Instructions This assignment is an annotated bibliography that you will prepare in service to the research essay due later

This assignment is an annotated bibliography that you will prepare in service to the research essay due later this term. To complete this assignment, you will first need to look at the research essay guidelines and consider the specific focus of your research essay.

What is an annotated bibliography? You are likely familiar with bibliographies, which are lists of articles, books, and other materials referenced in a piece of academic writing. Bibliographies are formatted according to a specific style guide, which is often specific to a discipline, and included as an appendix. An annotated bibliography is also a list of such works, formatted according to a style guide, but it includes a brief descriiption or explanatory note about each item.

Why do we use annotated bibliographies? They are useful ways to keep track of your research and determine which sources will be useful to a given project. They are especially useful at the brainstorming stage of an assignment when you are starting to formulate a thesis. Done properly, annotated bibliographies reveal themes, common arguments, and areas of disagreement on a given topic. They may also stop you from pursuing a given project by showing that insufficient secondary literature is available to draw on.

Your annotated bibliography must be properly formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition in the author/date style, meaning you will use in-text citations rather than end notes. (Political Science does not have a disciplinary style guide, but this is one commonly used in leading politics journals.) You must provide a complete and properly formatted citation for each source. While you are welcome to use citation software to format your citations you are responsible to check the citations it generates for you.

Your annotated bibliography must include 5 scholarly sources (e.g. peer-reviewed). Below each citation, you must provide a 200-250 word summary. Each summary must succinctly explain the relevant themes and arguments from the piece. When deciding what information to include, think about how the chosen source will help you answer your research question. Your annotated bibliography must also include a draft of your research essay question.

Length: 1000-1300 words (the citations themselves are not included in the word count)
Citations: Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition (author/date style)
Layout: Double-spaced
Font: Times New Roman, 12pt.