identified in the linked


• Describes a service-focused goal that is trauma-informed and demonstrates the relationship between the goal and the person identified in the linked


• Describes specific measurable milestones for each goal including a description and method of how services provided will be measured

• Recommends a method of measuring services for each goal

Guidelines for Submission: Your intervention grid, evaluation, and care plan must be submitted in a single Microsoft Word document. The evaluation should be written in standard APA format and the care plan portion (including the topic areas of trauma-informed goals, measurable milestones and method of measuring services provided) should be written in outline format similar to a real-world care plan, with 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and sources cited in APA format.



World History Questions Writing Assignment Help

5 paragraphs based on the text, which answer the following questions

  1. Identify the view of technological progress expressed in each text and place these views on a continuum from a positive embrace of technological progress to a negative rejection. Which author is most optimistic about technological progress? Which author is most concerned about its negative effects?
  2. Compare the critiques of European culture presented by Kenyatta and Gandhi. What impressed them about Europe and what did they criticize?
  3. Contrast the role of religion in the excerpts from Gandhi and Barton. Did both men consider religion essential to becoming modern?
  4. In his poem, Owen bends the traditional rules of meter (the number of syllables per line), rhythm, and rhyme used by Shakespeare, among many others. Why do you think he did so, and what is the effect?

World History Questions Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Analyzing an Ethical Decision in nursing (nurse practitioner) Health Medical Assignment Help

In your role, as an advanced practice nurse, you will encounter several situations that will require your ability to make sound judgments and practice decisions for the safety and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. There may not be a clear cut answer of how to address the issue, but your ethical decision making must be based on evidenced based practice, and what is good, right, and beneficial for patients. You will encounter patients who do not hold your values, but you must remain professional and unbiased in the care you provide to all patients regardless of their sociodemographic and ethnic/racial background. You must be prepared to critically analyze ethical situations, and develop an appropriate plan of action. For this Assignment, you will review the literature and discover the various ethical dilemmas advanced practice nurses encounter and how these issues are typically addressed in your state.

To prepare:
  • Review literature for moral/ethical issues encountered by advanced practice nurses in clinical practice.
  • Select an article that was published within the last five years.

Write a two page paper that answers the following questions:

  • Summarize the moral/ethical issue in the article (no more than 1 paragraph)
  • Describe the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding the issue
  • Analyze the ethical issue and compare them to the State Health Laws and Regulations in your state
  • Outline the process of ethical decision making you would use to address this ethical dilemma
  • APA format; include references


Required Readings

Buppert, C. (2018). Nurse practitioner’s business practice and legal guide (6th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Bartlett & Jones Learning.

  • Chapter 16, “Resolving Ethical Dilemmas” (pp. 471-479)

Hamric, A. B., Hanson, C. M., Tracy, M. F., & O’Grady, E. T. (2014). Ethical decision making. In Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approach (5th ed.) (328 – 354). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders.

MidlevelU: The Online Hub for Midlevels. (2013, January 14). Should Providers Treat Their Friends and Family? [Blog post]. Retrieved from…

Lachman, V. D. (2012). Applying the ethics of care to your nursing practice. Retrieved from…

Thomas, A. C., Crabtree, M. K., Delaney, K. R., Dumas, M. A., Kleinpell, R., Logsdon, C.,…Nativio, D. G. (2012). Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies. Retrieved from…

Optional Resources

Buppert, C. (2004). Can NPs prescribe for family members or themselves? Medscape. Retrieved from

Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing, at the Institute of Medicine, & Institute of Medicine (2011). The future of nursing: Leading change, advancing health. Retrieved from…

Wood, D. (2015). Everyday ethics for nurses: Addressing ethical challenges – Turning the Nurses Week theme into year-round ethical practice. Retrieved from


Answer the question below Writing Assignment Help

Answer all questions posed. If you must quote material do so judiciously. You may post weblinks but they must come from legitimate sources; no Wikipedia links–go to the source.

Questions: Choose one of the 30 human rights and explain this right in plain English after reading the human rights reading and watching the human rights video 1,human rights video 2. Do you think the chosen human right is accepted post-1948? Explain and back up your assertion by using one news source.

Please be aware you must use established journalism sites. Newspapers of record are considered authoritative sources because of their large circulation, established editorial practices, and journalistic professionalism (i.e. The New York Times). Wire services, or news agencies, are considered to be neutral sources because those news sites just report the facts. The following chart is helpful guide for you to navigate the treacherous waters in these days of “Fake News.”


Modernism Movement Art Gallery Writing Assignment Help

ART 101- Week 5- Final Project

Gallery Design

Your local art museum has asked you to design a gallery dedicated to works of art from the following movement: Modernism

You will design your gallery as if you were guiding a visitor to each work of art.

You may use the outline from Week 3 as reference.

In your gallery, include the following:

A brief introduction to your gallery which includes:

  • a description of the movement and
  • the time period to which your gallery is dedicated.

Select 6 images of works of art that incorporate the characteristics significant to the movement and time period.

Along with each image of a work of art,

  • include the citation for the work of art.
  • A summary of how the media (materials), methods, and subject are significant to that time period and region, using appropriate art terminology.
  • A summary of how iconographic, historical, political, philosophical, religious, and social factors of the movement are reflected in the work of art.

Create using Microsoft Power Point

Make use of at least three scholarly sources from ProQuest and JSTOR in addition to the course text.


Is it possible to answer the following four questions؟ Writing Assignment Help

Is it possible to answer the following four questions؟

Part 1

Interview and observation : Setup an appointment to interview an ESL and a Special Ed teacher. Please compose and ask a minimum of 10 questions to each individual. Compare and contrast both interviews and provide a summary of their responses. (the summary should include:

1-What surprised you? (one paragraph)

2-What did you learn?(one paragraph)

3- How can you provide support for students, parents, teachers, and community? (one paragraph)

4-Create an ESL Resource list and share with the group. *You may include websites and articles.

Part 2

Reflect on video (Ricky Ricardo “reads” perfect English)

Video’s name: Ricky Ricardo “reads” perfect English on the youtube. (one paragraph)

Part 3: Comment on two of your peers’ postings. (one paragraph for each one) (I will attach their response).

peers’ postings:

1-Stacey Baker

While this video is comical it really does ring true. English is an extremely difficult language to learn for non-native speakers, and even for children when it is their first language. There are many words that are not pronounced the way that they look, that are pronounced the same way but mean different things, and pairings of letters that make strange sounds. And don’t even get me started in the idioms of our language! I spend 3 summers in college teaching English to high school students in the Czech Republic. Many of them spoke several different languages already but found English one of the hardest to grasp. We used a lot of games and activities to try to help students learn the language.

It can be very stressful and frustrating for English learners because they often think that they are saying things correctly when they are not. When they are continually corrected they become discouraged but you also do not want to encourage students to use language incorrectly. This brings up some of the strategies from the 6 steps of learning a language from a few weeks ago in that teachers and English speakers should model the correct pronunciation and usage. Instead of constantly correcting mistakes, modeling the correct usage prevents discouragement and students feeling defeated. Lucy did not do this correctly in the video! And Ricky obviously got frustrated and the instinct is to give up for to try to make other excuses. As a teacher with EL students you want to support those students.

I think that many EL students would find this video funny because it really does highlight a lot of their most common struggles but in a comical way.

2-Erica Jovanes

This is one of my favorite I Love Lucy clips! I actually watched this clip in my previous masters program as well. It is so accurate as to how crazy the different rules of the English language can be. Talking with former ELL students both as peers and as students in my classes, many of them guarantee me that English is the most difficult of foreign languages to learn because of all of the rules and the exceptions to them. It is important as teachers for us to remember this when we work with ELL students in our classrooms. For every rule they learn, there is an exception, and in order to master the English language, it is difficult to memorize every rule and every exception. This is why it is so important to give students alternative strategies to help them when trying to learn to decode words in the English language. For example, if Ricky had used context clues, it may have helped him to predict the words he was attempting to decode. Providing ELL students will a toolbox of strategies will help them be able to utilize what they need when they need it.

Part 4

Write a reflection of the above. )just one paragraph(


instructions in details Business Finance Assignment Help

instructions in details Business Finance Assignment Help

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