Internacional Business Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Internacional Business Essay Business Finance Assignment Help. Internacional Business Essay Business Finance Assignment Help.

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  1. The topic of this entire course is understanding the global business environment. There are both proponent and critics of international business/globalization. Please explain both sides of the argument and give your final opinion on whether international business helps or hurts the world.
  1. One the most notorious failed international mergers in history is that of Daimler (Germany) with Chrysler (United States). Please read the attachedWall Street Journal article “DaimlerChrysler: The Divorce” and, given what you learned in chapter 4 about how differences in culture affect international business, please explain why you think this merger was a failure. You should use outside sources to support your claims.
  1. Summarize the following articles (about 1.5 pages each) discussing topics discussed during the duration of the course. The article can be downloaded using Milner Library online sources.
    1. Ensign et al. “BlackBerry in Red China: Research in Motion Navigates Institutional Barriers in an Emerging Market.” Thunderbird International Business Review, 2008, 50(2): 129-142.
    1. Luo and Rui. “An Ambidexterity Perspective towards Multinational Enterprises from Emerging Economies.” Academy of Management Perspectives, 2009, 23(4): 49-70.
  1. Self-reflection Essay: explain how you would use in your future international business career two concepts learned in this class. Devote at least 2 paragraphs for each concept. Don’t forget to explain the concepts first (one paragraph max. for explaining each concept). Cite page numbers of the textbook where the concepts are highlighted or discussed.

To answer this question think like a senior manager. Specifically, focus on your long-term career and not just immediate job assignment upon graduation.

Submission Guidelines

Page limit: 25 pages, 1.5-spaced, 11 point Times New Roman font.

The cover page of the submission should include course number, “IB 225: Capstone Assignment” and your first and last name. The second page should be the table of contents. The last page should be the reference page.

Please also note:

  1. This is an individual assignment. Collaborative work is easily detectable and will result in all parties failing the course.
  2. There is no need for typing out the questions, only the solutions.
  3. No figures, charts, tables etc. are required for his assignment, but they can be used to illustrate your points.
  4. Your answers should be numbered clearly. Major concepts included in the solution can be identified via bold, underline, highlighting, etc.
  5. Correct grammar and concise business writing will be factored into your assignment grade.

Internacional Business Essay Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

business report Writing Assignment Help

Your written assignment this week is to continue the 3×3 writing process and complete the report.

Continuing your research using the South University Online Library, complete the report. Your report must include the following:

  • An outline of how you have formulated your response to Richard Hackman’s statement. Your outline should provide a reasonable framework for the report and show where you are going to use each of the pieces of information you found through your research
  • An introduction to the report that explains the purpose of the report, the significance of the topic, and a preview of the main points to be discussed
  • The body of the report that uses clear headings and topics arranged logically, in an appropriate tone
  • Meaningful conclusions and practical recommendations in the report
  • Multiple current and credible sources


Data Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to have students synthesize the data analysis concepts they have learned so far in the course. Students will apply SAS® for data analysis and analytics to discover trends that can be applied to business issues and influence business decisions.

Resources: SAS® Visual Analytics software

Using the database and organization from your Week 2 assignment, describe the business problem that you are trying to solve and identify how data trends can be applied to the problem. You will create a business report in which you present the conclusions of your analysis and describe both the data and the steps that you took to reach these conclusions.

Prepare a business analysis report using a maximum of 1,050 words, and complete the following:

· Define the business problem that you are trying to resolve.

· Identify the data source that you are analyzing.

· Explain how the data was collected (if known).

· Describe the fields available in the data source.

· Assess the preliminary results of your data analysis.

· Apply your analysis of the data to the business problem.

· Recommend potential solutions to the problem.

· Select a proposed course of action to resolve the business problem based upon your analysis of the data.

Create a table, bar chart, or histogram from your SAS® Visual Analytics analysis.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


Develop an Expatriate Policy ( Complete Job already done) Humanities Assignment Help



REQUIRED SOURCES : 2 reputable consulting company report (Accenture and Deloitte)

CITATION : other


before starting the assignment read the assignment criteria very carefully. It is not an essay or report and never add sentences like a discussion or suggestion. IT IS AN EXPATRIATE POLICY. MUST FOLLOW THE PROFESSIONAL FORMAT OF HOW COMPANIES WILL DEVELOP THEIR EXPATRIATE POLICY. DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES IN THE EXISTING WORK DONE. please do not make any changes in the existing work i have done, go the flow and understand and increase the word count to 400-500 words overall where it is possible in the policy. Add 2 reputable consulting company reports from Australia (Accenture, Deloitte). these two reputable company’s report reference must be included inside the side headings of PRE-DEPARTURE and DURING ASSIGNMENT both in in-text and reference list.


The Mathematics of Games – Optimal Strategy with a Nonzero-Sum Game Mathematics Assignment Help


During the city’s mayoral race one of the candidates hires G&B Consulting. This candidate is a challenger from the same party as the incumbent mayor and is vying to be put on the ticket in the general election. She believes that the nomination will likely come down to what stance she takes on a proposed tax bill. The bill is for a tax increase that would subsidize education grants. Staying within traditional party lines would be advantageous to gaining support from the core constituency, but going against party lines on the issue would help sway swing voters and independents. The issue is bound to come up at an upcoming debate and she wants the help of G&B Consulting to determine an optimum strategy.

**To complete the assignment, download the attached word document. You MUST include step-by-step breakdown of the problems, INCLUDING explanations of your steps, within the word document.



Table or Matrix minimum 400 words and please include references in APA format 6th ed Business Finance Assignment Help

Conduct an analysis of the DHS headquarters directorate and operating agencies.

  • Select 2 of these agencies or directorates.
  • Identify potential areas of cross jurisdiction or mission area overlap. In the analysis, present a summary of why or why not these overlaps are conflicting, contradictive, or nonsupportive of the DHS missions.
  • Compare and contrast information and analysis with classmates’ postings.

Model Answer

The student correctly identifies any of the DHS headquarters directorates or the seven operating agencies of the DHS. The student describes potential areas of cross jurisdiction or conflict/mission area overlap and provides supporting references and citations to support their position. Responsive posts should include compare and contrast of analysis made by other students with student’s own postings.

Instructor’s Comments:

This compare and contrast assignment again lends itself to presenting the information in a table or matrix. Therefore, do it and learn how to prepare proper tables and figures. If you do not do it, you will never learn how to prepare proper tables and figures. Do it!

Table or Matrix minimum 400 words and please include references in APA format 6th ed Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Lenovo international and cooperative strategy evaluation. Please see requirements for details. Writing Assignment Help


“On December 7, 2004, IBM sold its whole personal computing Division to the Chinese computer company Lenovo to create a new worldwide PC company – the globe’s third largest at the time (behind HP and Dell) – with approximately $12 billion in annual revenue. Simultaneously, though, IBM said that it would be taking an 18.9 percent equity stake in Lenovo, creating a strategic alliance between IBM and Lenovo in PC sales, financing and service worldwide”. (Ghillyer, 2014).

1. Identify and evaluate the organisational structure that has been chosen by Lenovo to implement its international business strategy/ies?

2. Critical evaluate how Lenovo and IBM use cooperative strategy/ies to innovate and to have access to innovative capabilities?

3. Explain how strategic entrepreneurship is used by Lenovo and IBM to create value?

I want to write this myself, but I want detailed research and notes made; and APA references compiled.

Please do not request this assignment if you are not absolutely fluent in English. Spelling and grammatical errors will not be acceptable.

References justifiying arguments must be from scholarly resources, including page number citations.

Media reports are also encouraged where it serves to establish actions taken by Lenovo.

Assignment word count: 1500 – 2000 words.


I need a well written persuasive proposal email for a marketing manager position Writing Assignment Help


I need a professionally written email/letter for a manager and PR position for a social media influencer and brand. I am very passionate about becoming a manager and help brands flourish. I attended Clark Atlanta university and majored in public relations and minor in mass media arts. I have every skill it takes to build a brand and bring it to the next level. This is a position I have been praying for and today I saw a post of the influencer asking. So I feel this is a sign from God that it is meant to be. I see so much potential in this young lady and I believe I have everything it takes to bring her brand to the next level. So please write a the best possible email/letter that has an amazing introduction about me and what I’m passionate about and what I am capable of doing. If you have any questions be free to ask me. I want it to be persuasive in a way which she will not turn down this opportunity.


Article Critique Other Assignment Help


In this unit, you explored rational decision-making in investment decisions. For this assignment, you will delve deeper into this concept. To complete this assignment, use the CSU Online Library to select an article related to rational decision-making in investments. Then, summarize and critique the article by applying concepts you learned in the unit. In your critique, be sure to include the information below.

  • Explain how the rational decision-making process can be applied to investment strategies.
  • Identify investment strategies for long-term optimal growth.
  • Explain how fairness and ethics can be applied to investment decisions.

Your article critique must be at least three pages in length. You may use other sources besides your chosen article if necessary, but this is not required. Be sure to format your paper and cite and reference any sources used (including the article) in accordance with APA guidelines.


6 page essay on business ethics, (Readings Attached) Writing Assignment Help

This paper is your final assessment, providing an opportunity to practice ethical reasoning by applying it to a business case study of your choosing. You must show an understanding of all three ethical frameworks that were covered in my lecture notes and in the Sandel text (Virtue Ethics, Utilitarianism, and Deontology) and provide a reasoned account of which one you prefer. You will then proceed to use the preferred ethical framework for analysis of a business case study. In showing the merits of that ethical framework you must apply it to a well-researched case study that was not already assigned in the case discussion questions or group presentations. The business case study must be thoroughly researched and presented with all of the relevant facts, and the application of the ethical framework should lead to not only incisive analysis but also a well-reasoned judgment and a constructive proposal for moving forward. See my Final Paper Rubric for more specific details about the paper’s structure and a general essay grading rubric.


Internacional Business Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Internacional Business Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

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