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Intermmicro Economics Assignment Help. Intermmicro Economics Assignment Help.

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1.Two firms produce jams which are close substitutes. Firm 1 produces blackberry jam and
has a demand for its product which is

(Firm1) Q=160 4−p⋅ 4+p

while firm 2 produces raspberry jam and faces the demand curve
(Firm2) Q2 =64 +4 p⋅1 −4 p⋅2

Assume the marginal costs of both firms are zero.
(a) What is each firm’s price reaction curve?

(b) What are the resulting Bertrand equilibrium quantities and prices?

2.Fonefast is a dominant firm in local telephone service, which also has a fringe of

competitive firms. Market demand for local service is p = 200 Q, −with p in dollars charged per

household and Q in thousands of households supplied per month. The fringe marginal cost curve is

MC = 20 Q+ (with Q and MC also in thousands of households and dollars per households,

respectively), and Fonefast’s marginal cost of producing chips is constant at $10 per household.
(a) Determine the residual demand Fonefast faces after accounting for the quantity supplied by
the competitive fringe for any level of price.

(b) How many households will Fonefast supply per month?

ARE 100B 8 Exam 2
(5 pts) (c) What is the resulting price for telephone service?

(d) How many households are supplied by the competitive fringe?






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Can you answer all questions? Writing Assignment Help

  • You should answer all questions with substance and insight AND strongly connects to course concepts and resources.I will post the Readings & Resources.
  • You must use correct conventions for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; avoids most slang AND cites all sources used to develop posts.
  • Please see all sources before answering the questions

4.Reference should be made to the attached sources during the answer to the questions

Productivity Tools Review

ISTE-E 2.c. Model for colleagues the identification, exploration, evaluation, curation and adoption of new digital resources and tools for learning.

This week, we focus on Productivity in a Digital World. A significant part of this is using digital tools to enhance our productivity. Your task is to share your experience with digital productivity tools. Alternatively, use this is an opportunity to explore tools to try and review one for us!

Please include the following in your initial post:

  • Name of the tool and where to find it
  • Cost (if there are free and premium versions, let us know this and how they differ)
  • Description of the tool, and specifically how it enhances teacher productivity – refer to the standard’s performance indicators
  • An example of how you use it (or how you would use it if it’s new to you)

5.Any other relevant notes to consider


Simple Assignment Mathematics Assignment Help

Assignment: Variables, Measurement, and SPSS

Quantitative research consists of testing and understanding relationships between variables. Researchers construct these variables as measureable expressions of social phenomena. Modern statistics provides you with a host of resources to answer questions, but each statistical test has a set of assumptions regarding the measurement of the variables. It is therefore important to understand how variables are measured because their measurement will influence the type of analytic tools available to you.

SPSS is a statistical software program that allows you to enter these variables into a spreadsheet format and record the measurements from a sample. Additionally, SPSS allows you to perform statistical analysis. Before launching into your analyses, though, it is important to understand how the variables are measured. That understanding will help you interpret the SPSS output.

In this week’s Discussion, you considered topics with social change implications. For this Assignment, you will examine data to analyze independent and dependent variables, determine how they are measured, and decipher whether a social change question can be answered and the implications for such change.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the Learning Resources as well as the SPSS resources found in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Use SPSS software IBM SPSS or excel and convert the Afrobarometer dataset or the High School Longitudinal Study dataset (whichever you choose) use two variables that interest you.

For this Assignment:

Write a 1- to 2-page summary and include the following:

  • A description of what the each of the variables measure.
  • A description of the unit of analysis.
  • A description and explanation of the levels of measurement for each variable (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio).
  • Explain how you might conceive these variables to be used to answer a social change question. What might be the implications for social change?


Individual Project 2 Business Finance Assignment Help

Refer to the main scenario. As you engage the subject (Sam) in discussion of more general questions surrounding the disappearance of the child at the detective bureau, you ask general questions of Sam’s actions during the morning hours. At this point, you continue to become suspicious of Sam’s vague answers and denials.

Write a memorandum from your notes to the file, detailing your suspicion of the subject under questioning. Include the following:

  • His vague answers and initial denial of knowing the missing child
  • His reluctance to fully cooperate with you during the questioning
  • How you would convince him to reveal more information about this case
    • Will you reveal evidence in the case? Explain.
    • Will you utilize open or closed questioning? Why?

In this assignment, include your understanding of physiological and psychological aspects of interviews and interrogations. To complete your assignment, please use your book, phase resources, and all course materials.

Memorandum to the file of 600–800 words


SolverTable using mathematical optimization problems for shipping. HW4 Programming Assignment Help

1. (Chapter 5 in Edition 4 – Question 67: Allied Freight)

Allied Freight supplies goods to three customers, who each require 30 units. The company
has two warehouses. In warehouse 1, 40 units are available, and shipping one unit from each
warehouse to each customer are shown in the file P05-67.xlsx. There is a penalty for each
unsatisfied customer unit of demand: with customer 1, a penalty cost of $90 is incurred; with
customer 2, $80; and with customer 3, $110.

a. Determine how to minimize the sum of penalty and shipping costs.

b. Use SolverTable to see how a change in the unit penalty cost of customer 3 affects the
optimal cost.

c. Use SolverTable to see how a change in the capacity of warehouse 2 affects the optimal

2. Solve the following modifications of the capital budgeting model in Figure 6.4. (Solve each
part independently of the others.)
For each case first write the mathematical optimization problem. Then use Excel Solver
to solve and find an optimal solution.

a. Suppose that at most two of projects 1 through 5 can be selected.

b. Suppose that if investment 1 is selected, then investment 3 must also be selected.

c. Suppose that at least one of investments 6 and 7 must be selected.

d. Suppose that investment 2 can be selected only if both investments 1 and 3 are selected.

3. (Chapter 6 in Edition 4- Question 11: Great Threads)

How difficult is it to expand the Great Threads model to accommodate another type of clothing?
Answer by assuming that the company can also produce sweatshirts. The rental cost for
sweatshirt equipment is $1100; the variable cost per unit and the selling price are $15 and $45,
respectively; and each sweatshirt requires one labor hour and 3.5 square yards of cloth.

4. (Chapter 6 in Edition 4- Question 28: Set Covering)

In the United Copiers service center model, we assumed that the potential locations of service
centers are the same as existing customer locations. Change the model so that the customer
locations are the ones given, but the only potential service center locations are in Memphis,
Houston, Cleveland, Buffalo, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Kansas City. You can look up the
distances from these cities to the customer cities in a reference book or on theWeb, or you can
make up approximate distances. Use Solver to find the optimal solution.



Economics value pricing. Economics Assignment Help

Read “American Airlines,” located in Chapter 24 of the textbook, Managerial Economics: A Problem Solving Approach. American Airlines announced a new pricing strategy that they believed would address concerns and benefit the company. Conduct further research on American Airlines’ value pricing. Analyze American Airline’s structure and decision to implement value pricing and discuss the following (750-1,000 words):

  1. Discuss the decision behind American Airlines developing and implementing value pricing to gain more market shares.
  2. Evaluate the impact competitors and additional economic factors had on the results of the value pricing strategy. What factors contributed to the advantages and disadvantages of this new pricing strategy.
  3. Provide alternative recommendations to the value pricing strategy that would result in a different outcome when implementing the strategy.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Economics value pricing. Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Nonparametric Statistics and Applications of Statistical Analysis Mathematics Assignment Help

Application of Statistical Analyses in the Real World

As a mental health professional in the new era, consider how the appropriate application of statistical analysis can be used to understand real-world issues and issues in behavioral science, and to make informed decision making. As a mental health professional, you are expected to remain current on field research and to apply the new knowledge within your work.

For this assignment, complete the following:

  1. Select an area of interest within psychology.
  2. Use the Capella library to locate one peer-reviewed journal article in your area of interest that uses interpretation of statistical analysis to study an issue that is important in individual, organizational, or social contexts. Select an article that uses quantitative (not qualitative) analyses to address an important individual, organizational, or social issue.
  3. Write a 2–3-page paper in which you will provide a critical analysis of the article. The criteria that will be used to assess your paper are listed below. Follow the directions listed below each criterion.
    • Criterion 1: Explain an issue explored through quantitative research in a peer-reviewed journal article.
      • In your words, explain the issue that the study was undertaken to address and why it is important in individual, organizational, or social contexts.
    • Criterion 2: Evaluate research that proposes solutions based on interpretation of statistical analyses.
      • Explain and evaluate the research methodology, including the following:
        • Relevance and clarity of the research questions and hypotheses.
        • Methods of sampling and gathering data.
        • Methods of statistical analyses.
      • Evaluate areas of strength and areas of weakness in the study design and research process.
    • Criterion 3: Assess conclusions based on interpretation and selection of supporting statistical analyses.
      • Explain and evaluate how the statistical analyses support the conclusions, or if the support is not conclusive.
      • Was the null hypothesis rejected or did the author (or authors) fail to reject the null hypothesis?
      • Optional: Propose alternative experimental methods or hypotheses that could be used to investigate the study’s issue.
    • Criterion 4: Write clearly and concisely, with correct spelling, grammar, and logical organization, and with respect for readers.
      • Try to write in the clearest, most concise, and direct way.
      • Check spelling, grammar, punctuation, and organization.
      • Explain the meaning of statistical terms in plain language.
      • Communicate in a manner that respects the dignity, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and individual uniqueness of a diverse audience.
    • Criterion 5: Apply APA guidelines.
      • You may wish to use the APA Paper Template (given in the Resources) to increase your understanding of APA style and format, a key component of academic writing.

Turnitin: You are required to submit your assignment to the Turnitin source matching tool. It is very important that you always submit your work as a draft, so you can make revisions before submitting it to the Turnitin assignment link.

Submit this assessment to your instructor by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. central time.‹


Business Proposal Writing Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will write a proposal to your organization’s senior management team for a project you would like to receive approval for. The section titled Practical Skills: Proposal Writing in the interactive lecture on page V of Module 7 provides guidance to help you determine the specific needs of your audience.

Your proposal will be based on the work you have already done for the Module 6 Critical Thinking Assignment. You will be writing on the topic you chose for that assignment, either:

  • Leadership Training Need Identified
  • Reward and Recognition Program Needed

Review the information provided in the Module 7, Page V, Practical Skills: Proposal Writing, interactive lecture. Use the proposal template (link below) for the assignment.

Your proposal should be 6-8 pages in length and conform to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Include at least 5 scholarly references, proper in-text citation, and a reference page. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.


critical thinking assignments Computer Science Assignment Help

Project Reports

Complete the following projects from your textbook:

  1. Preventing Corporate Espionage (project 7.1 at the end of chapter 7)
  2. Handling Employees (project 7.2 at the end of chapter 7)
  3. Asset Identification in your Organization (project 7.3 at the end of chapter 7)


  • Combined, your report should be 3-4 pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.
  • Be sure to provide citations from your readings and additional research to support your statements.
  • Your paper must follow University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, as appropriate.

Book required:

Easttom, W. C. (2016). Computer security fundamentals (3rd ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Pearson. ISBN:


United states federal government quizzes Humanities Assignment Help

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Intermmicro Economics Assignment Help

Intermmicro Economics Assignment Help

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