integration to the labour and education market in Sweden and Germany.

University course: cross cultural communication

In my group academic paper assignment, I’m writing the “discussion” part of it.
In that part i am missing important words/terms and citation from the course book, which is essential to use in order for me to be able to pass the course.
Since the book is not free, i will share some pictures (in jpeg) taken on some pages of the book relating to this topic that me and my group are writing about.
I’m also sending the document of our whole essay for more context -“group essay”
And I’m also sending a document of a -“example” “discussion part” from an old essay that is very good.
Currently my discussion part is a little too stiff and needs to be a little more philosophical.
To be more clear, these are terms that i want you to try and add in my discussion part where you see fits (note that not ALL of them needs to be added);
* in groups and out groups
* culture shock/ reverse culture shock and acculturation
* subcultures and co-cultures
* diaspora, transnationalism
* origin country and host country

I need to add and talk about at least 3 of these terms in order to pass.

The course book:

You are free to change the text however you like as long as the most important parts are still left.

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